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@Nighty10k hbd @tohsakev have fun be safe @iamhcu @Glorinsz type beat @iamhcu @Glorinsz he’s gonna hit snooze and be late @Glorinsz @bitflox v for vouch, also v for va- nvm @Glorinsz WAKE UP OLD MAN @ToKacey @FrostyValorant @Glorinsz OMG NO WAY @JackIgoe v proud of u keep going forward @FrostyValorant omg me and glorinsz in the same space lets go @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz @AyeeTrain hmmm. ok! i believe you. @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz @AyeeTrain if "valorant 10 mans" is Xera then sure @Glorinsz @JackIgoe so happy for him and can’t wait for the future1,700 FOLLOWERS (again) @KillerMillerGG i believe in u @frostyZK yes. @alpharekkz LOL we go agane later @DeathNYC @7eoLeo @spikeqt death so good @iamhcu ye
@FrostyValorant @Inf4mousEnergy has a very interesting take on the gaming industry! @TwitchAv about time :D @IlyyAngell sup @AimerGoob goobable @Scrounge_ Scrounge and Pros!!! @sznyawn @Glorinsz down @AyeeTrain but this ratio is alive! @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy fortnite arena duos! @Glorinsz adam and i have been looking for a game to play for 3 hours now. this isnt an impression farm or a satire tweet.Gaming is dead. @Ghoulishxo @guodotcom @Inf4mousEnergy ??? @Evs2x spice and wolf @DnorValorant @Inf4mousEnergy @riotgames Don Torsetto. @Inf4mousEnergy @riotgames stfu plz watching @Inf4mousEnergy @riotgames I hope its similar to Wizard 101. @bitflox @ashIyne you only watch Outer Banks for the hot actress if you actually watch that show for the premise yo… @ashIyne @bitflox lol. @bitflox daddy bitflox has spoken!!!!😩😩😩😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 @lovelyylexxaa i cant tell if the emoji combo means good or bad @angelltaub @bitflox go get em! @Styxistaken #RealShit @StayKazed @MitcheIl nvm pls dont ratio me it isn’t free i lied @StayKazed @MitcheIl this ratio is free. @AimerGoob goose @Styxistaken you forget the average twitter user is a sheep and unintelligent by genetics. theyre all fucked @j8shb #aesthetic #sunset #nofilter #sugma @frostyZK mama there goes that man @TRACY106310 @_daultt @AyeeTrain @_Whiske contact deez nuts @ImTorsea wooooo @_daultt i wonder why @Angxlfnn bugha. @_daultt @AyeeTrain @_Whiske ???? @_daultt @AyeeTrain @_Whiske don't be fooled, the only reason Daulton likes AOT is because they do Fortnite dances @zladamC fair play, respect. @_Whiske @Inf4mousEnergy brb watching Bugha play the FNCS QUALIFIER 1 w/ Avery and Nosh @zladamC we live in this ratio. @Inf4mousEnergy @_Whiske good. i'm glad you are contemplating your recent actions! i hope you can come to the realization of your mistakes. @laandreyuhh ty andrea! @Inf4mousEnergy @_Whiske this is disgusting and inexcusable behavior from you! I expected more and am (to be quite…'ve come a long way, but this is only the start. Team Serenity is excited to announce #SRNWEEK, a three-day-long…
Retweeted by SRN TorseRespondrs, we're LIVE! Come watch us fight fires and answer some questions 🔥 #DreamHackBeyond
Retweeted by SRN Torse @JackIgoe @IlyyAngell WHAT IS HAPPENING VOUCH?!?!?! @JackIgoe @Glorinsz what the fuck is happening??!?!?!?! @seshiriaa_ @PowerGPU @drewface_ i wish the NBA was like this, would make for a much more interesting regular season + playoffs. not sure… @drewface_ They’re capable to win it all because they’re all prolific scorers in the NBA but they don’t see play li… @drewface_ this current Team USA roster isn’t capable of playing international ball, granted they’ll still probably… @Xyph9r HAPPY BDAY XY ENJOY ENJOY @AyeeTrain whatever graph you used when we first started talking use that shit @AyeeTrain i told you man, mouse accel train was a different breed @guodotcom @Glorinsz @BazonBTW LMFAOlast day of dreamhack beyond. gonna be playing w/ some game devs later... Will you be there at 2 to find out what…
Retweeted by SRN Torse @nitrotweeted tysm nitro @AimerGoob big fan @H3RAZU my g <3 @ashIyne @Glorinsz yes ramen @LarryFishburger this is what youve been waiting for. seize it @iamhcu think positive be positive ez 4 u @qtBleu ly tyClip dump from tonight :)
Retweeted by SRN Torse @HoellywoodFPS throwback music @veltqt mhm np @veltqt it'll likely be that way for a while.. hang in there soldier! @veltqt professional recorder player and professional skye main 😵‍💫😵‍💫 @climbs 😩 @iamhcu if i dont acknowledge it then it doesnt exist. @Kahrbonqq ty kahrbon <3 @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy Jonesy cow @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy yup back to this ratio. @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz fucking sugma man @bitflox deficit* the Sweden education system has failed you horrifically. @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz Common lines used in conversation between Adam "Infamous" Stone and SRN Torse include "di… @BazonBTW @bitflox supplementing for failure, an unexpected tactic that will leave the opposition speechless. @hittrr ly Jordan, hope youre doing good out there. @stfupump Fuck the fakes @gIitchzx @Ghoulishxo i dont use my phone for anything except making calls and twitter. @Ghoulishxo im on the iPhone 7+ since like 8th grade @pnasty looks so good wtf @JackIgoe earned, ly man