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@JSmoothHD My man1 v myth moxy mcconnell absorber
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After 1200 games, @Trainwreckstv is a NUTTY ~2805k elo Among Us Player
Retweeted by Trainwreck @raycondones 💯🦍 @absorberyt 😂1 v myth moxy mcconnell absorber @REALIcePoseidon @NOTkimcella HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BROTHER ❤️ @MeyersLeonard take home the championship babybiden needs a 1 hour session with me on how to roast, if this happened, the left would have this election in the bag
@DeamonMachine @NICKMERCS @Swagg just need a new battery @Romnom_ @itshafu @dakotaz @5uppps ❤️ love ya rom @DeamonMachine @NICKMERCS @Swagg read what I wrote, it’s delivery, so I tell them to cook a little over to make sure it’s safe for delivery @dakotaz @SickestDisciple @itshafu @5uppps he’s a slave to Christ, leave him alone, I mean little does he know he j… @Swagg @NICKMERCS no shot bucko, medium rare always, anything more than that, you might as well get a jacks links beef jerky sponsorship 😂 @itshafu @dakotaz @5uppps ❤️ @dkanemorris send me an address, I’ll send you one too 😘 @anshudhar0 @TwitchStuff @Jukeboxem @andymilonakis @jordanfisher @tk_lacari @applications_tv this is how many chann… @Crimsix same @Deansocool @xQc @ZherkaOfficial why does xqc sound like a foreign dad kickin all his son’s friends out from a party he threw @Crimsix @LucasBotkin tell your boy to put me & you in a scenario where we have to recover a laptop that the Chines… @Crimsix @LucasBotkin bro I wanna go cia covert operations we don’t exist too @LyndonFPS @THump you sound how I sounded when I was 14 & taking an ice cold shower @AbdouTooBeasty @RamazyTV that’s right, I don’t fuck around, I instill fear into cheater’s hearts in among us @adeptthebest @souljaboy HAHAHAHAHA ADEPT “on my momma” 😂 @REALMizkif @TSM_Myth @Froste first big case? What rock are you living under? Me & @xQc have enough clips of cheaters, we can make our own fucking ciawear a fucking mask you fucking fortnite youtuber los angeles living fucks @HighDistortion you know that option that says let google access microphone & you’re thinking it’s just for google… @jockowillink i support you and I say that proudly in these sensitive times where I can be deplatformed for support… @UnusualVideos this is the video form of what all your tweets look like to me @CallMeCarsonYT @Dream @KarlJacobs_ @sapnap @21savage savage mode 2 on repeat for Friday’s stream 🔥🦍 @Greekgodx that light up cube reminds me of a show I use to watch called Kyle XY @joshhart SOOO GOOD @GFuelEnergy @Dilluhn @summit1g this one looks good, but I think it’s time for my own flavor 🦍🦍 @drdisrespect @obj
@_roz hey stupid fuck this is twitch, and even if it wasn’t pewdiepie streams once for 3 hours, 150k for 3hours doe… @CDiscs 😂as much as I’d love to pound that tight little ass, we can just call it even with a follow 4 follow myspace style @Frank53332933 bro you RT slasher all day every day, you're as normie as it gets, shut the fuck upmost watched among us 🦍 am the best among us player in the world @KarlJacobs_ Hey dick head is he not clouted enough for you @AustinOnTwitter 😘😂😂 @Asmongold @Sodapoppintv I like them low key, I hope I have my hair for when I fully grey out @Asmongold @Sodapoppintv yes, ever since streaming, I have so many of them @Sodapoppintv @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris I support this & you @KarlJacobs_ @Dream thanks karl, now where’s my favorite Australian, pong @Dream fun playing with you felix
@DisguisedToast if you don't 3rd imposter, you will never get better, 3rd impostering helps you unlock the hidden E… @bdoulaoblongata bro this graph is true, everyone in my life that looks like the right gets the benefit of the doub… @adeptthebest This sounded like an Eminem verse, who knows which one? @KonznSucks 😂😂😂😂🤣 I love this guy, but aye you got chattering open? 🤨 @NICKMERCS @BLibby24 @JoshGrish78 whose eyes? @macawcaw123 @PeepoPieces @hasanthehun @fourconner @easyrod @Ninja @LudwigAhgren @xQc @REALMizkif @DJellyPeanut @NICKMERCS @Swagg suck my cock & call me charlie @Yassuo agreed NA #1
@Methodz @Clayster there’s no aim assist irl 😘 @Clayster @Methodz it’s okay, in their currency you won like 5 million or something 😉 @Clayster @Methodz @NICKMERCS W nicky @THump @easyrod @LyndonFPS shut up Taylor Humphries @Sykkuno @Valkyrae what he’s trying to say is, stop being a pussy Rae @adeptthebest i can get one really good win a stream, after they feel that one painful loss I’m voted out 99.8% of… as crew member vs imposter @felissetv @Greekgodx when you stop being canadian 🖕🏻 @Greekgodx @Greekgodx this is a mad reply 😂😂😂😂🖕🏻 @nmplol @Greekgodx 😂😂😘 @Greekgodx CANT WAIT FOR YOUR I JUST DISCOVERED THE GYM SO IM GONNA WEAR AS MANY SHORT SHORTS & TANK TOPS PHASE TO END 🖕🏻 @Deadman1516 @Ninja @TSM_Myth Yeah bitch this me @Ninja @TSM_Myth hey asshole @TheAntt_ 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏🙏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @TheAntt_ please elaborate 😂 @CallMeCarsonYT you truly are a sick fuck @phixion brother, you clearly don't watch my streams, i'm voted out as crewmate more than i am as imposter for the… @JERICHO dude, even when they vote me out or kill me, they forget they did and blame me as soon as the body is repo… @DaRealAipha just watch stream tonight, you'll see it, i'm sure of it, people blame me when im dead, that's how you know it's realto clarify --- i don't think anyone cheated, i think everyone just goes on high alert when im in their lobby, wheth… @AustinOnTwitter haha if you read the comments i replied to some people already about what im talking about, no one… @ConnorEatsPants haha no not for that group, i don't think anyone cheated, i just think everyone goes on high alert… @JoeBailey23_ read the whole thing, no one cheated in that group, the point is everyone is always sus of me and on… i know i'm not crazy, even pewdiepie talked about how he was confused to how everyone suddenly gained einstein-… @BajheeraWoW ok god of war, I see youSTOP CHEATING IN AMONG US, THE VIEWERS & ATTENTION YOU GAIN FROM PRETENDING TO BE A 5HEAD ISN’T REAL & THE THIRST F… @xQc @kanyewest looks like a fucking fossil @dakotaz what the fuck are you talking about 😂😂 @HighDistortion nah, you're a good dude, i love youx plays how he plays every day consistently, everyone KNOWS that & people that have issues with it still CHOOSE to…
@Slasher @SpinYoBlock America. @AustinOnTwitter @vansamaofficial he’ll bring the leather, & I’ll bring the rubber 😉😂 @vansamaofficial only if we make it a three way with @AustinOnTwitter 😘 @AustinOnTwitter @Twitch domie? are you gay or something? 😉😘 @NICKMERCS STOP SHITTING ON THE GORILLA!!! @vansamaofficial i love you 😉 @mma_916 @CashApp LEGEND @REALMizkif aww you actually watched? I thought you’d be too busy playing raid shadow legends @m0E_tv love you ❤️so i'm sitting here watching one of logic's vods to see what he's about before i play with him tomorrow, & boy was…