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🤐🧠TransYeti @trans_yeti Misanthropia, USA

Just another solo full time disabled trans dad of a disabled adolescent try to distract myself with reality tv and liberal politics. *+2 older sons😬

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@DateDateline Idk around 00:20:25 the discussion of his bizarre interrogation room behavior begins at 00:25:01 I de… @nancycarmella @UncleJoJo6969 @PAHealthDept 😂Happens to the best of us✌️🤣 @nancycarmella @UncleJoJo6969 @PAHealthDept I'm the dumb one? I guess...thanks? I hope that we democrats can stick… @anhedonicblonde Good point. @anhedonicblonde I thought the last option was primarily available on FB?Parents, Your children are live on reddit in the other room. Get in there and SHUT IT DOWN!! @UncleJoJo6969 @Eowyn123456 @PAHealthDept They are actually doing the opposite of trolling by encouraging me to sto… @Eowyn123456 @UncleJoJo6969 @PAHealthDept Good point. I normally don't bother engaging. I'm out. Have a good one @UncleJoJo6969 @PAHealthDept Yes risk/reward, how many loved ones are you willing to risk? You are unhappy with the… @UncleJoJo6969 @GovernorsOffice @GovernorTomWolf Hey dumdum. I'm not talking about the picture. I'm talking about w… @UncleJoJo6969 @PAHealthDept How many of your loved ones are you offering to sacrifice to make it worthwhile for yo… @UncleJoJo6969 @GovernorsOffice @GovernorTomWolf 😬They opened the season on the 7th. Which was two days before you… @AngelinaCardona @AdamScottKlein "Jeff, is there any way I can have your podium? Jeff? Jeff?? Nothing." ❤️👑 @JPopStrikesBack The police love to play alleged rapist are y’all voting for.
Retweeted by 🤐🧠TransYetiI applaud the commitment. They really went all the way in @DateDateline how could you forget the headstand???🎼'The Winners at war' interlude during the challenge was just to remind us we are watching a CBS show #Survivor #Survivor40
his voters since. Me voting for a candidate I don't agree with because that is my party's candidate is the same thi… disgust many of us liberals felt when seemingly level headed conservatives voted for Trump. They voted for thei…'s a wide brush being painted on those of us who are not fans of the corporate left. Ftr I did vote for HRC as I… did not age well. He got punched by another patient. Did I mention he is on an adult unit?? They didn't even t… @annmillswrites Whoops 😬 @brittaphillips @AsTheWorldBurnz 👀💥 @acheatingvegan Whoever is available first @TheBBWH Oop I see it now. I thought it was a trick. Like the first clue, it says one is right but I thought one is… @TheBBWH 062On track to break Sunday's record of 7 calls in one day. We're are up to 6. In case you were wondering if there is… @mrskimyadawson 🖤💔🖤 "Hand me down my walking cane It's a sin to tell a lie Send my mouth way down south And kiss my… @UnimpressedWU Accept no substitute. Keebler Cookies, Frosted Animal Shortbread Cookies @janehilll @UnimpressedWU *pinkie finger @SpaceForceOne14 @Brink_Thinker My dad would approve of your literalism as humor @DaisyRichards24 @survivorcbs S29. Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water *the second blood v water season @Rizzuti09 I can't imagine how hard this is for you. You will get out, this will not be forever. You are valid. As… @LizzerScizzor They need to get it together @Lou_S_Stools Aunt Becky with the strong genes shouldn't need to say this but pre-dawn Twitter needs to step it up at me to come back to bed like he doesn't sleep all day and has no job to rest up for. Huff on huffer @annmillswrites Hot cross buns? @JPopStrikesBack Imagine the tears. There are not enough blankets for blanketing @tylerxdean Misread badder as bladderap·pre·cia·tive /əˈprēSH(ē)ədiv/ Is a bullshït word
@narcanistan @jschroeder04 @imdrewanderson Size XL as diversity. What a time to be alive @CannibalVeggiez @AsTheWorldBurnz 😍The alphabetization! 😍❤️❤️❤️ @AsTheWorldBurnz Satisfaction (1988) staring 👑Justine Bateman, 👑Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson and many more *still loo… @guacamellerz What if bb21 was the last cast? The legacy 🤡 @AndySloanTV Whole lot of recency bias on this thread. Quack now and forever @TheOviKabir Tbf he did eat a stick of butter off the counter yesterday so he gets it @kate_mccrea @ohchadwick Looks like the leaves are safe @Dumb_Eat_Trees I'll see myself out. @whoweekly Great episode as per. I'll start in House 4 then I will create & move into House 7 w/all stars from the… @bullymake day! If your aunties don't love you enough to send you Bullymake Boxes I'm sorry🖤 #dogsoftwitter @LizzerScizzor I get it but it truly needs to be about me @jschroeder04 @imdrewanderson What was the consensus? @bugsme012 That what I have @taylorcotter I wore one today and was asked if I had been a contestant. I was so thrilled until I realized how old… dog might not be judging you for your jelly bean consumption he might just need to fart @TimbaKity @CocoDaBear Which emojis did the agent use for that? @clark_gasm @Ravie777 Orange is the New Black's impact is far reaching @_Wendy_L_ He looks the same! B @Ravie777 @clark_gasm Your science is not welcome at Walmąrt9 times out of 12 I do click there to learn more. I always think they are going to tell me what I did to that perso… @DukeTheBBDuck I'll eat @Marilyn_is_here @_Wendy_L_ @maximusmom13 They don't slide? @bugsme012 My youngest son was admitted 2 weeks ago on a 302. His is still there while they wait for the next appro… @LizzerScizzor Actually one person did ask me. I thought it was two people but I'm not sure now😂😂 @Dumb_Eat_Trees I guess House Two is the least offensive. I will still self-evict but I'll stay a bit to grow my br… @_Wendy_L_ @maximusmom13 I do that with the mirror in the shower. Might have to brave searching Maxxy's hockey gear…
@maximusmom13 Anybody have any tips on how to keep my glasses from fogging up? I tried not breathing but it seemed counterproductive. @Dumb_Eat_Trees I'm self-evicting. Later skaters✌️ @vintagewingnut Gross. @DaltonRoss @DannyPellegrino I'm assuming if you didn't answer _4_ you are being held captive and are using code to…
I've waited 20 years for it to be acceptable to wear my Survivor buffs in public. Heartbreaking that it took a pand… @LizzerScizzor Yikes @LizzerScizzor Fantastic! @LizzerScizzor Awesome. Two eggs scrambled (not wet) Home fries add onions White toast Cokę or Mt Dęw (depending on… @LizzerScizzor Ahh I see it now. Did I miss the breakfast window? That always happens. I still can't wrap my brain… @LizzerScizzor I didn't look at them. I saw the video on reddit @LizzerScizzor That video was bananas @LizzerScizzor Oh shït what am I ordering? @roundhoward This thread reads like a Shel Silverstein poemWe don't need to talk about the why or how I fell in to a long & winding journey on things other people had search…
@GirlHasNoName62 I forgot the ⭕ Brazil was on there. I don't like sitcoms they trigger my inner child taking up dog dentistry. 🐶💤 @GirlHasNoName62 Ok cool. What are we watching? I'm on episode 7 of Ozarks. Gave up on season 2 Money Heist (La cas… @ahMandalorian Eric Clapton is legend @whoweekly since you refuse to air my Tý Pennïngtön as addeřall shill coverage I submit to you photographic proof.… @GirlHasNoName62 Yes. I would prefer boardgames. But I can weed. Whatever would be most helpful to you @GirlHasNoName62 My people 🖤💛🖤💛 @vintagewingnut 🖤It's always bud🍀 o'clock💚💨 @ahMandalorian *they're gaining strength🤫 @DateDateline Spoiled it so hard I may never sleep again. @ahMandalorian Mm must a different kid then the one I'm thinking of is still going strong @ahMandalorian She's in my son's class @DateDateline About 40mins in and really could have used a trigger warning **EPISODE SPOILER WARNING:** * * * * * *… @vintagewingnut I just got the same one! @LizzerScizzor They're all at my local walmărt unintentionally yet ironically turning my state blue for goodSomebody explain that noise outside. It better be outside. IT IS NOT IN THE FUCKING WALL!! @Hurlamania @sciencelover03 @CocoDaBear @WldCat @3leggedleelu @championpa1964 @britus89 @irrachionel @orange626675 @Dan_H008 Taste.