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this bit made me weirdly emotional. reminded me of my animation uni experience a lot. they work so hard! ; _ ;
@hamishsteele @ianjq yeah damn!!! man! thankyou @ianjq !!! 🙇‍♂️yeahh haha! i mention in the tumblr post but i realised like... halfway through the project that a lot of the chara… @arnoldofzo made another #MarioMaker2 level! This one's just classic platforming - first jump is a bit tricky but the rest of…
@Unseriousguy whoaaaaaaa!!! happy rat yearYes that's a TANK in a fighting game💀 Yes he did an unblockable💥 And yes, that's @dora_bang enjoying this Blitzta…
Retweeted by Joe Sparrowwatching the blazblue cross tag battle semis on #EVOJapan and... not gonna lie it's hard for me not to root for the…
@hamishsteele hahahaha! god, i remember when that game came out! i remember hearing it wasn't bad.
@jharrisanim yeah kind of?! the title was inspired by a specific person, at least. it's a sweet little story i thin… @jharrisanim also i can't remember if i said this previously but I actually DID see the person this song was writte… @jharrisanim i peaked so early!in all seriousness i'm really looking forward to the proper OST coming out... Easy Breezy's a banger but the music… is.... so special,,,Dorothy having a little nap while the Cowardly Lion keeps watch.
Retweeted by Joe Sparrow see also the chiptune cover of Avril Lavigne's song Don't Tell Me from around the same time… i haven't listened to it in a while but i still very much like this song i made in garageband at least 13 years ago
@wiz_mud no way haha! that's kind of incredible. the name's a complete coincidence afaik but i'm pretty sure i've s… @400facts love these dude @jharrisanim @hamishsteele @ThomasWellmann if you read the star wars novels you learn that the baby head is the sit… @hamishsteele @ThomasWellmann well from the swamp-dwelling meat spider's point of view, the jedi are evil! @catsuka SO GORGEOUS @genicecream woooohhhhh you working on it remotely!?? おめでとう!!!who ✨is✨ she? @wiz_mud I deleted the previous tweet because I worried it came across as too flippant. Earnestly: damn I love how your game looks!!!!
I'll see if I can put the cheaper options as an option in the checkout - for now if anyone wants the standard/econo… it sucks - this is the range of delivery options I have with Royal Mail. I used to go for International Standar… @SFBDim first ep is here (in awful quality) @SFBDim i'm just watching the BBC adaptation atm - which is honestly great, i think you'd like it. i intend to try… found its affect kind of scary and offputting as a kid but it's like exactly my kind of shit nowadaysfull disclosure - my only exposure to the series is through the 2000 BBC adaptation which i'm rewatching again. it'… don't we talk about gormenghast more???? @arnoldofzo I LOVE IT @rorysteele oh for sure! she featured heavily in the mood board, haha! :)one more favourite bit (i won't bump this anymore, promise): sci-fi heroine Lorna and her weird blobby spacesuit. I… @rikerikerike @nyatche thankyou! yeah they're just big enough that it's annoyingly expensive to package and send them! :(Hey! my shop is finally back online if you wanna order a tarot deck. you can get the full deck, or buy the major/mi… @ThatOneAlfur because i used to play a lot of smash bros so that tree's dumb face is burned into my brain 😂
aw thanks! nah it's cool - plenty of others have said this before but the best way to support stuff like this is ju… @K25fF OMGjust gonna highlight what i see as the pitch's greatest casualty - a runescape-style blocky wizard character who co… @captainclaude already recieved several Cease & Desists from Bubsy's crack legal team @VelvetExit thanks! It was a fun challenge to try and communicate the blockiness in a way that was still cartoony.a pilot i did some art direction on last year finally got passed on, so i figure i can get away with posting some d…
@rushipdesai ah sorry! millenium actress, directed by satoshi kon.; _ ; i noticed they use an honorific that's like -shi when they talk to each other which i don't think i've heard b…'t believe how many times i watched the eizouken intro before i noticed this incredible drawing of asakusa in th…
@jharrisanim ooh! im druid/rogue with a level in sorcerer for access to mage hand.
@SFBDim giving me Kaiba vibes too @kevinjaystanton gorgeous!!!! @bonaneh Dang for some reason i assumed the whole "no tattoos" thing was like some old timey thing that wasn't really enforced anymore? @bonaneh that's so cool!! imma DO IT @bonaneh i reeeeally wanna get one this year! did you just bring the designs along with you and they like traced th… @nicodelort "you shouldn't be upset that i hyucked her!!"
@VelvetExit completely agree, for me a big part of the last 10 years since i graduated uni has been trying to unlea… note: they will be quite small in frame i thinkwatching the smash stream get ratio'd in real time is a trip that show looks so good!!!!!!!getting ready to excitedly point out the two or three owl house background incidentals i designed if/when they appear!! @naimadamph @SrRRRRArt maybe they'll see the light of day sometime! i'll see what else i can get away with posting.
@Tomiwa_TK she's from amphibia! the disney TV show i do character design on. @jharrisanim hahahahaha @jharrisanim what!? is KS?! but yeah snuck that alternate design snuck its way into the crop lolimagining it with a big mangekyou sharingan nowfound this drawing i did of maddie back before season 1 that i still like @EimhinMcNamara yeah! genuinely gory, i love it!maybe wondering if it's an attempt to circumvent some kind of anti-strobe rule or something, as the whole sequence… actually rewatching this clip seemingly confirms my suspcion that they (seemingly randomly)… that unfiltered One Punch Man energy i haven't seen more sakuga stuff from the latest MHA episode, i was really impressed by it. all the stuff…
@batshaped Honestly completely agree with your stance btw I'm just too chicken to megaphone it @JHowlettArt I have not! But I should. He should release an album honestly, gorgeous sonorous baritone pipes he's got. @ultrasqull It's so sweet! Check out other shows/films by the same director (Masaaki yuasa) too - I love all his work.also adam driver has a lovely singing voice!watched Marriage Story out of blind curiosity and the main thing that struck me was pleasant surprise upon seeing R… @hamishsteele "Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!" was a recurring catchphrase among the n64 owners at our schoolgenuinely curious where they're gonna go with it storywise. i have a suspicion that things are gonna get slightly S… forgot to say but the first ep of Eizoken nearly made me happy cry! it's so positive and wholesome and nice.
honestly i'm enjoying it a lot. my brain has to be in the right kind of mode to understand it but the experience is… to the infamous Round The Bend chapter in Jerusalem. is this what Joyce is like? i should probably actually read some Joyce @VincentOliver some pals of mine live there! haha!that's the one! explanation for arbitrary code execution in OoT for anyone interested. 90% of this sails over my he… @SFBDim Cats can have a little women, as a treat @jharrisanim OoPsie!!!afaik they exploit a bug with this one conversation with Darunia where the game reads the wrong bit of code and get… case the above screenshot doesn't sufficiently pique your interest - all of it can technically be achieved by pe… Ocarina of Time glitch exhibition from AGDQ is on youtube now, come see the magical world of arbitrary code exe…
@hmnprsn yeah im fascinated by all the various competing doctrines about stuff like that in the wackier christian d… @KeithSparrow61 same, for sure. i think both parties are getting different things out of the conversation - they're… @MurraySomerwolf heard this song the other day & liked it! go watch something nice, ZFG is my favourite speedrunner at the moment and this no source r… what im gonna say to the jehovah's witnesses the next time they come around, basically. sorry this thread is so… things are so fucking shitty with all this stuff in Iran, it's really getting to me. people so fucking keen on… the discussion meanders to an end, we all say thanks and have a nice day, they leave. and then the next… of the technological advances, all the advances in healthcare and medicine, the welfare state, education, etc… i just stand there like an idiot, playing Devil's (haha) advocate, trying to counter, justify, or else apologis… a big part of millenarian faiths like that is a conviction that the world is currently terrible (in justificati…