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Lucy Scott Traybakes @traybakequeen Walthamstow, East London

Tray-baking, florenteenie-making, boy rearing, patient advocating, melanoma adventuring

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@carolinelkohl @ajm968 @UKCORONACANCER Absolutely. My 'sell by date' was Dec 2013! @carolinelkohl @ajm968 @stellacreasy @MattHancock @UKCORONACANCER Not the cheeriest thing I’ve ever read but very m… @carolinelkohl @ajm968 @stellacreasy @MattHancock @UKCORONACANCER Fab. Thanks. @ajm968 @stellacreasy @MattHancock True. Perhaps just a broader figure relating to those with advanced cancer and y… @ajm968 @stellacreasy @MattHancock I don’t think the data has been published but it must exist. They’ve managed to… @ajm968 @stellacreasy @MattHancock Yes - totally agree but am curious to know what data there is for cancer patient…“Political dingdong” seriously? Wtf? This is painful to watch. We really need a proper gvnt to deal with the horror of Covid.I don't think there is another head of government in the world who would be as ill-informed about the government's…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @stellacreasy @MattHancock I haven't heard anything and the government site still lists my treatment as a reason to… I know how that John Lewis guy feels #dominiccummings
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I've now had 3 people tell me in the last 24 hours that they have broken lockdown, citing Dominic Cummings as justi…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @Kate_Bod @neostower @claire_belle73 Scarily - I fear rather a lot of people still support the idiots.The moral depravity of this man standing there at the same place where he said staying at home was 'an instruction'…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @Kate_Bod @neostower @claire_belle73 Wow - just took a look - people actually feel sorry for him!! Wtf is wrong with some people. 🤯 @ana_brankovic @TallulahTangle It’s just relentlessly awful.Great interview by @KayBurley, proving the simpler the questions on this Cummings scandal, the more absurd the answ…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesBrilliant: The truth about why Cummings hasn't gone: Johnson is too terrified to sack him | "Cummings fucks entir… can taking a drive to Barnard Castle become the new euphemism for arrogant loss of touch with reality?
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@ClareToHere Lots of that going on in the gardens near me but it’s not allowed within the rules and seems unfair so…, it turns out the real reason they told us all to STAY ALERT was to watch out for mad bastards with impaired vis…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @rob_white @ij1971 It’s an excellent way of testing your eyesight too so all in all a perfect plan.Often the best way to get the public onside is a quick description of your parents' sprawling estate
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @markecky Might explain the current state of our country and reason UK death rate so high!Durham to Barnard Castle: 43minutes - each way! That's a lengthy eye test
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesCummings has admitted: * Returning to work initially despite his wife displaying Covid symptoms * Driving to Durha…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @smallandcross Yay. Now that could be fun. @smallandcross Phew. Glad you’ve cleared it all up for me. Sorry. 😳 @smallandcross It’s so hard to keep up. Ok, so I stay home and say sorry - yes? He frolics around the country wit… was expecting someone with all the charisma of Rasputin in his pomp. This is more like me in a haze of menopausal…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesWell done @GaryGibbonBlog - nailed it. @BorisJohnson knew his adviser had broken lockdown rules. And showed zero in…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @smallandcross Hmmm..... I thought people didn’t do that any more.... @smallandcross I really must behave myself and stop thinking!!Well I’m glad he didn’t end up wasting any of the prime minister’s time over this
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @salihughes Quite. @smallandcross I’m such a fool. Must remember that he’s more important and more special than everyone else.Remind me that if I have an illness that affects my eyesight that I take a car for a drive to a castle to make sure…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesPlease, please, please can one of the journos say to him, "But...having a small child not at school, and one parent…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesMy eyesight had gone weird and I wanted to see if I was capable of driving so I put my child in the back of the car…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesEven if we have to accept the ludicrously long explanation of his movements it still doesn’t begin to justify why h… anyone think of a time a special adviser got to hold a press conference about themselves (rather than Govt busi…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesMissing reflexology and clients immensely. My membership organisation @AoR_Reflexology is producing stringent guida…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesThese posts are being removed -from the Government’s own websites. @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson
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No dignity, no future: Boris forsakes leadership to protect Cummings
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesThere is now no reason why the daily briefing couldn’t have 4 or 5 socially distanced journalists a day in a briefi…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesIf Dominic Cummings isn't gone by the end of today, @BorisJohnson is insulting every grieving relative I have had t…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott Traybakes @claire_belle73 Yikes - you're probably right. No chance they'll both go.....This is me right now heading back into the covid ICU I’ve worked for the last two months. This stuff is hot and ha…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesLockdown breakfast. Pretty colours. @carolinelkohl Ah, that makes sense. The blog thing is odd and I’ve questioned why I do it a lot. For me it’s quite… @carolinelkohl Lovely writing. Really good to read. Thoroughly recommend the blogging thing but also understand the…
Hey, Dominic Cummings, I haven’t driven the 120 miles to see my Mum in 8 weeks, to even sit in her garden and have…
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesWhy Dominic Cummings must go | The Spectator @wired4story @BSBreastCancer Thank you. 😊
@thatchrissywood Hurray!Social distance celebrating. Happy scan results day. #shielding #stageivcancer #melanoma #firstdrinkin7weeks! @debbieblissnews Thank you. Fear I might fall over as don’t appear to have had a drink for 6 or 7 weeks. Turns out… @Cookieurch That's great news. I'll raise a glass to you! xAlmost to this day 9 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and today just had a call from my Dr to say that my late… @carolinelkohl Thanks. Feeling absolutely sick with worry. So hate this feeling. ☹️ @carolinelkohl They couldn’t take bloods from the scan cannula and when they removed it it was bleeding too much (i…’ve had plenty of shenanigans with my veins over the years and lots of little scars to show for it and I’ve also h… stabbing away hopefully she took time to slowly warm my hand up until a vein decided to reappear and then t… belated but big thank you to the amazing nurse at @royalmarsdenNHS yesterday who ended up spending about 30 mins…
On big adventure to royalmarsden today - mostly pretty horrified my vast numbers of people out and about but did en… @wlate17 Yes - safely home. Now just the wait for results.#W1A Will, make sure you put this on the internal Syncopatizoom only.
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesFrightened my eyeballs by waving a mascara wand at them for first time in 9 weeks! First outing shortly. Wish it was for something jolly!
@Jillowenpiano @claire_belle73 @EmmaBcounsellor @kay_curtin They’re fab. So pleased with them. She’s based in Irela… my owl vase from ⁦@No70HoeSt⁩. They’re selling via their Facebook page!
Retweeted by Lucy Scott TraybakesBeautiful plants from the very best @claire_belle73, lovely peonies from @EmmaBcounsellor and face-masks from my fr… thank yous for three lovely doorstep surprises - ridiculously grateful and a bit teary.
@UncalmItalian 😂 It’s very odd! They’ve definitely changed. Spooky. Bleached by the sun? know I’m a little obsessed but my beautiful peonies from have changed colour - they were pinky peach and now they… @stephanietalbut @UncalmItalian @PennyRutterford Exactly my attitude. They’re an abomination. 🤢All wrapped and ready for collection. Do I let them go or do I eat them real quick. #peckish
Slightly tragic/ridiculous attempt to celebrate a bit of @claire_belle73’s birthday with her! (I was obviously saf… @UncalmItalian Always love it. ❤️ @BlueEnigmaevent Thank you. @shomelanoma @royalmarsden Everything crossed for a bit of clarity from the government and hopefully a reassessment… @KayCurtin1 Yes - think they can take a while. My garden is too small so reliant on lovely friends sending them to me!! @carolinelkohl Always very odd days. Thinking of you today.Ridiculously over the top Peonies now appear to be taking over my kitchen as they get gaudier every day. So loving… with Cancer in the time of Covid19 – lucysmelanomaadventure #covid19 #cancer @welliesnseaweed Thank you - that’s so lovely of you to say. Hope all well with you?
@absurdbird43 Getting out into empty fields sounds good - it’s a bit too busy round here. Stay well. @Rev_Robertson Thank you. Fingers crossed we get our wish for a bit of normality and just chance to make the best of our lives! @MiriamStaunton Wow - that must feel fantastic. Delighted for you. @Cabincutey Thank you. Definitely finding the baking very calming. @debbieblissnews You could be on to something! @shomelanoma Thank you. Yes - some clarity would be rather nice. @MiriamStaunton Thank you. Yes, have been reassured by a fellow patient that it feels very safe at the hospital so… @debbieblissnews Thank you. Everything crossed at the moment. Hope you're managing ok? @johnawhite Thank you. Happy to bake florentines - make a plan with Alex and I'll get baking .😊 @markecky Thanks. Yes - I did the Checkmate 067 Trial way back in 2013 and got Ipi/Nivo on that and then had it aga… @emmylouscutt Thank you. Hope you're doing ok? xx @SusannahArche11 Thank you! @ClareToHere Such sweet monkeys. Thank you. X @KayCurtin1 Thanks lovely. Baking away like mad right now to keep the rising panic under control!!Living with Cancer in the time of Covid19 @caro_memory Happy happy birthday to you. X