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Since 2004, we have released, managed and published the best, most adventurous, musicians we find.

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@JuliaJacklin @TDCinemaClub @KOKOKOmusic @flumemusic @MarikaHackman @JulienChangBAL @foals @Blaenavon 💗This year we've released some truly phenomenal albums. Thrilled and proud to work with these amazing artists 👏it's…'s been a very good year for @foals that's for sure, not least because they released 2 whole parts of an excellen…
Retweeted by TransgressiveLook at this gorgey-worgey little session we did for @IndyMusicBox (plz note the disappearance of Jelly’s forearms)
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BRUSSELS LETS GET NAUGHTY Botanique Doors - 7.30 @art_school_gf - 8 Santa Baby (an awful good girl) - 9
Retweeted by Transgressive.@JulienChangBAL's debut is rich with the spirit of teenage discovery
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Amsterdam we’re ready 4 ya! BITTERZOET Doors - 7.30 @art_school_gf - 7.45 Mackman Harika - 8.30
Retweeted by TransgressiveThis one kicking off across Europe tonight! Come on down!"One person said all these?"
Retweeted by TransgressiveSpend yr Sunday with our film #RipUpTheRoad 🏴‍☠️
Retweeted by TransgressiveTactical voting guide 2019: the 50 seats where it is vital to keep the Tories out
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Birthday Suit in Osaka
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just played brixton academy for the first time........ cool. really cool stuff.
Retweeted by TransgressiveI’m going to vote for @jeremycorbyn & the labour party because he will right the abysmal inequalities in our societ…
Retweeted by Transgressivenight time is the right time @RufusDuSol 🏴‍☠️
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Listen back to @Blaenavon's Ben in conversation with @JohnKennedy, along with a few songs from Everything That Make… week ago - we took over a sold out @fabriclondon ⚡️@Gigwise came down and provided some very kind words to top…
Retweeted by TransgressiveToday is a great day to have a meaningful conversation with your parents and lobby them to vote @UKLabourBite size version of my trip with transgressive! With lovely pics by my dear friend @hanna_katrina
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@BonifaceBand @GuardThee He he... glad you asked. Mike’s gonna give you a shout with a cunning plan xx
Retweeted by TransgressiveTonight we play a sold out @Botanique in Brussels !!
Retweeted by TransgressiveOur remix for @foals is here. We've been fans of their music for over a decade. We put our spin on it and turned it…
Retweeted by TransgressiveImma be playing Annie Mac presents in London next March! Smash this link if you wanna come cry laugh to soft songs…
Retweeted by Transgressive @brownswood I’m sure you’re the same but most of our CDs are in card packaging now and we encourage our artists in…
Congratulations! Thrilled that @thelegofgrandma ‘s music is a part of @Tai_Shani ‘s incredible piece and this colla… is... exactly what the song is about. thanks @jadeisthename @TheCurrent 🥰
Retweeted by TransgressiveJoin @JohnnyFlynnHQ on his journey with @transgressiveHQ
Retweeted by TransgressiveThank you @SpotifyUK for taking this little trip down memory lane with us! Check out all our latest releases here 😀’ new EP ‘Sophie’ is a collection of poetic numbers wrapped with discontent, a fleeting sense of misery,…
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@Maisy555 @thelegofgrandma ❤️❤️❤️Wonderful to see @MarikaHackman and @JuliaJacklin in this most excellent selection... bad boy of jazz music
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Review | @juliajacklin at @buttonfactory19 "This is performance 101. Take notes."
Retweeted by TransgressivePretty awesome to see Birthday Suit kicking off on @tiktok_uk brings the brilliant Any Human Friend to @O2ForumKTown in March. Get your tickets now ->…
Retweeted by TransgressiveLIVE, KOKOKO! (@KOKOKOmusic) are bright, brave, experimental and unfalteringly positive 📸Becca Cribb LIVE review…
Retweeted by TransgressiveFirst of December? GETTING FESTIVE!!!! @MarikaHackman #Christmas #shititsnearlychristmas #xmas #❄️☃️⛄️❄️☃️⛄️❄️… scenes with Elton interviewing Marika!
@arloparks @Spotify 👍👍👍listen in now to hear me chat to @eltonofficial on @Beats1 about Any Human Friend
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Sad to say @SonghoyBlues won’t be performing this Sunday. The exhibition is incredible and would encourage you to v… to @IndieLabelMkt tomorrow in London? We'll be there with some special goodies - swipe to see SIGNED specia… NIGHT WE FELT THE ENERGY 🔥💥🔥💥THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME DOWN @fabriclondon @rockfeedback @transgressiveHQ
Retweeted by TransgressiveGot an old band tshirt? Bring it to our MDE stall at .@IndieLabelMkt tomorrow and get NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET sc…
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.@drmartens are hosting an exhibition of the wonderful @arloparks's poetry, lyrics, and tour photos! Sign up for th… a standout show on the @Fender stage at #TGE19, don't miss @MarikaHackman play @O2ForumKTown next March. Ti…
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@cathrinehowe68 @BonifaceBand Thanks and apols! Looking into it with Music Glue too for you! X @BonifaceBand @cathrinehowe68 That is odd... just tried and it seems to be working fine, but If you’re having troub… @arloparks He he. Humble ambitions... mwah ha ha xFOALS x RÜFÜS DU SOL 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ @RufusDuSol #TheRunner 🔊
Retweeted by TransgressiveThe @foals' hit #TheRunner gets a brooding remix from @RufusDuSol. Listen here first:
Retweeted by TransgressiveThank you to everyone who came out to a fully sold out @FiddlersBristol last night, it was incredible! Next up, Man…
Retweeted by Transgressivewhats up twitter you can preorder the goddamn record right here #boniface1
Retweeted by TransgressiveYay Jimmy! X of this year's great albums, 'Crushing' by @JuliaJacklin. Playing Friday at @ButtonFactory19. Here she is, from…
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Today's Song of the Day (as chosen by @djcherylwaters) is "conventional ride" by London-based artist @MarikaHackman
Retweeted by TransgressiveEXCLUSIVE BUNDLE All four Rough Trade Exclusive @foals tapes. @transgressiveHQ
Retweeted by Transgressive @daveGildedALM @JuliaJacklin @ButtonFactory19 💚💚💚Whoop! play @fabriclondon on Thursday and you don't want to miss it. Get tickets now:
Retweeted by TransgressiveOMG! Finally! Led Zeppelin reunion 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Mind well and truly blown. This is a 'WHOLE LOTTA' good news…
Retweeted by TransgressiveIf you care about:⠀ The NHS Climate Action Education Equal Opportunity Equal Pay Disabled Rights LBGTQ+ Rights Anim…
Retweeted by Transgressivesee you in March Bristol @ritual_union 😎
Retweeted by Transgressive @white_onions Thanks for the support and grammatical correction xTim here. I know you’re all compassionate,open minded,tolerant,humanists who care about our environment and the fut… landlords are registered to vote. Bad bosses are registered to vote. And the super-rich who've rigged the s…
Retweeted by TransgressiveRegister to vote before tomorrow (26th November) at 11:59pm at #ItsOurTime
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@LukeTurnerEsq Sending govt money directly to private landlord’s pockets feels a little like a Tory policy too no?Register to vote
Retweeted by TransgressiveYou thought we’d forgotten ya 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Manchester. 2020. χ 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
Retweeted by Transgressive @joswinson A loan to rent? What is wrong with you? #dismalfutureDescribed as a 'majestic voice of Generation Z', watch 19-year-old @arloparks' poetic and soulful performances of "…
Retweeted by TransgressiveNorthern Transmissions' 'Video of the Day' is "Keeping Up" Boniface #videooftheday
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#ResidentAlbumsOfTheYear2019 .13 @JuliaJacklin | Crushing | @transgressiveHQ CD / green LP…
Retweeted by TransgressiveFriends in the UK, you’re about to be asked to vote between good and evil... make sure you have a voice and registe… excited for @KOKOKOmusic at @fabriclondon next week. Check out their ace @nprmusic Tiny Desk Concert for a taste…
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I’ll be playing with @gottsstreetpark Monday and Tuesday.. Come thru
Retweeted by Transgressivecheck the new video for Like Lightning now 🌿🏴‍☠️⚡️
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Foal's new climate-focussed music video makes nods to Forest Gump, Greta Thunberg and Trump >…
Retweeted by TransgressiveThe @KOKOKOmusic @nprmusic Tiny Desk session is now live on YouTube - check it out and thank us later rally against climate change in their new animated video for 'Like Lightning', shared via @musicdeclares
Retweeted by TransgressiveBoniface (@BonifaceBand) announces self-titled debut album.
Retweeted by Transgressivetickets for the London headliner on sale riiight nowwww
Retweeted by Transgressive"Music is something I feel a physical need to do..." @arloparks is On The Radar this week:
Retweeted by TransgressiveNew #LikeLightning music video is out now. Directed by Virginie Kypriotis. Watch it here:
Retweeted by TransgressiveIt's here!!! @foals new animated video 'Like Lightning' is now live and being premiered on…
Retweeted by TransgressiveWe are SO excited to announce that we will be premiering @foals new animated video for ‘Like Lightning’ to raise aw…
Retweeted by Transgressive @allyrvanity @BonifaceBand I don’t think there should be @rockfeedback has the right link and can prob help!
Yoooo my @vevo DSCVR sessions are out now!! Check me out strutting my stuff awkwardly n singing “Angel’s Song” lol…
Retweeted by TransgressiveTomorrow @musicdeclares ⚡ #LikeLightning
Retweeted by Transgressive🇨🇩 @KOKOKOmusic 📢 @fabriclondon 📅 28 Nov 🎟
Retweeted by TransgressiveALBUMS OF THE MONTH | Wunderkind @JulienChangBAL's debut released via @transgressiveHQ. The multi-instrumentalist t…
Retweeted by TransgressiveArlo Parks (@arloparks) shares beautiful new track 'Angel's Song'.
Retweeted by TransgressiveAlan Moore has something important to ask of you, in the runup to #GeneralElection19
Retweeted by TransgressiveTotally unexpected but very honored this collection of music is being recognized by the academy. Huge shout to…
Retweeted by Transgressive"I'm a black kid who can't dance... listens to emo music and currently has a crush on some girl in my Spanish class…
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Don’t be silent on climate. Register to vote before 26th November. Let’s make our voices heard. #ItsOurTime
Retweeted by TransgressiveCONGRATS to @flumemusic on another @RecordingAcad nomination! Once again Grammy-nominated in the Best Electronic Al…
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