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Parnas’ Attorney Says His Client Has More Trump Recordings Up His Sleeve
Democrats Hammer Need For Witnesses After Trump Lawyers Begin Defense the Share Illusion Just Went Down The Chamber As Trump’s Team Began Its Defense Offramp Trial Of The Century, Week One: Your Prime Week In Review The Chamber During Schiff’s Closing Argues That Trump Is Threat To Republic In Impeachment Closer Methodically Preempts And Rebuts Likely Team Trump Arguments“Since they couldn’t get Ukraine to smear the Bidens, they want to use the trial to do the same,” Schiff said, layi… Schiff is winding up to the end of his opening arguments now, enumerating what the House impeachment managers…
A bit of news: I am now Publisher of @TPM Forgive my extreme earnestness for a moment, but I am extremely gratefu…
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoHere's our coverage of that Bill Barr interview from back in August Antholis, former HBO executive and founder of Crime Story, talks about his project focusing on the intersectio… new episode of the Josh Marshall Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure: Week In Trump Investigations: Hours And Hours Of Opening Arguments asked Sen. Leahy about the uptick in commentary from Senate Republicans suggesting Trump was justified in seek…
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoWhat Was The Rare Burst Of Activity In McConnell’s Section Of The Senate Chamber About? Impeachment Trial Spills Over To Court Fight Over Mueller Probe An Eye On This 34 US Soldiers Diagnosed With Traumatic Brain Injuries After Iran Strike light of Sen. Graham going all in this morning on “Trump was right to demand a Biden probe,” here’s my piece fro…
Retweeted by Talking Points Memoglad a comment like this couldn't be misunderstood by mobster types via @TPM
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoReport: Trump Recorded Telling Parnas And Fruman To ‘Take Her Out’ About Yovanovitch Picks Apart Latest GOP Excuse On Impeachment Witnesses’s Mad His Lawyers Have To Defend Him When TV Ratings Are Low Identify Leader Of Neo-Nazi ‘Base’ Group After Week Of Arrests Damage Org Things Stand: Now On To Obstruction Declares ‘If Right Doesn’t Matter, We’re Lost. If Truth Doesn’t Matter, We’re Lost.’ had a great time being interviewed by @Crobama and @dylanbrody for the #couchrevisited podcast. I think the episo…
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoWarren Pledges To Release Impeachment Docs Withheld By WH Acknowledged 2 Out Of 4 FISA Warrants To Monitor Carter Page Were Invalid GOP Is Coming Around To The Idea That What Trump Did Was Okay The Quiet Part Out Loud
Impeachment trials can get a bit murky, so I put together a list of experts to have on-call to help explain various…
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoExpert On Call: Why Are Impeachment Managers Spending So Much Time Explaining Ukraine Politics? Peek At The Impeachment Drama’s Supporting Cast smart observation by @JoshKovensky about what House managers are using — and leaving out — from the recent Parnas…
Retweeted by Talking Points Memo @AOC Bennet has been holding virtual town halls in recent days to connect with New Hampshire and Iowa voters. He al… @AOC For Klobuchar, it's a family affair: "I’m a mom and I can do two things at once.” The Midwestern senator has h… @AOC Warren also sent surrogates to Iowa this week and she plans to make a mad-dash to the Midwest over the weekend… has sent some of his of his highest-wattage surrogates to Iowa in his stead, including @AOC These Presidential Hopefuls Are Balancing Their Impeachment Duties Key, Clarifying Point, In Giuliani-World, The Ukraine Scheme Continues Repeat Calls For Biden Testimony As Dems Debunk Conspiracy Theories cues up a Clinton impeachment-era clip of Graham arguing an impeachable offense doesn't have to be criminal.…“This theory was brought to you by the Kremlin.” Managers Rush To Debunk Biden Conspiracy Theories Uses Words Of Trump’s Allies Against Him At Impeachment Trial Week In The Swamp: Another Trump Property Hikes Prices Before A Visit From GOP Insiders give me a home, where the Senators roam 🐃
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoThe Wandering Senators: Are Lawmakers Allowed To Roam About During Trial? this busy impeachy day, a little Personal News™️: starting in March, I'll be switching bureaus to be @TPM 's new…
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoMnuchin Attacks Greta Thunberg, Says She Needs To Study Economics Things Stand: Davos Was The Only Thing Keeping Trump Quiet Baked Podcast Flips Out About His Senate Impeachment Trial On Twitter Missed Judge’s Deadline To Turn Over Kushner Interview Memos In Mueller Probe Banning Evidence, GOP Senators Have A Complaint: Dems Talk Too Much amusing thread from @Tierney_Megan
And for the latest details on this bizarre hacking of Jeff Bezo's phone, head here related reading about the impeachment trial proceedings, check our our Liveblog below. We're covering everythin… latest episode of the Josh Marshall Podcast is up. This week, Josh, Kate and David discuss the cast of characte…'s hard to say what the political ramifications will be here. No president has gone on from impeachment to stand…
Retweeted by Talking Points Memo‘Acquittal On The Merits’ Is New GOP Talking Point. But Is It Better For Trump Than Dismissal? Opens Impeachment Case Alleging Broad Pattern Of Trump Soliciting Foreign Help Was Ron Johnson Shaking His Head? @TPM are live-blogging the impeachment trial here:
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoOther technical difficulty-related news:
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoFlynn’s Lawyers Say He Shouldn’t Serve Any Time, Accuse DOJ Of ‘Vindictiveness’ And Parnas Feud Over Why It Was So Hard To Unlock His iPhone Experts: Bezos’ Phone Likely Hacked After MBS Sent Him A Message spins late night for GOP, accuses House Dems of having flimsy case that requires more work from Senate blames McConnell for the late night of impeachment proceedings’s Chris Wallace Unimpressed By WH Defense: ‘I Would Not Be Especially Pleased’ If I Were Trump GOP’s Legal Expert Torches WH’s Defense Against Impeachment Things Stand: Senate GOP Appears To Lean Toward Acquittal At Trial the D.C. attorney general's lawsuit against the Trump inaugural committee here:
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoImpeachment Resumes I’d ‘Love’ For Pompeo, Mulvaney, Perry To Testify But It’d Be A ‘National Security Problem’ wrap on the (very long) first full day of impeachment trial proceedings, on how a debate about the trial procedu…
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoHow The House Made An Impeachment Procedures Debate Also About The Substance is frigging amazing via @TPM
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What We Think Sekulow May Have Been Referencing With ‘Lawyer Lawsuits’ Tirade Wanted To ‘Look Forward’ From Bush Scandals. Warren Is Making No Such Promises NSC's third director for Russia/Eurasian affairs in a year has left this time under the cloud of a security pro…
Retweeted by Talking Points MemoNSC Russia Official’s Removal Could Signal ‘Egregious’ Security Violation Trump team's Monday argument came in response to this 111-page trial brief that House impeachment managers sent… briefing was in response to this argument from Trump's legal team filed Monday, in which they urged the Senate…, House Democrats filed this briefing: Inside The Chamber Observations From First Full Impeachment Trial Day have been a lot of back-and-forth briefings between House Democrats and the White House in the past few days.… Lawyer Sekulow Throws Everything But Kitchen Sink Into Senate Speech Later Impeachment Trial’s Clamp Down On Press Access Goes Into Full Swing It All