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Novelist; Lead tutor NCTJ Journalism at Sutton; feminist; crap runner. Debut PATIENCE due Aug 2021 from @HoZ_books. Books, aviation, Qatar. Agent @hgweatherill

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Scott 2020: Fill my hot water bottle, please, Miami police had to board this flight before someone who refused to wear a mask for a 1 hour 45 minute flight w…
Retweeted by Victoria ScottJust in from a wonderful lunch with fellow @HoZ_Books author @FeinLouise. A total treat - delicious food AND gettin… matters, especially with Covid. Human data on #WorldStatisticsDay2020: - two thirds of all people who died fro…
Retweeted by Victoria Scott @pipusmar @jennr_jenn Oh yes, and a hot water bottle on the lower back! @CityJoolz @GraMurphy @revkatebottley @collared_ @LesleyWalker17 you'll like this!It's a grey Tuesday in October, and the news is relentlessly depressing. So, I've engaged emergency Christmas Carol… @HannahKateSmith Wow, that's impressive! We cave at the first frost. @iPublius Ah, that's a big moment. @marikesselring My phone rang just as my husband was about to leave for a flight. My agent told me I had a two book…
@DBanksy @hendopolis I needed a laugh! Thank you, chaps. @Halawala @jpmlynch Ah, that's good. It seemed like the legal announcement was ambiguous about other parks, though? @jpmlynch This is absolutely awful. I remember when access to Aspire Park was restricted to people in "sporting att…$4 to enter a park in Qatar. When the minimum wage for workers at present is $250 a *month*
Retweeted by Victoria Scott @ciacharlton We have a really well insulated house. It's consistently 19c inside at the moment. @iggynowa It sounds like your thermostat actually works! Ours consistently undereads, so the house is always too ho… it's October 19th, and we have yet to put the heating on. Anyone else in the UK still holding out? #thrifty #ecofriendly #extrajumper @FelicityHannah We've just been through this. It sucks. Baking, board games, movies and popcorn...? @Anna_Mazz We have a whole made-up family story about the Polyphant (who is, of course, an elephant with several trunks.) @SaimaMir @vickishenkinRemember in summer when all the nerds were complaining about the NHS app? We wanted one where your data was guara…
Retweeted by Victoria Scott @LauraPAuthor I'm looking forward to watching it with my kids, and if necessary, explaining it. But I doubt they'll even think it's strange.
@katieeeeebell Damn it, I prefer briefs @FunmiOlutoye My husband flew there yesterday. Said it was 29c 😀 @FunmiOlutoye Rhodes?Results are in for the US military aerosol dispersal tests on aircraft and the risk of catching Corona virus on an…
Retweeted by Victoria ScottWent to the shops to try to find a smart winter coat for my husband. Found none. But if you're looking for tracksui…
@hendopolis See also: Bake OffBook 2 update: the two friends I sent it to both read it in 24 hours, which for 120,000 words is...amazing. They lo… @JulieOwenMoylan Mine is published next August. Still hoping for an in-person, bookshop book launch! @ruskin147 Mine is very confused, as my postcode includes two areas with different regs.
@samatlounge @smallpressau Gorgeous pic. @Mrawlins1974 @Tesco @headlinepg So exciting!Just watched the last episode of #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall and I demand more. I need more heartwarming TV, and I n… into Windsor town centre this morning. It was profoundly depressing - it seemed like every other shop was em… chat with @hgweatherill about books to broadcast at @NorthbankTalent & pitching producers! With some specific…
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@bryony_gordon I think we're united in misery. But that's about it. @RobertCorp How about meeting at a NT halfway between you? Stay outdoors, keep distance.I could cry. In fact, I might. #ukquarantine #COVID__19 #SaveTravel @JulieOwenMoylan I am in. @louisetickle Really? We just had two weeks stuck at home. Back at school tomorrow. A looooong fortnight. @MarionETodd @abigailemann Netflix. @FunmiOlutoye You can't. But hopefully, hotel owners etc will feel they have to cancel bookings. It's a start, I suppose.
@Mrawlins1974 @KatieLSeaman @HQstories @hgweatherill @NorthbankTalent Writing has been an absolute godsend this yea… @Mrawlins1974 @KatieLSeaman @HQstories @hgweatherill @NorthbankTalent I've just sent my second to the lovely Hannah 😀. Crossing fingers... @Mrawlins1974 @KatieLSeaman @HQstories @hgweatherill @NorthbankTalent Am enduring similar! Sending positive vibes.I said exactly this to a friend (via zoom) today. @novicenovelist @abigailemann Hello! Lovely to connect.Absolutely astonishing that the @transportgovuk @DHSCgovuk “Global Travel and Health Taskforce” has no-one remotely…
Retweeted by Victoria Scott @Boby_BiQ Yep. It's proving v popular this year. Surprise!On way home from getting my flu jab. Feeling like I won the lottery, as paid for jabs are rare as hen's teeth at the moment. @abigailemann It will make you feel all warm inside. @ruskin147 Samsung is your friend, in this case. I love my Galaxy. @hannahfearn Brilliant. Well done!My article on why we need to introduce COVID testing for passengers to boost confidence and demand and protect the…
Retweeted by Victoria ScottOne of my husband's former colleagues. I'm pleased for you, Mike! I hope you enjoy your new job, but also return to…
@hannahfearn Oh crikey. Thinking of you! @BBCSangita @janegarvey1 @BBCWomansHour Yay! Brilliant news. (Although I love Jane too, obviously.)I finished the 1st draft of book 2 last week, and now I'm feeling down. There's definitely a link - writing fiction…
Retweeted by Victoria Scottfor travel, and we need it now. #ukcovidresponse #savetravel #covid19 #travelrisks #testandtracehave made good sense - but it doesn't now. The genie is out of the bottle. All it does now is damage the economy,… seen a lot of evidence in the past week or so along these lines (see graph.) The current risk of Covid infecti… @Birdyword So - are you saying that Japan has better outcomes because it had a functioning test, track and trace sy…
@BarryLa65299383 Oh, Barry 😥 I've has dreams where Clare has spoken to me, too. (It's partly where the idea for my… @emmykayandco I seem to remember it was a rose rambling up my leg... @katelallyx I'm flying to Antigua and hitting the beach with my family, a brilliant novel and a lot of rum. @naomi_rovnick It would have made complete sense to quarantine and test intl arrivals back in Feb, March and April. Now, not so much... @Mrssmithmunday @priyaoshea I do this, too.I dreamed last night that I got a tattoo up my whole right leg by accident, and that I was left in charge of severa… @stephenpollard @JournalistJill Asda are doing free vaccines too - worth a check. @iainmillar18 God, I love it when they're honest. @TheDarqness666 There's swearing in it 🤣
@Heather_Poole Yes, that's my understanding. I'm not sure what she's getting at.I've just sent #Grace, (aka book 2) off to two friends and my Mum and Dad to read, and I'm like... #authorlife @rachelkennedy84 loving their work @Myr_Naj @lejournaldeleen Golly, you shouldn't use anything down there at all. It'll play havoc with the ph. Just use water. @jkgas @BillShaw8 OK... what out of that is particularly worrying you? (Genuine question. I'm not knowledgeable eno… @BillShaw8 Absolutely, that's my understanding, too. But I just wondered if I was missing something.People who know lots about the UK's drug approval system (i.e definitely not me) - is there any truth here? Is our…
@thomprobert @bellesy @RobertCorp @BBCiPlayer I quite fancy the Captain. I suspect I'm not alone in this... @HannahKateSmith Crikey! I used to work for a radio production company near Brick Lane. On night shifts, the only f…,000 jobs already lost/at risk,only 6 countries without restrictions – the UK travel industry is collapsing in fr…
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@SimonCalder God, people can be so vile.It’s a welcome sign to see some #Greek islands getting their safe corridors back. With the UK infection rate being…
Retweeted by Victoria Scott @luv2fish14 I really don't see how touring the country for rallies and serving as vice president could be seen as h… still remember a team training exercise during my gap year (96) at an IT firm. I was one of only 2 girls out of 3… @lcnicol Definitely a houseclean.#Pilots don't grow on trees... We're on a mission to help UK-based pilots whose jobs have been impacted by the pand…
Retweeted by Victoria Scott @TomBurridgebbc @BBCBreakfast @BBCOne @simbrowning Lovely, enthusiastic coverage! Thank you. Farewell, old girl.
@BillShaw8 And some other fine folk 😆It has taken them this long. 🤦‍♂️ even better news, you get to be taught by me. Yay.;;
@hgweatherill You are her people. She owns you, you know. @hackhound @JulieBallard3 @a_reflective @damarisyoung @kereengetten @Emmett_Cath @riewriting @RashmiWriting weird that no Tories responded to the banking crisis by telling finance people to get another job
Retweeted by Victoria Scott @Saba_Salman I will keep you posted! For now, here's a brief synopsis... @Saba_Salman I hear you. My first is being published next year. We should chat nearer the time - it has a disabled… @Saba_Salman My parents are seeing her, at least. They use full PPE - masks, aprons, gloves, the lot. But at least… @Saba_Salman I haven't seen her since Christmas 😒 It's simply not worth the risk. Covid would kill her, I'm sure of…