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The highlight of my day.
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacekpizza is so fucking hard to make. it should cost $1,000 a slice. the dough is so sticky. goddamnit. how do you get…
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@ikirigin Aha, that makes sense, sorry, I didn’t see the context. @ikirigin Doesn’t that assume uniform testing levels across all those countries?Congrats to the DarkSky team. These guys built a great app, and didn't sell their souls or your data like all the o…
Retweeted by Thomas PtacekAchievement unlocked: no longer on oxygen! We tapered it down gradually after I was extubated last week, and last n…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek“This was the first time that I’d been prompted to give this subject any thought whatsoever. I sent a quick reply two minutes later.” @Herodedalus I told you! @RISmithIII @AsherLangton I mean I guess that’s true? But what meaningful difference can there be between oil and m… @RISmithIII @AsherLangton If that were the point, then you wouldn’t need mayo; you could just use olive oil. But bu… @Herodedalus TS3 also p. strong. But Ratatouille is one of their few unimpeachable movies. @Herodedalus what it’s the best pixar movieIssue polling just isn't very informative. It presents unconstrained choices, while elections present constrained choices.
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @AsherLangton I don’t even understand the logic of it. Mayo basically turns back to oil the moment it touches heat. @leftside @Pinboard Insurance companies account for ~10-15% of our total spend. Paying providers close to the same…
@peterhoneyman @stevecheckoway @tqbf you may not change your state but we’re changing your state of mind peter and you know it.
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @stevecheckoway It is indeed. This will happen to you hmm once every other year.This is how far back we have to put the swab to test you for #COVID19. You might want to follow medical recommend…
Retweeted by Thomas PtacekThis is savage. You won’t learn anything from it, but it is fun. remember that @TwitterSafety did nothing when Elon Musk and President Trump both told millions of followers…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @whet You’ll have to fight me and Adia for it. @ejptacek I’ve read a couple interviews of his; Brett Easton Ellis sticks out? And I listened to his podcast. But I… @ejptacek b/c he’s a strong interviewer or b/c he’s total garbo? @ejptacek Wait wait read me in to what I’m supposed to think of Chotiner. @nikitab @cryptodavidw @justsomeschmoe I don’t know what the weird Twitter rules for who sees random pairs of peopl…
@miketracy @justsomeschmoe I regret that I have but two eyes to roll. @miketracy @justsomeschmoe You are sitting alone in your living room yelling into a screen and you can’t even keep…, I learned last night over Zoom drinks that ya'll're baking so much that there's a shortage of yeast?! I, y…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @miketracy @justsomeschmoe (woosh) @miketracy @justsomeschmoe If I could be in a room with your right now without possibly killing you, since you’re a… @miketracy @justsomeschmoe He already apologized, but you don’t care, about the word or, really, your niece, becaus… @justsomeschmoe @miketracy How America is supposed to handle this stuff is that we fuck it up calamitously for a fe… @justsomeschmoe @miketracy I honestly couldn’t give less of a fuck about anything but ventilators, masks, and test… @justsomeschmoe @miketracy I don’t blame Trump for this and, since I have lots of family in the high-risk category,… @miketracy @justsomeschmoe What happened to you? @miketracy @justsomeschmoe Are you really at a place in your life where your reaction to someone telling you that s… @miketracy @justsomeschmoe Which word? I don’t know how better to respond to someone losing an acquaintance.Holy shit @bobotjones is churning out masks at an alarming rate. @justsomeschmoe @miketracy I’m very sorry. That fucking sucks. @miketracy Add up every KIA and every disaster fatality over the last 60 years and see what number you come up with. @miketracy The person you voted for is setting the bar for himself at 100,000 fatalities. @miketracy You know a lot of people that died of the flu in the last 10 years? Yeah, neither do I. @miketracy Watch the video. And you couldn’t be more wrong about the flu. We’re at 2000 deaths, doubling every 3 da… @miketracy You honestly don’t believe a video of Trump talking if CNN is in the chyron? @miketracy What “graphic”. I gave you a video of President Trump talking. @miketracy This pandemic will likely kill more Americans than every war we’ve been involved in and every natural di… @miketracy Look at this idiot. If this were Iraq and he was talking about a soldier, you’d be asking for his head.… @Herodedalus Paying attention to his tweets is harming that goal. @Herodedalus @VP Getting you to react to the dumbest, most superficial possible rando takes is exactly why he keeps tweeting like this.Can the mayor of New York be recalled? @miketracy You lost me with the first sentence but got me back with the second. @miketracy You can be a complete dipshit at times, but I’ve never called you an “enemy of the people”. Look at what… @miketracy I wouldn’t want to answer it if I were you either. If I donate to KUOW, am I an “enemy of the people”? @miketracy Answer the question I asked.Go check the temperature of your fridge with an accurate thermometer. It should be below 40°F at the top or warmest…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @miketracy How many of those dollars did your taxes pay, Mike? @miketracy Over 92% of KUOW’s funding is private. Zero dollars of it came from you. They should stop accepting any… @miketracy Your tax dollars at work. :) @miketracy lol @miketracy You are demonstrating no actual understanding of how public radio is funded. But also: you are dunking o… @miketracy And yet you chose to dunk on a college radio station. @miketracy I don’t think you know what that word means. @miketracy (Public radio stations aren’t tax-funded, not that any of this matters) @miketracy You are finding week-old tweets from college-operated radio stations to dunk on. You need better goals.A quick update on my status (aka reports of my death on a bunch of random “fake news” websites in the Philippines h…
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This graph has been making the rounds today on the effect of masks at reducing #SARSCoV2 #HCoV19 #COVID19
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@Sc00bzT That’s great news. Everyone on Slack is worrying about you.
.@gofundme & @Yelp It is unconscionable of you to create a page for my restaurants trying to take advantage of th…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @DemocraticLuntz That should be total, the last “new” figure I saw for NYC was much smaller.After over 10 months, another research project is out the door!
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It is not HELPING to have DNSSEC configured though, so the best course of action is to remove it from your config. @miketracy @POTUS People are poisoning themselves with aquarium cleaner because of his tweets. Even Tucker Carlson… @miketracy I’m just saying you don’t have much to worry about from the zero socialists who read what you write here. :)
See? Not so easy, is it?
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @bleidl @4Dgifts @ClimateAudit Yup, that makes sense. @bleidl @4Dgifts @ClimateAudit It seems like we’ll know more soon, regardless, because the protocol is being used in some NYC hospitals. @miketracy Yeah, long list of socialists following you to get a slice of your Fox News wisdom. ;) @miketracy No?
British Airways, which has already cancelled my return flight from Scotland, is sending me cheerful messages about… epidemic of armchair epidemiology is happening @NYTimes, first @DrDavidKatz, now @tomfriedman decide to opine on…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @miketracy President’s performance here must really be freaking you out for you to be trying to hard to keep that some happier dimension, this would be an Onion headline
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Have you managed to take your own temperature yet? @constantlydumb @Mattyteehee @bdragon74 @peterawolf Please untag me? Thanks. @SecretBaboon @DarrellColema20 @randomrussianb2 @Herodedalus @peterawolf Please untag me, thanks.Left Twitter: lol nobody will vote for Biden lol Biden: *wins SC* Left Twitter: lol Biden has dementia lol Biden…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @KirinDave Pretty sure he’s out of sight because he’s simply the presumptive nominee, not an officeholder with any… is my favorite comedy all weekend. Look how mad.
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek28. Lastly on this point, I hate to go all MS-PAINT on you, but....
Retweeted by Thomas PtacekThere is not a flight I have ever been on where I did not fantasize about doing exactly this thing.
OK. a) best Twitter thread ever. B) goes on so long it'll get you through a significant chunk of the next few w…
Retweeted by Thomas PtacekSeriously. There are a fair number of us who have sat on both sides of the research/practice divide, for both secur…
Retweeted by Thomas PtacekExtremely work in progress graph, data from
Retweeted by Thomas PtacekThere are theatrical wardrobe shops that can knock these out in virtually every US City. Say the word and we’ll fir…
Retweeted by Thomas Ptacek @codinghorror @Pinboard @cathaypacific I bought expensive product. They failed to deliver it. If I went and bought… @LawyerLiz Not at the moment.Mood. @codinghorror @Pinboard @cathaypacific British Airways is offering us this. The whole thing is incredibly skeevy. @Pinboard @cathaypacific Same thing just happened to us with British Airways to Scotland.