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Traci Lee @traciglee Los Angeles, CA

Journalist/writer/producer/exhausted. I make things. Past: @USCAnnenberg fellow, @NBCAsianAmerica editorial lead, @MSNBC digital, @dawsonsspeakpod ghost

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Priya Krishna, Rick Martinez, and Sohla El-Waylly will no longer be in Test Kitchen videos, as they announced on In…
Retweeted by Traci LeeExciting news to see. @jdbalart – we’ve come so far!
Championing @Nicolemarie_A was a no-brainer. She was – and is – a standout reporter and if you’re not following her…, I remember the tragedy in Oak Creek, WI, when a shooter with white supremacist ties opened fire at a #Sikh g…
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For roommates, families, quarantine pods? $30 to see Mulan is cheaper than a night to the movies anyway if you have…
Retweeted by Traci Lee @its_willyu lol aw – it would've been great to see it on a big screen... But this could be good for families who wa… is heading to Disney Plus on September 4th for an additional fee
Retweeted by Traci Lee @WillAtWork I vote for the finger guns then! I feel like when this is all over (if/when), I’ll have totally forgott… @WillAtWork I find myself nodding at people a lot when I pass them nowThe Census Bureau is ending efforts to count the country’s population on Sept. 30, a month sooner than planned. Abo…
Retweeted by Traci LeeAlso: DON'T SPOIL IT FOR ME, ANYONE, OR I WILL CRY. We are halfway through season 4.My sister and I are watching The West Wing for the first time and this moment made me gasp.
Student journalists! Applications are open for @propublica's emerging reporters program. You get a stipend, a mento…
Retweeted by Traci LeeWhile Broadway stages remain dark, many workers are finding ways to keep the lights on at home with side hustles. S…
Retweeted by Traci LeeI’ve run out of years to call it a “rebuilding” year 🤦🏻‍♀️
"Thanks for flying @SpaceX." 📍 Current Location: Planet Earth A 2:48pm ET, @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug splashe…
Retweeted by Traci LeeLol Spectrum won’t let me watch TV so I was legit watching this on TikTok before I switched to YouTube 🤷🏻‍♀️ US astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken return to Earth from the International Space Station on SpaceX's Cr…
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Today is #internationalalopeciaday! 👩🏼‍🦲 night only! We're coming back. Ask us your questions/talk to us now: #DawsonsCreek
Retweeted by Traci LeeConfirmed: Microsoft is in talks to acquire TikTok per a source familiar w the matter. TikTok is also in talks wit…
Retweeted by Traci Lee tonight’s first game in the bubble, the @SacramentoKings Twitter feed is sharing information about systemic…
@CAPEUSA @Parvesh Congrats @Parvesh!NEWS: President Trump will direct China’s ByteDance to divest its ownership of the popular U.S.-based music-video a…
Retweeted by Traci Lee @juliamoserrrr I did at my last job when hiring, but I will say that I've done multiple interviews w/ recruiters/hi… has adapted in an effort to keep students, staff and local communities safe during the pandemic. But as studen…
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👑 is just rude. @Synergy3k Ugh seriously. I’m just laying here waiting for another one because why not lol @Synergy3k I felt one aftershock @JacobMargolis Even though the magnitude was lower than last July’s series of quakes, this one felt more jarring –… don’t remember setting my alarm to “earthquake”.
Retweeted by Traci Lee#Glow star Betty Gilpin reacts to her Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy nomination: "I really can’t stress e…
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I’ve been following a kid on TikTok who’s been turning his neighborhood into a pumpkin patch and now he’s planting… a single nomination for Latinxs at the 2020 #Emmys, an important message is being shared:…
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@kevinjnguyen Right? Like, I respect nature but I am perfectly OK not sleeping in it!!Saving this TikTok to send to my outdoorsy friends in the future (cc @charlesnlam ⁦@GregoryYYee⁩)’s Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics #Emmys nom for “Eat Shit, Bob!” is amazing… MORNING TO SANDRA OH AND KERRY WASHINGTON!! Both actresses received #Emmys nominations this morning…
Retweeted by Traci Lee's a lot to unpack here.
It’s fine. This is fine. #KingsAllDay’s announcement of the #Emmys nominations comes at a moment of heightened attention to diversity and repres…
Retweeted by Traci Lee @WajahatAli Congrats!!yikes have tried to make fixes based on what they learned in 2016, but there’s only so much they can do to prev…
From papis strutting in high heels to apás joining in on skits to papas jokingly swearing in their accented English…
Retweeted by Traci LeeI don't want to discuss a(nother) sequel unless it comes with justice for Marco. are gathering in Alabama Sunday to remember the life of civil rights activist John Lewis, who died this mont…
Retweeted by Traci LeeNetflix rom-com sequels have got me feeling a very specific way about ships
Regis Philbin, the indefatigable and downright neighborly host of talk shows and game shows who spent more time in…
Retweeted by Traci LeeNeil Armstrong strums ukulele while in Mobile Quarantine Facility with Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins after Apollo…
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@feministabulous Congrats!#Folklore calmed all my anxieties, good night she gave us the lyric videos of all the songs 😭 #Folklore
Retweeted by Traci Lee @AlaminYohannes Those Avatar sequels... lol the first few years of my career, I encountered moments where I had to justify how I got where I am because, as… important thread that every person working in a newsroom - particularly those in positions of power - should rea… @angryasianman @charlesnlam @dawsonsspeakpod Ok that’s good to know! I’m only in season 2 and I really don’t want to be spoiled @charlesnlam @dawsonsspeakpod @MiaSpeier I'm in season 2! I can't believe I waited so long to watch it. It makes me miss living/working in DC.Can someone tell me if The West Wing Weekly is spoiler-free throughout the listen? I'm watching and deeply invested…
hi @nba now it’s your turn
Retweeted by Traci Lee @saba_h Listening party tonight, let's gooooWe love a comeback! @traciglee and I are BACK AT IT.
Retweeted by Traci Lee.@AlaminYohannes and I are reviving our podcast about revivals (and reboots and reunions)! New Apple Podcasts feed… @maerespicio Poking at clams and geoducks in in the live seafood area to see if they would spray water at me, and t… brain doesn’t know how to process this right now 😱 but how are we all sleeping on the fact that @tanfrance visited this motel last year for his YouTube channel?… check – 1, 2, 3... 👀
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Damn, these kids are so cool I think about this column on Barney Bush's "dog cam" legacy a lot
The Kwan family is deeply saddened by the terrible and shocking news that Michael, our son, brother, father, husban…
Retweeted by Traci LeeA sudden and shocking loss. My thoughts go out to his family, friends, and the communities he fought for. Judge Kw… commitment here to investigate how Hello Kitty can video chat with fans is truly top notch
@NishaChittal That's a big endorsement! Bookmarking thisCoronavirus cases are rising in 49 places across the U.S., an NPR analysis shows. Here's how much cases are up com…
Retweeted by Traci Lee @charlesnlam @StephBai @LakshmiGandhi @saleyley Sorry I made you all learn/use a dying/dead platform to project manage lol (+1)Google+ was probably always doomed from the start, but I still enjoyed this walk down memory lane., however, couldn't care less: @Adriana_Lacy Happy birthday!Denmark really loved us, until they didn’t @charlesnlam. Our rank history in the TV & Film category this month:
@scheng_ Yes! And I don’t need these characters to destroy each other in their quests to become better people @scheng_ I’m actively irritated by this ship. It pulls Ruth away from the ensemble and I hate it. Also, anything th… @scheng_ YEPI finally binged all of ‘Glow,’ and it’s great and I’m so happy except for one storyline that I hated (which critic… @prachigu Happy birthday!
@andrewaydin ❤️My favorite thing about John Lewis is that at ComicCon, he cosplayed as his younger self, wearing the same coat and…
Retweeted by Traci LeeRest In Peace, ⁦@repjohnlewis⁩. Here’s to good trouble. “We’ve come so far. We’ve made so much progress. But as…
Retweeted by Traci LeeTerrible loss: Civil Rights icon John Lewis has died after a struggle with pancreatic cancer. The Congressman becam…
Retweeted by Traci Lee @taylorweik Lmao sameI would like some candy
Retweeted by Traci LeeSusan Orlean drunk tweeting is a ride
In the age of social distancing, comedian Jenny Yang is turning to ‘Animal Crossing’ to perform her stand-up…
Retweeted by Traci Lee @lizchanmusic I'm so sorry ❤️In Los Angeles County, Pacific Islanders are dying at four times the rate of white people from COVID-19 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is receiving chemotherapy for a "recurrence of cancer." The treatment has led…
Retweeted by Traci Lee“I think the human heart is resilient and adorable.” 🥺