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@bondagefa1ry 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 @alyssaerenee PLS i love u Sm @Desiluted thank u omg🥺🥺 @clarissxo GORGEOUS ILY @angrybIackgirI kdjwkdjsjs i@love Uthe belt was a questionable choicewhat 5 years did to me :$$
Retweeted by tor @SUPERSTARGRL ew what the fuck @bondagefa1ry i’m in Luv w u123movies and soap2day when i pause the movie im watching
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@StillImperfect1 growth!!!!! @alexrvalentine like it is ok to form ur own opinions LOLstaring contest
Retweeted by tor @SUPERSTARGRL AHH SO PRETTY“flipping burgers” as an insult is SOOOO funny cause it’s like okay what do you do? type on a keyboard? uh oh watch…
Retweeted by torppl’s opinions r so easily swayed by what’s popular and what’s not it’s crazyA lot of this boils down to these people never being told no. It’s not even about the masks they’re just used to do…
Retweeted by torit’s okay if things happened a year ago and you’re still processing it. you are emotionally aware and it’s okay to…
Retweeted by toronce again dolly parton is the savior of humanity.
Retweeted by torbrittany murphy i miss u so terribly
Retweeted by tor @virtua1faerie weirdo behaviourmen who aren’t funny try to compensate by making fun of girls for simply existing lmao @slipzyyy definitely just bc of mesoft
Retweeted by torno one watched scott pilgrim for scott
Retweeted by torI hated myself for years and now I finally don’t of course I’m gonna talk highly about myself
Retweeted by tor @alyssaerenee exactly. @LazasBautista :-Dlike i still have my moments and still get insecure quite a bit but compared to the years before????? crazy .realizing how confident i’ve gotten this past year is insane like. wow i rly changed my whole brain around @nymphbaee HI BEAUTYif only he was running our country
Retweeted by tor @JULlESFLICKER ksjsksksksjs🥺🤍and what abt it... @torweee
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@doIphinIuvr so purty @f1nessaa i’m running as Fast as i can down the highwayppl who let me be dramatic and still love me >>>
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Retweeted by torwe rly are getting to see who the most selfish ppl are throughout this whole pandemic😀 @RAPDlABLO everyday men come on this app to tweet the dumbest things i wonder what they have in store for tmrw @MelissaCalma “ah yes more lockdown restrictions! stay home! but we won’t fine anyone who goes to these protests or…“women directed films have a softer tone”
Retweeted by tor“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
Retweeted by torscariest thing that ever happened to me was when I went to a bookstore on acid without knowing that Bill Clinton wa…
Retweeted by tor @f1nessaa what if.....hear me out.....i kiss u instead....
Retweeted by torkissing someone u have feelings for must b nice huhthe way 15 yr olds on tiktok think ppl start decomposing at 21 do they all think ppl rot at the age of 21
Retweeted by tor @lololbrittany this just reminded me of the summer i ate a bowl of microwaved rice everyday....we got thru it tho❤️i will “omg no u” my friends till the day i die
@erinmhk YAYYYYYYYYYYwhen i say i hate couples i’m not talking about them
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Retweeted by torI took her to my penthouse then I freaked it
Retweeted by tor @CdyRnkn and there we gothank u pimp my ride
Retweeted by tor @CdyRnkn he looks like a richard for sure @idfwuchloe 🥺 so cutecant talk i’m busy doing hot girl shit
Retweeted by torgirls with digestive problems who are always bloated are sexy
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@trinitybandit maam ur so prettywhenever I’m boiling something my brain tells me to just. submerge my hand in it and like i won’t but. what ifi’d like u all to see my outfit
Retweeted by tor @babyIaur LMFAOOO @lynndewitttoya exactly😌 @erinmhk love u🤍🤍 @l4rahh i’m happy i can b such a good influence . @erinmhk manifesting rn ur gonna pass 100%yeah. @dontfwpendejas ur Just. wow . . @abrilluisarios definitely not No not ready <3 @abrilluisarios can u turn a lil bit i’m tryna see somethin...... @lynndewitttoya glad we r in agreement <3tweets r there to delete them u can’t change my mindi know love is real but i love when the universe reminds me
Retweeted by torEXACTLY
Retweeted by torOne thing that’s very true is that we need to get rid of the stereotype that white supremacists are uneducated hill…
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Retweeted by torwhat a great day to mind ur own business @SUPERSTARGRL i got 77% gemini too LMFAOO“wE uSeD tO tALk” calm down quarantine hobby number 54
Retweeted by tor @theyluvinjay @veefroggy leave me Alone @veefroggy BARKBARKWOOFBARKWOOFleft or right?
Retweeted by torthe oompa loompas whenever one of the kids die
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Retweeted by tor @notdontay ?all of y’all can’t b empaths somebody lying
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ur worth way more than someone’s negative opinion about uok this is the year i get a pet hedgehog i’m tired of not following my dreamsmy problem is i act like my ass is fat when ik it’s not
Retweeted by tor @veefroggy please. for the peopleOMG ‘ATM’ VIDEO OUT NOWWWWW!!!
Retweeted by tor @kennascr_pecake exactly my pointthe kid on the left looks cooler tho so what r they trying to say there
daily reminder
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