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@taylorpercle 😂💀 @tatersaurusrex I have it on my class playlist because DUHHH. Jock jams forever @tatersaurusrex My! Freaking! GIRL!
A look at my experience during the world’s most anxiety inducing obstacle: the slip wall. 🥵 was my 6.2 mile, 28 obstacle @SpartanRace Super. A chance to build character, grit, mental/physical strength,…
@PAT_terns Nice knowing yaA lot of people who become more spiritual and “awaken” aren’t actually “awake” because they still judge or condemn…
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@RockonAlana W O W 😍My mom took my class for the first time today. She was the one who convinced me to try @orangetheory 4 years ago. W… @ZechPluister Anything Copeland alwaysMan. La Dispute really did that huh.I think I saw you in my sleep, darling. I think I saw you in my dreams. You were stitching up the seams on every b…
Deep down I’m just a big ole Disney nerd who gets way too sentimental on Main Street. any of my friends are watching the bachelor tonight please text me so we can yell about Victoria together
LOOK WHO CAME TO MY FIRST CLASS EVER TODAY. 🥺🧡 @connorlarowe 👶🏻Surround yourself with good and positive people at all costs 💯
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I’m single because I won’t slow my life down for a man and I ain’t got time for games.💃🏻👋🏼 Waiting for the right on… @rebecklyn @SannyDamet @griffinjelliot I didn’t see him 😭💔 @Micahdean DONT REMIND MEI drank an iced coffee the size of my head AND got to see @SannyDamet today so I’d call it a perfect Sunday. @raesantics Confirmed 💕🔥after watching this chick do interviews my whole teen life i bet you her workout playlists are fuckin fire lol
Retweeted by Tori KravitzI START COACHING TOMORROW. COME TAKE MY CLASS AT ORANGE THEORY. MY PLAYLISTS ARE SICK. it doesn’t work. But that’s still my method. Hence the reason I’m single.How do I flirt, you ask? I make eye contact with you and then make my face look serious and unsuspecting while some… you find the people and places that fuel you to be the best version of yourself, it’s jarring to revisit the o… @alxmrchenergy But like, at least WE HAD FUN lol @alxmrchenergy Duuuude. I truly can’t go downtown anymore. I got home and took a 2 hour nap. It’s exhausting. I can’t 😂I’m always a reasonably happy person but man...every time I go to Downtown Orlando I lose a sliver of faith in huma… have people on the internet been shipping me with @CapnDesDes since I interviewed him like 8 years ago??? Like.…
@KalieWolfe ISAA BIG MOOD 😍 @kris_aws REALThis is the era when YouTube entertainment truly peaked @rebecklyn 💕💕💕 thank you!! Truly haven’t been this happy in a long time.Hey Orlando people!! Wanna workout with me? I will be coaching classes at Orange Theory in Altamonte Springs on Mon…
@the_staggie @olivegarden Of course you didThis Valentine’s Day, I’m trying to remind myself of a quote from Tennyson. “Tis better to have loved and lost, t…
Retweeted by Tori Kravitz @Ay_Dubz my valentine is the hot dude I made eye contact with in the gym. He doesn’t know it but I felt a connection O KFantastic’m just...what
@xoMissDanielle Idk it looks like you JUST DID @GothTobyKeith WEIRD ILL BE THERE TOOWay too many albums to list so I had to narrow it down...and that hurt. Doing posts like this makes me realize just… the “7 albums to get to know me” trend so I’m hopping on it. 1. Electra Heart - @MarinaDiamandis 2. Eat sle… @nikkinamdar IM SERIOUS. I somehow managed to ruin 2 tubs of perfect kite hill cream cheese to make this lol @nikkinamdar It isn’t worthy of you, I froze it overnight and didn’t come out great haha
@SannyDamet Umm text me? I’m off work that day!(This is a Brad Leone subtweet)I made a whole ass vegan cheesecake tonight and I need someone to share it with so I don’t eat the entire thing by myself HELP
@MaggieLC RIGHT SAMEIf I tweet about Brad Leone from Bon Appetit the same way Halsey tweeted about Evan Peters, do you think it’ll work? @GothTobyKeith Oh my GOD this TOURHere’s who I think should be sent home next #TheBachelor
Retweeted by Tori Kravitz @the_staggie I SAID WHAT I SAID @the_staggie AND Victoria sucks TOO!!! @the_staggie She’s fake as hell!!!! @the_staggie WHAT THE HELL SHE SUCKS
Joaquin Phoenix did THAT! For humans and nonhuman animals.
Retweeted by Tori Kravitz @the_staggie I know I know I’m just picking on ya @the_staggie “People actually workout for fun?!? UGH”
@k8gif SOUNDS LIKE IT @k8gif I don’t know if I should laugh or feel bad for you but I’m doing both simultaneously rn @AnotherFan_2 My schedule isn’t consistent AT ALL either, I feel you. I train different hours/times every week. Som… for heavy single deadlifts today and hit 150lb. SHOOK. @CodyT LETS GOOOO @GabbieMartinez ❗️🚨🔥❣️ @GabbieMartinez THE LOVE IS MUTUAL 😍I don’t want to be dramatic but I think I’m in love with Tori
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i really fucking need to start trusting my gut more. your intuition exists for a reason, listen to it !!!!
Retweeted by Tori Kravitz5 days later and my hero @tatersaurusrex caught the lizard. @TaylarGlasgow 🥺🥺🥺YOU are!!! Thank you!Haven’t been wearing much makeup anymore. Not a conscious choice, just a natural habit. Quite happy about it. Happy… your worth, even if that means being lonely sometimes. @ronnie_ish LOL RONNIE. Happy belated bday my friend!!! You’re a special human and this video just confirms everyth…
@xoMissDanielle 3!! @tjhoransky YesWell. My life is booked out and scheduled for the next 2 weeks aside from a few short blocks of downtime. So thiiii… to make friends as an adult: 1. Say "we should hang!" 2. Do not hang. 3. Say "we should hang!" 6 months later…
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Settling into week 3 out of 8 in the @orangetheory transformation challenge. Feels great to push myself and test my… didn’t know Diego personally but it crushes me to see my friends hurting. He always seemed to have good vibes and…
@jakesonaplane JAKEIt’s me, I’m “bitches” @FGFanelli @JustinWhang Word on the street is...I know how YouTube works
@orangetheory. That’s all you need to build a strong foundation for overall fitness. @the_staggie @krisxmoon Yess you go girl!!!
I posted a snarky comment on @FGFanelli’s selfie and not even 10 minutes later, I found a lizard in my closet. Karm… @OliverBaxxter HELL YEAH GET IT!! Love to see my friends making progress and loving themselves 👊🏼Forget protein, the real question is where vegans get our patience from.
Retweeted by Tori KravitzI love being completely unfazed by the Super Bowl.
@GothTobyKeith How many movies have you watched in the past 24 hours ?!?🐒 won’t make you happy New clothes won’t make you happy Losing weight won’t make you happy You make you happy
Retweeted by Tori KravitzTake ownership for the things you can control and find acceptance in the things you can’t control. That’s the tea.I use the term “wrong” loosely because I truly think everything happens for a reason. However if things aren’t goin… moment you stop blaming other people for the things going “wrong” in your life is the moment you give yourself the power to change it.