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Tracy O'Shea @TracymOshea Nottingham UK

Animal welfare/rights. Women's issues. Mental health. Cat lover. Former Unison Branch Sec. Labour Party. Anti Brexit and hates the Tories. 🐱🌱vegan.

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@SycamoreFlint @heritageguit72 @DrewLawDesign 😅😅😅
@heritageguit72 @DrewLawDesign Hearing?! Is that a Northern thing ?😃😃 @DrewLawDesign I hadn't noticed..... @DrewLawDesign The staff must love you 🙄🙄 @florencerounda2 @DrewLawDesign Sorry! That was the only one I could think of 😃 @DrewLawDesign 1970? 🤔Just in case you didn't realise how fucked Capitalism is, we are bailing out the Queen.
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @Otto_English know I keep banging on about this but can anyone, in all seriousness, explain how Brexit is benefiting Britain or…
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaThis is better footage of Trump being heckled & booed. #VoteHimOut
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaWhom do you prefer?
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaHey leave voters - apart from making Kent part of France ...what are the tangible benefits of brexit ?
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DrewLawDesign 'Stuck in the Middle with You' Stealers Wheel 🎡TURN UP THE SOUND!! #VoteHimOut
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaYup!
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @slaveto5cats 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @WoodstoWaves @DrewLawDesign Nope! I'm sure it will be around for quite some time tbh 😆 @christiancalgie to download the @NHSCovid19app on my phone, an iPhone 6. Won't work. "This application requires iOS 13.5 or l…
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @JamesNathan_333 @DrewLawDesign I'll take anything where I can tbh @DrewLawDesign @SueVinc76251266 Gross! Detention ! @SueVinc76251266 @DrewLawDesign Ewww🤢🤢 @DrewLawDesign Again.... @Squawker67 @DrewLawDesign What! @DrewLawDesign Thank you! I feel suitability smug 😏 @DrewLawDesign 'Karma Police'. Radiohead @punkpotman @DrewLawDesign Impossible. This is unbeatable surely 🤣 people followed me and 7 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @MrsAitchBee @florencerounda2 @BorisJohnson Unfortunately I wouldn't expect anything from either of them 🤬So while This country is burning and @BorisJohnson is fiddling, his partner #carriesymonds is enjoy a fabulously ex…
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaGod above. This is terrifying. 😰
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @florencerounda2 Blatant corruption right there @Tim_McNulty @DrewLawDesign 😅😅 @DrewLawDesign The state of this Government @DrewLawDesign @RightArmOver3 If you're 5 @DrewLawDesign Ah yes...that Italian favourite. Spaghetti hoops 🙄 @DrewLawDesign Who sports the most idiotic haircut in the country?Me going to Kent without a permit
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DrewLawDesign 2020: Cases rising Infection spreading Testing can’t cope Govt talks about "common sense" Govt hesitates to…
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @YvonneBurdett3 Same sick rather than dog variety. Good start to the day 🙄 @DrewLawDesign Cleaned up cat sick/ washing on/ dishwasher emptied & refilled/ hoovered/ changed beds. Cup of Rosie Lee. Britain
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea
2020 @DrewLawDesign Goodnight! 😴 @DrewLawDesign Enjoy! I’m selling this stunning burr walnut desk and filing chest set to the highest bidder on eB…
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaHauliers will need a Kent Access Permit.
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaTo process 7,000 trucks over a 48 hour period would mean that one truck must be processed every 25 seconds? So the…
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DaveOnMyBoat @DrewLawDesign @moonhare77 Not me. But then I never did..... @twangit16 @DrewLawDesign 🤢🤮 @DaveOnMyBoat @DrewLawDesign I love your pragmatism 😊😊#opossum ♥️
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaA queue of 7,000 lorries you say? NOT PROJECT FEAR PROJECT : WE TOLD YOU - YOU FUCKWITS
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaPolice to stop lorries without permits entering Kent in new ‘internal border’ to stop lorries without permits entering Kent in new ‘internal border’
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @JohnWest_JAWS And this...
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea2 DAYS delay?? Are they insane?
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @JohnWest_JAWS Yes they are. That's the only conclusion I can come to quite franklyWill this country ever get back to normal again ? Seriously though Thatcher's tory party turned our siciety upside…
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaI think it’s fair to say that no leave voters in Kent can say they knew they were voting for this
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @miffythegamer Dear God but she is the fuc**ing limit. Vile individual 🤬🤬Let’s all crowd fund for this desiccated sack of fermented hatred to go on holiday. I was thinking of a nice weeken…
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @VicVA2 @doylie45 @fbpe_jojo77 Genius idea 👍No-deal Brexit will cost UK more than Covid, report finds
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaEngland's new Covid rules 'too little, too late' for the second time
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaEvery week the same confused expression from this idiot. #PMQs
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DaveOnMyBoat @DrewLawDesign Oh blimey. That doesn't sound good 🙁a lot of people criticise Brexit but it will deliver world beating lorry queues
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @fbpe_jojo77 Someone worked out that a queue of 7000 HGVs = about 90 miles 🤣🤣🤣40 children and 4 adults in my teacher daughters #school bubble. No social distancing just hand gel.. that’s it
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaBrexit is done and is -= more expensive food,medicines,fuel,taxes,holidays, air travel. Less jobs, less consumer ri…
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DaveOnMyBoat @DrewLawDesign I'll risk it 😃👍👍 @miffythegamer Ah....those sunlit uplands of queues of 7000 HGV's 🤣🤣🤣Superb!
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DaveOnMyBoat @DrewLawDesign Very kind of you i'm sure 😊 @DrewLawDesign @Mistywoman1 Fair point 👍 @DrewLawDesign Chew my own leg off @DrewLawDesign Mr Blobby. @DrewLawDesign 'Light my Fire'. The Doors 🚪 @lisaocarroll I wonder how long before this gem is removed.
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DrewLawDesign Nice work 👍👏 @DrewLawDesign Who makes me want to throw up? @DrewLawDesign 1955? 🤔 @YvonneBurdett3 There's a lesson to be learnt here 😅 @florencerounda2 Agreed! 😃 to Julia's world, where the over 60s aren't important.
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaJust remember. Whenever you see YouGov mentioned its 50% the work of this Tory tool. Nadhim Zahawi. He owns it. You…
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaA queue of 7 000 trucks. Average length of cab and trailer is about 22 metres. Overall length of queue (not even a…
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DrewLawDesign Sleazebag radio 4 this morning, we heard more clearly than ever that the government is listening to scientific advice. The…
Retweeted by Tracy O'SheaGreat work @safehaven4donks (-:)
Retweeted by Tracy O'Shea @DrewLawDesign 'It Must Have Been Love '. Roxette @DrewLawDesign I was just about to do the same. You've saved me a tea if you have any ? 🍵and a biccie? @julhat @DrewLawDesign I've stopped now. Peaked too early I think 😅 @PatrickBHenry @DrewLawDesign I don't think I'd cut the mustard tbh 🙄