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Isn't it ironic that AFTER the American Postal Workers Union endorsed Joe Biden, Democrats started pushing more th…
Singling someone out and judging them based solely on their gender, skin color or other superficial feature(s) used… Chicago ✅ - St. Louis ✅ - Portland ✅ - New York ✅ - Los Angeles ✅ - Minneapolis ✅ What do all these places… must reject the fear-mongering from Democrats & their propaganda network (aka the Mainstream Media), And inste… @RepKenBuck's new book, Capitol of Freedom: Restoring American Greatness, is a MUST read ⬇️ President is exactly right, according to Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, in 2015: “We actually… city of Minneapolis is advising robbery victims to simply comply with those robbing them, saying: "Just give u… lockdowns & school closures are NOT an option... The continued social-isolation is hurting our children… over-paid, virtue signaling athletes, The math is clear: You kneel for the national anthem & disrespect our…
NEW: CNN's @BrianStelter is blaming "right-wing media" for pushing an idea that was started entirely by the Democra… @SenTedCruz just called out @MazieHirono & her fellow Democrats for refusing to condemn ANTIFA ⬇️ to @seanhannity. His new book, Live Free or Die already landing #1 on Amazon and it just came out!
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsBREAKING: @SeanHannity's brand new book is already #1 on Amazon! Congratulations to a great American patriot 🇺🇸… has no place in your personal healthcare decisions. The medications you take should be decided by y… hydroxychloroquine should be a decision made by yourself & your doctor. Big Government, Democrats, and the… sure to tune in today at 2:30 (EST) to see the United States Committee on the Judiciary's Subcommittee on the… if you think @realDonaldTrump should avoid Congressional incompetence & deliver tax-relief through Executive Ord…' 2020 Election Plan: Step 1: Hide Joe Biden in a bubble-wrapped basement, Step 2: Weaponize the "woke"…' "cancel culture" mob has found its latest target: The 2020 Presidential Debates. Why? They know… In America's 50 largest cities, homicides are up an average of 24% across the board... And can you guess…“My first duty as President is to protect the American people...” - President @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸Democrats are weaponizing their propaganda outlets (the Mainstream Media) to shut down any & all debate surrounding…
For centuries, brave Americans of all races, religions & creeds fought for equality in this country. Now, "progres… Biden's America is a place where: The "woke" mob rules, police departments are defunded, and the government ta… companies are getting rich off of censoring Conservative voices and manipulating elections. They must be… President @realDonaldTrump signed an Executive Order today, mandating that the federal government follow one k…
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsRegardless of the lies Democrat politicians try to sell you, Our children MUST return to school in the fall!… American citizens: Our jobs are essential. Our Churches are essential. And our children's education is essent…*Abolish the IRS. Fixed it for you..."Rating crash for NBA & MLB after protest-filled debuts..." Could this mean that the American people don't like wa…
Blaming Trump for riots while keeping the police from enforcing law and order is the biggest scam of all time. FBI continues to prove its complicity in perpetuating the Russia Hoax is absolutely ridiculous. Free Flynn!
The left loves the riots until the riots come for them Tech is trying to control the narrative by censoring us! have really shot themselves in the foot this time
The Second Opinion Project is asking everyday Americans to sign a letter to our government to make sure Doctors can… Vice President Pence's remarks from a roundtable discussion on reopening schools: safe, Florida! Fox News reporter embedded with federal agents inside the Portland Courthouse. His story is absolutely mind-blowi… one is safe from the internet censors. Thankfully, President @realDonaldTrump's recent executive order gives us… City Rioting is no Tea Party Protest by @TimJGraham we rename our children's classes "protests" will Democratic politicians magically forget all their social distancing concerns? 🤔Big Tech openly schmoozing with China really pokes a hole in the left’s “voter fraud isn’t real” narrative, the government harassment of the McCloskey family is coming to an end
It’s time to get to the bottom of who was behind the Russia hoax. Senators @RonJohnsonWI and @ChuckGrassley mean to… full minute-to-minute recap of yesterday's Big Tech hearings. Three reasons why John Durham's report will be "horrifying for the Democrats"
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsThe same person who called #Antifa “imaginary” and a “myth” doesn’t want you to see the truth.
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsA moment of pride for America! North Korean defector, who has spent his life under real fascism, calls Americans nice and diverse. Kinda destroy… our elected leaders continue to bend the knee to the mob, They will take over our country and install their own… can’t @Google commit to not using its search engine to silence conservatives? Ridiculous.
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsTrump isn’t going to let the media get away with it!! @realDonaldTrump is keeping his promises by holding Big Tech accountable for their ongoing censorship!🚨BIG NEWS @realdonaldtrump issues Executive Order to hold Tech Giants accountable for their censorship! 🚨 people not to work is just another government handout. Incentivize work with a payroll tax cut!
The Barr hearing yesterday was a joke. work @GregGutfeld updates from today’s Big Tech hearings: ACTIVATED 🔥
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsBREAKING: Mainland China has begun arresting students in Hong Kong. Doctors censored by Big Tech appear on @FoxNews to see one of our nation's leading firearms manufacturers hurt by malicious litigation Big Tech censorship! Google has cleared Breitbart from its search results. time Big Tech gets put in the hot seat, please ban CNN.
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsOne of their political weapons is ‘cancel culture’ — driving people from their jobs, shaming dissenters, and demand… again a double standard for protestors emerges from a liberal government.
Never forget that Chris Cuomo took a “‘less safe version’ of hydroxychloroquine”, Google, and YouTube went insane yesterday and again shut down free speech, removing a viral…
Retweeted by Tea Party Patriots.@DonaldJTrumpJr suspended from twitter for sharing our video!, Twitter, and YouTube have all censored this video. Watch before it disappears again!🚨CENSORED🚨 TPP and America's Frontline Doctors are being censored for raising awareness about the success Doctors… Big Tech Gestapo are at it again! Facebook, Google, and YouTube went insane yesterday and again shut down free…
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsOakland County in Michigan seized a man's house over an $8 tax debt, then sold that house for a cool $24,500. How d…
Make sure to follow us on Parler to keep up to date with breaking news and Tea Party Patriots' activism! wish Antifa was a myth. Unfortunately, they're real and they're dangerous Physicians fighting on the frontlines across the United States gather to dispel COVID-19 myths“Mostly peaceful”
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsAnother liberal city that won't punish these criminals mayors are pushing people out of their cities with government-sanctioned, taxpayer-funded, partisan empathy protests are deemed okay...but no tributes or memorial services for 9/11 victims. Outrageous
REPORT: A Yale Epidemiologist has said hydroxychloroquine could save 100,000 lives. If only Democrats hadn't polit… A new poll proves exactly what we've been saying: The American people do not support "defunding the poli… from the @Daily_Torch: "President Trump’s case for excluding illegal aliens from the Census is stronger than y…
NEW: In a desperate bid to remain relevant, Michigan @GovWhitmer issued an executive order which cut $115.07 milli… The Democrat New York state legislature voted to automatically register to vote all who apply for a drivers… A new study has revealed the CARES Act wasted $26 billion in tax-payer funds on improper payments... Thi…’re told that schools can't re-open because of "social distancing requirements,” But, this is perfectly fine? 🤔
.@TPPatriots has partnered with healthcare professionals across America to encourage schools to reopen this fall.
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsLet's be perfectly clear here: The American people are NOT ashamed of our country, We do NOT support or condone k…"Masks for thee, but not for me..." - Dr. Fauci, probably🚨 NEW POLL on "Cancel Culture" 🚨 49% of Americans believe "Cancel Culture" has had a negative impact on society,…
Retweeted by Tea Party PatriotsMedia fear-mongering says stay inside, it isn't safe to leave the house... But, the science says it's time to re-o…
"To avoid endangering children, Re-open schools now..." via @JennyBethM Yesterday, the Senate voted on Bernie Sanders' plan to cut the Pentagon budget by 10%... Radical progressiv…'s the price tag for @JoeBiden's socialist vision? $10 trillion in tax-payer funds. More than double the prop…