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@headfallsoff No, but by the looks of it he must be... a very dangerous man.this shield is far too large this clownish shield this comical stage prop just had the most powerful gay wedding in the history of all time. (It was mine, naturally!)😇
@DevinHVR Ya dude, me too. @GrandPOOBear @Kotaku Was literally coming here to say Toad. 😅 @jeffcannata You got this. Good luck!
@BoundaryBreak Tends to be marketing room jargon. @notquitereal Good option is to perform an action and then go into /gpose. @austin_walker Popeyeeeee I voted at the polls. @a_cado_appears I mean if any Gundam was gonna look a little scruffed.. @LukePlunkett @DaveMilbo WHAT
@farawaythyer They are friggin' *gone* I would say.Remnant: From the Ashes has completely surprised me and is on the fast track to become one of the more interesting…*record scratch* "Yeah, that's me. You'reprobablywondering how I got into this situation..."
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @Kotaku Natalie, play Skies of Arcadia. @SteveWa15674992 I fucking will Steve, now shut up. @IGN Let's keep it going, yeah. @IGN Tweet this again tomorrow.
@EndlessJeopardy What is No Man? @polimayo *peeps on Twitter* it was a good sandwich, paul
Coming back to Twitter to say I'm stunned by these Game Informer layoffs. Folks like Javy Gwaltney, @imranzomg and… birthday gift to myself is fuckin' leaving Twitter for an indeterminate but hopefully long and comfortable amoun… @dialacina Hi Dia.
You said fucked up stuff and you got caught. Those words came from somewhere, somewhere that needs to be *addressed… say for my part that I really like the idea that you can just donate to charity as a way to wash away this ty… @superbunnyhop Literally everyone's inbox RN.Equivocation ALWAYS favors the mob. CEOs should be banned.*wiseguy voice* I stand up for my workers but I also agree they shouldn’t get mouthy or nothin’This is a disgraceful statement which will enable more harassment than it could ever mitigate.There should *never* be a “but” after (paraphrasing) “I will stand up for employees receiving death threats.” @CoryMcQuhae Define questionable. @xpatriciah Turned Sylvain into a big chonky armored knight instead of a horse dude or whatever. @alissacaliente It took me a minute to realize what the even was, that's how generic it was in my brain. @DanFloydPlus No clue why that says Let's Mosey. It's actually a link to my series. @DanFloydPlus Good news, you can read long form analysis on MG1, MG2, and MGS right now on Kotaku dot Com. @BethElderkin I am fuming in my office right now. Achilles in his tent level brooding.brb writing my doctorate thesis on What The Fuck Is Up With Kojima And Moms. YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME HER NAME IS MAMA?!Sitting here and waiting for the reveal that this Death Stranding woman's name will be Hot Momman or something.I am writing a retrospective on Metal Gear. I will eagerly pick apart Death Stranding. But I need to say from the… Keighley: "Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Hideo Kojima the wise?" @jmrivera02 our parents warned us about thisAny time I see a trailer with mechs in a totally anachronistic early 20th century setting, I cross my fingers that… time I see a live action game trailer, I cross my fingers that it will be Contradiction 2. It will never be Contradiction 2.BREAKING: Sony buys Insomniac Games
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @ckunzelman Cam, I know nothing about these games. It's a huge blindspot for me and I'm kinda freaking out.Are... people in Gears of War just naturally huge? This man is a scientist, not a Marcus. @dr_karate It seemed to play smooth, whatever that is worth. @Phatom_caster I mean, a game could be in dev for a decade and still bungle complex themes.I unpack it in the piece but Greedfall is a precarious game. It's like a knife stand near a cliff. Fall one way and…"I walked away from Greedfall extremely curious. There’s promise here, a chance to use a video game frame to explor… promise I'm not trying to sound like a grump today but HOW IS XBOX STILL SO BAD AT LIVESTREAM EVENTS?This story implies that honoring our union contract was at Great Hill’s discretion to do — in fact, they were *cont…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandray'all ever hear a game pitch so bad...Nothing makes me want to play Borderlands 3 less than hearing folks be like "And then the villains will ask you to… some gamers get (really) mad about easter eggs because they assume it means devs are cutting out time for… know this is true because it already happens in other unionize industries. For many, the action of unions are no… talk, this will be a problem though extent remains to be seen. A lot of players will see unions as an impedime… @ShareefJackson Oh, you're in for a ride. @BSquidboi lol
@bombsfall woh, let’s not get too political here nowNice hat. It would be a shame if it disappeared in this small room where literally everything is within arms reach.Apparently, my super power is “losing all the hats you love but only wear in your bedroom.” @SylenisArts Awesome! @patrickklepek Buncha friends of mine do a No Sleep podcast listen every other week. Not necessarily *scary* but so… @SylenisArts Do you have an Esty or anything like that where these might be sold? @kirkhamilton cackling at "grilled delights"The single most successful thing that bad faith actors on the Right have ever done is convince mainstream outlets t…'m not saying that the New York Times does this out of a deliberate desire to be negligent and support white supre… @xpatriciah It's definitely one of the most convenient options. I use an XB1 Elite personally.
@ZwiezenZ blog itI rarely find myself thinking that there is a "wrong" mode of protest. Many forms, even ones I don't agree with or…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @EndlessJeopardy What is War and Please Stop Playing That Damn Xylophone? @headfallsoff what? no, facking what? that's wicked wrong, ya pissahFolks, please don't make me have to define what a friend is. a great little account with so much love and detail about my favorite game of all time!'all, this is for friends only! 🤣Doing the reasonable thing before daily reset in FFXIV: sending out tons of invitations to my Eternal Bonding ceremony! 🥳
@Yelix Haha. DM me questions and I'll help! (But yes, it's not good at that.)funky 90s jackets
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @polimayo POWERFUL CREATURE @acosmos Both.Our statement on the G/O Media handbook.
Retweeted by Heather Alexandra @xoxogossipgita lolDon’t really know how to tweet this one, except that two weeks ago there was a hate crime against Latinx folks and…
Retweeted by Heather AlexandraMegan's been a genuine inspiration, and has guided Deadspin through a lot of crap. Stood by her team and took risks… bebop episode 26, the real folk blues part ii
Retweeted by Heather Alexandrait surprised me so much that fire emblem: three houses's depiction of abuse was so thoughtful, and it made the game…
Retweeted by Heather Alexandrame: "so did you have any trouble with today's assignment?" edelgard: "have you ever thought about killing god?" me: "that's nice dear"
Retweeted by Heather AlexandraLike, okay, I play a *ton* of games. That's part of what I do and something I think I have a reputation for doing,… to this is that the best avenues to write about video games do not come from playing a lot of video games. where, but this is 1000% percent someone on my Top Ten list for games this year so... maybe pick it up if you…'s writing music. I remember them playing it in the large lobby space of the Shadowbringers tour and just... m… @notquitereal I mean, optimal rotation stuff only matters if you're a raider and everyone's parsing. For Tri-disast… @notquitereal Totally use it. There's some nuances later on, but being able to apply both of your DoTs is a big deal.My answer to that five films meme going around is all super embarrassing shit that the world must never know.
Symphony of the Night take: If I went to my dad's house to kick his ass, and then it was revealed that he was hidin…
Retweeted by Heather AlexandraMonkey Island.