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Politicians signing the book of condolence for Seamus Mallon in the Great Hall in Parliament Buildings & @DianeDoddsMEP greet EU negotiator @MichelBarnier as he arrives at Stormont Castle negotiator Michel Barnier arrives at Stormont Castle for his meeting with @moneillsf & @DianeDoddsMEP
.@columeastwood has paid tribute to Seamus Mallon who has died aged 83. In a statement the SDLP leader says he was “a force of nature”
Statement from Stormont Speaker @AlexMaskeySF on the controversial MLAs pay rise. Says he’s encouraged by the cons… on Stormont salary-gate: parties have agreed not to interfere in the IFRP's independent ruling, instead they…
Latest from the leaders of the five main Stormont parties...'s Sir Jeffrey Donaldson welcomes assurances from @BorisJohnson there will be unfettered access for goods travel… also says no 👇👇 confirm all of its MLAs will donate their £1000 pay rise statement: party is totally opposed to the MLA pay rise
Breaking:£215 million Money Laundering Racket proceeds of crime drugs, prostitution, protection rackets
Retweeted by Tracey MageeLast night's show is available to watch again here: With @conormurphysf on Stormont's big money problems and analy…
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.⁦@conormurphysf⁩ had written to the RHI chair Sir Patrick Coghlin to ensure the publication of his report is free…
There’s busking... and then there’s Belfast. (Dublin and Belfast have the finest street musicians on planet Earth.…
Retweeted by Tracey Magee.@BorisJohnson would only say @JulianSmithUK had a “bright future” when I asked him on Monday if he would be stayin…
Welcoming movement on the health workers strike @RobinSwannUUP says he’s hoping workers will see the money in thei… The Royal College of Nursing has announced the suspension of strike action in Northern Ireland.
Retweeted by Tracey Magee @JulianSmithUK @ConorMcGinn @columeastwood @GregClarkMP DUP's Gregory Campbell says he hopes SF will not abuse the… @JulianSmithUK @ConorMcGinn @columeastwood Con MP @GregClarkMP praises @JulianSmithUK for his "patience, diplomacy,… @JulianSmithUK @ConorMcGinn .@columeastwood says there's a gap between the commitments in the deal & the financial… @JulianSmithUK .@ConorMcGinn presses @JulianSmithUK on the money available. SoS points out NI gets 20% more money than elsewhere. @JulianSmithUK .@JulianSmithUK says he's "disappointed" the Stormont parties have already ruled out water charges.… NI Sec Tony Lloyd says @JulianSmithUK must do better in terns of the financial package. Says deal could be f… statement on the financial package: “it would be absurd to squander still scarce resources on vanity… for a good day for our health service today. A sincere & personal thanks to everyone involved in yesterday…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeLet’s remember MLAs have been off work 3yrs at a cost of £15m+ in salaries. There will be a new deal for NI as it l…
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Statement from @conormurphysf describing govt’s financial package as “woefully inadequate” in full.... will point out £1billion of the money is from Barnett consequentials. In other words... it would be coming to NI anyway.BREAKING: Govt has confirmed the financial package for the new Stormont deal will total £2 billionBREAKING: Health Unions say they are closer to calling off strike after day of intense negotiations at Stormont. More @UTVNews
Retweeted by Tracey MageePointed statement from @conormurphysf after @eastantrimmp tells the Belfast Telegraph the new Finance minister shou… says nothing in the new Stormont deal will prevent the government from legislating to prevent former…
Joint ministerial press conference on the health dispute. All ministers keen to say the parties are standing togeth… says pay parity for health workers has now been achieved and he now hopes the unions will end their industrial action.IT’S OFFICIAL
Retweeted by Tracey MageeNew Education minister @peterweirmla announces 18 schools are to benefit from the School Enhancement Programme - to… now calling opposition leaders to tell them of February 8th polling day. Telly oppo an announcement within the hour. @IrishTimes
Retweeted by Tracey MageeStatement from Health minister @RobinSwannUUP on the heath pay dispute. Expected at 12.40..@JimAllister says the appointment of the Principal Deputy Speaker is "vanity" & says he will oppose it.First warning from Speaker @AlexMaskeySF. Accuses @ColinSDLP of insulting him.SDLP & Alliance says they will oppose the election of the Principal Deputy Speaker position because it confers no s… Committee chairs: Justice @paulgivan Economy @CArchibald_SF Communities @PaulaBradleyMLA Health Colm Gilderne… from Dublin...
.@conormurphysf says after discussions with @JulianSmithUK on the financial package to the new Stormont Executive t… about @JulianSmithUK’s future as NI SoS, @BorisJohnson praises him & says he has a “bright future”Today is not just about money it’s about leadership, @BorisJohnson says.@borisjohnson says now is the chance to deliver on health, education & safe streets.
Separate statements from @BorisJohnson and @LeoVaradkar on the restoration of the Stormont Assembly, describing it… new Stormont Executive: @DUPleader @moneillsf @naomi_long @gordonlyons1 @DeclanKearneySF @DianeDoddsMEP nominate Edwin Poots for AgricultureUlster Unionist Party nominate Robin Swann for HealthSDLP nominate Nichola Mallon for InfrastructureSF nominate Deirdre Hargey as Communities MinisterDUP nominate Peter Weir as Education ministerSF nominate Conor Murphy as Finance ministerDUP nominate Diane Dodds as Economy minister.@naomi_long confirmed as Justice ministerJunior ministers confirmed as @gordonlyons1 & @DeclanKearneySFBoth @DUPleader & @moneillsf speak of reconciliation in their opening speeches..@DUPleader & @moneillsf confirmed as First & Deputy First ministers.First out of the blocks.... three men elected as Deputy Speakers with cross-community support @CStalfordMLA, @patsymcglone @roybeggs.Now it's Deputy Speaker: Nominations are: DUP Christopher Stalford UUP Roy Beggs SDLP Patsy McGloneBig call for @DUPleader to support SF's nomination for Speaker. Alex Maskey is duly elected.DUP support SF's Alex MAskeyFirst item of business the election of Speaker. SF nominate Alex Maskey,vUUP nominate Roy Beggs, SDLP nominate Patsy McGloneSDLPs @columeastwood says today is not a day for celebration it’s a day to get back to work @SteveAikenUUP says his party will go into the Executive
Latest from the Alliance Party... Assembly to meet tomorrow at 1pm to elect a new ExecutiveStatement from @JulianSmithUK: “A devolved government can now start delivering the reforms needed in our public ser… says his party WILL go in to governmentBREAK: SF says it’s going back into government.Statement from the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland on the two governments deal. It’s a no 👇👇 shall be handing myself over to the grammar police for the gross offence of a misplaced apostrophe. Deeply indebt… Language groups describe the proposed new deal as an historic advancement for the Irish language community bu… says he spoke to Mary Lou McDonald this morning and there is a ‘real chance’ of having the Northern insti…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeAfter talks with @JulianSmithUK @columeastwood says the financial package on offer is a very significant amount of… TALKS: AFTER THREE YEARS - NEW LIGHT THROUGH OLD WINDOWS - my latest here... via…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeSDLP says it will meet @JulianSmithUK this morning to discuss a number of outstanding issues including financial co… says he will only hold a sitting of the Assembly if the parties say they have reached agreement. @DUPleader
Press conference by @JulianSmithUK & @simoncoveney outlining the governments deal. Text to be published soon.’s coming... leaders met with the parties tonight. They say they’ve encouraged the parties to do the deal. Say the mee… Jeffrey Donaldson says the DUP will be discussing the deal with the party internally. Says the DUP is working t… talks insider says the smaller parties have NOT been given the talks paper at 5.Alliance partys Kellie Armstrong says they’re getting the paper at 5 o’clock.SDLPs @NicholaMallon says her party is frustrated they have not seen the deal which has been shown to the DUP & SF.… MLAs meeting at 4pm. Some MPs also in Parliament Building. Smaller parties still in Stormont House waiting for briefing.
Retweeted by Tracey Magee.@moneillsf says Monday is a real deadline’s Mike Nesbitt says there’s no more to be said to the parties than is it a yes or a no. The negotiations are ov…
STORMONT TALKS: A REFEREE WITHOUT A WHISTLE - my latest from the political hill... via…
Retweeted by Tracey MageeWaiting....
.@RobbieButlerMLA says there is a “lack of intensity” in the talks at present TALKS: IN A TWILIGHT ZONE - my latest here... via @EamonnMallie - @KenReid_utv
Retweeted by Tracey MageePacked room as Sinn Fein leadership update members on the current state of the Stormont talks