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Every time I hit enter I think I should have proofread. I never do. cashapp: $travishanson1979 #YangGangForever #YangGang4Life #UBI

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@cleemonsta And they worship a very authoritarian GodI kinda feel @JoeBiden should speak up about @AndrewYang speaking at the convention. He has helped him... #LetYangSpeak 🎤
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢Come on, guys. The #DNC should #letyangspeak.
@CampbellPolissa @JoshuaTemple80 What a strikingly similar situation I find myself in- furloughed from my job and d…
Rank choice voting would be a game changer. It would bring integrity to the process.
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢Muting the word “comrades”
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢Long overdue. @ComradeDryBones @eacisneros @scott__santos There can be a balance between the two. It can be both. @accidentallymeg Music and vegetable gardening. @Brithebaby Maybe she calls him big Bird instead of Big Daddy. Maybe this comment is out of line, but I will let you all decide.My name is Dan Whitfield. I’m a working class progressive running to unseat and replace @SenTomCotton. He wants you…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢#NewProfilePic @Brithebaby It's the way to be. @Brithebaby But you're so well-behaved online...I love @MidnightGospel so much. I have always been a huge fan of @duncantrussell and of Adventure Time. The pairin…
@KnolesMichael Schrodinger's education
I am#yanggang @model3_tesla So that they can have time to recoup from all the vacationsHere are differences between myself and my opponents. I am the only one that supports: -Medicare for All -$15/hour…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @StephanieGladd4 @VisurantViz @AarikaSamone @AndrewYang @PagetKagy @kittygome901 @DHotwheelz @jdschang @daryl_says @jrleon80 @brucedotio @model3_tesla Right, but will that every change? What's the saying? Power tends to corrupt; a… @KnolesMichael He "left the ninety-nine to go find the one..." He said, "fuck y'all, I'm going to hang out with this dude over here." 🤣I think too many journalists have been conditioned to be adaptable and long-suffering so when the rug gets pulled o…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @The_shenny All I can say is that I want to. Jewish
Aftermath of Multiple Explosions in #Lebanon, #Beirut.
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢Secretary of State John Thurston: Give Dan Whitfield ballot access against Tom Cotton - Sign the Petition!…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @cleemonsta Human- and that's all that matters
@StephanieGladd4 Being a Trainwreck is fun and exciting. Being in one is not, I assume. Good morning (afternoon)School starting dates are quickly approaching, as we surpass 150,000 COVID-19 related deaths. We need to make sur…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @jrleon80 @TheHFWarrior ThisHow many staff will these children come in contact with? Store clerks? How many door handles will they touch? ATMs?…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @shibzani 3I know a lot of people want to vote against @SenTomCotton so they will probably vote for me on that alone. That’s…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢
Hi #YangGang I'm new to Twitter and I want to follow some blue hats 🧢🧢🧢 Where's the #YangGang members I don't foll…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢... think we can all agree that if that opinion is harmful, it needs to be addressed. The same goes with the sprea… Also, if you post fringe "facts" that aren't reputable and those "facts" have the potential for harm… difference of opinion does not equate an attack- even if someone vocalizes opposition. Yes, everyone is entitle… am the opponent of @SenTomCotton. This may surprise you because you’ve heard that he is “running unopposed.” He’s…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @ClickThatFollow @MrAndyNgo I don't
@bassmaster0148 @DanWhitCongress @LizDylan123 @SenTomCotton Nothing you said has anything to do with what Tom Cotto…
Help show your community that @SenTomCotton is NOT running unopposed! From now until Sunday at 11:59pm CT, yard sig…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @bassmaster0148 @DanWhitCongress @LizDylan123 @SenTomCotton Yeah, because Tom Cotton certainly isn't one of those w…
@SenateGOP We need a PEOPLES act! $2,000/mo/person until the pandemic has passed. Americans have bills to pay, car…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢Ffs, can we just elect this guy off principle alone already? #politics #senate #candidate are times when I think one could replace our leaders with citizens chosen at random and get a better result.
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢I forgot to mention: @AsaHutchinson assigned 1 of 5 members to the ethics committee. @AGRutledge assigned 1 of 5 m…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢
In America we are too data-shy and argument-heavy.
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢Wondering if I should thank Cotton for the overwhelming support he has for @DanWhitCongress.
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢#yanggang, here is @DanWhitCongress letter to the Arkansas Ethical Commission regarding AG Rutledge, Cotton and mor… is Dan's letter to the Arkansas Ethical Commission: @DanWhitCongress letter to the Arkansas Ethical Commission: @JeremySammons1 @DanWhitCongress Thank you! @JaredFMiddleton @DanWhitCongress Fantastic! Thank you! @MtnMoonMama @DanWhitCongress I will try to reach out. Thank you @CydM @MtnMoonMama @DanWhitCongress I'm sorry you feel that way. Honestly, I wouldn't allow the attitude of one per… @shazaraelei Marinating in a tub of Pepto Bismol, practicing my States and their capitals to an audience of eager o… @CydM @MtnMoonMama @DanWhitCongress Ma'am, I don't do that. Another person said that, but not me. Please read my response. @Riopublican @coreycottrell @dusty_lain @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang True. I didn't say deep blue. LolPlease, if you retweet this post, tag @AndrewYang and ask others to do the same. Thank you!!! @homebedcats @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang @Lis_Smith @PeteButtigieg @Chasten That's a great idea @dusty_lain @coreycottrell @Riopublican @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang There's a definite… @MtnMoonMama @Trevornoah @ProjectLincoln @RepSwalwell @SenWarren Thank you. If everyone could tag @Andrew Yang when… @MtnMoonMama @DanWhitCongress Does he do political interviews? @CydM ... I'm sure I can see about getting you a link to is smSlack so that you can network with fellow supporters. @CydM Ma'am, he has always been responsive to me. Like, really responsive. I just spoke with him today. Oh, I shoul… @Riopublican @coreycottrell @dusty_lain @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang Also, we aren't rea… @Riopublican @coreycottrell @dusty_lain @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang ...this guy has eve… @Riopublican @coreycottrell @dusty_lain @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang ...about him. I hon… @Riopublican @coreycottrell @dusty_lain @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang ... almost brazen a… @Riopublican @coreycottrell @dusty_lain @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang I honestly don't kn… @TheHillofRoses @GirlAndHerPig Thank you!Unlike @SenTomCotton I WILL NOT prostitute my vote to special interest donors and billionaires. My vote will ALWAYS…
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢
@TheHebrewsauru1 @scottsantens @VisurantViz @MichaelSatoshi @AndrewYang @BrutumF @mykmc13 @StephanieGladd4 @DanWhitCongress. @nicolepagelee @coreycottrell @rf_hypatia @Riopublican @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang I am also. @Riopublican @nicolepagelee @coreycottrell @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang They are even running articles… @Riopublican @nicolepagelee @coreycottrell @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress @AndrewYang Except for the fact that is lit… @Riopublican @nicolepagelee @coreycottrell @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress I understand. Thanks anyway. I honestly don… @nicolepagelee @coreycottrell @rf_hypatia @Riopublican @DanWhitCongress If we can get enough press to cover the cor… @Riopublican @nicolepagelee @coreycottrell @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress Important*😳😳 @Riopublican @nicolepagelee @coreycottrell @rf_hypatia @DanWhitCongress Aw, shame. I understand. He has a pretty… @coreycottrell @DanWhitCongress Thank you so much. He will be connecting you, I'm sure. @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @coreycottrell @Riopublican Sorry, I had a very hectic and busy day and I think I may ha… @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @coreycottrell @Riopublican What do you mean moving or coffee? @coreycottrell @nicolepagelee @rf_hypatia @Riopublican @DanWhitCongress @scottsantens Well* @scottsantens ...Senior Engineer for a string of hotels for 6 years or so to delivering for DoorDash. No, it didn… @scottsantens When I was let go I drew unemployment. I continued to look for a job. It did not give me an incentiv… @TheHebrewsauru1 Same. Lol @MasterCatHerder @ZachandMattShow @TheHillofRoses Zachandmatt! I'm an idiot for forgetting them. Lol Thanks! @MindfulSkeptics I will message him now @Stephen_P_Jones @HarlanMallory @PSPradio1 @MindfulSkeptics @nerdsforyang @Joshua4NPV1 @DividendReport Thank youI started looking at guns, but then I realized that I'm poor.
Retweeted by Travis ⬇️ the 🐰🕳️.... 🧢 @The_shenny It is what you make it, I guess. @CelesteMatthys @AndrewYang I live in a town where 43% won't wear masks. That's the reason we are one of the worst… @lsthart My butt is not considered for the job description yet @PagetKagy @Dojafat My wife says that it is because she feels she can 'lick my brain' and that I am 'a walking encyclopedia' b…
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