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A new horror imprint from @torbooks & @macmillanusa. Come Join Us by the Fire Season 2 Announcement:

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I can't recommend S. P. Miskowski's work enough. .. Fans of small-town horror: "Believe me when I emphatically tel…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksIn @SPMiskowski's fictional town of Skillute, WA, none of the residents are quite what they seem - read…
👀👀🦇🇲🇽 seven horror movies about family celebrations turned deadly will make you grateful you're staying home this y…🤔🤯
Over at TorNightfire, @TetsuoKaneda chooses Richard Gavin's 'grotesquerie' as one of the year's standout collection…
Retweeted by Nightfire Books2020 has been an incredible year for horror fiction, especially short-form - here are six of the year's best short…
One year from now... Dark Stars, with stories from @JoshMalerman @ChesyaBurkePhD @usmantm @gemmafiles @SGJ72
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#ThisisNotaGhostStory by @andrea_portes is an ideal entry into horror for contemporary YA fans - read @pinguinus' r… @kellyoc5
I just read @JoshMalerman's story for my antho #DARKSTARS, from @TorNightfire 11/'21. "Mrs. Addison's Nest" is a g…
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On a pre-holiday budget? Read some free classic horror courtesy of Project Gutenberg, article via @nicolemhill case you missed it, I wrote a piece exploring some of the deeper elements of Junji Ito’s work for @TorNightfire.
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksRead our review of Plain Bad Heroines by @emdanforth
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@Panediting @TorDotComPub 👀👀
Review of THE BEAST from @TorNightfire: "And many modern readers, living in an era when human greed and carelessnes…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksJunji Ito is revered among horror fans. Today, @gabinoiglesias explores the three elements of Ito's work that make…
We are thankful for booksellers 🖤 @CopperfishBooks @torbooks @ForgeReads @torteen @TorDotComPub Oooh, look what's live today on the @TorNightfire blog! @JoyceZonana #darbaud2020
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksThis list is 🧑‍🍳💋 Beast of Vaccarès, Jóusè d’Arbaud's classic of Provençal literature translated by @JoyceZonana, is a must-read… manager @emilyhughes is hosting this panel! Check it out tonight at 8 PM:👀👀👀 Kadrey and Cassandra Khaw have a new dark fantasy series coming soon
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#Ink by @JonathanMaberry is coming out in less than one week from @StMartinsPress! Pre-order your copy & upload pro… @dannifaith1 @tracy_reads79 @SGJ72 Yes, Midnight Caller is season 1!Friendly reminder: we are open to unagented novel and novella submissions from June 15, 2021 (9AM EST) to June 22,… seen in today’s publishers marketplace 😎 #TheDeadTaketheATrain
🎅🏽 🔪 we are sharing all of the November 2020 LOHF New Releases! #LadiesofHorrorFiction
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksFive Latinx horror authors you should know, courtesy of @anndcardinal, author of #CategoryFive: ft: @silviamg @TorNightfire team rolling into Launch to pitch our first season
Retweeted by Nightfire Books🎉 Did you hear last night's news?! @Richard_Kadrey and @casskhaw are bringing you a scary-good series!…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksCheck out my review HBO's "Lovecraft Country" Season One @TorNightfire! Leti Lewis breaking racists' car windows…
Retweeted by Nightfire Books👀👀👀’re delighted to share this announcement! #TheDeadTaketheATrain👀👀 check out our #TheDeadTaketheATrain announcement on @BoingBoing! Coming in 2022 from @Richard_Kadrey and…
6 scary non-fic books from @kimthedork & @BookRiot: 1 of @lovecraftHBO is in the books, and it was full of highs and lows - here's @IAmEEAdams with a full revie… A24 movie ranked, from @lineupweekly:
.@nicolemhill reviews @CJessCooke's new novel The Nesting, an enjoyable Gothic thriller that's also a testament to…'t worry if you missed #TrickorTrivia last week-- you can watch it here:
November horror shopping list is live, featuring authors T.C. Farren, @andrewtshaffer, James Brogden, @CraigDiLouie
#ComeJoinUsbytheFire2 is now available for download on @googleplay! Listen now for free!
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November is nothing, do more cool Halloween shit
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“There’s a reason why we tell ghost stories around a campfire. There’s a delicious thrill to knowing the fire’s lig…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksAnd to keep the Halloween theme going, here's the essay I wrote for the @TorNightfire blog about horror itself, and…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksLet’s just keep saying “Happy Halloween” until March.
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👀👀👀 us 🔥 8:00 PM ET @TorNightfire graciously let me spatter period blood all over this piece.
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksAs part of @TorNightfire’s #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author essay series, I wrote a piece about three books I read early…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksThe Unsuitable author @poppycockltd talks periods, body horror, and how menstruation can be catastrophic in horror… final entry in the #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author essay series comes to us from @Gabino_Iglesias, on three authors… our #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author series, Camilla Grudova muses on women's horror archetypes in midcentury cinema: vibe with us by the fire: @Ondrou_X, our resident horror TikTok sociologist, has whipped up a spooky playlist…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksTonight tonight is just a stone's throw from where I live. It's a special, spooky place! Because of the pandemic, Halloween l…
Retweeted by Nightfire Books👀't make it to Salem for Halloween this year? Let @allyoutthere guide you through a multimedia experience of O… out some of team Nightfire's YA horror reading selections on the @torteen blog: years later and the conversation continues: is #Beloved by Toni Morrison a horror novel? Via @TheMarySue novels with scary twins from @crimehq & @RCarlyleAuthor:!
Come vibe with us by the fire: @Ondrou_X, our resident horror TikTok sociologist, has whipped up a spooky playlist… @baskettbeth @Catrionaward All the pre-order links will be live in December!I loved writing this post!
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksToday in our #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author series, @DamienAWalters talks about the scary books and movies that have s… drag couture and cosmic terror weave together to reveal a tale of horrifying design... Listen to a clip fr…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksCheck out the cover reveal for #TheBeautifulOnes from @silviamg, author of #CertainDarkThings and #MexicanGothic! great review for #TinyNightmares edited by @TheLincoln & @NadxiNieto, this time from @crimehq & @dvaleris: populace of Halloween Town trying to make Christmas presents is essentially what it is to work at @torbooks and @TorNightfire
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksGive me a platform, and sooner or later, I'm going to use it to talk about EVIL DEAD 2. My deepest thanks to…
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For the #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author series, @cannibalghosts tells us how Evil Dead 2 taught him that every story is…'t worry if you missed Once Upon a Halloween Night last week--you can watch it here: essay day! New essay day! 😈👻
Retweeted by Nightfire Books.@her_nibsen pens a paean to the concept of "less is more" for our #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author series: the Dust Returned is my favorite of Bradbury's works, and this is a lovely introduction to it.
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksYour plan for Friday: hang out with me as I take on horror trivia against some of my fave spooky authors. 👀 Check…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksFrom The Dust Returned is often overshadowed by Ray Bradbury's more well-known works––here's @drewsof on why you sh… abominations begin roaming the village streets at night, the slaughterhouse workers grow suspicious of the fai…
Retweeted by Nightfire Books our friends at @crimehq: The Intersection of Noir & Horror by @JohnWoods333 review of The Night Will Find Us by Matthew Lyons for @crimehq "a solid October read that will haunt you long af…
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I got yer island getaway right here.
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksFriday. 8 PM. #TrickorTrivia 🔥😎 Ginger Snaps tv show? YES. Yes PLEASE:
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksThough it's the spookiest night of the year, there are surprisingly few horror books set at Halloween -… our #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author series, @dynamicsymmetry writes about the pandemic-related fear that inspired… to @daniel_m_lavery’s “Prodigal Son”, a free audiobook horror story from @TorNightfire
Retweeted by Nightfire Books“...a collection of stories as diverse as the African diaspora itself ... which also feels like a love letter to th…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksTo celebrate #TheLivingDead by George A. Romero and @DanielDKraus, we asked our amazing staff/super professional (?…
Retweeted by Nightfire Books2020 has been a good year for horror. Here's 16 of the best from @BookRiot:
Save the dates, you fiends! This Friday, Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. ET! Be sure to submit a question to @TorNightfire try to…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksWith Slay, @nicolegkurtz has assembled a lively book of vampire short stories by Black authors, resurrecting a horr… I'll answer every question in the form of a rhetorical question. or, I'll just add in "What ARE frogs?" to ev…
Retweeted by Nightfire BooksWe’re seeking questions from you, Reader. Can you stump the horror masters? Reply with your suggested questions and… us as we partner with @denofgeekUS on October 30 at 8 PM ET for #TrickorTrivia! Join host @Richard_Kadrey & pa… @claymcleod whom among us, reallyI want you all to know I've never thrown either of my children into our fireplace... but I've thought about it.…
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