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@hiraiboos Me getting comfy during my period covers all 18 positions especially 4&13 @jayonaboat Tacos at 2am?? Definitely not a bad ideaWe are seaking #JusticeForChristian! We’re almost 20% to our goal to reach 100k signatures by Feb 18th in order for…
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I want to Meghan Markled... #HarryandMeghan
Retweeted by Sophie @AllanBell247 13 is every woman on their periodBREAKER: First case of deadly coronavirus confirmed in United States.
Retweeted by SophieDid you know approximately eight million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year, with more plastic predic…
Retweeted by SophieSince Coca Cola is trending and they seemingly don't want to do anything to reduce their plastic waste, here's a co… @Telstar500 @nznursee @artyfuckwit @Glinner Hence why I mentioned televised funeral , etc. It dosen't mean those pe… @Telstar500 @nznursee @artyfuckwit @Glinner I think we all need to respect each circumstance rather than comparing… @Telstar500 @nznursee @artyfuckwit @Glinner My point was Harry has had to deal with unique circumstances who watche… want to Meghan Markled... #HarryandMeghan authorised living-cost loans totalling £533.6m last year.
Retweeted by SophieA controversial US fried chicken food franchise has quitely shut its only Scottish outlet after a furious public ba…
Retweeted by Sophie @alex_christofi Honestly this is a crime and I'm calling 999 @Hey_AshB @Boipelo_Jean @A_LisaAswani @black_spade7 @IAMSAFAREE SOMEONE CALL NETFLIX !!! @larkandlily Hope you get better soon :(( x (and you pick up some milk 😀) @larkandlily me too - I think I may die if I endure anymore pain 😭😂 *dramatic music* xI managed to finally get to sleep at 9. I'm now awake. I've ordered Pizza because I can't make lunch without being… anyone ever used a TENS machine before for their periods? I'm in severe pain at the moment and I'm this close t… @LeenaSaveOurNHS @SkyNews Things like this aren't the issue, it's tabloids attacking them that's the issue. This is… Markle BEAMINGGGGGG!!!! ✨ She could never in the UK 😍
@nznursee @artyfuckwit @Glinner Yeah but not every parents funeral is televised where you have to walk behind their… @KendallRaeOnYT Perfect timing because I'm feeling like crap 😂 there's only so many Netflix shows you can watch in a day 💪🏽The Joker May Be Dark But It Shines A Bright Light On Mental Health @LadyWrites_Blog @jennymarston_xo @GlamourMagUK Emma has brown eyes though :// @GlamourMagUK Has this been photoshopped because Emma has brown eyes ???*don't say it* *don't say it* *don't say it* *don't say it* *don't say it* *don't say it* *don't say it* *don't say…"...the pressure that's generated in the uterus during menstruation is 120 millimeters of mercury.'Well what's that… should be worried about their homework, not their survival #IStandWithVirginia
Retweeted by Sophieim jealous of all these mfs born with the talent to see for free
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Someone send help. I need Netflix suggestions to distract me from my pain because I'm not sleeping tonight it seems… everyone moaning about free sanitary products in schools, please bare in mind all the teens like me who had end…
Retweeted by SophieOkay I really love Monica and Chandler together...I need a Chandler 😭 more I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S the more I hate Ross & Rachel... @JimMFelton Bet you that random member of the public is well pissed at herself 😭😂😂Would watch a heist movie where it’s just three hours of planning followed by this
Retweeted by SophieThe world's most hated character right now... #SexEducation we only see a woman deal with the consequences of possibly having unprotected sex, when there are clearly 2…
Retweeted by SophieThis Arab guy calls the hotel reception to complain about a mouse in his room. Listen to how he describes the situa…
Retweeted by SophieIsaac* whatever he dosen't deserve his name being spelt rightARE YOU TELLING ME THAT WE WAITED A WHOLE YEAR FOR THAT ENDING...FFS CALL ME ISACC AND CHUCK ME OFF A CLIFF NOW.… saw the #sexeducation season 2 finale...what in the actual f?!?!? 😭😂 Bring on season 3 - genuinely can't beli…
@AngelicaMcClu24 @JoJoesArt @aaroncarter Look up the word copyright.What the f @aaroncarter ?! People work hard to create these images but you feel entitled to STEAL it because why??… @aaroncarter Fed up of celebrities, etc. taking others work without their permission. And people wonder why we don'… @aaroncarter .. You are using my artwork to promote your merchandise. I have not given you permission to do so.…
Retweeted by SophieInteresting biases to note under this tweet: of course like typical dullards they are, men are accusing her of slee…
Retweeted by Sophie @cinnamxnwitch @UncleRobbie Thank you so much 😭 it really does affect your MH. I'm finally out the house after 5 da… @Werepheasant1_ Aww ahaha thank you 😀 X and me too!!! @Werepheasant1_ Thank you so much!!! Hopefully I'll get some answers this week after a scan and blood results ☺️ really appreciate it x @TinkerpussBCcat @MrWinderUper periods and unless you're in dire poverty nobody will understand what it's like to t… @TinkerpussBCcat @MrWinderUper Thanks! I agree that some people can afford it but I hope you can understand that so… @MrWinderUper @TinkerpussBCcat Of course! But there's also people who genuinely can't afford pads, tampons and pain… @TinkerpussBCcat Stop using snowflake in the wrong context 😂😂 I'm not offended, just tired of your bs. @TinkerpussBCcat Period poverty also covers lack of education. So stop assuming and maybe have an open mind. Of cou… @TinkerpussBCcat Blood STAINED My pain is so debilitating that painkillers don't work. My GP is concerned so I'm ha…'m in the process of being diagnosed due to my severe symptoms which impacts my daily life. I can't just 'deal wi… @GrayOnna @marksandspencer Alright, Graeme 😭😂😂😂Despite what people think, #PeriodPoverty remains a real issue in this country—not just third-world countries. Let'…
Retweeted by SophieWe can't allow condoms to be free yet put our foot down for sanitary products. Women are in pain, bleeding and miss… are universally accessible despite sex being a choice. Period are not a choice and we have to suffer. The o… also covers lack of education leaving many in the dark, unable to seek help. How many of you have li…'s not just about the costs of pads or tampons, it's also about the costs of pain medication, replacing blood sta…'ve just been referred after 8 years of these symptoms... Severe cramps Bloating Nausea Vomiting Perineum pain Hea… @UncleRobbie @cinnamxnwitch In saying that, endometriosis isn't recognised by many people and there is no cure. On… @UncleRobbie @cinnamxnwitch tests or surgery to confirm / try and get rid of things like endometriosis. No women sh… @UncleRobbie @cinnamxnwitch You can get free condoms. Sanitary products aren't accessible to all women. It not just…
I will be forever annoyed at this man in Taylor Swift's 'Delicate' music video because if nobody can see Taylor the…'ve cancelled two gym classes this week and I'm now too late to cancel this one (being the third) because I'm in s… of my favourite quotes of season 2 has to be... "I don't have a diary yet but I will just use the natural organ…
Paris, France
Retweeted by Sophie @Silky877 @trippierRT @corncob79 @ScottishSun @piersmorgan Whites have never been oppressed thoughShove it - anyone got any Netflix suggestions whilst we wait ?? #PeacockEggCamStare * :(((How long do we star and watch this?? #PeacockEggCamWhat if these are just two normal eggs and there's no baby peacock's in them and we've all been fooled?? #PeacockEggCamI've been staring at this for so long that every two seconds I keep thinking I'm seeing them move. Why am I watchin… now fellas...things to do, places to be #PeacockEggCam @ScottishSPCA Five?! Should be a lifetime!!*Writes a sentence for her dissertation* *Checks Twitter* *Checks Facebook* *Checks Instagram* *Writes two more sen… @NetflixUK Petition for a midnight release @GrayOnna @marksandspencer 👍🏽 shame. @GrayOnna @marksandspencer You should watch Game Changers. As a meat-eater is quite shocking what myths we have been told.
@jayonaboat @ConFusionMI That was suppose to be 😂* not 🤯 - typical!! @jayonaboat @ConFusionMI Looking forward to it. I've pretty much been binge watching all your other videos in the meantime!! 🤯 @TRNi4Ni @cash_carti1 @asafrov Painful to watch if I'm honest @asafrov @justinisaflower I don't know what's more embarrassing...the shit acting or the fact they thought they'd m… @scotpolitics And a tax cut is fair how??? What about those on low wages who get punished for not paying their taxe… @_LucyFarey No it's a human thing 😂😂Is it bad I'm having a star wars marathon instead of doing dissertation work???
Hey @holland_barrett I bought this Tofu today and just realised there's no use by date on it. What should I do? Tak… anyone wants last minute help their #UCAS statement give me a shout and I'll try my best - especially journo stu… @SholaMos1 @thismorning I'm baffled he tweeted that. He is a white male, the most privileged combination you can ge… @The_JamesJordan Are you joking? You're a WHITE MALE - you have more privilege than anyone in the world and you cho… party people! We're about to send out the latest Newsletter in which Kate gives away her deepest shopping secre…
Retweeted by Sophie @TheGiraffesLife @BAFTA @sexeducation @NcutiGatwa Ooo I'll give that a watch too - just subbed x @TheGiraffesLife @BAFTA @sexeducation @NcutiGatwa Added to my watch list 😍 I can't wait for the new series !! @soypreme @sophiejournals I'm saving this tweet for future reference so I don't have to reply to anyone using that stupid argument @BenWKnowles89 @myveggietravels @soypreme @lucie_dhog Shut the front door what?! 😮😮😂