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American 🇺🇸 patriot. freethinker. secularist. equal justice under law. science advocate. totally 🏳️‍🌈 gay. classic INTJ. chocoholic. #VOTE #BidenHarris

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@LMplusG yepHello Twitter: Know who this person is?, Donald J Trump is disgusting. @susanml10881 @PhilipRucker @jdawsey1 urgh @letterboxd that #fakemelania @JCrongeyer Thanks for the follow!Yes, #TheyAllKnew @DrDenaGrayson Anxiety keeps so many people up past their bedtime.Trump and Pence are pure slime. believe this is the billboard that #Jarvanka don't want Americans to see. @DrDenaGrayson We they go low, we go JOE! @RepsForBiden Americans need to #VoteBidenHarris @Mikel_Jollett Trump will do ANYTHING to win a second term. Remember, he's fighting the strong possibility of going to prison.Wow @LMplusG Campaigning is essential?The experts warned, but Donald Trump ignored & lied. #COVID19 #TrumpLiedAmericansDied @thehill His case? Trump is a nut case.THIS 🔽 @PhilipRucker @jdawsey1 Shouldn't Pence quarantine at this point? @BradMossEsq Is Pence going to quarantine? @thehill Swamp Trump, the King of the Swamp. #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica @CNNPolitics Is this rounding the corner? @ChrisJansing But Trump said that America was rounding the corner on COVID @_Party_Chicken2 Thanks for the follow @subhopal111 @Ryguy613 @jeffreysamberg @umichvoter99 The alt-right instigated the violence. Try to keep up. @thehill The GOP hates it when Americans vote. @heatherscope NARRATOR: Trump and Pence don't care about anyone else. @thehill People are tired of narcissist Donald J Trump. @Newsweek These GOP politicians are evil. @Lindajoy7 @WashTimes Ha! After all the vitriol of Donald Trump, the Trump team "pushes back"? They can GFT. @thehill Another GOP liarMore good news for Joe showing his bipartisan support. #VoteBidenHarris @thehill Trump and the GOP don't want the results to be known because they want to fight the election at SCOTUS with their new justice. @Ryguy613 @jeffreysamberg @umichvoter99 Especially when this happens:, please support @GaryPeters We need to #FlipTheSenateBlue #Michigan #MISen #VoteBlueDownTheBallot we go again. @thehill A better option: Root canal procedure @thehill To learn the truth about COVID-19 follow @DrDenaGrayson To help support reasonable solutions to address o… @DrDenaGrayson It's a tenacious cult. #Cult45Oh my... @umichvoter99 It's a cult. @thehill It's called social distancing. @atrupar Ali Velshi was correct. BLM and Antifa were peaceful in Minneapolis. It was the Boogaloo Bois who were ins… @thehill Uh, no. @thehill If Trump and the GOP continue to be in power, it will be the red wave of blood from COVID and gun violence.Trump is disgusting. Member of the press hit with a rubber bullet. And the boogaloo bois instigated the violence as…
🚨 Urgent Message 🚨 @mj_lee Ha! Democrats and independents across the country are standing in line to #VOTE and Trump supporters are wa… @thehill Trump has no COVID plan. Trump has no healthcare plan.Hell to the yeah! @thehill The majority of Pennsylvanians oppose fracking. @Tecladoquebrou "But Trump TV Fox News told me the violence was caused by BLM and Antifa!" @WashTimes womp wompGet 'em Joe! @mcamacho55 Work on your English, Boris. @UnScottable @pierceweber @thehill You sound like a fascist.John James supports the lying narcissist Donald Trump "2,000%" Just say NO to John James. #Michigan #MISen @Tecladoquebrou @thehill Paybacks are hell @pierceweber @thehill about the candidates BEFORE you vote. #Michigan #MISen @NRSC @GaryPeters Obama supports @GaryPeters and so do I. #VoteBlueDownTheBallot #MISen @pierceweber @thehill Your Twitter timeline is full of pro-Trump propaganda. @thehill I blame Donald J Trump. @thehill Never believe the word of ANY Republican. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.Hot damn! @bluestein @ReverendWarnock GOP healthcare = deathcare @NBCPolitics Surprise! SCOTUS = GOP with robes @MarcACaputo I want to go to bed early on Election Night, too. And wake up in a new America. @dcexaminer @KenPaxtonTX Why are so many GOP politicians corrupt? @bluestein @ossoff Great to see enthusiastic voters for Jon @ossoff Let's do this! #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica @GuyOther3 @Karmakicksuback @thehill The Hill is owned by a Republican. @charles_gaba Is that real? @selfdeclaredref @thehill The Hill is owned by a Republican. The report is true regardless of whether you want to b…'s do this, New York! #VOTE @Hockeyhi765 @JohnPNoonan @thehill @CarlaMarie61 @thehill @JohnPNoonan @thehill Oh, it's real. @kkarin523 @thehill Oh no, it be real. Perhaps you just don't want to believe it. @thehill "But Trump TV Fox News told me it was ANTIFA! You mean to say that it was right-wing terrorists?" @MichelleBrodeu2 @crosa1988 Biden supporters are listening. Trump supporters are yelling. That's all Trump supporters do: yell. @JBBronstein @thehill You're making no sense. @Xager20 @thehill @Freshman383 @Karmakicksuback @thehill But Karma was clearly told by Fox News that it was ANTIFA committing the vio… @Karmakicksuback @thehill "But I was told the violence was caused by antifa!" @CarlaMarie61 @thehill You're malarkey sirree! 🌊👏 @senatemajldr Remember Merrick Garland? @thehill We're voting for you Kamala! #BidenHarris @thehill Trump supporters want to prevent Biden from being heard.Vote him out! #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare @cjcmichel So it wasn't the blind computer technician? #MoreGOPlies @dcexaminer @eScarry The right-wing media complex is going after Joe and Kamala constantly. @eScarry should grow up… @Eggymceggerson3 I wonder if the lousy weather this past week kept some people home until the weather improved.🚨ATTENTION FLORIDA VOTERS 🌴 @Redistrict Voters in Florida: Please cancel out his vote! @thehill That sounds like something an extreme narcissist like Donald J Trump would do.10 days to go! Let's #FlipTheSenateBlue #Michigan #MISen @NRSC @GaryPeters Wrong! Obama has endorsed Senator @GaryPeters Senator Peters' opponent John James supports Dona…