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T Bussy @TravisBussy unceded Anishinaabeg territory

Great lakes autonomous region 🦧

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I love sexual harassment training at work bc the questions are always like “Jared’s supervisor grabbed him by the d…
Retweeted by T Bussy @young_macduff woah @young_macduff that’s sick those are cool namesthis was exactly why i named him edgar doing 4 years of this
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@seanmaciel 100%Real drinkers know
Retweeted by T BussyCedric Price, American Ninja Warrior
Retweeted by T Bussymore meals should come in cone form besides ice cream. check this shit out: breakfast cone. sausage, egg, and cheese in a savory cone
Retweeted by T Bussydudes rock
Retweeted by T BussyNo matter the job, approach your task like the guy who recorded the Seinfeld music. HT @chanian
Retweeted by T Bussy @allegedlyzo @kautsky420 if the small firms die off because covid is spreading rapidly the big firms get to buy them all up on sale
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Hold still hooman
Retweeted by T Bussythe fact that people believe that bullshit about him having affairs and seeing prostitutes, no way. look at those t… @yashar @phillyzoo how i watch them@blow dry the baby langur knowing yashar ali has convinced himself it’s responsi… @DanCrenshawTX
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Retweeted by T BussyThe Home Office appear to have whole cloth invented some 'working class slang' for this video. 'Stand and have a Ch…
Retweeted by T BussyA new theory circulating among QAnon believers to explain away Trump's loss is one claiming that Biden will not bec…
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*Kamala executing a protestor on state television* “it’s the accountability for me 💖✨”
Retweeted by T Bussy @Eve_Barlow a day goes by where i dont think about this
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@tisC_Money it’s gonna be a beer and media consumption kinda night
Retweeted by T Bussy"One by one, the Hong Kong democracy activists last weekend began switching their Twitter profile pictures to the i…
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Retweeted by T Bussy @HerbergerJoshua @rigginsslim
Retweeted by T Bussy @CheapoCrappy someone likes black eyed susans @LansingPolice lansing PD has some proud boys to fist bump 😎damn kale makes soup so yummygm
Retweeted by T BussyVibes all 2021
Retweeted by T Bussy @BonaFried editing manRetweet if you’re tired of @barstoolsports being on the internet
Retweeted by T Bussythe blueprint
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Retweeted by T Bussyholy shit ahahah
Retweeted by T Bussymy cat comes to check on me while i poop like he thinks i’m gonna fall in
“This isn’t the America I know” Their Grandfather:
Retweeted by T BussyLena Dunham saying she did poppers and they made her want to eat an entire cheesecake is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.
Retweeted by T Bussyjail architects talk about designing jail: a thread
Retweeted by T BussyI'm genuinely surprised by the way this Capitol thing is splitting left commentators. The fault lines don't seem to…
Retweeted by T Bussythe takes that reduce this to "based zoomer owns chud family" or "zoomer sociopath turned against family by wokeism…
Retweeted by T BussyI’m agnostic about M4A electoral tactics but I’m trying to go through 2021 with the confidence of an Intercept writ…
Retweeted by T Bussy @DanCrenshawTX can’t stop looping this video of Trump driving and listening to Taylor Swift.
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Retweeted by T Bussy @Lefty_Jew he’s a fuckin entertainer man @gianfiorella also bellingcat is CIA thank you goodnight @MissPavIichenko I once had the honor of eating Shabbos lunch with a man who escaped the Nazis and joined the Red A…
Retweeted by T Bussya love story
Retweeted by T Bussy @marx_knopfler @typhoonjim it’s polarizing i know plenty of people who hate it but it’s actually sickSamantha Power is a scumfuck of the lowest and most sub-reptilian order, and USAID is what the CIA calls itself whe…
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Retweeted by T Bussya type of guy who gets really mad at someone on twitter, and instead of responding with an insult or dunk tweet, th…
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hi folks! my name is james, i'm a film photographer currently based in baltimore, maryland! thought i'd share some…
Retweeted by T Bussy @JoshLipnik architecture is sacred in masonry and they refer to god as the grand architect of the universe @Lefty_Jew norman confronts him about it here, 10 years after the democracy now debate
Retweeted by T BussyIn wake of Capitol attack, GOP legislatures “rebrand” old anti-BLM protest laws by @AlleenBrown, @akela_lacy
Retweeted by T Bussy @mischeviou5 never fails @mischeviou5 good luck man bring a can of wet food @Olivianuzzi @mrgracemugabe you shouldit’s so funny when people get so woke they forget how to talk to marginalized people normally
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Retweeted by T Bussy @bimbocialist girls freaky not like sexually she just does weird shit cause she’s a freak 😝don’t stir the shakshuka in the trunk i keep a bazookaThe scariest thing in MMA history was the sight of Fedor Emelianenko walking out like he had depression.
Retweeted by T Bussythis is just what they do in guantanamo bay how im gonna hype my wife up from the day we meet til we get old and grey
Retweeted by T BussyNew dude just dropped
Retweeted by T Bussyif women are so smart, what’s this ?
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@rachellotlikar he was in distress, rachelfolks this is why we do it police headquarters rn will never forgive you guys for teaching politicians to talk like this
Retweeted by T Bussy @dezeen been reminded of this work of art from 2020
Retweeted by T Bussyabsolute kings
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Retweeted by T BussyThis is the greatest night of my life
Retweeted by T Bussy @mischeviou5 oh bro i know exactly what you mean @mischeviou5 yes
@mattyglesias and none of it went into peoples hands
Retweeted by T BussyMe saving a screenshot to my phone
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Retweeted by T Bussyhiding under the bed after my gf texted me this someone say MIMOSASSSSS @beefneck_ we all did manate a bunch of chicken wings ln even though i’m vegetarian again in 2021 bad earlier today when I put on what I thought was a pretty good outfit until I realized I looked like I came…
Retweeted by T Bussycleansing the TL w/ photos of public housing
Retweeted by T Bussyso apparently it’s still a dui even if youre the birthday boy
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