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@ZwiezenZ Think LttP with the occasional randomized segment. @ZwiezenZ There's temporary items like rings that boost defense or different kinds of torches. But if you find the… @ZwiezenZ I mean... it generates an overworld and you don't have to restart when you die. You can play it like a Zelda game. @Kitsune86 Door Wedge is still around! I see them sometimes.HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MOOGLE MAN? PLEASE CONTACT YOUR NEAREST MAELSTROM OFFICER IF YOThere's a very large man on my server who dresses as a moogle and stands in the same spot dancing all the time. Lik… @laevantine I think you technically take a smidge of damage but yeah. Jump right in! @TheBlackNerd Haha. I'm dying. This is real?Today was 56-61 Samurai, which is pretty good. (I already have the job at 70 on another character.) I'm not someo…
@polimayo no papaI'm leveling a lot of stuff for FFXIV before Shadowbringers and gosh, going the Palace of the Dead/Heaven on High g… mirror season one: maybe a life mediated and experienced solely through digital reflections of itself isn't o…
Retweeted by Heather AlexandraMy favorite game at E3 had to be Sayonara Wild Hearts. A really charming, hypnotizing, on-rails journey through and…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @Yelix Should be able to push the middle block up and to the right.Cadence of Hyrule is a fabulous Zelda romp with tough combat and tons of style. Great dungeons, playable Zelda, ama…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @ckunzelman Really starting to cook from time to time was great in a lot of ways, this among them.Today's Gato report is that she came up right when snacks were put out, but also left after she was done. Can't te… treatment is simple. go see orville, very funny clown pagliacci: what about pagliacci? doctor: pagliacci?…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandrawhat do you lift bro "books"
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @tsiro Imagine if there was an option for dialog, but like... I could be good or bad or just fuckin' crazy.
Didn't really plan for them to hop in like they did. They're still nervous about the window though; when I shut it…'s been a bit of a development, friends. game is so incredibly My Shit and I'm legitimately sad that I have to wait a year to play it for real
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @polimayo They haven't come up again today, so I'm leaving out some fresh treats. I still think they might be a little mad.My coworkers in an open-concept office every four minutes
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @TheSphereHunter Nathan Drake and Big Boss. Adventure dads?Cadence of Hyrule is a fabulous Zelda romp with tough combat and tons of style. Great dungeons, playable Zelda, ama…'m Em, a leftist non-binary podcaster/critic, with an array of media focused podcasts! Shows: games:…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra"I have a Google form you can fill out to get on the waitlist [for my Kingdom Hearts Union Cross guild]."
Retweeted by Heather AlexandraFantastic news: @vox_union has overwhelmingly voted to ratify our first CBA with @voxmediainc! 🎉 We’re thrilled,…
Retweeted by Heather AlexandraE3's winding down, which is a good time to mention that I did a near 9,000-word beat for beat analysis of Metal Gea… have a collar with a bell. Seems clearly an outside cat, but I’m shooting without a script here so any advice would be appreciated.Hey friends, re: Gato how wary should we be about something like rabies?They were still a little wary but I made a little call and opened the window more. I'm not letting them in yet so t… “Forgive Me Gato” is underway. @BooDooPerson @tsiro 🔫 @polimayo i'm freaking out. I rant to the mark to buy food. they limped off and it was sadddd @polimayo I opened the window and made contact but when I closes the window, Gato put their hand in and got hit whe… @jasonschreier @TinaAmini sonofa @polimayo PAUL DID YOU SEE WHAT ELSE HAPPENED I AM I A STATE OF ANXIETY UNLIKE ANYTHING I'E KNOWN @bleatingheart UN FORASTERO!done. but friends, I am legit super nervous. do you think they'll come back?
@Cr0ssbow they left! 😭running to the bodega to get a peace offeringGato got her hand caught in the window sill as it was shutting and now I'm afraid that this cat I don't even own will never come backkkk"the bombs, they are giant?"what the fuck is happening in 2019 anymore floof captain swung by for a drink, meowed enough and bap’d the glass so much I let her peek in. contact achieved., I think of the Dreamcast. @katbamkapow BREAD ADVENTURE! @laevantine That's about it unfortunately. X turns in, the event triggers to make sure that *someone* kills Dong Zhou. @laevantine There's an event that triggers early where Wang Yun presents her to Dong Zhuo but she's not a recruitab…'m working towards a complete review ATM but I'm gonna say.... it's good.Hi-yaaah! I’m exploring dungeons and keeping to the beat in Cadence of Hyrule right now on Twitch. Come join chat f… @worstcontact @BooDooPerson I've been saying! @headfallsoff A QTE that lasts a decade.Fire Emblem is gonna fuck me up
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Retweeted by Heather Alexandra今回はあらかじめロケハンしておいたので、明けの玉座の袂の橋でパッセを行うこととしました(・∀・) ララで小さく円を作り、周りを囲む形で2重のパッセをやってみた模様でカメラを目一杯引いてみましたが中々の光景! 大成功です!!…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @polimayo Please tell me about every single one when you're back. @Campster Yes, I wonder what that game is like.... @xpatriciah Climbing. Choose a place and hike to the peak.
Anyway, I'm gonna take some hormones tonight but I'm gonna need to refer to the 2020 rulebook to see how much of a…, claims of satire are sort of the inverse side of the "no politics" coin that's deployed by companies…, context matters (maybe V walks by the sign and does a quip about how blatant those dang corporations are...)… is to say that merely recreating, say, corporate marketing excess isn't necessarily enough to damn it. Arguab… that Cyberpunk add, one thing I tell folks whenever an creator says they're satirizing something is that if the… hushed voices, we speak of the things we could not save.
Retweeted by Heather Alexandrazelda: hey link you're back early link: basement's haunted zelda: what? link: *loading a pistol and getting back…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @galactikittydev WHM will be easier to learn, but it's not necessarily as high in demand.In a return to the Kotaku Game Diary, I talk about healing and tanking in MMOs. One is science, the other is kinda… @TriggerRedd Totally normal human behavior on their part.her hair is shorter than links i need a moment
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @patbits Oh friend, this isn’t necessarily new for them.(Friends, I know about the Twitter thing. I reported it at the time.)Yo might argue that fits for a dystopia setting but Cyberpunk, while a genre of inherent problems, is also a settin…’m on a train and Twitter is a bad, limited space for talking about trans bodies as transgressive and beautiful b… seems to be coming right off an Nvidia page about CP2077. So, uh... ugh. Really? @jasonschreier It really does look fantastic.🔒👇👶
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @ckunzelman @headfallsoff ROB MCELHENNY @headfallsoff @spacetwinks Ain't not gettin' off this train, Jackson.
Retweeted by Heather AlexandraJust played the Final Fantasy VII remake - it's impressive so far. Here's more from Kitase on the scope, and more o…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandrapokemon let's go lesbians send tweetHuge Mood, honestly. made a very simple quest this morning in Assassin's Creed's new Story Creation tool. It's easy to use, and I can… Some keenspot classic shit right here(For anyone who realizes this is a Space Tree the Space Tree in Space deepcut: I'm sorry.)"How many discs are you gonna make?" "I'm gonna make, like.... seven." I've not eaten much but protein bars and stuff. This man deserves a statue in the park.The real hero of E3 2019 is the bodega guy who absolutely stacked this sandwich for me.Given Nintendo's track record and the "Oh? Is that Link" when it was 100% Link in the BotW trailer, yes. This is wa… Talk: in the initial release, I liked BotW but I think my reaction was bit more muted than some. But it's "ag… bit of context here: outs to Nintendo for faking out basically everyone though. Fair play, Bowser.(Majora's is my favorite one, truth be told. So I'm 100% down with that, if so.)Also gotta assume this is a lot of asset reuse (certainly much of the same Hyrule map) for a sort of Majora's Mask situation.extremely down with link and zelda both dungeon delving