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24 | CSGO commentator & streamer | Casted for: @IEM/@DreamHackCSGO/@epicentergg/@RelogMedia | Apex Legends, F1 & tennis enthusiast | Not tall | T1D | 🐧

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Joined Twitter 7/20/10 @penrua this bit was a horrible faux pas man @ChrisMedlandF1
Retweeted by Travis @MattyWTF1 not much has changed huh @keos4PF he might get DQ'd too LMAO he stopped at the end of the race as well. if he stopped in time then hopefully fine @ant_iuculano @LukeSmithF1 That was to do with tyre pressures? @LukeSmithF1 oh ffs isn't that a slam dunk @RyanAtRBM Barney dating Quinn, thinking they're perfect for eachother, but they need piles of paperwork to make a… on being summoned to the stewards: 🗣️ "I heard it's because I left a shirt on for the national anthem...…
Retweeted by TravisIt was like Fernando had been waiting for years to finally have a battle with Lewis once again. It didn't disappoin… @FiftyBucksVT using this whenever I see pointless twitter argumentsTeam spirit ❤️🤍💙 #HungarianGP 🇭🇺 #F1 @AlpineF1Team
Retweeted by TravisYESSS!!! Double points!!! So, so happy for every single member of this team. 2.5 years of incredibly hard work and…
Retweeted by Travis🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by TravisToday is your day, @AlpineF1Team!! #HungarianGP 🇭🇺 #F1
Retweeted by TravisAbsolutely fantastic race from Alpine. Safe to say Ocon owes Alonso a drink after that one. Feel like Vettel deserv… vs Lewis is the rivalry I grew up with watching Formula 1. This is utterly fantastic and I’m loving every… Alonso. A king.Fernando Alonso leads a Formula 1 race for the first time since Daniel Ricciardo passed him for victory with three…
Retweeted by Travis @RyanAtRBM Was a fair battleEsteban Ocon has now led more laps this year than Valtteri Bottas (19) #F1 #HungarianGP
Retweeted by Travis @ItayKir Best race this year get learningNice bowling game. So frustrating.
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@whosryu it was a mistake i suck everyone's a twat gg @semiliquid @ArrowsFut not to mention it wasn't unsportsmanlike, Horner's already said he had the right to do it with track positionall these "Imagine using scroll wheel to jump" posts give me trauma
Retweeted by TravisStreaming some FACEIT tonight (yes I can't believe it either) @nat_bambi Sorry I was being cheeky @DonHaci uninstall photo coming in t-minus 2hours @TheGeest @ArrowsFut Once in 2011 as a tongue in cheek comment and people associate it with him for all of eternity @_The_BigT @F1 A fair point but you can't accuse everyone who criticizes Lewis of that though @F1 If only there was mostly respect between fans as well🗣️ Hamilton on the booing crowd mid-interview: "Honestly I've never actually felt so great with the booing. If any…
Retweeted by TravisHow the turn tables 😬
Retweeted by TravisStill pretty baffled how only Ricciardo could show consistently similar pace to Max as a Red Bull teammate, Perez isn't this bad
@piethrouer CSGO @esmeevee @PlayApex that sort of thing in the store has never seemed right man it's so disappointing, love this gam… @NoMore_Hunting Yeah I use both as I said haha @NoMore_Hunting I like both! Have them on rotation @JW1 ez fix, quit valorant and open csgo
Retweeted by Travisdropping grenades sounds interesting, but can we get an option to buy between m4a4 and m4a1-s during match? please @CSGO
Retweeted by TravisThere are some truly great names competing in ESEA Advanced this season: GuardiaN, seized, TaZ, NEO, byali, AdreN… @volify @EliGE was more considering how different it would make competitive/pro scene @EliGE some sort of setting which makes it 1 grenade drop per buy per player or something like that to make it fair…
@ChiIIHouse @shrugtal I do yeah haha I've had it since it first came out and I don't really care about rarity but s… @shrugtal When is Bangalore Cherry Bomb coming back? When is Bangalore Cherry Bomb coming back? When is Bangalore C… from Mercedes after the FIA rejected Red Bull's review of Hamilton's #BritishGP penalty 👇 #F1 #Formula1
Retweeted by TravisHaven't streamed during the CS off-season and I miss it so I'm going live with some Apex/chatting and probably more… @FACEITSupport @Blikful @FACEIT Can you remove mine as well please, thanks @SamyT94 @Hansie18 @RobJFH @LukeSmithF1 Yeah, I don't agree that the penalty was severe. I expected a drive through… @joshm1cks @ScrawnyCG Ah it's Joshua "m1cks" Micks, otherwise known as "the exception" @ScrawnyCG Only seems right @LukeSmithF1 Idk man Lewis was told he was fine mid-race and not that he was in the hospital so I think everyone on… @FrankieWard Pfizer gang @gunth33r too many people have said this @iukecs One of my friends said we had the identical facial hair pattern 😭(disclaimer: don't hate me for this)A trustworthy member of the CS community and Hunden @RyanAtRBM It's a bit niche but I found it quickly @RyanAtRBM It's the top result on google images as well boy oh boy Hamilton on Instagram 👏🏳️‍🌈 #HungarianGP
Retweeted by TravisAnd still one of the best on the grid @LapaFan man everytime I watch this I expect their arms to snap it's mad
@idontknowryu @LookItsJustToy @LapaFan @notnatasza I will nametag my cat Ricardo tomorrow @idontknowryu @notnatasza god the magic of love is alive and well
Patch note writer having a bit of fun today @CSGO @Phyyy_Y I've actually never used E @LookItsJustToy open wheel preferably @LookItsJustToy nah not a sport built for the olympics whatsoever, a form of racing in equal cars would be fascinating though
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Retweeted by TravisPut all Russians in their own queue they've single handedly ruined my day thanks hope u see this x @FACEIT @DatHaci @eneshancsgo @_BrianCS sighI once overtook six cars in the pit lane behind the safety car and then refused to take a penalty. #LondonEPrix
Retweeted by Travis @possiblydevin @becky1507 Very good social media personalityLiterally the only redeeming quality Valorant has is rule34 and even then its still 2nd to overwatch...
Retweeted by Travis @semphisss Yes sir!
@Nors3 happy birthday m8 @shrugtal you're from Britainland and you say color and not colour? DISGUSTING (thanks for your info as always) @nicoodoz wow without me crazy @nicoodoz you...touched grass?! @nicoodoz how much did your mental state improve @Cinnamon__Fox King of the bed clearly @Cinnamon__Fox CAT @nat_bambi London isn't critical but the museums there are a must (science/natural history)
Do love Olympic ceremonies @LookItsJustToy BothI like this a lot
@VincehGG ❤️Another stupidly good new season trailer from @PlayApex, nobody does it better @MayaDucasse @marvelnroses @marvelnroses @MayaDucasse LECKO MIO DUDE @notnatasza pog!!!
This sort of thing is what sets CS apart for me, huge opportunity for some very talented people. Hopefully maps nex… @YDoggey2 Stranger things have happened