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My mom passed away on Thursday because of Covid-19 & I’m just finding out now that I'll be homeless. I'm unemployed…
Retweeted by trin 🐥im in love w eren yeagerim freezinyes i just dyed my hair blacklistenin to that frank😌a homeless man froze to death outside my work a couple weeks ago
Retweeted by trin 🐥the feminism leaving my body when donttrustme by 3oh!3 comes on
Retweeted by trin 🐥 @jaylafawcett bruh i dont even know 😭😭😭bulma rights
Retweeted by trin 🐥 @raven_kiara doing the most😭😭wow i didnt even think of this zendaya she made me bella😭😭 actually hate jules?????? i see ANYBODY calling jules “toxic” or saying she’s the “villain” after this episode... #euphoria
Retweeted by trin 🐥bro how did my mom just make me alice???
it is time
this song just makes me happy ong bernie was at bella and edward's wedding?????
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brb crying to twilight againPlaying some League of Legends :pโอ้ย655555555555 อิสัส อยากได้ รูกกุต้องไปเป็นโกะโจเซนเซย์
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@SamjaySJ pls😭😭😭😭yes i am sexcwatching attending anime for a 1-hour 10 hours class. straight
Retweeted by trin 🐥i cant even read the time on it😭 @tagwayFYM what race war😭 @tagwayFYM what even is the offer😭😭how i be alone in my house after watching the night stalker documentary
Retweeted by trin 🐥 @tagwayFYM @RUNITBAKCTURBO7 for what 😀 @MarcoAnimeGFX pickles are the best pls stopthis was very delightful. she is very delightful.
Retweeted by trin 🐥none they all staying on it 😀 still thinking abt levi from yesterdays ep :Dso true bestie
Retweeted by trin 🐥MISS ALYSONNNNNNNNNNNN IM SO IN LOVE W YOU😃💕 LOVE CAMI AND KLAUS😭😭 but homies so scared of love :,)like they seem like two completely different people i dont know i just canti dont know why i still cant convince myself that rachel mcadams plays regina george @tagwayFYM hiPlaying some League of Legends :p
@X_POOKZ dont lie to me like that😭😭😭yeah dis the oneQT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. selfies are not allowed. it can be old or new but ideally one… brash be on something different bruh @quenblackwell sometimes i really forget ur only a couple months older than me 😀sometimes i forget that people dont share every detail about themselves like i do :D @Bracegleibtreu right!! @Bracegleibtreu YES!!! this is the exact drama i really wanna know about!can we please get a podcast from the mid-late 2000s disney stars and talk about all the drama pleaseeeeebro freya is so annoying🙄🙄 #toSomebody in the comments said his pronouns are he/he lmfaoooooooooooooo
Retweeted by trin 🐥This you?
Retweeted by trin 🐥this car kinda sexy animation is so good i dont know wtf theyre talking abt @gtgclaire i love you🥺🥺🥺my bestie gorgeous wtf
Retweeted by trin 🐥 @tidallrs thank u queen 💓 @GFthatfixates ty bby💕💕💕 @GDinhiero thank you g💕💕💕💕Quick Clash :p !! O_O ^-^ @cl0udluvr um yes but im broke rn :D
LEVI ENDING THE EPISODE???? AS EXPECTED BY HUMANITY’S STRONGEST SOLDIER💅🏼🗣 it’s pleasing me and my girls, we love t…
Retweeted by trin 🐥LETS GOOOOOOO @koswastaken honestly only get one you know you really want bc it is gonna be there forever (unless you pay to get… @koswastaken my sisters birth years!! @koswastaken these are all my tattoos :D want another tattoo 😀i did a face mask the other day and the next morning i woke up w 3 pimples im still upset @UnicornNextDoor thank you queen🥺🥺💕 @SamjaySJ very epic gamer momentsome pics from yesterday :3
Some Ranked Solo Queue :p !! O_O ^-^
okay davina is soo annoying in TOFirst week of practice in 2021✔️🦁
Retweeted by trin 🐥im breaking out and im very upsethey this was me like 2 hrs ago
@reubxjose @MarqVsTheWorld @KamcoonBoi i mean its easier but its way hard for me to focus and stay disciplined with onlineonline school was never for me these semesters are not passing the vibe checks @KamcoonBoi honestly felt thathow y’all doing
Quick Ranked Solo Queue :p !! O_O ^-^
Retweeted by trin 🐥🥺👉🏽👈🏽the moon sent u to me
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@angelkyrius forrealllllll
YOOOSOSCSJSBDJDBGSHD THIS EP OF AOT HOLY FUCKDVSHDBJDDim live come vibe!!!! Ranked :p !! O_O ^-^ jungkook the undercut
Retweeted by trin 🐥now i got 10 W and 2 L i believei played one game and it was the first game i lost so far BABAHAHAHAH
Climbing Ranked :p !! O_O ^-^