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George Zimmerman is trending for being an audaciously racist fool. BUT TRAYVON MARTIN’S MOM, @/SybrinaFulton IS RU…
Retweeted by treee cityThere are no normal animals in Dungeons and Dragons. It’s all dire this and dire that. What does dire mean? Simple. It means “fucked up”
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we need a new name for jam bands because jam is actually good to eat @metkovic_ they can’t take that away from me!I want to play Ella Fitzgerald in the techno rave
@wessanderssays talking the loser’s job is optional not mandatory @GRRLmusic someone photoshop baby yoda w the birdman head tats @wessanderssays if you win you get her jobevery year at the holidays you should be allowed to challenge one co worker to single combat with no repercussionsbitches love burial im b*tches
Retweeted by treee cityToday, @NoMusicForICE launched a parody site to reveal what's going on behind the scenes at @intersectfest:…
Retweeted by treee cityhappy birthday to the inventor of SoundCloud and Twitter @GRRLmusicmeant to tweet this last night: “zangief vibe check”My 2020? all about the blockchain baby
Retweeted by treee city @longjawns $55 a yeari'm a musician and i am very poor i can't afford to buy anyone's stuff i won't be saved by you buying mine pleas…
Retweeted by treee cityThere is a lot of gender talk that’s just reinscribing the binary. Is the way you’re thinking about this actually freeing?
Retweeted by treee city“Drivers, passengers and third parties were all murdered. In cases of rape, Uber said that 92 percent of the report…
Retweeted by treee cityjust played @veggiedeluxe sandstorm for the first time and he said “I’ve definitely heard this I just didn’t realize it was a song”My 2020? all about the blockchain baby🚨🚨🚨 The Duke Student Government just passed a resolution urging the school to cut its ties w/Palantir b/c of their…
Retweeted by treee cityi was doing my nightly sweeping up at the moog factory and my phone was about to die so I unplugged this big glowin…
While we are on the topic of djing, the rule is, and I should point out that I didn’t make this rule, I’m just remi…
Retweeted by treee city @raundhaus @shedjazz @MADEOFOAK @runawayclothes @PartyIllegal @Randletrandle @QueenPlz @DJPlayPlay @GAPPAMIGHTY @shedjazz @MADEOFOAK @runawayclothes @PartyIllegal @Randletrandle @QueenPlz @DJPlayPlay @GAPPAMIGHTY @thepinhook
Retweeted by treee city @CHRISMARTZ print this and frame it @willennium yeah I got a dot matrix printer at the crib @willennium nah that’s a typo, just send me $250 to cash app $treeecity I’ll sort u. Promise 😇 @CHRISMARTZ this is the best post I’ve seen yetMoogfest staff peel away corporate signage, pack up boxes, behind a cubicle wall lies one moldy wooden hand painted…
Retweeted by treee cityMoogfest has cancelled its 2020 festival in @DurhamNC to “focus on the future”
Retweeted by treee citycan someone photoshop me a Spotify end of year summary that just says “shidded and farded”someone on here said cat owners love baby yoda because we all have toxoplasmosis and honestly... yes @analogmountains fair @analogmountains Calvinball always seemed fun though @inkmaggot @RealBabyYodaOfficialThe baby yoda show except baby yoda is all the baby yoda memes and content and the Empire is Disney and the Mandalo… @inkmaggot holy shit the baby yoda oneThis did not workTearing apart an egg carton to create the perfect white elephant gift @body_games the only way I can deal with twitter is if I read all the tweets aloud in different voicesburial booty bass @body_games me @willennium I got em @willennium yes
it doesn’t seem like it’s that hard to act right and not be terrible to other people & yet...THIS IS NOT A DRILL: ‘ZOLA’ - A RIVETING TALE ABOUT STRIPPING AND A TRIP FROM HELL - WILL PREMIERE AT @sundancefest
Retweeted by treee city @_kaitlingrady @nooralsibai can’t believe I missed this in my roundup
@GRRLmusic encountered a real life Train Guy at the bar last night and I’m humbled to announce that I am now leaving Techno… @Ecmoy Yes I want to hear about this @northstardurham @HeatherCooCoo Thank you!!! @Ecmoy how do I spin it though @nowherealex every time you pop up on the TL it is a blessingGOLDEN
Retweeted by treee city @HeatherCooCoo @northstardurham how should I follow up about this? Email? @HeatherCooCoo @northstardurham that would be amazing!! is it possible to go late there though?
glue by bicep is wonderwall for people who like ketamine
Retweeted by treee cityBasically what I am trying to say is to those who are working now in retail and hospitality and still managing to f…
Retweeted by treee city @GRRLmusic I need to know what cedric66 is up to these daysIt's time
Retweeted by treee city @MADEOFOAK I’m so down. we got the sound system just need a roomjust putting it out into the universe that I have a lot of good techno and I want to play it in a small loud place with people dancing! hmujust sitting here thingink
Judee Sillsometimes when I’m cookin food I be back there fartin
Retweeted by treee cityM8ALLA, THE BEAST, G YAMAZAWA & Special guest take the stage at Motorco Music Hall for PIERCE FREELON FUNDRAISER &…
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Chill out with cooler heads after roasting your racist uncle in front of the whole family
Retweeted by treee cityHOW CAN A COMPANY LIKE @Walmart WITH 5 TIMES THE GDP OF A CARIBBEAN NATION not be able to pay living wages, health benefits or pensions?
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Wrote a shortcut automation to solve one of the biggest problems I have with sharing music with friends who use dif…
Retweeted by treee cityDua Lipa - Don’t Start Now [GRRL Remix]
Retweeted by treee city$treeecity Darity's eclectic concerts have become a "Dubsgiving" tradition. The show happens at @motorcomh tonight.…
Retweeted by treee city- Sketches from the Durty D - @funkleberry919 - You Watch What Happens a sample-based beat experiment, years in…
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JBDUBZ Vol. 7 is NOW LIVE! An international compilation representing the current global soundscapes of juke, foo…
Retweeted by treee cityFacts 🙌🏾🙏🏽
Retweeted by treee citywhen you upload a track to SoundCloud to replace a track that is currently playing and it switches to the new versi… know there’s only 3 days until the end of the month but I need to mood board NOW
@FLOOR_BABA I’ll give you $5 to keep going @FLOOR_BABA that’s only 60k a year, I feel like you could ask at least 100k. know your worth kingcontemplating getting a Ruth bader ginsburg stick and poke tramp stamp to “raise awareness”for every softboy out there with $20k of eurorack and a buddy-buddy relationship with a dozen label producers, ther…
Retweeted by treee citydamn the Obama chaos emeralds tweet was actually a prophecyNew visual "Stress" by Lord Fess. 📽: TorchHouse Media. Produced by @soundwavve Full video at…
Retweeted by treee cityI made a remix
Retweeted by treee cityOut Today ! #SevenSeries
Retweeted by treee cityGoogle's Next Moonshot: Union Busting [Thread]
Retweeted by treee cityFree trees for #Durham on Dec 7... increase our tree canopy and shade coverage. Plant one, #DURM
Retweeted by treee city @body_games George Orwell predicted Final Fantasy
@Isthequarry 😩Ok y’all @Grimezsz @ZOLAJESUS here is my 2c on AI and Interdependent music ⛲️ 🦾🎶🤝⛲️
Retweeted by treee cityevery year for the company holiday party I bring Popeyes for the potluck which everyone loves but I bring a single… @acehenny that’s why I do all my twitter complaining while I’m at work @VladChituc @GALDYTRON y’all ok? Just checking in on the day You on the day you start recording you actually your album…
Retweeted by treee city#NewProfilePic #dubsgivingv
Retweeted by treee city @CHRISMARTZ no should i? @karinasoni is this the HLAHT origin story?figured out how to make acid on the SH01a 👨🏻‍🔬🥴