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Esta maravilla de @torpordust, editada en papel por @Short_Box y nominada al Eisner 2019 por Mejor Album Gráfico, a…
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@cannedcabbage I love how they all have different names and purposes! Such good magicky worldbuilding. @CharlieJamison burning the Jerk Joss Stick at both ends!!i have been informed they are called "cataquacks". it took me ages to figure out the pun in the name, gonna be real… @DotWavvv @ForeverAflame ohhhhhhhHHHHHH!!! i'm dumb!!! thankyou!! @ForeverAflame i keep thinking the name is like a pun name or something... catastrophe? cataract? cataphract? am i missing it? 🤔also i make the funny ha ha video memeabsolutely enthralled by the duck things in super mario sunshine
@jharrisanim very much to everyone who watched along! i hope you had a fun time. as fun as my expression when i realise… to go live over at with some BLUE SKIES and GOLDEN SUNSHINE @hamishsteele @i_am_ste @HiScoreClub ahh yeah! i was only really familiar with him through Double Dash and Mario Te… @i_am_ste @hamishsteele @HiScoreClub yeah just means i've never played it before! (maybe like... five seconds worth… think i'm going to start streaming my blind playthrough of Super Mario Sunshine tonight over on the @HiScoreClub
@CharlieJamison @shrinkwrapped yeah! honestly if they'd varied up the BT encounters a bit (more types, different wa… of it are SO good but i would struggle to recommend playing it to anybodysometimes catch myself thinking about how death stranding was almost a great video game @ElliotBaggott shades of the Winklevoss twins from The Social Network... thought: this guy and this guy give me a very similar energy and it terrifies me in turn got me thinking about whether King's gonna have a whole Mogget thing going on 🤔)super curious as to where the story will go (I was only brought in to do a couple of drawings here & there so I'm i… finally got round to watching the Owl House season 1 finale last night. what a great show!! i love eda so much,…
@jharrisanim i believe so! i don't think it's ever seen in use but i get the impression he's into crafty/woodworky stuff.i really wanted to get how skinny he looks in the more recent videos, how huge his shirt looks by comparison. I don… we should be having blue skies and golden sunshine all along the way. everyone: have a great day!
@violainebriat It definitely has its fans! I was reading it once on the London underground and a total stranger cam… if you're interested in this idea (and have at least a bit of a stomach for mathematical logic / computing) I'd… @JennerallyJenn Thank you jenn!!! Very kind of you to say. 😭 @EthanMAldridge @OskSta damn that is such a cool idea!!! looks awesome! @FairyGodBomber oh yeah i remember that! i mean MK as a whole feels like it started off as a bunch of southeast asi… @swatpaz really love the way you've stylised batman's cowl!! the black round the head and the blue across the eyes. looks so cool! @nicodelort every time i see a video of it again i remember how good it is! still holding out for a sequel. imagine…
Plus, the stars are big, and old. Older than their respective planets, at least! What if this hypothetical star-lif… @ayejayisnothere That channel is great! I usually tap out about halfway through most of his videos but I think he s… think i just like the idea that "life" is less a specific special thing that happens with proteins and more an em… this video is wild cos I SWEAR for years I was sort of obsessed with this idea (in an incre… @hamishsteele i dreamt of them too... i dreamt i knew them...growing up with post-9/11 media was a trip, huh!in hindsight it's such a weird idea - a paranoid near future fantasy proposing "what if a bunch of stuff went wrong… this dramatised BBC documentary from 2003 that was namelessly lodged in my memory suddenly… also a reminder that @Short_Box is running an online "comics fair" on the 24th & 25th of Oc… hey all! by popular demand, my eisner-nominated @Short_Box comic Homunculus is now availabl… of you have requested the digital edition of this, and here it finally is! @torpordust's Eisner-nominated, hea…
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@dashiellsilva Oh I have NOTHING but respect for anyone who completed any n64 game using an actual n64 controller!are any of my UK freelance artist pals registered as limited companies? i've been self-employed for a while at this… tweet is mean but as penance I'm considering streaming myself doing a blind playthrough of sunshine so you can…
is this @mkikai? @mattmusic14 yep, that was me! I'm not sure who did the board it was based on, but it's a gorgeous painterly one. o… @MarcyBones64 Same with swords. Feels like bringing something that's specifically been designed to kill/main people…
@ScruffySlaw @ARABIAFATS Yeah! I find the slow menu/load times (on ps4 at least) really frustrating too. Been playi… fuck it, this is now a makoto thread @DavidAug7246 Yeah! To my knowledge those low stances are mostly for leg strengthening and flexibility, never actua… for a ninja it just looks really wrong to me. it might make more sense on a character like makoto or somethi… *think* the idea they're trying to convey with it is that Zeku (being an old man) is like... traditionalist or st… SFV character design nitpick: why did they make Zeku's idle stance a karate-esque gedan barai? particular… thread summarising the current stupid situation with the UK / Brexit / Northern Ireland glad he went on to win this fight and remained a core character in the story for the remainder of the series!wishing all my followers a happy Rock Lee Taking His Weights Off day 🙏🙏
@HiScoreClub @SFBDim that's yer brexit mateman i need to play arkham knight again. this thing is just reminding me of good old gamesoh shit its just demons soulselden ring???????????????????man i need to play DMC5 again. V's bits were so weird and fun!!!DMC5 DLC YOOOOO @HiScoreClub @HiScoreClub i want to believe. they look so oily! and the blue backlight is well sushey @HiScoreClub are we thinking these talky guys are maybe digitally rendered again? i feel like my deep fake senses are tingling.... @DommiFox LMAO RIGHTsome days you feel like an ill-proportioned, stumbling, stubbly golem @jharrisanim i saw a couple of people posting bits of this, where was it uploaded?!UNDERTALE - SANS’ BOSS FIGHT
Retweeted by Joe Sparrow @kimkoikoi oh yeah! i'm watchin' it now with the chat replay on haha 😭that OST occupies a big old chunk of my brain and heart, rent-freesad i missed the live undertale concert 😭 it would have been nice to see together with everyone. time zonnnessssss
Coming October 24-25th: ShortBox Comics Fair! 20% discount happy hours, out of print books and zines, fair-exclusi…
Retweeted by Joe Sparrowside note: Funky Boy emerging from a crumbling cube of yellow crystal is giving me shades of the Fleischer Superman… @VelvetExit haha yeah i messaged you about Black Dresses i think! i hadn't even thought of death grips as electroni… @VelvetExit any good reccs?definitely watching Redline with @jharrisanim in a picadilly cinema at an anime all-nighter in 2011. specifically w…
I for one welcome our new, almost certainly mono-celular, venusian overlordsFYI! @JamesBallardie oh 100% haha! there's no evidence whatsoever i could point to as unequivocal proof. but that's what… @joelist i have not! i'll look it up, is it good? @neilslorance @wolfhard Are those the ones the blink 182 guy leaked? They were crazy!
@wolfhard No conclusive evidence (obviously) but I just like listening to him talk about it, all these weird anti-gravity devices and stuff. @wolfhard Not exactly new, but I rewatched that Bob Lazar doc on Netflix? He's a scientist (?) who maintains that h… @jharrisanim Oh no I meant like legit aliens hahaha. It's the one conspiracy theory I'd love to be true in one way or anotheranyway I just a tweet about a study proposing that the presence of some molecule on Venus is evidence of extraterre…'ve been watching tons of ufo documentaries recently so a part of my brain has been wondering a lot if aliens are… @PeopleIKnow Charles Darwin gets an eyeful of one of those and just starts straight jackin' it @hidavidwilson @PeopleIKnow she's really great! only got familiar with her solo stuff recently so it's cool to go b… don't tell anybody that i only know what どうする means because it's a lyric in the lucky star intro thanks to @PeopleIKnow for linking me this the other day, what a lovely song @JennerallyJenn remembering when i got the melody from that stuck in my head for ages convinced it was a vengaboys song LOL
weekly reminder that i work with the best!!! crew!!! ever!!!!this is SO GOOD
instragram user @/nahyopt made an incredible sculpt of this Redcap I illustrated a few years ago for the Dungeons &… did a tiny wee bit of design work on this! found the scene! guy on top of an ascending lift, gets crushed by this weird metal spike that drops down (that wa…