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My life: Springsteen, rock, tattoos, food, beer, love, Oslo and Bobby Dog. If you vote for Trump - you are wasting my time. Partner in crime - @umulius🖤

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@7nightstorock To purchase decorations on Black Friday is so smart! The Norwegian I am, you know I will have a real… @7nightstorock Hahaha! Thats funny! And if you have not purchased the gift, Black Friday is darn good timing. 😂😂“Pro-life” is a smokescreen for anti-women’s rights. Whenever you hear that phrase, that’s what it really means. It…
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @7nightstorock Thats a tad early. 😂😂 Glad to hear about the upgrade of the status. ❤️😉 Just lean back, drink whiske… @Kakestykke ❤️❤️❤️Since thanksgiving is off the table this year, we skipped right to Christmas and baked gingerbreads, gingerbread ho… thanksgiving. 🥳🍁🍂 Unfortunately on our behalf it is cancelled this year due to Corona and restrictions. But I… @7nightstorock It is! Even I had plenty of blessings, I’m tired of covid and Trump!! We usually decorate the 23rd,… @f27243023 Hahahaha. 😂😂😂All the Christmas gifts are sorted this year. 😂😂
@7nightstorock Hopefully he will wait until 2021, not due before 11.1. But there will be heaps for him under the Ch… @7nightstorock I have not found anything for the apartment yet, but I have ordered heaps for the little fella (baby… @7nightstorock It takes time to create a home. I’m lacking heaps here. Hoping to find some Black Friday offers. 🐒Who did this? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @7nightstorock It is beautiful. Love the matching blue curtains too!The election is over. It’s time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric designed to demonize one another. We have to come together.
Retweeted by Diamond JackieDear @realDonaldTrump You cheated and still lost. That is the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen.
Retweeted by Diamond JackieSynes Norge kan se til de nye lovforslagene til Emmanuel Macron, og se om dette er noe vi kan føre inn her også. Re… Bowie is ready for Christmas. 😂😂 to hear about the passing of Hal Ketchum. He among many made some of the tracks that I relate to my childhood.…
@cfleetshuffle @TheCrownNetflix Thats the definition of old hag. 😂😂 @evatxudm Perhaps they are up when he comes. ❤️ I just hope he will wait until the new year. 😉 @cfleetshuffle @TheCrownNetflix Aff, what a horrible person! At least he is together with the woman he love.. I wou… @azsweetheart013 @Cleavon_MD Probably costs more than my house. @cfleetshuffle @TheCrownNetflix If he is half as he is portrayed in The Crown, he is an absolutely ass of a man! So is she..All my new stars for advent is up! A bit early this year, but we definitely need some light in our lives during thi…
BREAKING: Trump is golfing again, because he’s useless. But it’s for the best. President-elect Biden can take it from here.
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @MrsMSpringsteen Aaaw, feel like a disco ball 😂Felt fantastic to dress up, 🕺have a drink (alcohol free this year) and have the annual Christmas party 🎄with the gi…
My memoir, A Promised Land, is out today. I hope you’ll read it. My goal was to give you some insight into the even…
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @GreasyLake Is it the car from Tunnel of love? So much alike. Btw. Great song!! And Bruce is kicking it up a notch.This is really great. Bleachers feat Springsteen! @springsteen The video is so retro, and the song is really som…
@realDonaldTrump At the risk of confusing the issue with facts: "NO EVIDENCE of US ELECTION FRAUD, says coalition…
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @gjrrox @TinaChaplin1 Amen! @TinaChaplin1 Yes, agreed! But I think it is a strong album, and non is a “bad” track. On a different album they wo…
@TinaChaplin1 The same! And I just feel ok regarding Rainmaker. A but too repetitive for my taste. But I like the l… @TinaChaplin1 I’m changing all the time! But I love Janey needs a shooter, Ghosts and One minute you’re here. Really stuck with me..@Twitter should deactivate @realDonaldTrump immediately. He's a national security threat.
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie.@JoeBiden and I will eliminate the Trump tax cuts for the biggest corporations and super-wealthy, then get to work…
Retweeted by Diamond JackieI am still trying to figure out what the "Proud Boys" are proud of.
Retweeted by Diamond JackieHow do you cover a President who's stopped being or even acting like a President? You ignore him. Everything he's d…
Retweeted by Diamond JackiePerhaps my favourite on the new album
@TinaChaplin1 Sounds lovely to begin with. I thought Friday the 13th was yesterday.. 😂Some days are just shit. Bett… @TinaChaplin1 It was fantastic! Wish I could stay here for a week! Did you have a rubbish day? @DeadMansTown @funder The sad thing is that there isn’t only trailers but gated mansions too.. 😢 @Brucemoll ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Brucemoll Aaaw, I don’t think I have ever been this happy. And I have had such a great pregnancy so far.Trump isn’t having a march. It’s a hate rally. Period.
Retweeted by Diamond JackieHad such an eventful day. A wee hike, a bonfire with the family, made Christmas decorations and drinking hot chocol… @sean_gamble14 It is lovely here. Had such a great day today. Will definitely post some pictures. @troad99 The first snow is always special. ❄️Good morning! Getting ready for a hike, then we will build Christmas decorations and have a bonfire. 💕 fucking on!
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@heidir421 Our last getaway before the baby comes. ❤️ @SpringNuts_ The last carnival 🎡 and The Promise. @f27243023 It is really lovely here. Can’t wait to head out in the snow tomorrow for a hike. @MrScheerder Love it!A weekend away up in the mountains in my in-laws brand new cabin. It feels good to be pampered and spoiled. ❤️ The…
@Bossfansheff In to the unknown. 😅
@troad99 If I just can figure out what end is what, I may do well. Hahaha @troad99 I don’t feel quite ready yet. 😂😂 @jacksback2010 Very soon. 💙“I Reach 'neath your shirt, lay my hands across your belly And feel another one kickin' inside I ain't gonna fuck… I’m speaking to foreign leaders, I’m telling them: America is going to be back. We’re going to be back in the game.
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @tutmarie Changes every day. 😂 But Tougher than the rest, Something in the night, Atlantic City, Jungleland and The…
@jonrossi I’m having a proper corona-baby. 😂
I won't be president until January 20th, but my message today to everyone is this: wear a mask.
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@ThatEricAlper W. Bush called President-Elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris to congratulate them. Bush then release…
Retweeted by Diamond JackieThats a true family. enough Trump can’t find his phone.. Even though he is tweeting a lot.. @f27243023 I think so too. It is easy to judge, but I think many are low educated, poor, desperate for a new situat… @jps337 I think he would prefer if you send your condolences. 😂 But thank you. 8 weeks to go. 💙 @veallbag @Shirley82829043 Indeed. ❤️❤️❤️This have been a wonderful day!! Waking up to our first fathers day celebration, Biden is on his way to the White h… buh bye.
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @Shirley82829043 What a sad excuse of a man.. No heart or soul. He is. Love the clip where he is licking Bidens face! @f27243023 Exactly! And how can not 70 millions not see this? Oh my.. @Shirley82829043 According to norwegian press, he went golfing again. I find it disturbing. He has no soul nor cons…’s go golfing.. Again.. You useless excuse of a man! Don’t you have a phone call to make? A picture of Obama to… @MrsMSpringsteen What a beautiful lad. You must be so proud. ❤️ @nancpl I think the lyrics tells a lot about the situation. Just so accurate and fantastic!What a song choice, Joe. ❤️ Louder than words. “I've been knockin' on the door that holds the throne I've been loo… @108kent @HillaryClinton So funny!😂😂😂 @HillaryClinton❤️
@Steve_308 Oh, relax. She have a whole crew packing for her as we speak. 😂 She ain’t got time, as she is probably g… @MrsDanes I think she married him for the money. Honestly. She is a smart goal oriented woman. I can not see any ot… just find it odd that Trump left playing golf after the election. To go through a defeat, or even fighting a defe… @newf93 There is soon a soul in The White House again. ❤️🐶Here’s hoping @realDonaldTrump has a long tortured life of poor health, law suits, arrests, trials, jail & endless…
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @TinaChaplin1 I had someone on twitter and Facebook that I liked, but when she posted about being a Trump supporter… @Innesrap Amen to that! @Innesrap Can’t get over that fact.. @Innesrap Covid striking with Trump as a leader was a catastrophic. He ain’t doing anything now, but he lied and ma… can fuck off now and take your parasite family with you @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Diamond Jackie @MARKRIT So suitable! @Shirley82829043 @gwtallent I said the same!!! 😂😂😂 @gwtallent Currently meeting up with the divorce lawyer. @Innesrap It is needed. I don’t think a president have ever received a nation in a worse state than now. Not even t… guy who dedicated his entire presidency to undoing the Obama administration’s legacy was just defeated by the V…
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