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Vaper for @Team_Kraken_ I 3x Radiant peak 54 | ♡ @notmuchl0vforyu ♡

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@AkumaVal @Bobbert_VAL Mfer 😭 @adorbse Mhm mhm @adorbse How tf 😭 @adorbse 🧌 uh huh @adorbse I’m bouta smack the shit outchu @adorbse You’re 16. @Bobbert_VAL Ur so annoying
@adorbse No bruh 😭 @notmuchl0vforyu WAIT RWALLY I MISS DORY TOO TELL HER THAT @adorbse Stop bro Hannah @Bobbert_VAL I reported this twt @Bobbert_VAL TF U COPYING ME FOR JHIT @notmuchl0vforyu I said ily and u didn’t even say it back 😔 @Bobbert_VAL Dude I’ll text u in a bit @notmuchl0vforyu Nvm @notmuchl0vforyu Not ab u you silly goose smhMaybe it was just a mistake.Maybe it was all a mistake. @Mikepixx_3 @morgeestreams I meant the Trojan pack with the spartan logos 😭 not the one w magnum also whatever suits him best to be fair @bbylapras Super light or final mouse + Scarlett focusrite @adorbse LMFAO @RexgatorVAL It’s so funny @miinieie Oh ofcHappy birthday @miinieie u fucking red flag @Bobbert_VAL @adorbse @unshtable That literally looks like u @adorbse @Bobbert_VAL @unshtable I agree tell this yellow fuck to stfu @garrettvalorant Nah bro it’s all good. @JusticeGG It’s okay love @21astaa You like that? @Mhd_AH17 This gotta be racist @JusticeGG W @21astaa Wdym? @garrettvalorant Wassup brothaShe’s a 10 but she won’t let you eat her out on her period @FPSMera LMFAOOO @morgeestreams Mhhh magnums are too thick use lifestyle or Trojan @FPSMera Zzzz @g00mie It’s Ogey @ValorCentral My friends mentally challenged it’s all good.No communication for hours but they’re active on other apps constantly. Nice @Yum07__ I canttttt @Yum07__ I WILL RESPECTFULLY VOICHremaking my lft post I forget where the other went so LFT Controller/Senti main T2/T3 exp schedule very open look…
Retweeted by TK Totsi @tillerzz @Katt_FPS Oh lord 😭 @miinieie Imagine only being immortal 😭
*thrusts me against table*😳😳 “sorry mommy I’ve been a bad little boy don’t punish me 🥺🥺” *smacks ass* “ouhhhh THAT…
Retweeted by TK Totsi @milkteaboards @notmuchl0vforyu please @notmuchl0vforyu Hi princess @miinieie Yeah okay .I seriously cant find a job anywhere... If anyone needs freelance work done for basically anything at this point pl…
Retweeted by TK Totsi @miinieie You in general are a red flag @notmuchl0vforyu Smh I will never set foot in there. Them shits musty @Vishxbuns @yawnKaido 😭😭😭 mfer why does that matterrrrr @yawnKaido 🫣 @miinieie @hyunnybyul Mid anime 🥱 watch relife @Bobbert_VAL @PulsarFuture SHEESH THATS MY LIL DUDE @Yum07__ @Bobbert_VAL DUDE 💀 @hyunnybyul Bro wtf 😭 @Bobbert_VAL @Yum07__ LMFAO @Bobbert_VAL Ahem
@hyunnybyul Miss girl got problems @miinieie Weirdo @miinieie Libra men 🤮 @hyunnybyul Nah. Just wanted to be annoying ! @nabiichuVAL LMFAOO WTF @hyunnybyul Oh no
@hyunnybyul LMFAO it’s just funny. Also fuck word hunt @hyunnybyul Tf is wrong w u for wanting to play word hunt @miinieie HEY IM IN THERE @FPSMera This is why when we duo u throw every game. Go next @FPSMera You’re never like this @urfavradiant Tbh idk it’s natural 😭 @Bobbert_VAL Mhm mhm @itsminisama LMFAOAs a fellow yellow man. Jollibee is mid asf @hansprivlife @HamzagicTV Why don’t u ever duo wimme 😑 @hansprivlife @HamzagicTV Shut up Hannah @miinieie @notmuchl0vforyu please. @miinieie ??? Never me. @miinieie Fuck off 😔 @miinieie I hate you. You’re not helping my case here @miinieie 😔 @morgeestreams @EclectiqEQ OKAY MORG HUGEEE @miinieie I’ve asked darling this. She wouldn’t let me @miinieie Unfortunate go next @urfavradiant Because I need to let her know what I be doing and what I say. Smh my head @urfavradiant I have her in every private. @Bobbert_VAL Vouch for lil manJust give me one fucking shot man atleast a trial
Retweeted by TK Totsi @angdownbad @stellariwnl NAHH LMFAO different tk
@notmuchl0vforyu U played this song too much it’s in my head now @notmuchl0vforyu IM SORRY. @g00mie @notmuchl0vforyu Yeah? :) @notmuchl0vforyu @g00mie Yo stop bro 💀 I let that shit free hang @itsminisama Bro 💀 @vaypid Lol q morning times @COLBEEval 😭 I have valorant withdrawals
@COLBEEval I’m in queens rn @urfavradiant Mid asf. Get mikes