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Today’s morning reminder: It’s not selfish to be who you are and pursue your own dreams and interests. It’s sel…
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @benedict_rs Writing is hard. Being creative is hard. But in a field populated by marginalized folks outside of the…
Retweeted by Rachel CarrAin't no shame in a little fan fiction fun! @HowtoADHD My fave quote💚
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @JosephBrassey Hey, I entered the Blizzard fiction contest every year, I get it!Gatekeeping how to start writing fiction is silly; people start in all sorts of ways. I came in from journalism. So…
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These breadslut cinnamon rolls are all frosted up and ready to go! #ambaking #breadslut's a birthday breadslut for today. I hope the recipient enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making these fresh this… WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND BOOP THE SNOOT. Don’t ask questions. Just boop the snoot. Snoobug demands.
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @RickGualtieri @phoenixfire2912 Wait? You do realize that your podcast cohost kinda knows this author, right? I co… @RickGualtieri *Hides in a corner.* Who would ever do that in a story?!?! @Catrambo Gambit and Rogue made me really happy
@judyblackcloud Hugs anything we can do to help?Also one more thing, and this IS a subtweet: DO NOT come into my presence and shame writers for writing sex scenes…
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @NataniaBarron Hugs, can I perhaps fascinate you with a piece of cheese ? @RickGualtieri I meant to work and my cat sat on me...Another culinary truth: you don't need a lot of water to cook pasta.
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Today's breadslut is more of a cookie harlot... green tea shortbread! #ambaking #japanesefood remember walking into the sushi place and the chefs would yell out to greet you and there was a little slice of…
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @judyblackcloud I call those days ending in Y... if you need any help, let me know...Me: I really need to get my book out there! Someone: [hates my book] Me: Not like that. #AuthorProblems
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @RickGualtieri You've got this! I'm still happy for 2500
Oh yeah, today's breadslut is buns, potato buns! #ambaking #breadslut @cmdrsue Why not appreciate boxes for their own innate beauty? @NataniaBarron My showers are extremely vivid experiences full of glorious prose, all this vanishes the moment I sit at a desk.Guys, here's some culinary truth you can count on: searing doesn't seal in juices.
Retweeted by Rachel CarrAm I getting any work done? No. But am I okay? Also no.
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@MichaelMtz395 @RickGualtieri Don't bring the aliens in, they clearly shouldn't talk to us right now... @johnhartness @judyblackcloud I'll just leave this here... @judyblackcloud @johnhartness I am pretty sure Fandingo has caused the most damage to the party... @cmdrsue Gimme the yellow! (Who am I kidding, give me the money!!!) @judyblackcloud Other players. @NataniaBarron That's amazing! Good luck!
@DJAnarchy2 @GailSimone @SomeGeekTalking To be fair, there have been so many at Avengers headquarters. Any sign o… @drew_downs @MelissaFOlson I was shocked in my rewatch jist how bad most of s1 and 2 were in Next Gen. So... much t… @mikechenwriter @MelissaFOlson The condensed DS9 is wonderful and it's how I got through some of 2020. I agree that… @DJAnarchy2 @GailSimone @SomeGeekTalking Oh yeah were you with me as Coffee Boy and Insolent Intern in the early 90's?Can we please stop saying “everyone is a little ADHD/autistic/bipolar/ocd” etc? Just don’t. It diminishes the strug…
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Imagine thinking humans have a right to Twitter but not to healthcare.
Retweeted by Rachel CarrBREAKING: my attention span
Retweeted by Rachel CarrToday's breadslut is a cheats dairy free olive oil mocha brownie topped with sea salt... for when you're a desperat… @LeahJaclyn @BlytheMarshall @seananmcguire I'm with you on White Tulip being an utterly sucker punch of an episode.
Listening to a playlist of songs I loved from the 80s, a kinder, more innocent time when all we had to worry about…
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @RickGualtieri @Hoogamagoo Lies, pumpkin spice is awesome. @JosephBrassey I've dreamed of spreadsheets...I can out boring you. @DonaldJTrumpJr I got a joke for you. Tell me if you’ve heard it before. What’s the difference between your dad a…
Retweeted by Rachel CarrY’all impeached Clinton for getting a blow job and lying about it but y’all can’t impeach a president that’s a LITE…
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @thatoldlimey @NickOlivo I think I get it too
After the election, I'll be able to focus on work After Biden is declared winner, I'll be able to focus on work…
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @PamelaPaulNYT "Do you know what commas are? I can't tell." @NataniaBarron Sounds perfectActual representation of my mental health all week... *swimming along doing my thing* BAM! My depression shall henc… am no longer impressed that Nicholas Cage managed to steal the Declaration of Independence.
Retweeted by Rachel CarrGoodnight 🌘
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @JosephBrassey Woot!
@judyblackcloud What?!Me, waking up: Ugh, I overslept but I still feel totally exhausted, what's going on? Me, waking up just a little more: Oh. Right.
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @RickGualtieri Yeah, not getting much done tonight. Took all my strength to get through the day job
@MelissaFOlson Hugs, I'll pass you all my rum.@StaceyAbrams what do you know about vaccine distribution
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @cmdrsue We need to get this for you!Trump: “We won the election!” Pence:
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @gravewriter71 @cmdrsue Look into his eyes... @Blackmudpuppy @UrsulaV @sarahhollowell Wait, the logo didn't have a cornucopia...? I think we all come from the same universe. @NataniaBarron I'm so sorry and hoping for a recovery for him.
@gravewriter71 @cmdrsue One cannot deny the beauty of a classic beignet with enough powdered sugar to cover a squar… @routerninja You can make a pretty good approximation at home in a grill pan @cmdrsue I am pandonutal as well, they forgot mochi donuts and cronuts... @RickGualtieri @MHarrisEditor I second the adorkable!Monday of the new year: “Let’s do this!” Tuesday of the new year: “Oh fuck. You mean we have to do this again?”
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @NataniaBarron I love the "sorry you have to deal with my ancillary crap, but I write good" drama my cowriter deals with daily...Today's breadslut is a wee bit late and my fist foray into a Korean recipe. Let's try some cream cheese fluffy bun…
@NataniaBarron Weird brains can be the best brains.#PokemonGOTourContest As an urban fantasy writer I need to represent all my peeps on the supernatural spectrum with… @RickGualtieri You'll pry my PS4 box out of my cold, dead, fingers!!!
@judyblackcloud I still have 16 unused maps... I'm an over plannerI don't know who needs to hear this but people who have underlying medical conditions have lives just as valuable as any others.
Retweeted by Rachel Carr @RickGualtieri Writing any words is a win!
Today's breadslut are wholegrain sourdough English Muffins...ironically my husband from the UK had never heard of t… @cmdrsue Always dare when it comes to badgers...
Yeah, this is my GIF for how I entered 2021... @RickGualtieri Yay, more work for me!For New Year's Day, the breadslut is always cornbread! #ambaking #breadslut #southerncooking happy moment where you are writing a story both for yourself and to play "how much can I screw with my cowriter?" @GramrgednAngel @cmdrsue You did it first! @afistfulofsteve Amen
Tonight we play @chashuwoo wing roulette! Squee!! Thanks @that_old_limey ... @NataniaBarron need to survive a few more hours and I made it through 2020... woof! @RickGualtieri Crimson Peak does that for me too... @Arkanaloth @Mort3mer That armor is spectacular!
@NataniaBarron It's a delicious thing! @gravewriter71 They are amazingJust posted a photo @bessbell I just wanted to echo with an emphatic "Fuck that guy!" Even if I do use my initials because clearly a woman can't be funny. @MichelleEgan84 I 100% fell in love with my husband from the sound of his voice over the phone. I've always been a… @AleReyn0s0 Squee!
@phoenixfire2912 Good afternoon!The #kraken has been released! KRAKEN HUNTERS (Tales of the Crypto-Hunter 3) is here. Set sail for terror as th…
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