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Lmao bro is Escanor the Sin of Pride @2sandz Probably would’ve but it’s okay thoBRONNY SMOKING THAT NUGGETS PACK TONIGHTThe Falcons had 39 points with zero turnovers in their loss against the Cowboys. Entering today, teams were 440-0…
Retweeted by Tre’ Freeget out to the polls and VOTE ❗️❗️
Retweeted by Tre’ Free @kzimm5280 Relax bro, don’t bring that white boy shit to my Twitter
When you're done celebrating the win, make sure to get on Facebook and tell your uncle that Dak Prescott brought th…
Retweeted by Tre’ Free#Cowboys QB Dak Prescott finished the game with 468 yards and 4 TDs without his starting two offensive tackles.
Retweeted by Tre’ FreePay Dak.Dan Quinn lucky if they let him back on the planeHOW BOUT DEM MAFUCKIN COWBOYSHOLY SHITZeke treated him like a lil boy at the goal line @STAYHiGH_SWiTCH If you ain’t take NY spread that’s a lookThis is the worst first quarter I've seen in the history of the #Cowboys and I'm not joking.
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeGonna be a long day lmaoHow we got 9 players out after week 1 lmaooo 🤦🏽‍♂️Not great Bob @2sandz A teaser before you drop the only fans. Smart. Building anticipation @2sandz Prosper 🤦🏽‍♂️ @2sandz Now SandraCan’t wait to get these 8 hours of sleep in @STAYHiGH_SWiTCH Next timeHe ain’t nothing but a fucking clown @ville_bakery on IG
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeI’m at BJs alone and the waitress gon ask me if I’m celebrating anything special lmaooo nah I’m just hungry
I haven’t stopped replaying this why he tryna box remy from ratatouille 😭
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeSurround yourself with those that bring you up
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeY’all buggin, them joints slap don't trip on being talked about because Im RESPECTED in person!
Retweeted by Tre’ Free
@RogGoHome @TheNamesJeffrey I felt it. Mixon hurting me these last two weeks. He gotta get better production. But h… @RogGoHome @TheNamesJeffrey I’m witch y’all. I just wanted a ab and receiver cause I got mike Thomas. Kyler and juj… @RogGoHome @TheNamesJeffrey I’ll show y’all my counter, I think it’s more fair for me and bro. Cause I don’t really want cam over Brady @TheNamesJeffrey And I got godert... but I felt it @TheNamesJeffrey My QB Brady. The Melvin/Mixon is intriguing to meI prefer to not be bored tonight @SpaceJames_6 RelatableNo we didn’t. We remember he was/is the 2nd best player in the league. @tatianaalexis_ Lmaoooo a “fun fact” @Magic20099 Always love bro @kzimm5280 Oh chiefs to cover, I read it the opposite way. We’ll talk @kzimm5280 Don’t like that one“Deep down inside, no matter what political party we support, or what we do for a living, we know what’s real. Po…
Retweeted by Tre’ Freemood
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeHating don’t make no money. @niecyneehh happy birthday shawty! 🍾Durkio everywhereWhose Nana is this?!
Retweeted by Tre’ Free @chuck_smithhh They’ll do anything to undermine the KingHer: get up, let’s go to gamestop Me:
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeStart your Friday with a photo of young Wayne rocking a 45 Jordan jersey. Iconic. 📸
Retweeted by Tre’ Free @SissSiss_3 Sub or dub? I was watching the dub on Hulu lol and damn that’s disappointing cause the last season ended hotI need the new seasons of Fire Force, Demon Slayer, and One Punch to drop
@TreFreedawg calculating all these bets on Fanduel this week 😂
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeAlways level headedHow you want a “just because” gift but you always starting “just because” arguments?
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeFuck treating you like an option doesn mean try harder bro.
Retweeted by Tre’ Free @2sandz Go crazySeven deadly sins got to the shits this season
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeGod bless.
@2sandz Thanks @Gre4tness I know I’m only doing like 60% max. It’s just not conducive to my goals right now. But I do them once a… @Gre4tness Can’t load enough weight on them to work my quads fr without my arms or neck taking too much of a hit
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeFront squats ain’t itNo Cap.3 or 4
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeThe @Lakers will always own Los Angeles!! It will never change 😁
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeLou Will ain’t risk it all at Magic City for this.
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeTwitter finna be comedy tonightLEBRON ARE YOU SEEING THIS
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeNuggs 👀I could probably live off peanut butter and jellies
Gohan was 10 years old when he killed cell..... crazy
Retweeted by Tre’ Free @_MAN_5 @RussyViC He good when he in the A @_MAN_5 You ACo?Almost passed out in the gym todayi am living in the wrong state 🤤
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeHappy Birthday to the best Shinobi of is generation, Kakashi Hatake💝
Retweeted by Tre’ Freekids learning about Sada Baby in school..
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeSaquon finna waste his career with the Giants
Love seeing how involved @juice_vigil is with the city! Always been heart and soul behind everything he does/did 💙 proud of you!
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeBag Day.And he was in the back of an Uber/Lyft. Wasn’t even his damn light.
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeBreaking News: Astronomers have found a potential sign of life in the clouds of Venus, a planet long overlooked in…
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeYou gotta like everything she posts except the pics of her and her manJalen Ramsey
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeRefs always use cowboys prime time games to get as much screen time as possibleThat flop was cold
Retweeted by Tre’ FreeHOW IS THAT PI OMFGHi Earl, it’s Jerry
Retweeted by Tre’ Free @STAYHiGH_SWiTCH I put it in before the game @STAYHiGH_SWiTCH We played like ass and up 1. We’ll see @STAYHiGH_SWiTCH 200 yards and a tuddy first half 🤷🏽‍♂️Dak killing these boysThis why we drafted CeeDee, scoring 30 plus to win