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this story still sends me
Retweeted by trapcry.comHow ‘bout you gtfo... 💕
Retweeted by trapcry.comMariah Carey sees a 1000% spike in sales of GTFO amidst the end of the Trump presidency. @MariahCarey I’m affirming…
Retweeted by @0IvIeN Lol you sure? Let’s retry it. @thatmexaguy LmaoJoe Biden first ran for President in 1987. 33 YEARS of chasing a dream. Today that ambition becomes a reality. For…
Retweeted by trapcry.comShameik Moore really said that Rosa Parks could've just taken a cab home instead of getting on that bus after work.
Retweeted by trapcry.comGOP traded 400,000 American lives for 234 Trump judges & tax cuts for the rich
Retweeted by @azfamily Queen ❤️🙏🏾Police: Woman tracked down brother's suspected killer, murdered him, then sent a text to her dead brother afterward…
Retweeted by trapcry.comKatie Miller, press secretary for Mike Pence, quoted in Jacob Soboroff's new book, Separated: "DHS sent me to the b…
Retweeted by @katierosemiller @StephenM "My family and colleagues told me that when I have kids I'll think about the separations…
Retweeted by trapcry.comLost PGA tournaments. Lost the most Republican sport coming to your safe space because you are bad for the brand. B…
Retweeted by trapcry.comThis man's whole life is in shambles because he got mad at Seth Meyers and Barack Obama roasting him. Could've just…
Retweeted by trapcry.comDeutsch Bank don't fuck with you any more and if there's one thing they don't care about, it's ethics. 😭😭😭
Retweeted by trapcry.comGot called a bum by Lebron James. Because the NBA didn't want to come to your house. Tom Brady probably would eat a…
Retweeted by trapcry.comYour biggest fans getting arrested the feds. You tried to promote white nationalism and now you even fucked that up…
Retweeted by trapcry.comYour best friend is a pillow man and now all his money is getting fucked up too because you let a guy who married h…
Retweeted by @VonMarkies ❤️A message for your knees
Retweeted by trapcry.comgon head & clock out for me
Retweeted by trapcry.comivanka packing her stuff right now
Retweeted by trapcry.comHAPPY BDAY PETE BUTTIGIEG: woman confuses pete buttigieg for antoni from queer eye
Retweeted by trapcry.comKamala entering the Senate chamber as Vice President tomorrow
Retweeted by trapcry.comCan they just collab already????
Retweeted by trapcry.comMorning! 😊
Retweeted by @0IvIeN Huh?Hands up to the sky (I’ll be your new VP) Tr*mps about to d*e
Retweeted by trapcry.comOmg my IUD fell out
Retweeted by trapcry.comi tried to finsta it away
Retweeted by trapcry.comQT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new, but ideally, on… thing about trump building a new political party is everyone knows he can’t build anything worth a shit but he…
Retweeted by trapcry.comHeadline: Terrorist sympathizer blocks homeland security nominee
Retweeted by trapcry.comRUSSEL SIMMONS watching those girls get deported as he hides out from his sexual harassment charges in Bali
Retweeted by trapcry.comlooking for a 5 bedroom 3 bath house for $30
Retweeted by trapcry.comPLS are open but the morgues are full Don’t come to LA
Retweeted by“Do you guys like Oreos?”
Retweeted by trapcry.comBaby I got Amazon Prime & an air fryer.. you not finna talk to me any kinda fuckin way
Retweeted by @McDomalds I’m coming to whoop some ass. @Str8likeDrizz_ ssddddddWe going back to regular racism tomorrow yall!!!
Retweeted by trapcry.com @KellyannePolls talking to her daughter like this is wild.*SERIOUS* CW: Child Abuse Claudia Conway shares videos exposing her mother former Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway…
Retweeted by trapcry.comMe when they broadcast Trump leaving early before the Bidens pull up.
Retweeted by @williamvercetti ssksks I might watch tbhIs this BiLatinMen? when they broadcast Trump leaving early before the Bidens pull up.“Just a few bad apples” 🥴
Retweeted by trapcry.com4 years of Trump’s bullshit? I’m sleeping like this tonight too. is how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sleeping tonight
Retweeted by trapcry.comWish it was real. 😭 want janelle monáe
Retweeted by trapcry.comFor everyone confused ... Raz B did an interview for @foxsoultv and they refuse to air it due to cease and desist l…
Retweeted by trapcry.comY’all 👀👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by trapcry.comClub Hotep needs the Parler treatment. this his crisis wig?
Retweeted by trapcry.comthis actually aged well
Retweeted by trapcry.comLady Gaga tomorrow at Joe Biden’s inauguration.
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today’s the last day a woman has never been vice president
Retweeted by @GODISMlKEY Make the right decision King. The opportunity will always be open if they are real.keke : im pregnant, underaged and idk what to do mary : runn awayyy
Retweeted by trapcry.comAll the pandemic taught me was that people really are okay with dying. Which is fine but they don't care if they kill other people.
Retweeted by trapcry.comMARIJUANA HAS TO BE A SEPARATE ENTITY FROM ABC. #legalizeitright
Retweeted by trapcry.comShould have shut her mouth and ate her food!!! @OFL_ATLGA @theerkj sddddI knew Twitter was wild when someone posted their boarding pass and a stranger called and cancelled the return flig…
Retweeted by trapcry.comFor President Trump’s last full day in office, I want to list out all of the great things he has done for our nation 📝(THREAD):
Retweeted by @nitram_yeroc skssk at all times. @mahoumoreno I know that’s right...Boys stay shook in my presence. They walk easy.Senator Mitch McConnell said publicly for the first time that the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol were “pr…
Retweeted by @gLLRm0 Hopper on the back like... @domthuhbalm Happy Birthday King 🙏🏾😭
Retweeted by @Yooshawnn SW singing the National Anthem over Jaz? LolA teacher I worked with has just died of Covid. I am NOT OKAY! My face shield arrived today, which I purchased. I…
Retweeted by @SecPompeo Thank God you’re leaving.
Retweeted by trapcry.comCity Hall was very crazy tonight. I'm not sure how else to describe it. A ton of arrests. The cops would not let up…
Retweeted by trapcry.comthe way hundreds of thousands of ppl did NOT
Retweeted by👅😘 you want to do crack?
Retweeted by trapcry.comTrumps final day
Retweeted by trapcry.comDaily reminder that Michael Jackson went to a party only to see Beyoncé perfoming
Retweeted by trapcry.comThe way my meat is my alarm clock. 🤯
Retweeted by trapcry.comJeh Johnson says he hopes Americans will realize the Trump presidency was a "failed experiment"…
Retweeted by trapcry.comThat’s ONE! One last day of the Trump presidency! ⚡️ Ah ah ah! ⚡️
Retweeted by trapcry.comGallup's final polling for the Trump presidency is out. His final approval rating was 34%. He leaves the only pre…
Retweeted by trapcry.comImagine being against raising taxes on the rich
Retweeted by trapcry.comfuck around find out
Retweeted by trapcry.comElevating my feet in bed makes sleeping hit different. 🤤😴 @imKYERE 😂 @imKYERE Ch It’s triggering. @imKYERE LMAO @imKYERE I want to rewatch this but I know I’m gonna be stressed out 😭 @imKYERE Lol Kristie A**ey can choke but yeah loved those. @imKYERE It was fun. I also did “10 to Midnight” and “the General’s Daughter” lol. I think I want to revisit “Frequency” next, it’s so good.