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My Name is (Redacted) but call me TraSh • Bisexual • 💖Taken💖 • Proud simp for SEGA • Making memes to make your day • Banner by @PhxntomEdits

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@ExecuteVillainy @istophillips @ShaneJohnson__ @ShannonSharpe Mans even trying to hide the racism here lmao, unless… @ExecuteVillainy @istophillips @ShaneJohnson__ @ShannonSharpe Jewish people were giving reparations and a country.… @LeitungEvolved “They might be a war criminal but they’re nice” @ToasterRebooted @zezeonebustaa It’s extremely short lmao @NoponDigi Your work is great and don’t think it’s not worth sale or recognition @DantPng @ani_tsun @MayaPositivity AND BRADY IS CUTE AND BOYFRIEND MATERIAL AND A GIRK IS GONNA SEE THAR ONE DAY SO YESSIRRRRRRR YOU SPITTIN @jdotkdot213 @big_business_ 14y still gonna support him too @MayaPositivity @ani_tsun @DantPng SPITTIN RIGHT HERE @ani_tsun @DantPng @MayaPositivity You’re perfect boyfriend material and every girl who don’t see that is blind @ani_tsun @DantPng @MayaPositivity Hey don’t say that man I thought I was bottom of the barrel worst of the worst, you’re perfect bruv @tamifairchild1 @seattlewetwet @stillgray Why drive on a closed road? He broke the law @ani_tsun @DantPng Now is it a good time to point out the lack of Kasumi Doujin’s and why it’s a crime against humanityI’ve yet to see any non Wholesome Shuichi x Kaede and I love it @ani_tsun @MayaPositivity By the Myriad Truths you are cute @ani_tsun @MayaPositivity You are cuteHaha actually being to cuddle with the love of your life is the greatest feelings I have ever known @AzureIceFlare @Travee76 YESSSSSSSIRRRRRRRR @Travee76 (If you couldn’t tell I’m joking) @Travee76 Link link @Travee76 Cmon Trav @Travee76 Please @Travee76 Link? @ToasterRebooted @ani_tsun Remember TwitterMaidZ @17_cabbage 1 is enough @17_cabbage You already have one @nathanmarzion I’m more pissed that no one has recognized Ben Simmons for DPOY. He want but he deserves more recogn… @NoponDigi Don’t sell yourself shortI just returned @DantPng wtf Dante with no brim?!? @ani_tsun 5
@ani_tsun @DantPng Start an OnlyFans @_hiyodayo my heartSomeone simp for Brady @FUNimation @AoTWiki It’s just the recap film 😕 @_hiyodayo I need to see thisYusuke 👀❤️
Retweeted by Zack’s Living Legacy | Black Lives MatterSomeone hold me @ani_tsun ✌️ @MaidKasumi @ani_tsun Oh hello @zezeonebustaa @ToasterRebootedHappy 4th of July from a REAL American hero!
Retweeted by Zack’s Living Legacy | Black Lives Matterman if you're surprised that the smash community has over 100 pedophiles and sexual predators in it wait until you…
Retweeted by Zack’s Living Legacy | Black Lives Matter @titanslayer369 @zezeonebustaa @JGJonny_ artist is @/DarmEngine @MashRep @JGJonny_ @BasedAmiya’s so perfect @skurletonVA Jesus is a common spongebob character @DantPng @17_cabbage What does this imply✨RT after voting please!✨ Last one was fun so I wanted to do it again but with Velvet Room Attendants and Social L…
Retweeted by Zack’s Living Legacy | Black Lives MatterGAS ADACHI AND IWAI @CodeJoJos @CrypticNo King shit 👑 @CodeJoJos @CrypticNo Absolutely legendary quote man @CrypticNo @CrypticNo Smh cryptic you gonna get benched soon If you keep missing @cjpny76 @Yankees Stop supporting this Tran please we don’t want youJesus man really hope Tanaka @estrogendreams @Stairfax @ToasterRebooted YES YES YES YUSUKE MY DEAREST BABY FINALLY @JasonDean227 @CBSSports Issa jokeI’m the happiest guy in the world right now @InkyHybrid2268 6+8 = 14 @pretty_poggers @InkyHybrid2268 I mean the video obviously shows thatZeRo is a pedo?!?! Wowwwww @alexjm2413 You want me to play Earthbound and Kirby my backlog is already 200hrs long but ok @alexjm2413 I’ve never played a Kirby game but I’m Bi Paradox man @alexjm2413 Here is Fuukaplier @big_business_ We still got 3 weeks before a game and the situation is looking worse and worse manI do believe prison reform is a thing I just can’t agree with this one to watch HxH for 10+ Hours again @Goro_Detective @ani_tsun’m seeing her this Friday aaaaaaaaaa @LeitungEvolved The gif never ceases to not make me laugh @BleacherReport Ultimate Gilzzy Gladitor @ani_tsun @KasumiYoshiza14 DubPeep Bio 👀Good morning TraSh__Legend nation schedule getting better. Goodnight TraSh__Legend nation @LeitungEvolved Not caring about the series at all >>>>>> @alexjm2413 Get me to 200 and I’ll play Earthbound 1 and 2 @DragonChaseJav These hype beast and weirdos took it over and made it like this personality trait, saw some girl sa… TWEWY backlog rising @ani_tsun I don’t want to push her to answer and make her feel uncomfortable so put tne W on pending @UltimaShadowX @LeitungEvolved Covid-19 is also 100% a reason that people should considerI uhm she said it pretty vague but I think she said yes?!(!? @VibinMisato He was hot tho?!?#AfterHours @ToasterRebooted Yuka @InkyHybrid2268 NOOOOOOOO @InkyHybrid2268 Nvm your dead @Firewars5 @InkyHybrid2268 @Firewars5 hello partner @ani_tsun Mute them? Idk @ani_tsun IN 1 MONTH BOYS @ToasterRebooted Seems rather low @marieatrandom YOU HIT 100 LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO?!? WHY IS EVERYONE GROWING SO FAST AAA HOW DO YOU DO IT @ToasterRebooted LETS GOOOOOOOOO I wanna see how Akechi is doing @ToasterRebooted ErikoI have genuinely only watched 5 animes fully and Thoroughly @ani_tsun @InkyHybrid2268 Can we rig it so they winAwaiting results