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Should we sell these jackets? “T H E B E A C H” x @chayonash OUT NOW!!! The mixed maniac is back on his shit.…
I swear I did not know that Cluster Melee was a thing on @CallofDuty #ModernWarfare Follow on @Twitch:…
Retweeted by T-PainHappy Nappy birthday to my brother and legend @tpain name a rapper/singer from this century and they owe him just a…
Retweeted by T-PainIt's @TPAIN's birthday today! Shoutout to the GOAT 🎉🎉🎉 What's the best T-Pain track??
Retweeted by T-PainPIAO IS HERE!!! also BIRTHDAY STREAM of PHAZOMSTUFFF!!! Lets finish this song, chat | !piao IS HERE!!! also BIRTHDAY STREAM!!! Lets finsh this song, chat | !PizzlePack
@david32212 It’s for precious stones now. Even had him update the voiceover. Also metro and I roll in a lot of the… @BigCheeseKIT 😂 @Benjoeljr Droppin a @ChayoNash single.Some of y’all dudes that are too tough to sit in a bathtub or take a shower for longer than 5 minutes are really mi…
Welcome to @nappyboyentertainment @omgitspiao
@chayonash droppin one of my favorite songs from him “THE BEACH” on my birthday September 30th. Then the video drop… @onioncitygang You think they gon kick the iced up monopoly man out of the bank or the nigga with the tank top and…
@marcrebillet Yo my guy @brewandthecrew sent you a DM to hop on the discordNew feature job and I Need keys for an idea. Send Halp. | !PizzlePack
@ColorsOfHouston This shit stupid hard. I need dis. @BigCheeseKIT Forgot I was fasting yesterday 🤦🏿‍♂️1500 iq strat. Self report and confuse the shit out of everybody @CB_Cowboy That roo puss tricked me @CB_Cowboy You did it broFire. Straight fire. Noting else can describe this song & album. Well done @mrtalkbox & @TPAIN
Retweeted by T-PainOk. No more wine. It’s the debil.Come watch me be trash at video games Us w/ A DJ Khaled amount of people | !PizzlePack @franceska_fava Rule #1. Have a meltdown. That’s it. That’s the rule. We’re friends now. You can’t come tho. Guys night!!!!
Watch @TPAIN learn how to customize kicks👟 , make healthy ramen🍜 , build robots🤖 and more this week on the…
Retweeted by T-Pain @heyjursh No prob, Bob. Solid shredding.Everything @TPAIN is making right now is just absolute🔥🔥🔥 If this song doesn’t get you hyped, you need to check yo…
Retweeted by T-Pain @tgtStudios ClapResident awesome dude @tpain makes some chill royalty free beats for streamers. To celebrate, we had a dance party!…
Retweeted by T-Pain @NiceWigg Much love to you my brother. Keep that beautiful bean footage comin and Lee being the nicest person on the ol’ internets.Don't you just hate that awkward silence in a stream's background? Yeah, us too. Apparently @TPAIN does as well,…
Retweeted by T-PainFor those #streamers who haven’t heard, and people who want an awesome story, @TPAIN released over 5 hours of royal…
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@Wale @XavierWoodsPhD I agree @OreoWashington Quick answer, @XavierWoodsPhDNever Animal Cross Tom Nook, he needs those bells on time. This jingle serves as a reminder! @TPAIN - Nooks Bells (…
Retweeted by T-Pain"Nook's Bells" by @TPAIN gives even more credence to the #ACNH theory that Tom Nook is actually evil.…
Retweeted by T-Pain @Batchild27 Of course dude. Dance your heart out bro#NowTrending📈 @TPAIN - "Nooks Bells" ft. @CB_Cowboy & @Jayteehazard LISTEN:
Retweeted by T-PainDenzel Washington 'Flight' Parody by @KingBach via @TPAIN's streams be lit, thanx for shari…
Retweeted by T-PainStop what you’re doing and go follow @TPAIN on Twitch! You don’t know what behind the scenes magic you’re missing!…
Retweeted by T-PainWelcome to the studio!!!!! friends check out @TPAIN 's PIZZLE PACK - it's jam packed with fun beats and songs you can use during your…
Retweeted by T-Pain @useless_weirdo No love lost. I didn’t show my actual personality until I got from under my “handlers” but I’m glad… @itsQwavii You always on pointNew Intro 😱 @TPAIN 👈🏽
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Studio Vibes 20| Doing a feature for Nappy Boy's own Chayo Nash | !PizzlePack @H2ODelirious I’m wit it @jenene_baxter My bad I had them shut down submissions for the contest yesterday until they fix that annoying ass,…
Actually @TPAIN, I'm gonna make the cocktail from our @BarRescue episode too. Try it with my @taffersmix Bloody Mar…
Retweeted by T-Pain @jontaffer @BarRescue The only fear I have when I’m with you, Jon, is getting hit in the face with a plate and a soggy sandwich 😂
@Trevi__M33 😂 what?! This whole thing is to help independent ppl 😂 I’m looking for a specific group of ppl to help.… @TheBomberTank @ForsakenAshesGG If they pay for their move and travel themselves that’s fine and they can holler at… @grinninghazard @BooskerzXBL Those are on Vol. 2I tried to make this shit as simple as possible. Post a video with a hashtag. That’s it. 🤦🏿‍♂️ I’m not going to che… you know that @TPAIN dropped some royalty free music JUST for streamers and content creators? And it slaps guys…
Retweeted by T-Pain @JalilTheSeeker Absolutely. On somebody’s label that’s looking for that. I need production for myself and my artist… @EleganceFox know this shit is slightly funny but I’m dead ass serious. I need some dope producers for the new office. Come ge… ur an unsigned producer in Atlanta that’s dope bt you also carry the added bonus of not wanting to be an artist,… you’re American but you’ve watched enough Game of Thrones you’ll know dude spittin fr. This shit hard!! @CB_Cowboy So badly 😂Miss being the road #djmontay #tpain @tpain 🔥🔥🔥 @ Atlanta, Georgia
Retweeted by T-Pain @dimestatedon That is a bot I made. I can’t type that shit out everyday. It’s also not that great of a bot because… @Koijutsu Shit was dope. Do a few more things that’s dope and I’ll get in touch. If you fail....... probably still…
@TPAIN & CBC Song is out! AND I am live.😄
Retweeted by T-Pain @TPAIN @CB_Cowboy This sure is a BOP. All caps.
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. @TPain has returned with a new song called “Nooks Bells”. It features Cardboard Cowboy and Jayteehazard. Listen n…
Retweeted by T-Pain @shofu Understood. Salute. @BlaqMerlin @yahlayofficial You’re good bro. It’s not. Some ppl don’t get picked and they get salty and call it a s… @shofu They didn’t need too. It’s a great game. I’m sure there are of ton of other songs based around it that both… celebration of the new fall season of #ACNH here’s a bop I did with @CB_Cowboy called “Nook’s Bells”............…⁦@TPAIN⁩ dropping royalty free music to use for streams! He really the Goat for this. Some slappers too.
Retweeted by T-PainThis shit is 🔥🔥🔥 #nooksbells @TPAIN
Retweeted by T-PainVideo: T-Pain - Nooks Bells ft. Cardboard Cowboy & Jayteehazard - | @TPAIN
Retweeted by T-PainJust so you all are aware (I wasn't), @TPAIN dropped a big ass album of songs we are free to use on stream and vide…
Retweeted by T-Pain @BlaqMerlin Get in there @lukeysand @itsQwavii 🤦🏿‍♂️ @TwitchRivals @TwitchEsports @FaZeClan @ATLFaZe @TPAIN @BenSimmons25 @marshmellomusic @lildurk @beatsbynav
Retweeted by T-Pain @TwitchRivals @TwitchEsports @TPAIN Are you looking for promotion for your twitch channel? To promote your game, ga…
Retweeted by T-PainEven when @TPAIN takes an L, chat gets a W. #TwitchRivals #FaZeUp
Retweeted by T-PainI was watching old vids of Masked Singer and gotta respect @TPAIN, then watched a music video he was in...did he te…
Retweeted by T-PainLmao @TPAIN 🍻
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Twitch Rivals x Faze $75 Tourno w/ BigCheese Kayla And Blocboy JB | !PizzlePack’s go!! Who else do I need to get on an episode? dropping beats on the dance floor, to handing them out in Warzone Get a guy who can do both. See you at 2pm…
Retweeted by T-Pain @Newzaex2 I mean. It’s obviously a bot because I’m not gonna type that out and manually send that to everybody. If… royalty free music to use from the legend himself @TPAIN this music slaps bruh. Thank you @tpain
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@blueskuhdoo More power.
While on hiatus we've been posting Animal Talking as a podcast. The most recent download is with the magnificent…
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@hiddenbyart Friggin perfect thank you. We’re gonna frame this for sure
Who else has submitted to the @TPAIN feature contest? I have❤✊🏿
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The crossover I never knew I needed thank u 2020 @DEARGRANNY @TPAIN @CB_Cowboy
Retweeted by T-PainJust posted a video @ Lanier RacePlex of the boys are here. #ConstantineE46 #PickleRickS14 @nappyboydrifting @ Lanier RacePlex posted a video
Ok. Lots of trolls and spammers 🤦🏿‍♂️ I’m just gonna pick on my own or I’ll never find anyone serious about this sh…
Streamer Bro’s and brodettes!! I love you. By all means, come at me from all angles. If it helps your page, I’m wit… music on tonight's Soldering Struggle Bus edition of @2OCStream will be @TPAIN all night. #HackerStreams T-Pa…
Retweeted by T-Pain @GatorSusan @DBLTAPesports Yea it’s crazy to me too