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“Bet” = a legally binding, verbal contract
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaAuteur Theory: What Does it Mean and How You Can 'Author' Your Films
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So... I made new hall passes for my students...🤣
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @afadjato Bro everything spoil for this side. @nasara_x Wisen op🎉🎉20 something
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @nasara_x Smh @afadjato Lowest hanging fruit as usual.
Topboy>>>> Power, easilyyyy
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaLITTLE SIMZ DID SOOOO WELLLL🏆🏆🏆 #topboy
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @korejay It's one guy fam. one guy.Topboy >>> Power
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaWorried clients can often be the death knell for bold creative ideas - so how should creative agencies help brands…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaTis’ been nice.Last hour then ebi sake of no one ever listen.Pray for me.Akon Says Music Contracts are not Honoured in Nigeria.
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @leoneetas really love David Ayer but Suicide Squad isn’t his best work. I left the cinema 30 mins into the movie....Also Ro…🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 am a Black law professor with locs. I earned tenure with locs. I’ve taught students with locs. I’ve gone to cou…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaRAW (2016) Cinematography by Ruben Impens Directed by Julia Ducournau Explore more shots in our database:…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaEdward Hopper, Rembrandt, Caravaggio. My holy trinity. girl once created an imaginary girlfriend for me because she didn’t want to go out to see a movie with me. I was… Stages of Post-Production, from Data Storage to Deliverables
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @MaxMichael_ Our film critic.
God will bless me with long life @__aello too* everyone else can die.Zolee Griggs, Jessica Williams, Little Simz, Zendaya Coleman...everyone else can die.💜💚 bb girl💚💜
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaYou get submissive when I come around
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Retweeted by TrapTcHallaShowing up & out
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaYo teeth made out of enamel 😤 step up ya tooth game
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaDon’t get too attached. #TheSuicideSquad
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaHBO Max Orders Danai Gurira’s #Americanah as a Limited Series Starring Lupita Nyong’o
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaDolly Zoom in Jaws (1975) and La Haine (1995) edited by @yusaku_spn
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaARRAY 360: Ava DuVernay’s Film Collective Opens New Theater with Wide-Ranging Curated Series
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaSERPICO (1973) Cinematographer: Arthur Ornitz Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Director: Sidney Lumet
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaThank you, Sister! Come see films with us! The Queen @EuzhanPalcy’s masterpiece SUGAR CANE ALLEY is our Opening Nig…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaAs #Parasite Oscar Buzz Soars, Bong Joon-ho Stays Resistant to Hollywood Offers
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaData-driven Moviemaking Set To Save The Film Industry Billions. #films #movies #moviemaking #filmindustry #bigdata
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaPaul Thomas Anderson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix on the set of The Master
Retweeted by TrapTcHallashare to attract good energy 🤝
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @leoneetas Boy maaaan. Whheeeew 😤😤!! What a time to be alive. I need to direct a few episodes next two seasons. Insha Allah.Speaking to IndieWire at #TIFF19, #Parasite filmmaker Bong Joon-ho says he is modeling his career after Quentin Tar…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaWhat a time to be alive.! The following article contains mild spoilers for season three of Top Boy.
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla⬇️ Today in Hip-Hop ⬇️ On this day in 1996, Tupac Shakur died after being shot in Las Vegas nearly a week beforeha…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaDisney+ could be adding a bunch of classic Marvel animated shows.
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaIntroducing ATEM Mini! New affordable live production switcher designed for YouTube live streaming and business pre…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaI was watching Booksmart and paused the film for 30mins just to google for pictures of Jessica Williams 😍Rokinon's New Xeen CF Cine Lenses Are Compact, Lightweight, and Ready for 8K
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaEddie Money, the prolific singer and songwriter whose songs “Baby Hold On,” “Two Tickets to Paradise,” and “Take Me…
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @OdarteyMango If Frytol wants to spend on digital advertising this not the way to spend their money. @OdarteyMango This only go bost internet kiddies demma mind. And I know we don’t care about what oil we use in cook… @kingdeexv Tunalé perfume. Ein name Dey top but he never go use too.Wow I’m old oo. @OdarteyMango Relax bro. This very niche cultural context. The indomie woman for the junction never go barb.A RT can save my life. I have a yr to get a bone marrow transplant & lungs. I have sickle cell & lupus — can’t work…
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Retweeted by TrapTcHallaThe Marvel hitmaker and his brother are branching out with their own busy production company. Joe Russo was recogni…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaWhen someone has anxiety 🔹Don’t make them feel stupid. 🔹Don’t tell them they’re not being logical. 🔹Don’t tel…
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Retweeted by TrapTcHallaSo some men have been asking me what are the signs to look out for in testicular cancer Here is a lil thread to l…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaI know it’s been a minute guys But I thought I’d share
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Highly-Anticipated ARRI Alexa Mini LF Is Now Shipping Worldwide
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaI was watching live. 10 years ago. Make nobody come ask me when I start de support city again. slapping a quote from @davidehrlich's negative review of Joker on the poster, when there are a dozen positive on…
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @mavericksmovies @davidehrlich I didn't get this comment until I read Ehrlich's review. Evidently HE didn't get it;…
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla“ ‘Mr. Agyeman’ that is what investors say” Join my telegram for all the exclusives
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @leoneetas Accidental upload pending.Nostalghia (1983) | Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky #cinema #quotes #MovieQuotes #blackandwhite
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaTV Series about agents and the world of talent representation. @desusnice Seen legit fist fights between agents at The London rooftop b/c an agent met with someone else’s client at soho house
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @CPenIV @desusnice You have no sense of humor.showbiz would be way more interesting if ppl repped ICM, WME, and CAA like gangs and stabbed each other at west hol…
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He said stop fucking playing with my son
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @aliyahotchere @chuuzus Bless your soul.Burna boy has got to be the single most petty Nigerian to have ever lived 😂
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @Waltersaes Ghana people go bost your mind vote give am too. @pappi_asenso @niiganyobi_ @kaymaafo concert paaThis guy can't even pretend to do good. of arabia (1962)
Retweeted by TrapTcHalla @leoneetas men at workI can finally tweet that I am super proud to see this new iPhone ship with a chip my team worked so hard on 😭 Hardw…
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaLatest Music Video: Henry Scholfield directs ‘Sounds of The Skeng’ for Stormzy. Watch:
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaBEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRRRR❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by TrapTcHallaDavid Fincher's #FightClub premiered at the #VeniceFilmFestival 20 years ago today.
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Go and watch Wu-Tang An American Saga. Goodnight. @Gafacci @yung_d3mz Post Malone is spamming the culture. @Gafacci @yung_d3mz 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 @labelletogolais And will never fail us. @Gafacci @yung_d3mz 🤮🤮🤮Dogs are the best babysitters!
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