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Horror cheerleader; (she/her); LOHF; Sci Fi & Scary, @HorrorDNA, Rue Morgue (at times); Slush reader @apexmag ; Co-host on @unnervingbooks podcast

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@AlanBaxter @captain_stavros It will happen. And I will have a stack of books for you to sign😃 @AlanBaxter @captain_stavros Oh perfect!!! Bookmarked! @captain_stavros @AlanBaxter I read ebooks. I have lots of Alan’s books and will one day have a signed one. @AlanBaxter Omg US shipping 😂😩 @AlanBaxter 😂😂😂😂 @Toni_The_Reader @COQuinnWrites @sjgomzi @diovassallo @BarksBooks @Max_Stark8 @falln468 @kimnappi @el_stevie!!!🥺 @ericsmithrocks 💙💙💙💙 @Gabino_Iglesias 😩 @panavisionAE Tomlin. Eek @Gabino_Iglesias Is he up in TX this year or next? @panavisionAE Jane Fonda, Lily Tonkin, and Dolly Parton 😍 @panavisionAE You must now watch 9-5 to round out the experience @Gabino_Iglesias Makes me think of the students I’ve had with varying degrees of Tourette’s. Just sitting here getting more angry @anndcardinal @torteen Congratulations! @panavisionAE OH! I have seen that! But SO long ago. @panavisionAE Wait...I must Google. Bc that sounds familiar @Gabino_Iglesias I went to look. I wish I hadn’t. What a stain he is. @panavisionAE I don’t think I’ve seen that one!Freaking Burke, man 😡🔥 @WillItG Oh no! Is she okay otherwise? @panavisionAE I love her so much @Charrlygirl I love it! @shanedkeene @daronk77 @WellReadBeard Shane you need one of these @daronk77 @WellReadBeard That looks great! @SadieHartmann YES. Enjoy! @SadieHartmann Really looking forward to Malignant Summer. It’s a long one, right? @ExorcismEmily 😂❤️ @HillaryMonahan Oh, that one is SO good. @HillaryMonahan Yeah - I almost stopped watching after episode 1. I really liked The Ripper, though @JoshMalerman I re-watched Matrix awhile ago. I thought it held up. I’m having fun watching Ripley lay down the law at the momentRe-watch Aliens? Re-watch Aliens. & Scary is proud to present a reading of Witness Bearer. Written by @rjacksonjoseph, this story is in…
Retweeted by Tracy: Horror, please.IT'S TIME!!! The pre-orders for @ScifiandScary's body horror anthology, Twisted Anatomy, are LIVE!
Retweeted by Tracy: Horror, please.
@13visions I agree - one of my very favorite @MattFini books.Surprise mug mail! Thank you @casorensen - I love it🖤 @13visions @OffLimitsPress Always! I mean - this is so wonderful @AliSeay11 I’m in the middle of lasagna noodles but I’ll grab one soon! That @AliSeay11 Oh! I need a hard copy! @WeirdpunkBooks @AbramsWriter This sounds good! @nickdayonline @OffLimitsPress @13visions @SilentQDesign Won’t stop, no worries @OffLimitsPress I read all of the replies and here are some wonderful artists that aren’t there yet: @13visions @Gabino_Iglesias Ha! I have one more episode of NS. It’s not bad, but it’s so flashy I think? Eh, anyway, Ripper wr… @ScentFromHell I know this! But I can’t think 😂 @blacklionking73 Organic, even. @Massawyrm Congratulations!73% done with Twisted Anatomy, by Grace K. @AaronDries 😭😭😭😭 @HillaryMonahan I’m probably close to the same. VERY few close friends IRL @HillaryMonahan I feel like that’s this @RichardChizmar @TorNightfire @Catrionaward Enjoy! This one sounds wonderful @Gabino_Iglesias Thanks! Let me know how Orange City is. I already knew I needed Baxter’s and Carrington’s. They all sound good. @SWytovich Exactly. I’d say “that end!” but it’s the whole thing. @jasonpinter I want that book @Gabino_Iglesias Friend - the book that is upside down, can you share the title? Because of course I zoomed in and I must know.Amazon took forever to change some of the prices, so these titles will also be today's sale books!
Retweeted by Tracy: Horror, please. @GNutsofHorror 😂 @RedLagoe I just read yours earlier this week while cooking bacon and OH MY HELL THAT WAS A BAD DECISION 😩😂 @Penchant4Words Ahhh!!! It looks so good! @finding_montauk @GagKnifePodcast Excited for you! @Gabino_Iglesias I really liked it. More so than Nightstalker @sam_kolesnik @GrindhousePress Congratulations, Sam! I still think about several of these stories. @HaileyPiperSays You’re welcome, it was my pleasure🖤🖤🖤Today marks 1 year since BENNY ROSE, THE CANNIBAL KING released! To @SaraTantlinger @ClaireCWrites @GwendolynKiste
Retweeted by Tracy: Horror, please. @HaileyPiperSays @SaraTantlinger @ClaireCWrites @GwendolynKiste @horrorsong @UnnervingBooks HAILEY! ❤️. Happy Birth…
Retweeted by Tracy: Horror, please. @HaileyPiperSays Request sent! I used part of my regular request verbiage so apologies for the formality 🖤🖤 @BCDreyer Would a 12th grade classroom be a good home for this edition? @WillItG Better than I can do! I think it looks great @WillItG 😂😂😂😂 I love it! @AlexFromIA Oh. Look at his ears!! So cute. @megelison Man - I hoped they’d fix that with this one. That’s disappointing.And now I’m sad and going to look for more Bernies to cheer up. It works.Maybe I love all the Bernie memes because I miss my Grandpa. Sure wish they were still here. @megelison I do not have this service so I’m just watching through your tweets 🤷🏻‍♀️ @JonathanJanz @Shudder The beginning completely threw me and I was hooked. Did I just mix metaphors? 😂 @intelligentwat 😘😘😘 @ScentFromHell GORGEOUS! @intelligentwat I think you’re great, right now. In one of the discord groups I’m in, someone mentioned The Night S… @rjacksonjoseph I bookmarked it so I remember where to find it ! @rjacksonjoseph I love this for you! Congratulations. I need to read this. @RonaldKelly4 Wow! I love those covers.Oh. Hahahahah! @JRJ_Is_Probable That is pretty damn cool @MikeH5856 Excellent review, Mike. Thank you. @BarksBooks 🤐 @LOHFiction Is this like talking to myself? Huh.It’s been a busy day of prelim news. sales, shout outs, and other great news in the horror fiction world. I tried t…
@elisbaaron Whatever you need is fine with me :)Dearest horror community: I’m writing about how horror books/TV/movies can be therapeutic + I’d love to crowdsourc…
Retweeted by Tracy: Horror, please. @elisbaaron I don’t count myself as someone who has these things regularly, so I voted no; however, horror has alwa… @HightowerLaurel @brad_proctor HAHAHAHA😂Come watch a movie with us! @AtriaMysteryBus It’s not perfect but... @AtriaMysteryBus 😱😱😱 @xlilithcross @paulGtremblay I love reading books like this now 😍 @meringutang @GeorgeLilyn Oh I love it too. I’m 28 in my head in perpetuity. But COASTING?! 😐😂 @stevestred Well I had to go ahead and get a copy! Congratulations @meringutang @GeorgeLilyn I’m 41, almost 42. So I say 45. LILYN told me I was coasting down the hill. @MegaDeluxo Congratulations!