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Twitch streamer, Graphic Designer, Owner of Switchverse, Rapper and Pepsi drinker. Twitch: Business Email:

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Jamie Alimorad "Brighter Days" now available to AC/Hot AC radio programmers #NewMusicFriday #radio @JamieAlimorad
Retweeted by TreezyDoesItI consider this guy a friend from way back; you’d be hard pressed to find someone so honest generous & giving to fo…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @Mossenstein You’re too kind my friend, thank you Mossy! Threw ya’ a follow @Gaming_w_Bix and I’ll come check ya’ out soon!
#Streamers #contentcreators I need a new desk and I have no idea what to get I have 2 (want 3) monitors, a mic with…
@elgatogaming Game changer, well done Elgato! 👌 @metsfan49 @pepsi You did do a great job! @metsfan49 @pepsi lol. I saw you did! Ya’ gotta’ follow the instructions though, they were VERY specific. 😉 @pepsi @metsfan49 I woulda’ called your bluff and started writing immediately. What’s Pepsi’s fax number?!, lol. @pepsi Pepsi, I love your style! 🖤 @chksntv @elgatogaming Very nice.👌My first show at @sxsw! Gonna be a good time!
Retweeted by TreezyDoesItHello, I'm looking for Nintendo Switch focused press and content creators - if that's you let me know :)
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @ObvItsAmy Oh, hello Amy! I’m Treezy and I stream #NintendoSwitch games on #twitch. Mostly Warframe, Overwatch, Min… all I am Theresa! I'm a crazy, fun, humorous, sarcastic, Loving, caring, retro streamer. Who loves to put a smi…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @RottenPapi @AshleyRoboto Papi knows... @PlayWithJambo Aw, good for you Jambo! 😊 #STANBO @NZXT Serious business... looks like my GameCube.
@Azeriath Nah. It really takes a lot of messing with. You’ll get it, just keep making small adjustments!Oh hey! It just occurred to me to make an introduction; @GamemistressEU meet @Retrogamebrews and vice versa. #RetroGaming #TwitchStreamers @Litt1eR3d You right, you right... *takes a deep breath.Aw! Game Mistress is so great, please do pop in, check her out and be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday! @Azeriath I came with links, but I came too late! Better than tooooo early though, lol. Good luck with your mic, I… @PlayWithJambo Handled. Love ya’ Jambo! #STANBO @reckmama035 @AlaskanGypsyTV @HiveQueen_ @SupremeBinkz @caboodlejr @PlayWithJambo @2NerdsOnACouch @thatnerdviolet @LuxieGames @autonomousdotai Streamer goals. Love ya’ Luxie!I had someone tell me today that I make them feel welcome every day even as a lurker, without knowing they're there…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @CeddyOrNot Ceddy. I also used to have a hard time accepting compliments, but my amazing friend V put it to me like… @BloodyfasterTV @sephiramy Love, love, love them Daddy! Great work Sephiramy!Is your Twitter filled with toxic and negative things? Follow more positive people and engage with them and your fe…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @Azeriath Azeriath, this was my New Years resolution. Keep positive people/ things close and try to really push neg…
Streaming is tough. Getting your content out there & building an audience is tough. I def understand & there’s a lo…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesItCongrats again Jamie!!! Well deserved, my friend. We all wanna’ get paid for our art, but please respect your viewers... They are already giving you the m… @SamStrake I believe that artists/ performers should be paid for their work. I’m a Graphic Designer who had to lear… @Nickzlive @BadBunnyTwitch As a new streamer on the cusp of hitting affiliate, I’m super grateful for everyone who… @ShockwaveAndAwe @Miss_Whis I’m all the way with thissss! @AshleyRoboto Thank you for this Ashley! You’re right, I am a bad ass bitch. @PlayWithJambo Oh, Mamma Mia! @HypeUnit @CeddyOrNot LMFAO. Perfect! @Kinoshita_Crazy @CeddyOrNot RIP to the poor guy she muted mid sentence for this... @okeebzo @CeddyOrNot OMG. Saaaaaaaame Keebz!! Thing is we all know Ceddy’s about that money, but there are better… love this list and wanted to share! Go. Follow these wonderful people, including @Litt1eR3d! 😉 @Litt1eR3d Hopefully Red doesn’t mind if I add @AshleyRoboto to the list... She’s my morning cup of coffee, tbh. 😊 @DifferentlySane @okeebzo The HARDEST pass, tbh. @okeebzo Gross. I’m happy just to have people IN my chat. If I was watching a streamer and they acted this way, I’d be gone so fast! @Litt1eR3d @littlesiha @LuxieGames @thatnerdviolet @PlayWithJambo @AznSensation27 @BloodyfasterTV @Meg_Kaylee
@GamemistressEU @ImStallionTV I’d really only do that if someone is an absolute sweetheart and pops in to check you…! ;) @AshleyRoboto @RottenPapi We love you too Smashley!! <3000 @RottenPapi Aw, I love this so much! Waluigi best Weegeeee! @PlayWithJambo @elgatogaming Jambo nooooo! lol. @BloodyfasterTV Big Booty Daddy... @Gothalion Saaaame! @BigDaddy_Doc @ZobiePlays @Twitch @PlayWithJambo #STANBO @NZXT @TrickBloodShot Hey um, could I have a free PC too? ;)
Let's make some new friends! Name a few things about who you are and what your content is about. Feel free to dro…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @Azeriath Hi I’m Treezy! I’m an artist /graphic designer, twitch variety streamer, rapper, full time smart ass and… @BikeManStream Well said sir, well said. @xoGlitterTV Beautiful vocals, just beautiful. 👏 @SweeetTails Awwww, a sad but true PSA. @Azeriath That’s huge, so much congrats!!
@okeebzo Hi, I just wanna’ say that you’re an inspiration and I really love your positivity on my timeline Keebz! T… @BloodyfasterTV @CeddyOrNot Aw, can’t we all just love ya’ both?! @AshleyRoboto It’s why we all watch youuuu! @Litt1eR3d Ayyy! Good for you!! I had something like this happen, when I pushed an old unused button on my stream d… @Miracle__Bella @cheshirekatTV Awww, that’s really sweet. @ForRealzy FFFFFFFFF
Reminder that you can report a Twitch channel for abusive content not on Twitch by going to their channel, clicking…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @renee @MariYume_ Okay, fair point. Thank you for the reminder! @PWNYplays Feel this bro. Keep doing what you do, you’re great! @NZXT Ooo! Shiny. @PlayWithJambo @Twitch @discordapp @PlayWithJambo @Twitch This is so gross. “I don’t remember doing it”, “that’s not how I feel”, “people are assholes… @cheshirekatTV No... that happened. SMH. @Azeriath Aw, feel better bud! @elgatogaming @GoodguyGastly This was totally me! You guys make great products, and Treezy like!
@dreageekgirl @dominickevans lol. And here I am trying so hard not to! 🤣 @Mossenstein We neeeed to play bro! @elgatogaming nom, nom, nom.Sounds a lot like #switchverse... just sayin’. ;)
@BloodyfasterTV Awesome.
We've got a mighty need to follow a new channel. Tell us why it should be yours.
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @Twitch 'Cause "I'm Luke Star Wars!" duh. @DrPhil Dr. Pill @GamemistressEU Back at ya’ GM. Great to know you and @SmileOnTwitch too! @BloodyfasterTV HOLY SHIT Daddy! You are in for such a treat. One of my fave games EVER! I know you’ll love it! Enjoy!!Don't drink and Tweet
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt
@SamStrake And don’t fuck with my Smash main... @SamStrake That’s how I roll son. @Larawithabird 🖐
@CeddyOrNot Congrats guys! That’s amazing! Well deserved. @Mossenstein Aw, thank you so much my friend! I feel the exact same way about you. Great guy, always positive and j… @_SJPeace_ Wow! That was amazing. @Azeriath This is the way. @sprEEEzyOW @elgatogaming @discordapp @realBarRaider LMFAO. My mods would love to have something like this too! @BloodyfasterTV Magnificent, more like! <3 ya!So excited to announce I’m heading to @sxsw for the first time and headlining the songwriters showcase at…
Retweeted by TreezyDoesIt @Mossenstein Daaaaaaaamn. @Hypernova725 Holy $#!% @Azeriath Hmm... Pretty sure I found you through the Supreme Ostrich Leader @CeddyOrNot, on Twitter of course! I al…