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Where are the figures today @DHSCgovuk ??? Did you think we’d forget? #COVID19This is stunning @Eleven_Films ... wish we had something like this in UK 🇬🇧 @CarolineHutt @PaulbernalUK @fuckngcrossant He’s right though, so save your faux outrage. @darrengrimes_ @ReasonedUK See your ‘TV’ career going straight down the 🚽 as it deserves too. You’re a grifter who… @IainDale Don’t have that racist little grifter on your show. @JamesCleverly You are very weirdly obsessed with @Keir_Starmer Mr Not So Cleverly. What is it about a one time mar… @FitzwilliamColl Good. Get rid of him. @LiamThorpECHO @NadineDorries @DHSCgovuk 🔥 get in the bin Doris. You’ve been owned again.. @GiselaStuart Sshhhhh you .. no one needs to hear what you have to say.. @_Sara_X8 @shahmiruk Grow up Sara. He’s a grifter & a thick as s**t grifter.... @hopenothate I have reported this. Grotesque piece of ‘film’ @darrengrimes_ @BBradley_Mans And they’re independent which your lot don’t seem to like! Pompous pr**k #GetDomGoneI feel so utterly depressed today. My hometown is listed as potential lockdown which means I can’t visit my mum, bu… @nick_clegg Sold your soul Mr Clegg...
@PaulEmbery @UKLabour Hey Paul. Nobody except Nazis like Claire Fox & Kate Hoey gives a shit about what you think.… @hmtreasury 176 people died yesterday. I’m sure this is comforting to their families & the 67,000 you’ve killed so far. @MartinaSassyTG @MGouldthorpe1 @miffythegamer Get an education.. @Old_Motherduck @rashmilove4 @LibmannSachs1 @RupertMyers Racist central.. old mother KKK @RupertMyers Look at the mentions. The horrific racism. Why you shared this with your own opinion inviting more racism is staggering to me. @GregHands Grow up. Starmer batters him week in week out. a success @BorisJohnson @MattHancock NOT! 176 more deaths, more families devestated. #ToriesLiePeopleDie @GabriellaSwerl @York_Minster @Telegraph Wow, bullying a house of god because you’re a crap journo caught out lying. Shame on you. @DrRosena 🔥Dr Rosena 👏👏 @nadimessa @NadineDorries She didn’t qualify as a nurse... yet another lie 🙄 @nadimessa @NadineDorries And let’s not forget her trip to the Jungle for ‘I’m a non celebrity’ when Parliament was… @nadimessa @NadineDorries That just made me howl laughing, so she’s a grubby grifter skimming taxpayers as well as a brown noser 😂😂 @GBdemocracyOne @NadineDorries Educate yourself.. @NadineDorries Real time scenes as Doris covers Boris’ lying arse #ToriesLiePeopleDie @cononeilluk @JamesCleverly He’s taken a phone call whilst driving & caused an accident... 🙄 @theJeremyVine All of the above @pritipatel @Conservatives @UKLabour Disgusting woman. #NotSoPriti @Jacob_Rees_Mogg And you moved your business to Ireland so you wouldn’t miss out on EU benefits. Tell me again, how… @salvinbox @LeaveEUOfficial @PaulEmbery You’re the idiot Kate Hoey loves. Get in the bin 🗑 you no mark. @BorisJohnson @TomTugendhat @johnsweeneyroar So do #Tory govts. 66,000 of them this year & still rising. @BrandonLewis @pritipatel Fascism is so unattractive... Crowing about restricting the life chances of people to fre… @JamesCleverly Oh you wish you were him, not so Cleverly.... @Murdoch__666 @lucyallan @BorisJohnson @Keir_Starmer Yes I have, my tax rate is my business, and yes I have lived u…
@feckitdotcom @theJeremyVine @netflix No apologies, sky documentaries.. 👍 @theJeremyVine @netflix Because it’s covered in the ‘at the Heart of Gold’ documentary on Netflix. @BorisJohnson Stop lying @100_more Glad you like it 😊 @LindseyGrahamSC @like_clarence @HfitzHazel @campbellclaret You need to f**k off... blocked @HfitzHazel @campbellclaret Unbelievable. Today Keighley & Wales has had to issue denials about COVID hotspots as… @campbellclaret Apparently not! @MattHancock can’t even spell the condition that he’s high fiving himself for on the announcement of a new vitally… @MattHancock @adamboultonSKY Cystitis? Can’t even f**king spell Cystic, you moron... @Jim_Jordan @JamesComer @GOPoversight You don’t have friends #Gym, just accomplices.. @MattHancock Resign liar @SebastianEPayne She’s right, so less of the sexism 👍 @JolyonRubs Wow! 🔥 @lucyallan @BorisJohnson This tweet is almost as scandalous as when you retweeted far right smears about @Keir_Starmer . Get in the bin 🗑 @DPJHodges Eh? 🤦‍♀️Embarrassing #BorisHasFailed #BorisMustGo @lewis_goodall Not govt... Cummings. It’s all his agenda.. @michaelgove Your dad denied it, so you’re a liar. @mrdanwalker No you let him waffle nonsense & spout lies. People have & are dying. Grow a pair & hammer them on eve…
@HouseForeignGOP You let troops be targeted & slaughtered, including British troops. @realDonaldTrump is a traitor… UK hardest hit in G7 by pandemic deaths England & Spain hardest hit in Europe Acc to analysis with…
Retweeted by Tracy @DailyCaller @nadimessa @darrengrimes_ @ReasonedUK Me thinks little #CrimesGrimes is losing his income base, so grifting like Farage... @darrengrimes_ @ReasonedUK You’re a grifting knob. Don’t play the ‘northern gay’ card, no- one gives a s**t. You’re… @mattgaetz Reported for threatening violence. @mrdanwalker @MattHancock Maybe you’ll ask him some challenging questions instead of just being a soft touch.. #justsaying @SteveQWilliams @oflynnsocial I’ll wait..... @SteveQWilliams @oflynnsocial That was my specialism so let’s go.... My dissertation in my degree was the Rise & Fa… @SteveQWilliams @oflynnsocial I have a masters in History. Sit down 🤡. @neontom69 And the world agrees... @SteveQWilliams @oflynnsocial Think Hungary, Think Poland. That’s what he said. This is the start of where they are… @Elizabe28594095 @massesawake @oflynnsocial Shut the door on your way out 👋Hi @MichelBarnier 👇these people are idiots & embarrassing. Apologies. @oflynnsocial He didn’t say that. I watched, stop lying @94buckland94 I’ll be there... @94buckland94 I know. I needed to hear her sing tonight. Thought I’d share with you my friend. 💕 @damocrat They should never be outside a supermarket in the rain 🌧. They deserve sofas ... @HandlinSimon @piersmorgan @GMB 🛎🔚Today has been work wise a little pants, so cheering myself up with this. Just for you @94buckland94 💕 @BorisJohnson You’re an embarrassment. #ResignThe Queen 👑 & that 👇I’m embarrassed to be British with that fool in ‘charge’ #BorisMustGo @piersmorgan @GMB Don’t indulge the child #CrimesGrimes He’s nothing to do so just trolling people. Anyway I’m a ne… @ukblm It’s Keir.. seriously 😐 @SebastianEPayne Just buy tRumps book. You’ll find echoes of Johnson there. @darrengrimes_ You reap what you sow.. #cryharder @miffythegamer That’s being too kind to her Miffy. I run a disability benefits charity & these ‘people’ are the pit… @Martina @Wimbledon We miss you Martina.. x @Jim_Jordan Paedophile enablers 🛎🔚 @andreajenkyns @cmackinlay @lrobertsonTewks @ladylilo2 You’re embarrassing @tiawills2 @nazirafzal @sweeterEm Oh not surprised.... Tea boy is one of Dom’s b**ches so predictable.. 🙄 @nazirafzal @sweeterEm They’re scared of him, so sending the tea boy to try & do a hit. @tomhfh He is more than you’ll ever be idiot boy....You’re all scared of him because he’s not a drunk, lying cheati… of this 👇 I’d say that’s one hell of a hangover @BorisJohnson #BorisJohnsonMustGo @SkyNews @ProfKarolSikora Stop having this fraud on! @pritipatel As if... you’ll be deporting a few more as soon as you can. Despicable woman. And the wrongs of the pas… @DPJHodges No it isn’t @MattHancock @JEGullis Pathetic...
Anything to say @DominicRaab ? Shameful. @lisanandy I hope you will forcefully pursue this.