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Hello! This is the official account of Toyota in the UK. We're here to help: 7am-10pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-5:30pm (Sat & Sun).

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@hatlad43 Wait until you get behind the wheel! 😎 @howardthomas033 Hi Howard. This is the AYGO x-trend 5 Door Hatchback. The x-trend can match your personality type… @DavidKay_147 Thanks David! Have a great Sunday. @Longstaff1Steve Sorry, we meant Toyota Centre earlier. We'd suggest a visit so they can take a look for you Steve. Thanks. @thisispongo No, our Hybrids use petrol. 👍 @xgtaxfirehawk19 Tell us more... @Longstaff1Steve Hello Steve. Thanks for your comment. We're sorry to hear you're having problems with the Sat Nav… you go, #Aygo. you go, #Aygo. @princessloopy_ Hello. Thanks for your Tweet. We're sorry to hear your car has rusty wheel nuts. Pop to your local…
@JamesH13495158 Hi James. Your local Toyota Centre are best placed to help you identify these. Thanks. @RebeccaWoolley We're pleased you're happy Rebecca. Which spec and colour did you go for? @Tripodasaurus Have you experienced our Hybrid technology? @Tripodasaurus It gives our customers choice, plus our Hybrid cars are automatic so this allows us to offer a manua… @Tripodasaurus We love offering a range of products across our line-up. The new 2020 Yaris features a 3 cylinder 1.… @EsbertJeggerleg We're sorry you feel this way Esbert. Are there any other models in our range which you think will suit you better? @Telegoniccolt 👍 You can click here to build your ideal spec and arrange a test drive at your local Toyota Centre:… @Telegoniccolt We're not surprised it caught your eye Tez. What colour was it? We bet you want to test drive it now!? @henapen Hi Henry. Thanks to technology like the regenerative braking system, it recovers energy that would normall… @adelecollings @InchcapeToyota We're sorry to read this Adéle. We've replied to your other comment and look forward… @The_Guy1946 We're pleased you're a fan. Custom light buckets were made, along with lenses CNC machined from blocks… @trent_dan @AutoTorqueLTD @Litchfield_UK @ecutek @PistonHeads We look forward to having a read Dan. Great pic! 😍Are you going on an adventure this weekend? #RAV4
@XH487 @Toyota Of course. For details of your closest Toyota Centre, click here: We'd love… @XH487 @Toyota We're glad you're a fan! Will you be arranging a test drive anytime soon? @matheusauditore Great shots Matheus. Did you capture these? @sheridansmum @JoVicechair @jakehellier Excellent. We wish you many more happy and luxurious miles. Thanks. @george05052627 Hi George. Although the RAV4 is currently not part of the Scrappage Scheme, you can find more detai… @sheridansmum @JoVicechair @jakehellier Wonderful. Which Lexus are you currently enjoying? @sheridansmum @JoVicechair @jakehellier Great. Which model(s) have you enjoyed/enjoying? @sheridansmum @JoVicechair @jakehellier Thank you. Are you speaking from experience Sheridan's Mum? @AndrewMichaelJ5 We're pleased to hear you're still enjoying your C-HR Andrew. Which spec and colour did you go for? @mattyjenk Hi Matt, your new RAV4 looks great! We're not quite sure what you mean in regards to the app though.We've been to the year 3000, everything's changed and we fly to work... How do you think we'll travel in the futur… @Attic_salti Have you tried our current Land Cruiser recently? @matheusauditore How would you prefer the wheels to look? @Attic_salti FJ Cruiser you say? What about this one?
@richard0927 Hi Richard, we're really sorry to hear about this. We're more than happy to help arrange a test drive… @kiwi_to_go @brazenprods We are responding to all Catalytic converter thefts from Toyota vehicles with our own cust… @kiwi_to_go @brazenprods We are urgently exploring other technical possibilities. Have you been a victim of this crime? @w4batgirl We appreciate the seriousness of this situation and are working to support all our customers impacted by… @fleurpabsx Hi Cat, could you please private message us with some more details including your email address, contac… @Tomingram80 @GrayBoth Enjoy Tom! 😎 @EuropeanPenguin @ToyotaPR We're sorry to hear this Katharine. Our friendly Multimedia Team are on hand to help. Th… @coop90803 Which 3 models are you enjoying? @jikdmmen You're welcome, let us know if you have any other questions! @jikdmmen Hybrid is a good option as not everyone can commit to plugging in at the moment. BEV is great if you have… @jikdmmen Your thoughts? @YouTubeJJB Yes and let us know what you think! Also, click here to be contacted about a test drive and to be kept…'s what the motoring press had to say about the new #ToyotaCHR. @YouTubeJJB We're not surprised you've got your eye on the new GR Supra. Have you seen the Heritage and Hyperboost… @TheMudLifeMag @glass_uk 👌 Let us know when she reaches 200K! @YouTubeJJB 😍 We take it you're still enjoying it? @TheMudLifeMag @glass_uk Good idea! Has your treasure got a #HighMileClub sticker proudly sitting in the window? 👀 @TheMudLifeMag @glass_uk Glad you enjoyed it, bet it was quite a change from your Surf! @J_sun_argo We're sorry to hear that, could you send us a DM with more info please? @TheMudLifeMag @glass_uk Living the dream! Had a chance to try out any of our new models this year? @Mitchel33157864 We're pleased to see you're a fan of the GR Supra Heritage Edition. The Supra is a fantastic car t… @ThiagoOtero24 We have no news on that at this stage Thiago. Are you considering a new Land Cruiser? @J_sun_argo The automotive industry is very concerned with the recent sharp rise in the organised theft of catalyti… @TheMudLifeMag @glass_uk She's still looking good, how many miles are on the clock at the minute? @jikdmmen That's a trick question - there's no right answer!
@xgtaxfirehawk19 That's a good call! @xgtaxfirehawk19 Which is your favourite? @xgtaxfirehawk19 We couldn't possibly pick just one! @lee_pickup No info on it at the moment, but we never say never to these things. @yaboiskrrts No, join the club! @wainysweak We have no update on that at the moment but its something we're working on so stay tuned! @bikerbill40 Hi William, we have no information on Apple CarPlay in the Corolla at the moment but it is something t… @Sarah18224059 We're working on it, Sarah 😊 @maxinelesley Hi Maxine, we're very sorry to hear this. Could you send us a DM with more info? @fusedofficial Well let us know when the time is right and we'll get a test drive of the new RAV4 sorted for you👍 @fusedofficial That's still pretty low, not enjoyed any road trips recently? @JimParry132 @highmileclub You sure are, Jim! If you send this photo over to us in a private message along with you… @fusedofficial That's great to hear. How many miles are on the clock? @fusedofficial We're pleased to hear that. Have you test-driven it yet? @Popbangcolour @angleseycircuit @Missionmotorspt 👏 Love it! @baldytel @lindyloulabel59 Hi Terry. Pop to your local Toyota Centre to explore the C-HR. For details of your close… @xeyzie @whatcar Nice, which track? Be sure to share more pics with us. 👍 @godeliashere We're pleased to see you're a fan of the GR Supra Heritage Edition. The Supra is a fantastic car to d… @xeyzie @whatcar Awesome! Any road trips lined up? @Thom_J_V You may Thom! 😀 @xeyzie @whatcar Looking good. Tell us more... @Pamamacs @toyota_europe No worries, Patricia. We've now invited you to a DM. Thanks. @CT30528336 Thanks for your support! You can take a closer look at the Hyperboost Edition, here: @Pamamacs @toyota_europe Hi Patricia, thanks for getting in touch! We're very sorry to hear this. Toyota's first pr… @rcarlile23 It's great to hear that you're a big fan! Thank you for your support 😃 You can take a closer look at th… @MaipoWan Hi Mai-Po, thanks for getting in touch! It's great to hear that you're interested in the GT86, we're sorr… @rcarlile23 Unfortunately, our cars are just too good to give away for free! 😉 Would the GR Supra be your favourite Toyota model?750bhp + massive rear wing = the GR #Supra Hyperboost. #SEMA @theartfu1doctor We're pleased to hear you've had a good experience in the Toyota Fortuner, unfortunately we don't… @TimBrger3 We're very pleased to hear it, Tim! Thanks for your ongoing support 😃 @Ghost_Supra You can take a closer look at the details of the GR Supra Heritage Edition, here: @Meddis6 Thanks for your feedback and suggestions! You can take a closer look at the Heritage Edition, here: @xeyzie @whatcar Hi. We love hearing how our Supra owner's make it their own. Do you have any pics to share? @TylerISMoody @ToyotaWoodford Hello Tyler. Please may you send us a DM with more information so we can try and help. Thanks.
@AKillLaKillFan Hi Kaza. With the aftermarket world rapidly developing parts, the possibilities are endless. @harley_boy10 With the aftermarket world rapidly developing parts, the possibilities are endless! @p3nf0ld We look forward to seeing you behind the wheel. Have a great evening Pen. @p3nf0ld Awesome choice Pen. When do you expect to be behind the wheel?