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lover of dogs and writing “bad poetry, oh noetry”

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@thebiggestyee Upset with myself for wanting it 😔 @JackWilliamRtF Who ever woke up and made this, chose violence
@RobertG01281600 If, as a child, you didnt cry your eyes out to Meryl Streeps rendition of “The winner takes it all… @badboychadhoy This sounds traumatic @bigchoopchoop My best life does not include buying new jeans when my perfectly good ones dont fitYes i got f*t againJan VS now All i can say is “that was, and continues to be, fucked up” @thebiggestyee She truueewww uuwwwpp @thebiggestyee I bet her stomach hurt so bad after this @radicalrae_ Legit a CHONK of my pay is taken and i do not care! Take my money and put it to good use!ITS BEEN EXACTLY A YEAR SINCE THE LAST TIME I WAS BLITZED OFF RUMPYS WITH MY FRIENDS AND I AM SAD @apileofWhit @brianaangela_ It does but not in the same way @apileofWhit @brianaangela_ *big CHOP******* @apileofWhit @brianaangela_ Briana all i am saying is if u did a big cop and went blonde u would be powerful @brianaangela_ U would look so cool with a really vibrant pink!Oh no i have the sunday scaries @904Slug thnksssUPDATE: we are pink now
Watch this solely for Juju’s tail in the background
Retweeted by Claudia @apileofWhit They feel threatened @whackputnam I just looked at the score and now i am in pain @eeeemillly If we both had shag haircuts we would be unstoppableLook how SWEET adults scare the HELL out of me @whackputnam There was a customer when i worked for publix, who i know is SEETHING rn @RobertG01281600 Bobbywhite families think butter is a family tradition
Retweeted by Claudia @bigchoopchoop HAHAHA @jrdynjy 😛
@RobertG01281600 Ok well you should trade for World Market @peytonsouder STOP @thebiggestyee Thank god @Kara_Carter I never learned how. Could not grasp the concept. @theclassicmax Its u getting your d*** caught in the zipper cause u where panicking putting ur pants on for meA very subtle reminder of the time max got his mustang taken for a joy ride and he was u p s e t @theclassicmax @kelseybuckles The red upset face emoji is sending meI am getting a shag haircut today :) @paolatbh Whats sending me is this person is either oblivious to how fucked up this is or they just do not CARELook at the jacket i just got :) @CdyRnkn I just want to be blitz off rumpys with my friends @radicalrae_ Looks like he dodged a bullet LMAO
Help i am crying and i cannot stop best shit talking is done in the walk in looks like she just her eyes dilated 👀 have never been able to get my lips to look like this again. Ever.This is arguably one of the hottest pictures of me and it was taken on accident
Mascara is t good until like a month in. Gotta let that baby sit for a min. @paolatbh Ok but this seems nice @gabewise Yes @whackputnam I wish i was a goonie @whackputnam ENOUGHlove this emergent genre
Retweeted by Claudia @paolatbh So cheeky 🌝
@whackputnam 💀 @whackputnam Is the mayo like a chaser for the Lara Bar @BigTucsonDad And if u are feelin fancy, in the oven
Retweeted by Claudia
@904Slug @StreetAntics The transition into the lizard should be considered bullyingThese “imagine dating her” posts scare me because this is the last recent picture i have of myself. Still dr*** fro… we have a documentary on the Rise and Fall of Bon Appe***** ?? @BigTucsonDad This better go viralHe was a punk She did ballet
Retweeted by Claudia @eeeemillly JUJU BAD
@BennyWillard August and Everything After is arguably the best album ever made @904Slug Look at those tats! @RobertG01281600 @radicalrae_ 😔 @RobertG01281600 @radicalrae_ Surfers😔 @radicalrae_ HE MEANT I WAS UGLY @radicalrae_ I was at the beach bars and had to show my social security card because the bouncer said there was no… @apileofWhit Drop his @ so i can cyber bully @apileofWhit I mean primarily on twitterIts kind of rude i am not famous in the internet yet. Wtf is that about?? @apileofWhit Stupid street people
JOAN MF HARRIS IS THE BLUEPRINT @JackWilliamRtF May i suggest you investing in a wubble? A party isnt complete without one in my friend group now. @904Slug Do u i need to post photos @904Slug If u mean the same jeans and two different shirts, one being red and the other blue...then, okay? Possibly? @904Slug Justin what in the fuck is this tweet @904Slug God i can feel the BURN @904Slug Yellow pack @apileofWhit 👀
2020 may be controversial, but the best car for a high schooler is a minivan @radicalrae_ Went there today and was sad to find outMy nail lady has NEVER done me wrong @thebiggestyee she is NOT @whackputnam Someone has to keep u honest jack @thebiggestyee Look at coco being supportive @whackputnam This tweet is funnier than the original @whackputnam Delete @ahhhzombiesnot Unconventional competitive drama queenWell, if u must know, i am drunk
Retweeted by Claudia @eeeemillly UGH @jrdynjy Her ENTIRE vibe is off @apileofWhit People who dont tip IN A PANDEMIC are truly disgusting lmao @eeeemillly ITS THE TALENT FOR MEHow it started How it’s going
Retweeted by ClaudiaI hate to be the bearer of bad news but i have a feeling florida is going to stay red.