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Loans Officer, RBS Social & Community Capital (registered charity number: 1079626). Please don't tweet personal details. All views are my own.

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@socentni @SocComCap thanks for sharing🥳 @SocComCap are offering seven £20,000 grants to allow organisations to develop projects that create direct social i…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson @socentni @SocComCap @JohnSocEnt @Mandymo4 @Cjstirling59 @darthurs86 @NOW_Group @USEL182 @Megan_SCC @UlsterBankNI you know we have a new #environmental category for social entrepreneurs leading the way in #sustainability for…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonCLOSING TOMORROW ⏰ #BackHerBusiness has £200,000 in prizes & funding to give away for 2020, funded by…
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📢 EXCITING NEWS! 📢 We're delighted to announce the @SocComCap 20th anniversary grants programme - a series of £20,0…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson"The communication and relationship we have with Social & Community Capital is key to our development" Jean Cumming…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonExciting news for those seeking financial support for innovative social impact projects!
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonJust over a week and a half to go to submit nominations, it would be great to hear your #socent success stories and…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonLooking forward to seeing the applications!
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonCan't wait to see applications to our new grants programme. Spread the word! 🥳
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonHow amazing!! 🎉Get your applications in & please share far & wide well within the UK TIA!!! 🙌 @communityRBS Beautiful but brrrrrrr
Jean Cummings saw an unanswered need for early intervention guidance services. She set up @CrisisCounsell to provid…
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@Kirsty1Thomson @thecircledundee Best meeting of the year and will be hard to top @SocComCapMegan took the @CalSleeper to #Scotland last night. A good night's sleep due to a #socent mattress @Glencraft1843
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In conversation @GabyRoslin with Alison Rose @CouttsandCo @PrincesTrust #Changeagirlslifecampaign
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonMeet and support new social ventures from @yearhere fellows at #Crowdbacker in London on 28 January. Find out more…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson… great event for #socent #procurement @DTAScot @ACOSVO @SocEntScot @Senscot @WL_SEN tickets…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson great event for #socent #procurement @DTAScot @ACOSVO @SocEntScot @Senscot @WL_SEN tickets… you know we've been supporting customers & communities for nearly 300 years? But as times change, so do the ne…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson.@CrisisCounsell has met the needs of over 40,000 people in Scotland, providing therapists for those with mental he…
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@thomas_haydn 😜My eldest living relative passed away today at the grand age of 82. #Cheers to this lovely lady Aunty Margaret (2nd… our #community partners @CaringCity & @Suzieq1402 ❤️ Their soft toy kangaroo delivery r #Glasgow & beyond…
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My week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Mentions, 7 Likes, 2 Retweets, 18.6K Retweet Reach, 1 New Follower. See yours with… week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Mentions, 7 Likes, 2 Retweets, 18.6K Retweet Reach, 1 New Follower. See yours with… @psmith2800 Brilliant news!!! well done to all those involved and can't wait to hear more about it when we next meet @psmith2800Very interesting... #ClimateEmergency Thanks @aliglossop for this thought proving piece!
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson @maevemonaghan Any top tips for must dos in #Dublin? My fab niece is having her #hendoo there in May with a wide ag… @MegMcS @OuterHebs @HIEScotland @WCWScotland looks gorgeous! hoping for some scenes like this next week on our… @PlymSocEnt annual festival took place in November and our @OnPurposeUK associate @aliglossop went to the Zero…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonOur biggest fans this week: SocEntLive. Thank you! via biggest fans this week: SocEntLive. Thank you! via
Achieving zero carbon — 5 key takeaways from the Plymouth Social Enterprise City Festival by Alison Glossop… November, I went along to the @PlymSocEnt zero carbon conference. Here are the key things I took away from an in…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonExciting opportunity now available with @DTAScot member @RockfieldCentre... Could you be their new #Heritage Office…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonMy week on Twitter 🎉: 5 Mentions, 386 Mention Reach, 10 Likes, 4 Replies. See yours with week on Twitter 🎉: 5 Mentions, 386 Mention Reach, 10 Likes, 4 Replies. See yours with
@socentni @devtrustsni @cliftonbelfast @JohnSocEnt @juliet_cornford @CFNIreland @NOW_Group @NICVA @CO3updates
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@SocComCap Looking forward to joining this event once again. Great initiative to grow #SocEnt & support some amazing ideas 💡We are excited for #Crowdbacker coming soon... grab your ticket below!
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonIt’s not too late to apply for this year’s NatWest #SE100 Social Business Awards in our special 10th anniversary ye…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson96% of our customers said that S&CC team’s understanding of this mission & values was good or very good ✅ Read more…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonPay What You Can cafe needs your help with their crowdfunding efforts for a cafe in Galashiels @BordersCollege
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@communitylee Snap!! @PinkShoeClub @Addidi @ERC_UK @WarwickBSchool @NatWestBusiness I’m looking forward to joining you#SocEnt 👍🏻 proud to get to work with some #outstanding #socent across the UK @MonkeyParkCIC @CrisisCounsell @CTPictureHouse proud of what you have achieved and that we could be part of it!
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonAnd @CrisisCounsell is in there too!!
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonAppearing on the @NatWestBusiness #SE100 top 100 is a chance to increase exposure opportunities. Plus, you'll be fo…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson @Nick__Howe Hello and good to be back!
The worst sign @WDWGuestService @WaltDisneyWorld 😢
@andrebalbuena @WDWGuestService Totally hacked off as we just got a message to say we won’t be on the ride today 😤WAIT. Why Am I Talking? Listen more is what I plan to do in 2020 Thank you @tomhanks ❤️ @andrebalbuena @WDWGuestService And it’s broken down again!! Not a great #DisneyExperience off to spend our money off property!!! @andrebalbuena @WDWGuestService And it’s broken down again!!! How much did they spend on this!!!not a great… @NatWest_Help What a year to be 50!! #snap #fabulousat50 🎉❤️Our Portadown social enterprise One Eighty has a job vacancy. For more information, please go to the cafe's Faceboo…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonWill I ever get on #RiseoftheResistance ? Thanks @WDWGuestService just had my group number moved up further 182 now…
Got to love the magic of #Disney #HappyNew2020 🥰 @hipswayofficial #happynewyear2020 #NewYearsEve 🎉🥂🥳
Some #Disneyfireworks #hello2020 #Countdown2020 🎉 🧨
My week on Twitter 🎉: 4 Mentions, 776 Mention Reach, 7 Likes, 1 Reply. See yours with week on Twitter 🎉: 4 Mentions, 776 Mention Reach, 7 Likes, 1 Reply. See yours with @WDWGuestService Yes all sorted so we can use today and tomorrow @WDWGuestService But there is an oops as Tiffins has taken 14 meals from our dining plan & charge us a $50 tip. We…
My week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Mentions, 83.6K Mention Reach, 1 New Follower. See yours with
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonMust go to place for lunch @AnimalKingdom @WaltDisneyWorld #Tiffins 🎉🙌🙌👍🏻
@WaltDisneyWorld #CoronadoSprings #Toledorestaurant still needs work on service & food. Clean table after each cour…
It’s the most wonderful time of the year #StarWars #GalaxysEdge #Disney and my favourite #Pluto ttxx ❤️ Madrid to Hungary, Florida & Barbados, Sequel's #video team makes it to our #FiveFaves for the brill job they'…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonCouldn’t agree with this more. No matter what we do and who we help and support the world is constantly changing an…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonDelighted that @SocComCap client made it to your #FiveFaves @CTPictureHouse @JaneMayo1 🎉 @Megan_SCC @TracyT_SCC
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@LochabSkyePol 🤪 @SocComCap @CrisisCounsell great to see the progress made and the lives you support ❤️ @SocComCap @CTPictureHouse @JaneMayo1 what a beautiful day of 🎥 in #Campbeltown #Scotland at its best ❤️ @SocComCap @MonkeyParkCIC what a great video 🎥🙌As we celebrate 20 years of reaching out to our communities with a mission to make a difference, we are so proud to…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonCould you be one of the outstanding social enterprises recognised on this year’s NatWest #SE100? Apply before 31 Ja…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonAs many of us think about spending time with our family and friends we would like to wish you the merriest of times…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonMy week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Mentions, 35 Likes, 2 Retweets, 3.08K Retweet Reach, 3 New Followers. See yours with… week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Mentions, 35 Likes, 2 Retweets, 3.08K Retweet Reach, 3 New Followers. See yours with… biggest fans this week: victoriaross28. Thank you! via biggest fans this week: victoriaross28. Thank you! via
@TracyT_SCC @hipswayofficial 👍🎶👍
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson @Beathhigh unexpected nice surprise @hipswayofficial the new ⁦@RBSBusiness⁩ #askformore podcast series 🎙🎧.This episode on networking is packed full of practical…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonCreating the best #SE100 application possible can take time – so make the most of the #festive break and make a sta…
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A Scottish actor tipped to be the next James Bond has put his backing behind Oxton Community Shop. Jack Lowden de…
Retweeted by Tracy Thomson @ACOSVO @YogaWithEsme @HIVScotland @patacosvo @RelScotCEO @RelScot @ScotMediation @GrahamBoyack liking this after d…
@LochaberHope May be of interest to you and those you support day, new Parliament. @BorisJohnson there are 100K social enterprises working for a better 🌍 Contributing £60bn…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonThe Change Please Academy is now open to the public, serving delicious coffee and giving you an insight to the Chan…
Retweeted by Tracy ThomsonGreat opportunity @CommunityLandSc @DTAScot @UrrasOG @StorasUibhist @Firstport please RT.....
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@hueandcry @bbcquaysessions my all time favourite track women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes, Bara…
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