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Hello! This is the official account of Toyota in the UK. We're here to help: 7am-10pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-5:30pm (Sat & Sun).

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@m_shafiq1969 Hi Shafiq. Tweet us a picture of your odometer showing the mileage! Thanks. @krystynastark Thanks, Anunnaki. Refined and individual, the all new RAV4 fuses true SUV character with style and t… @krystynastark We're sorry you feel the RAV4 is not suitable. Which other models do you have your eyes on? Thanks. @InergusWGM What makes you say that, Gary? @millis_mikey Hi Mikey 👋 Thanks for your tweet, we'd suggest speaking to the Finance team on either 0370 850 5533 o… @magicraisin You can find out all the features of our Toyota Safety Sense package here:'re a green-fingered bunch here at Toyota GB. How's your garden looking this summer? @_Debpool_ We're pleased to hear it 👍 Have you taken your Prius on any road trips recently? @sirpetethefirst Hi Pete, have you had the chance to experience the new Corolla? @Jamield123 @ToyotaBury We're so pleased to hear you're enjoying your brand new RAV4 Hybrid Jamie, we wish you many… @spagedward What if we need to drive it on Earth to celebrate a win? @DemonEmperorV Prices and finance packages will be released soon, once we have this information we'll update our To…
@ShyEvaSekuNatsu @ForzaMotorsport You'll need to speak to Toyota Motor Corporation regarding that 👍Toyota and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are aiming to launch a lunar rover by 2029. Test drives won't b… @paxton_marc Watch this space, Marc! 👀 @bignortherner @LandRover We'd be more than happy to arrange a test drive of the Land Cruiser for you 👍 @tedwardfawcett Hi Thomas, you should be able to easily find it through this link: Let us… @lmf57 Thanks for your feedback on this. There may be more offerings on the scrappage scheme in the future. @TheRealSiJo @SCCYeovil Your new Corolla looks great!Built for the tough stuff. #HiluxInvincible50 @lmf57 Hi Liane, that is correct. It is only available on the petrol Aygo and Yaris at the moment. Full details her… @dayvidbaaba Hi David, it's ok if you aren't a fan of the RAV4's rugged looks. We don't expect to please everyone! @Scuderia_Paul Interesting thoughts, we like the idea of the TS0Gravity! @Odaekim @ToyotaPR No jokes here, Michael! We're always working away on a variety of projects, outside of the regul… @jaycaron87 Have you had a chance to test drive one yet, Jay? @Joemdee Thanks, Joe!50 years ago today, #Apollo11 landed on the surface of the moon. Inspired by that historic moment, Toyota and the… @SupraFZ Nice try but the Supra is still too good to giveaway!
@MPSTolworth @Honda_UK Hello. Owners of the Toyota Prius may find this useful: Thank you.The team at @openbionics are making science fiction a reality – and changing lives in the process. Watch the full… @MPanda1919 @ThatMumboJumbo Beautiful. Looks like it has a nice and cozy place to chill. Thanks for sharing. @Jamield123 @ToyotaBury Congratulations, Jamie! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. We wish you and your fam… @JLeatherland Hi, James. The cabin in the Corolla has been designed for your comfort. The steering position is desi… plans to build a rover for the Moon in 2029, so what chance the first Moon rover race in 2030? We'd love to… @gyromitre We're pleased you're a fan, Jérémy. Take a closer look at the full spec and sign up here for all the lat… @4020pix @myersbowmanltd Great shots! 😍
@markhogarth1 That is a beautiful photo, Mark! Thanks for sharing it with us! Hope you have a great holiday!😎 @mattlodder Hello! Parts for older vehicles and imports may not be readily available and is likely to be costly due… @grahambasten Sorry, Graham, our cars are just too good to give away! @slingerpete1 We look forward to collection day, Pete!😎Wishing the best of luck to @JonniePeacock and @fabs_andre who take to the track at the @London_DL Müller Anniversa… @BentLanghoff No worries! Hang on to your fond memories!👍The #PriusPlugin has received a bit of a makeover and can now comfortably seat five people. Keep on movin'. @krystynastark Do you mean the C-HR Lime Edition, Anunnaki? Let us know if you have any questions during your search. Thanks. @Livetorock2018 Amazing, Mark! Toyota is famed the world over for creating vehicles that embody incredible reliabil… @krystynastark Hello. Was it the Corolla you were exploring yesterday? Which grade? Are you currently in the marke… @Pippabritton Thank you for sharing your lovely feedback, Pippa and we're pleased you enjoyed your trip to Motorline Toyota Newport. @blissfulballoon Looks great! Thank you!#Supra, unleashed. That's a #FridayFeeling we can get behind. @ThatMumboJumbo A beautiful example! Have you checked out our blog post on the history of the Supra: Thanks. @abdullahbalush Thank you, Abdullah. We got the 5 generations of Supra together for the first time. See what happen… @Livetorock2018 This is a fine example, Mark. You must have the best driveway in your street. 😍 What's the mileage… @Livetorock2018 21 years young and still going strong! Thank you for sharing this with us, Mark. @SmileTobeseeyo 👌 Explore our look back at the legend: Thanks. @Skippy561 Hello, Nigel. We're sorry for the long wait. We are currently experiencing extremely high demand for our… @slingerpete1 Good stuff, Pete. Which spec and colour did you decide on? Thanks. @ShujaShams3 We're sorry to read you're disappointed, Shuja. Have you discussed your concerns with your local Toyot…
@ShujaShams3 Hi Shuja, we'd recommend getting in touch with our Multimedia Team regarding this. You can give them a… @L0ndonBusDriver Strange, it's working fine for us. All the info will come up if you just search 'Corolla GR Sport' on our blog 👍 @SimonSimonm1982 You're welcome! @SimonSimonm1982 Hi Simon, for that particular model it is likely to be around September-October time of this year. Thanks. @L0ndonBusDriver Explore the Corolla GR Sport which will be on sale early next year, here: @BentLanghoff Hello, Bent. Any photos? Take a trip down memory lane, here: Thanks. @L0ndonBusDriver Thanks for your feedback on this. The Corolla GR Sport has already been confirmed, who knows what… @Sarah18224059 That's all the information we have to offer on the subject at the moment, unfortunately. Any updates… @Sarah18224059 Hi Sarah, we're pleased to hear you are enjoying the RAV4 so far. We are currently looking into the… @bradriches4 We appreciate your frustrations. If you'd prefer to speak to our Customer Relations team directly, the… @MrTJ_808 Click here to sign up for Supra news, TJ: 👍 Thanks. @bradriches4 @vauxhall We're very sorry to hear that. Please could you send us a DM with more information? Thanks. @evcarmike We reserve it for special occasions 👍 @MrTJ_808 Ooh, that's a good'un! Will you be testing out the new Supra when it arrives? @MrTJ_808 You may enjoy this, TJ: What's your favourite? Thanks.One from the archives... #Supra #TBT @evcarmike Hi Mike, the Pre-Collisions System comes as standard as part of the Toyota Safety Sense. You can find mo… @mattbinns2016 Hi Matt, while we currently have no electric-only variant of the new Corolla Touring Sports, electri… 1: 🥇 Stage 2: 🥇 Stage 3: 🥇 Stage 4: 🥇 Stage 5: 🥇 Stage 6: 🥇 Stage 7: 🥇 Stage 8: 🥇 Stage 9: 🥇 Stage 10: 🥇 The… @leejackson Hi Lee, while we currently have no information on how it will be rolled out, once we have more informat… @sueellendarling Hi Sue, thanks for your patience. Our technical team recommend visiting your local Toyota Centre t… @MarcStickley This very Celica Supra is privately owned and imported from the USA! We hope you'll have the chance to see and own one, Marc 😀 @MarcStickley Thanks! It was designed and developed in an effort to compete in the popular grand tourer market in J… @GlynisLloyd6 Hi Gynis, thanks for your tweet and we're sorry to hear of your Land Cruiser experience. We'd suggest… aren't many left in the UK, so getting behind the wheel of a Mk1 Celica #Supra is a rare treat. Now's your ch… @sueellendarling Hi Sue, we're sorry for the wait, we'll follow up with the Technical team for you today and will let you know 🙂 @OdonnellukSean Hi Sean, we're sorry for the wait. We are currently experiencing extremely high demand for our vehi… @JennensSue We're pleased to hear it, Sue 🙂 @imzy88 Hi Imran, it's here! You can check it out with this link:
@88fordwychroad Don't worry, we're working on it! @yamesh All European allocations are made in Japan, those made in Canada and Russia are manufactured specifically for those regions. @mattyjenk We'll look forward to it! @yamesh Hi Yamesh, that is correct. The RAV4 is manufactured in Japan. @mattyjenk Exciting times, not too much longer to wait now either! @mattyjenk Congratulations, Matt. Which spec and colour did you choose? Thanks. @mattyjenk Great. Do you have a RAV4 on order, Matt? Thanks. @TibsGTE @ToyotaPR We'd recommend contacting your local Toyota centre regarding the opportunity of an extended test drive. Thanks. @TibsGTE @ToyotaPR Hello, Matthew. The Corolla Touring Sports combines versatility with fun. Its stylish interior,… to the help and generosity from @ToyotaUK and our development team, we had a show ready car that we were cer…
Retweeted by ToyotaUKWe've joined #IAmTeamGB for the Nation's Biggest Sports Day. Become part of I Am Team GB yourself by joining a free… @JLeatherland Hi James, thanks for sharing your opinion with us. The Corolla and Avensis are different cars for dif… in touch with nature has many benefits. That's why Toyota is challenging itself to ensure nature is near wh… @BhavDahya Hi Bhav, if you'd like to speak to the Customer Relations team about this, you can give them a call on 0344 701 6202.