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A clearly displeased Speaker Lindsay Hoyle says the way the govt has legislated for coronavirus is “totally unsat…
Main takeaways from CMO Michael McBride & CSA Ian Young: - if infection rate here continues, there'll be 1,000 case… says @niexecutive is considering “a menu of interventions” if the infection rate doesn’t start to fall. @terrybrennan82 @OpinionLine96 @Corks96FM Congratulations! Great news.Former publican @PatCatney says the "major flaw" in the new restrictions is the fact that off-licences are not bein… “We want to avoid more stringent measures.  But we have been clear from the outset of this pandemic… the concern that the earlier closing will lead to more socialising at home, @DUPleader says house parties are already illegal here.Weddings and other social events will be included in the new restrictions @DUPleader says.Confirmed: @DUPleader tells @niassembly @niexecutive from midnight on Wednesday the hospitality sector including pu… appears @niexecutive has decided to impose a last-orders-at-10.30-doors-closed-at-11 curfew. Pub owners won't be…
BREAKING: Queen’s University reveals around 100 students are self isolating in 3 building at its Elms Halls of Resi…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeAsked about the problems around student housing in the Holyland @CaralNiChuilin says her Dept will look at giving e… says she regrets some students have been suspended because of their behaviour in the Holyland. Sends he… asks why the Assembly was not informed about the failure to appoint a new Head of the NICS, saying MLAs… update. 51 people in hospital. 6 in ICU on ventalitors
Retweeted by Tracey MageeDUP's @JBuckleyMLA criticises @gerrykelly for asking a question about anti-sectarianism. Says the SF MLA issued a "… asks @DUPleader if the pro-EU Executive parties undermined the Covid health message when they travell…
I’m hearing there won’t be an announcement on the curfew for pubs at today’s ministerial press conference.BREAKING: Level three restrictions could be imposed on Donegal as early as this evening. Incorporeal cabinet meeting to consider it
Retweeted by Tracey Magee.@StephenFarryMP describes the chancellors announcement as a “lifeline” but says there are gaps for those working i… @RishiSunak also to extend business loans as well as the the temporary VAT cut for hospitality until next March.The chancellor announces the creation of the Jobs Support Scheme which will top up the wages of workers who are on shorter hours.“It is fundamentally wrong to keep people in jobs that only exist in the furlough” says the chancellor @RishiSunak
.@eastantrimmp says the govt’s ‘scare tactics’ on COVID will have an immediate impact on high streets, the hospital… Leo Varadkar is restricting his movements. Yesterday he was informed that he was a close contact of someo…
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Did I actually try to say “epidemiological landmass” on live TV. Seriously??.⁦@moneillsf⁩ says she accepts the messaging is confusing given that pubs are reopening while stricter restrictions… Coronavirus rules for England; 1. Work from home if possible 2. Hospitality to close at 10pm 3. More guidance…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeSources say both @DUPleader & @moneillsf raised the extension of the Furlough Scheme & other financial supports wit… & @moneillsf have finished the COBR meeting with @BorisJohnson & the Scottish & Welsh First Ministers.
BREAKING: All pubs, bars and other hospitality will have a 10pm closing time from Thursday in England, with table s…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeBREAKING: I understand @niexecutive have agreed to introduce the restrictions announced last week across all of N…"Big decisions have to be taken in order to preserve lives and livelihoods" described the scenes at yesterday's GAA match as a "disappointment" & "concerning". Adds there are no winners.The decision facing the @niexecutive is, given the rise in Covid cases, should the localised restrictions announced… minister @RobinSwannMoH says there is now a greater emphasis on enforcing CV19 regulations in the Holyland.… update: 125 new positive cases last 24 hours. No deaths reported. Highest number of hospital admissions in months, 33
Retweeted by Tracey MageeSo as @niexecutive prepare to hold an emergency meeting on the CV19 situation later today @DUPleader & @moneillsf a…
@ohagan_tom High praise indeed! ThanksSo the Executive has decided to push back the opening of "wet pubs" to Sept 23rd. Also hearing that BT60 is to be a…
The Alliance leader @naomi_long on what she knew about the IM Bill 👇👇 suspect @BrandonLewis will now go home to lie in a darkened room after a two hour pummelling from @CommonsNIAC.@SteveAikenUUP says the UUP did know about the IM Bill 👇’s Ian Paisley asks will the trade between NI & GB be frictionless going both ways. @BrandonLewis says he hopes… clear position from @moneillsf 👇 spells out what he was told by @BrandonLewis about the IM Bill 👇👇 asks @BrandonLewis if the negotiations break down could there be a return to some sort of checks a… also disagrees with @BrandonLewis’s claim he told the NI parties that the government is prepared to bre… @Tracey_utv @BrandonLewis About the breach he was intending to make. Obviously, like other parties we responded to…
Retweeted by Tracey Magee.@BrandonLewis says he spoke to the parties in NI about the IM bill, @ClaireHanna says she can say with confidence…’s @ClaireHanna asks @BrandonLewis whether he understands the “anxiety, unease & instability” in NI over what his government is doing.Will the government abide by the ruling of the arbitration process on the implementation of the NI Protocol even i… on who authored the line that the Internal Market Bill breaks international law @BrandonLewis says it came f… confirms his answer last week was not an off the cuff remark but read straight from his notes howeve… chair Simon Hoare asks why did the government sign up to the NI Protocol if it had the potential to t… repeats @BorisJohnson’s position that the Internal Market Bill is a safety net which probably won’t be needed.Government Position(s) on the IMB and International Law; B Lewis: It breaks international law. Priti Patel: It doe…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeGiving evidence to @CommonsNIAC @BrandonLewis says the answer he gave last week to MPs that the govts internal mark…
.@duponline statement on Ian Paisley says the event was not organised by the party & that he cooperated fully with… The Electoral Commission has fined Ian Paisley £1,300 for a "failure to return impermissible donations". It re…
Asked about @eastantrimmp's claim that @DUPleader argued against stricter CV19 restrictions the First Minister says… says the Executive is not scaremongering over CV-19 & says NI now faces a tipping point in the spread of the virus..@DUPleader says the EU must stop using NI to get its own way. "We are not the plaything of the EU, " she adds.Sir Keir Starmer is self-isolating as a member of his family has shown Covid-19 symptoms. They have been tested and…
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@Conor1971 @UTVNews Did you miss the bit whereby I didn’t do a report on @utvnews?
@skydavidblevins Congratulations Grandpa xx
So main takeaways from today’s @niexecutive meeting: # schools to reopen full time to all pupils # face coverings t… Dept of Health estimates the R number in NI at 0.8 - 1.8
So sorry to hear the news about Brian Black. He was an old hand in the newsroom when I started as a cub reporter. He was always a gentleman.
From humble beginnings to architect of peace, John Hume's remarkable contribution is recalled in his own words and…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeJoint statement from ⁦@DUPleader⁩ & ⁦@moneillsf⁩ on the death of John Hume. SDLP leader John Hume has died at the age of 83. Mr Hume, who was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his eff…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeBREAKING: John Hume has died.
DUP Deputy leader Nigel Dodds is to become a Life PeerThree podiums for the post-NSMC press conference. @MichealMartinTD, @DUPleader & @moneillsf taking questions. This… ⁦@MichealMartinTD⁩ greets ⁦@DUPleader⁩ & ⁦@moneillsf⁩ as they meet in Dublin the first North South Minist…
.@DUPleader insists there is no threat to her leadership
NEW: Victim's Commissioner Judith Thompson has not had her contract renewed.
Interesting ... the 11 abstentions on the Executive Functions Bill were all DUP MLAs. The Bill has gone through on… Assembly has voted in favour of the Executive Functions Bill 58 to 11. And 11 MLAs abstained.NEW: Boris Johnson warns of a second wave of coronavirus in Europe. "Let's be absolutely clear about what's happen…
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Asked if people returning from Spain will have to use their annual leave to cover the compulsory 14 day quarantine,… says the Executive has met to discuss what additional support can be given to those who are returni…
.@DUPleader & @moneillsf will also write to the British & Irish govts to ask for a special summit of the British Ir… to be clear wearing face masks WILL become mandatory in shops in NI from August 1st, but the @niexecutive has ag… On traveI restrictions the @niexecutive has agreed to remove the advice that international travel has to be deemed "essential"Also agreed by the @niexecutive from July 24: spectators allowed at outdoor sporting venues; re-opening swimming… The Stormont Executive has agreed it will give the Health minister legal powers to make wearing face masks com… latest round of Brexit negotiations have concluded with David Frost, the UK's negotiator, saying "considerable gaps remain."
.@gavinrobinson asks when @BorisJohnson will make a decision on extending maternity leave impacted by the pandemic.…
.@eastantrimmp has waded into the travel row... Environment Agency was made aware about the illegal dump off the Crumlin Rd on June 11th. It served notice on th…
Retweeted by Tracey Magee.@LeoVaradkar asks questions about the need for a so-called 'green list' In NI this is also a live debate... assures the NI Assembly the illegal dump in north Belfast which has attracted rats and flies will b…
Bit of confusion about when the new travel rules will take effect. I'm told the regulations will be changed tonight… joint #COVID19 press conference at Stormont once again. Waiting in Fermanagh to hear from @DUPleader on the late…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeThese decisions have been brought forward to tomorrow. 👇👇's the list of countries which I understand will be given the green light to travel to NI without quarantine re… sources say the @niexecutive has agreed to waive quarantine restrictions for those travelling into NI from…