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Full stack web developer and online educator (YouTube & Udemy)

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@OkechukwuGabr11 Yeah it's weird. I know it all comes back fast but those first few hours after a month or so is like 🤯 @syn7ax69 I didn't watch my own videos but I looked at my own code from certain videos 🙂 @codeSTACKr Yeah, as the day went on it got better, but this morning I was like.. What's a function? 🥴I took the longest break from coding in over 10 years. Coming back to it I feel like I forgot everything 😐 @AbualhassanTech @developedbyed Yeah, I'm sure many more as well. it is always funny to see these email template screw-ups 😆 @dibasdauliya33 I have a series of about 20 videos on my channel called "PHP Front To Back". I also have a Udemy co… 🔥 @florinpop1705 🙄 blue > purpleI want to thank @codeSTACKr for todays video. He takes one of the projects from my vanilla JS course and converts t…
@weibenfalk Yeah, I don't want to be negative. I'm not even saying a lot of the stuff is bad, just... weird. @oyequebkn That's awesome. I did very well for the first 6 months. The past couple though, really difficult @EddyVinckk @NehemiahKiv I have a few times. Like “an array of options to chose from” or something like that @designcoursecom @developedbyed 😂🤣 @NehemiahKiv These are some words that I hear that often make me automatically think of programming even if that is… @codeSTACKr @developedbyed True, now he is stealing my emails 😑 @developedbyed I think this email was meant for you 😆
I am proud to announce that @florinpop1705 is now part of the Traversy Media team. He will be handling creator/in… @agilasadi @aschmelyun I don't necessarily mean "small". I guess, less known. People that are not at the top of the dev content world @HarpalChapatwa1 @adrian_twarog @YouTube Sure... tutorials, courses, custom platform, blog. Lot's of plans. Health… @codeSTACKr @flaviocopes @adrian_twarog, some great advice 👍 via @YouTube @ErikCH Yes Definitely
@EddyVinckk Yeah, Dylan is going to do an Angular project on the channel @Lucien_Mendela Nope, anything at all. Does not have to be web devWho are some smaller programming YouTubers that you like that are high quality? It doesn't just have to be tutori… @WellPaidGeek Tax time sucks 👎 I mean I know it's necessary for a functioning society, but it doesn't seem to go to… @techgirl1908 @YouTube Thanks Angie ♥️ No it isn't an easy decision. It is something I had always planned on doing… @cesthinakhan @YouTube Thanks so much, no need to be sad though. I have seen a lot of people say that. I won't be c…
@elyktrix I think people should be compensated for their efforts in giving valuable information for free, I see no… video talking about some changes I will be making. I want to bring Traversy Media to the next level and that me… @GregorySchier That sucks man. I remember when I had my freelance business, I had clients pouring in from Google an…
@MattCodeJourney @anniebombanie_ @SimonHoiberg @FrancescoCiull4 @DThompsonDev @thecodercoder 😂Amazing @florinpop1705 I donated. I forgot about the running part 😂 @codeSTACKr @YouTube Awesome buddy 👏 100K subs around the corner too
@sundeep84372626 I am having someone work on it with me. Id say a couple months. I am takibg things slow due to some personal stuff @sundeep84372626 I am not really working with Angular much. I do plan on doing a 20 React projects. I also have gue… @ParashuramKul Thanks man. I appreciate that 😊It's the first of the month. 5 day coupon code for all courses is "AUGUST5DAY" @IkemImarnoel That's awesome. You're very welcome 🙂 @PocOraiste Yeah there are some tradeoffs. I honestly never used my 3rd monitor. This is plenty of room and resolut… job! A 1 hour+ video all on one diagram @PeteCapeCod @elyktrix Yeah it’s actually really depressing. Hope this crap is over sooner than later. @DThompsonDev Wow. In MA you get yelled at for bot wearing them. You aren’t allowed in any stores without them. I’m… @elyktrix Yeah. Even if it’s a 90’s movie or something, it’s just automatic lolI guess this depends where you live. In my state people wear them everywhereDoes anyone else see gatherings on a TV show and find themselves thinking “where are their masks?” 😂 It is so embed… @ghkich Resolution is 5120 x 1440p It's a tradeoff. My old monitors were 4k. I love the… @kimurasweep This is my messing around and gaming machine. I use the Mac Pro most if the time for coding and for tutorials
@developedbyed I'm not using this to record. I use my Mac, but you should be able to just slice out a portion. On m… @hashtagcoder Ive been every generation since. I just started at 2 😊 @hashtagcoder I am #2. First Mario & Zelda era. I’m an old geezer 😂 at least I’m not Atari old @mabammer @ryansotoo Yeah. I have built my past 3 PCs. I used to do that stuff before I got into development @cyrus_zei It is 😊 @Dino_Quarin Yeah that is what I want eventually is a vertical monitor for console/debugging/logs @jimmyaldape It feels like a 24” height over the 27” i was using @jimmyaldape Yeah that was the first thing I noticed. Seems really short. Hard to say if it will bother me or not yet @DanFCorreia Not really but the uplift desk i have is solid as a rock. May be different on another desk @crypto_matrix_ Ill let you guys know what I think after using it for a bit @codeSTACKr Yeah I need to mess with the scaling a bit. I’ll let you know tomorrow. I am beat from setting it up lo… @ryansotoo It’s two years old but off the top of my head... Asus ROG Strix Mobo, Intel i9, 2 GTX 1070s SLI, 32GB Ra… 3 27” monitors with a 49” ultrawide. I have to use it for a while to see if I like it better. Looks cool t…
@EliteAirTravel For videos I use the standard Mac magic keyboard because it’s quiet, but my main is the Logitech G… @designcoursecom @developedbyed @DevSimplified @maxedapps Pointing a gun at some dudes junk 😆 @antdke Congrats🎇🇺🇸 @designcoursecom @Enalsy2 And still an Adidas hat 😂Awesome 😂
Really excited to have @thenetninjauk on. He is someone that has inspired me for years that I have learned a lot fr…
@MehtaRaaghav @ania_kubow @developedbyed @wesbos @florinpop1705 @thenetninjauk @freeCodeCamp You’re very welcome 😉 @anemonaskkk @florinpop1705 @flaviocopes @codeSTACKr @coding_garden @jamesqquick No problem. It was fun 😊 @abhimalayan Awesome. In the course, that project was built using old school floats. No flex or grids. I wanted to… @jamesqquick Yeah I guess I will deal with just the beard 😕 @RealChrisSean The cybertruck is the ugliest thing on this planet 😕 @nialljoemaher I think it’s going to take some time to catch on. All those articles and videos saying Node is dead look pretty stupid now 😏 @codingphase @RealChrisSean Sweet ride man 🔥 @SmitterHane @codeSTACKr @florinpop1705 Yes exactly 😂 @florinpop1705 @flaviocopes @codeSTACKr @coding_garden @jamesqquick That was cool. Great job 👍My buddy @florinpop1705 is going live on Twitch doing som dev portfolio reviews 💻 Check it out if you're interested… @lavie_encode Soul4real? lol That song still reminds me of middle school dances @codeSTACKr @florinpop1705 Maybe, I have no idea. I thought it was the coolest thing though 😄 @florinpop1705 I remember having a monitor and keyboard in the 80's when I was real young. No tower, just a monitor… @jamesqquick That is one nice looking setup 🔥 @AaronJFritsch @Barnacules @realDonaldTrump That sounds like a horrible movie 😐
@igmrrf @AuMayeung I love me some Axios 😄 @florinpop1705 Hey, a worldwide pandemic is a pretty good excuse for weight gain 😐 @DavidMM1707 I know right? All of my "special effects". lol I code and cut it out when I screw up. That's as far as… @andyjulow It's a shit show 😂Build a Minesweeper game in under 45 minutes! Thank you @ania_kubow via @YouTube @RTKash lol, I barely edit my videos. @ArcticLightsAq I have also told this company at least 5 times that I am not doing sponsorships. I just hate these spammy practicesEmail Tip: If you want to get someone's attention, don't send generic emails like this. It is so obvious. This comp… @xtrally @florinpop1705 I mean, you can, but I would learn the basics of Dart first. You don't have to master it, b… @codeSTACKr @ravinwashere I will. It's coming today, but I don't know if I will have time to set it up, but it will be this week. @ravinwashere 3 now which are being replaced with the 49" ultrawide today @florinpop1705 The first language I ever touched was Java. I don't use it anymore, but I do think it was a good fir… @AuMayeung React, even though it is often considered a framework. Axios is up there too @elyktrix Some people have no concept of contrast. It is probably my biggest pet peeve in UI/design. It seems so ob…
@drewlearns2 I am in the same boat. They won’t just send me new contacts, I HAVE to come in and have a dr in my fac… @jamesqquick You promised a stash grooming video and now you went ahead and grew your beard back 🙄 unsubscribe!