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Good morning Twitter!☕️ ^MO here, ready to help you with any train related queries🚆 Live journey updates🕑:… @sshreading @TPExpressTrains @JulianSturdy @RailNorthern Hi Tinx. As you purchased your season ticket from Leeds, I…
@KelvinC56814366 Hi sorry i have no information on web sites or apps you would have to speak to customer relations during the day ^AD @alice_parker18 @TPExpressTrains Hello Alice. Due to social distancing measures on board, our refreshments trolley… @casso_baby @TPExpressTrains Hello. I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with our conductors doing ticket checks o… @unicornthejayne @TPExpressTrains Wow! 😍🌅 Thank you for sharing with us, Jayne! ^MO @WilliamEdGray Hi Will. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes to you. This may be due to our staff on board cleaning the train. ^MO @_zoeblowy Hi Zoe. I'm sorry to hear this! Please give our customer relations team a call and they should be able t… @gabrieltrains71 @TPExpressTrains Morrnin. JT @gabrieltrains71 @TPExpressTrains Ok thanks yourself? ^AD
@Mikeashworth12 Hi if you send me the train time off York i will pass them on ^AD @Mikeashworth12 Hi Mike sorry to hear this i have passed on your comments to our management team to look into have… @lizzie_preston Hi Elizabeth, Sorry, were there any announcements made on the train at all? Sometimes we lock out t… @hegarty_deirdre Ah great 😄 ^SO @hegarty_deirdre Hi Deirdre, you can click on amend journey, and then change it to return. thanks ^SO @hegarty_deirdre Hi Deirdre, on the page before, it lets you choose if you want single or return, if you click retu…🛠 If you’re travelling with us this weekend, please note that there will be no services between #Newcastle and… @hegarty_deirdre Hi Deidre, Would you be able to send me a screen shot to show me what you mean? Thanks ^SO⚠️ Due to a fault with a level crossing between #Selby and #Brough trains have to run at reduced speed on some line…🛠Weekend track upgrades🛠 ⚠️Changes to train services between #Liverpool & #Manchester via Newton-le-Willows: • Sa…
Retweeted by TPE Customer Assist @rharrison21 Hi Richard, this is a standard check which has to be carried out as part of revenue duties onboard. ^JL @trainferrystuff @RealtimeTrains Hi Adam, I will pass on your suggestion. ^JL @linzosmalingos Hi Lindsey, my deepest apologies for the inconvenience caused with this. I'm pleased that we have r…⌚ If you've been delayed on our services in excess of 15 minutes this week, you’re entitled to compensation. For mo… @benmc919 @RealtimeTrains Hi Ben, I will pass your suggestion on. ^JL @linzosmalingos ^JL @linzosmalingos Hi Lindsey, would it be possible for you to send us a private message please? ^JL⚠️ Thirsk station There is currently no step free access between the car park and the platforms at this station, B…⚠️ Manchester Airport station The accessible toilet at this station is out of order until further notice. We would…
@divadamada Hello. Can you please DM with some more information so we can look into this? ^MO @jrob10001 Hi, It was booked as 2 185's. Thanks ^SO @ChefGarethS @TPExpressTrains Thanks Gareth. I'll pass this on to be looked into. if it happens again, could you se… @linzosmalingos Thanks Lindsey. I've contacted our digital team to see what we can do in regards to the price diffe… @DavidGr81300960 @sammypops Hi David, We are currently running approx 82% of pre-COVID services. There will be anot… @sammypops Thanks Sam, I have passed this on. ^SO @linzosmalingos Okay thanks. Can you let us know what the price is showing as on the app? ^MO @linzosmalingos Do you have proof of the price difference? E.g. a screenshot of the ticket price when you initially wanted to book them? ^MO @sammypops Hi Sam, Sorry to hear your train is busy, can you let me know which service you are on so that I can rep… @_itsjustHarriet @GregMulholland1 @TPExpressTrains Hi Harriet, Sorry to hear this, Have you tried reconnecting duri… @linzosmalingos Hi Lindsey. Our digital team have advised that they're still working on fixing this issue. They've… @linzosmalingos I am chasing this up again with our digital team to find out what the issue is. I'm sorry about thi… @linzosmalingos I'd advise clearing your cache and cookies and trying again. If that doesn't work, please give our… @linzosmalingos Hi Lindsey, I believe my colleagues are waiting on a response from another team. Please be aware yo… @ChefGarethS @TPExpressTrains Hi Gareth, Sorry to hear this can you let me knw which service you are on, so that I… @GregMulholland1 Hi,Thanks Greg I will report this. Thanks ^SO @GregMulholland1 Hi Greg, apologies for any inconvenience caused. All of our trains are fitted with Wi-Fi equipment… @michelledone1 @TPExpressTrains Hi Michelle, You would be able to pick one of these up form a TPE station booking office. Thanks ^SO @KevinGreaves20 @TPExpressTrains Hi Kevin, I would advise sending a copy of your ticket and explaining your complia… @KevinGreaves20 @TPExpressTrains Hi Kevin, It may be because the date of travel is tomorrow, so there wouldn't be t… @KevinGreaves20 @TPExpressTrains Did you buy it from a station? Thanks ^SO @KevinGreaves20 @TPExpressTrains Please use the number above. Thanks ^SO @KevinGreaves20 @TPExpressTrains Hi Kevin, Is this the number you are ringing? 0345 600 1671. If so please use option 5. Thanks ^SO🛠Weekend track upgrades🛠 ⚠️Changes to train services between #Manchester & #Liverpool via Newton-le-Willows: • Sa…
Retweeted by TPE Customer Assist @Johno_nufc Hi Carl, would you be able to send us a DM if possible please? ^JL @NRManc Hi Neil, I'm very familiar with the route as I made this journey regularly in my previous role. There are s…⚠️ Disruption is now expected until the end of the day. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to… @NRManc Hi Neil, lovely catch! Am I right in thinking this location is just past Morley? ^JL @KatieHullPR Hi Katie, we are still finalising our timetable for the December timetable change. As soon as this is…⚠️ Due to a speed restriction over defective track in the #NevilleHill between #York and #Leeds trains have to run…⚠️ Due to a points failure in the #NevilleHill area between #York and #Leeds, trains have to run at reduced speed o… @linzosmalingos Good morning Lindsey, I am really sorry, we still haven't had any news. I've just sent a message to… @sjdphotos Have a safe journey! 🙂 ^JL @JakeTrainsPNR Thanks Jake! I will pass on your praise to our Train Presentation Manager! 😃 ^JL @JakeTrainsPNR Hi Jake, have a great journey with us. Hope you have a great morning! ^JL @76Randomguy Hi there, please visit this link to our complaints page - ^JL @76Randomguy Hello, we can't offer a credit voucher I'm afraid. ^JL @76Randomguy Hello. These are non-refundable products I'm afraid. You can amend them for a date in the future and t… @76Randomguy Morning, are they First Class Off-Peak or Anytime Return tickets? ^JL
@Matchaachaa The best option is to contact our Customer Relations department on 0345 600 1671 or email them on tpec…⚠️🌧️Due to flooding between #Preston and #ManchesterPiccadilly, trains running to and from these stations may be ca…⚠️Due to flooding on the line trains are stopped & delayed between #Chorley and #BuckshawParkway Our teams are wo…
Retweeted by TPE Customer Assist @prince_alarming @TPExpressTrains Hello Carl. Thank you for letting us know, I will pass this on to be reviewed. Pl… @Jamesy_c1 @TPExpressTrains Hi! I'm afraid not yet, we've only got tickets up to 12th Dec at the moment. I'd advise… @DickieFelton @TPExpressTrains Thanks for travelling with us, Dickie 😊 ^MO @Matt_TPE185151 Hi Matt, I will try and find out for you from our HR team. Thanks ^SO @Mintsaucemania @chilternrailway @TPExpressTrains Oh, sorry to hear this Martin. I'm glad you were able to buy your… @Mintsaucemania @chilternrailway @TPExpressTrains Hi Martin, Would you be able to send a screenshot of the page, so…✅ Disruption caused by a fault with the signalling system at #OxenholmeLakeDistrict has now ended. Services are no… @rhirhibeee Hi Rhi, this is an @northernassist service which I can see is starting in Leeds today. ^JL @Mintsaucemania @chilternrailway @TPExpressTrains Hi Martin, Could you try deleting your cache and cookies if you'r… @rhirhibeee Hi Rhi, it would yes. You can travel with ourselves to York from Leeds, then LNER to Doncaster, then No…⚠️🌉There's disruption to services between Selby and Hull this afternoon, after a boat collided with Selby Swing Bri…
Retweeted by TPE Customer Assist @rhirhibeee Hi Rhi, services are currently suspended between Selby and Hull, due to a boat colliding with the railw…⚠️ #Selby: Customers travelling to Selby will be provided with road transport from York. Customers travelling to Br…⚠️ #Selby: Customers at Leeds travelling to Hull can travel on the next available TransPennine Express service to Y…⚠️ #Selby: Customers at Hull travelling to Manchester, Stalybridge & Huddersfield can travel on the next Northern s…⚠️ #Selby: Customers at Hull travelling to Leeds can travel on the next available Northern service to Doncaster, c…⚠️🚦 Disruption is now expected until 13:15. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused to your journey.⚠️ Due to a boat colliding with a bridge at #Selby all lines are blocked. - Train services running through this st… @KevinGreaves20 Hi Kevin, we don't charge an amendment fee for Advance Purchase ticket amendments. If there is a pr…⚠️ Due to a fault with a swing bridge over a river at #Selby all lines are blocked. - Train services running throu… @KevinGreaves20 Hi Kevin, we can offer a ticket amendment and you can amend the ticket an unlimited number of times. ^JL @KevinGreaves20 Hi Kevin, we can't refund Advance Purchase tickets I'm afraid. We can offer a ticket amendment instead. ^JL @KevinGreaves20 Hi Kevin, here is a link to our refunds page - ^JL @KevinGreaves20 Hi Kevin, our normal refunds policy is currently in place. ^JL⚠️🚦 Due to a fault with the signalling system at #OxenholmeLakeDistrict trains have to run at reduced speed on some…🍂 Autumn conditions including wet weather combined with leaves on the line can have a big impact on our trains. To… @fsc1309 Hi Fiona, could you send us a DM please? ^JL @fsc1309 Hi Fiona, I am sorry to hear this. Were your tickets in date? ^JL @MelJonesYork Hi Melanie, our Customer Relations Advisors are working as quick as possible to answer queries. My ap…