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Husband. Rescue Dog Lover. Trekkie. Podcaster. Co-host @TrekGeeks & @DiscoveringTrek w/ @TrekGeekDan. Co-Founder, Trek Geeks Podcast Network. Opinions my own.

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@dplaz19761 @TerilynnS ...and that's great. Honestly, it doesn't matter if I'm in the minority. I'm not begrudging… @MrsSammy2 I saw a good chunk and just didn't dig it. 🤷‍♂️ @MrsSammy2 Definitely not! I suppose it's like anything else, right? 😁 @uk_locutus It's only treason if we'd lost. We didn't. 😉 🤣🤣🤣 @TerilynnS And that's awesome! 😁It's Saturday. It's Independence Day. Most of the parks are closed. Still, the day calls for this... @battleaxe1959 It's Star Trek Online. @StarjammerSkies Not with actual Lincoln. @yayameenk I'm acutely aware. As said in subsequent tweets, it was the surprise of it. @Mandalore_08 That's not a complaint. Lol @jarrahpenguin I never used to get hung over. Ever. It used to piss my friends off to no end...then I hit my 40s.… @MissAmyNelson I hope you love it! @mikefreemanNFL My dog is not loving it by any means. LOTS of treating going on right now. @PatrickE34 @CaptainGeko @TrekGeeks It is! I still have a lot to get and I feel like I'll never get the hang of spa… @1701Trekkie @isle_of_jason For God's sake, John, SIT DOWN. @Trekkie01D I'm so sorry, my dear friend. 😥 @MMKhorshidian Oh, I'm aware. ("The Savage Curtain.") I said that because I can't believe they incorporated it into the game. @CaptainGeko We should talk about it and Noobs and quarantines on @TrekGeeks sometime. I think it'd be great. 🖖🏻
@uk_locutus @TrekFanLV @awhaleinthemoon That'll be for the sequel show. I'm not sure we can afford what @AndyFark w… @scribe_ineti I actually do. I just didn't dig Hamilton. @TrekFanLV @awhaleinthemoon With the hit songs: - Do You Wanna Build a Podcast? - Two Listeners - Your Face - CBS I…🖤✨
Retweeted by Bɪʟʟ Sᴍɪᴛʜ @ 🏡 @redqueenar @CaptainGeko Lol... What can I say? MMO just hasn't been my thing--and there are still aspects of that… @awhaleinthemoon I have a lot of them. Way too many to list. Lol @CaptainGeko @redqueenar Considering this is my first few days ever playing, I think the surprise is allowed. Lol @TerilynnS Oh, this is stunned excitement, I assure you. 😁 @GeekFilter @redqueenar I was just surprised to see them turn up in Star Trek Online. @BrentAllenLive In fairness, it's my first theater meh.What. The. Hell. love the theater and I love musicals. That said, I think I missed the Hamilton gene because it doesn't do anythin… a second, @TrekRewind... Snape WHAT?! #SPOILERALERT! (Nah, just kidding. I'm not a Harry Potter person.) @TrekGeekDan @uk_locutus @TrekGeeks @trekkieadvocate @TrekFanLV And you captured that image for time and all eternity. Real nice. @neonblue1701 In fairness, I'm watching what Memory Alpha would use as a source. Lol @RepsForBiden Those Russian bots are working hard.I'm watching some DS9 this morning and I never noticed that Gabrielle Union was a Klingon in "Sons and Daughters."… @Mightygoose1369 It's too cold there for me! LolHaving an amazing conversation about Star Trek Two Parters with @trekkieadvocate and @TrekFanLV. Episode will be a…
Retweeted by Bɪʟʟ Sᴍɪᴛʜ @ 🏡 @TrekFanLV @TrekGeeks @trekkieadvocate @TrekGeekDan OMG I MISS EL SEGUNDO SOL!! WHY DO I KEEP YELLING?!? 🤣🤣 @Mandalore_08 I did at first, but I love this future take on the design. @trekkieadvocate @TrekGeeks @TrekFanLV @TrekGeekDan WAY TO GO, DAN.
The second #StarTrek animated series premieres next month, and THE Star Trek Universe Companion will #RarelyGo alon…
Retweeted by Bɪʟʟ Sᴍɪᴛʜ @ 🏡This week, Haley and Sara are back with an all-new @TrekRewind and they jump straight from Season 1 to Season 7 wit…
Retweeted by Bɪʟʟ Sᴍɪᴛʜ @ 🏡 @MikeMcMahanTM @CBSAllAccess @StarTrek Well..I mean...I guess I have to now. Twist my arm, whydontcha? @jvancitters @TrekGeekDan So you've got THAT going for you...which is nice. @jvancitters Your face. @Kaithral That's an apt description. LolFACT. Both ship and Captain are doing fine. #StarTrekOnline @Kaithral I am!
This is not my America anymore. With every day I become more ashamed of our Government and this "President." He is… @PatrickE34 Thanks!! @PatrickE34 No worries! 🖖🏻It took 30 minutes to figure out. Lol I'm playing though. 😁 @TerilynnS I'm terrible at playing games on PC. LOL @TerilynnS It's not the most intuitive thing (I'm playing on Xbox) but it's fun so far. @TerilynnS I started with a Discovery era characterThis guy was AWESOME and we can't thank him enough for helping us to provide now over 57,000 meals to families in n… @PatrickE34 So now i just got a shuttle after my successful mission against the Klingons and i can't figure out wha… @Admiral_Rex He'll get over it or I'll vaporize him. @jafo11272 It is! @uk_locutus, Canadians! @PatrickE34 Yeah, I tried to go into the inventory to do that and it wasn't an option. I've read it could be a bug.… @PatrickE34 OMG, HOW THE HELL DO YOU EQUIP THE PHASER RIFLE?!?!? @TrekLegacy @andyfark @TrekGeekDan Smarter, too.
@andyfark @TrekLegacy @TrekGeekDan STLV 2021 perhaps. Lol @PatrickE34 I created a Discovery Starfleet character tonight. Figured I'd get the console updates out of the way t… @PatrickE34 See---steep learning curve!! Thanks for the info!I wanna get to 500 followers on this #TrekTuesday!!!!
Retweeted by Bɪʟʟ Sᴍɪᴛʜ @ 🏡OK, I need newbie tips for @trekonlinegame on Xbox. I'm going to spend the next 2 days starting to play it and find… week, @5YearMission sits down with @TrekRanks to look at the powerful #StarTrek #DS9 two-parter, "Past Tense"…
Retweeted by Bɪʟʟ Sᴍɪᴛʜ @ 🏡500 FOLLOWERS!! WE DID IT!!! THANKS EVERYONE. New episode of Rewind is out THIS THURSDAY.
Retweeted by Bɪʟʟ Sᴍɪᴛʜ @ 🏡Every time I see this drum battle in The Office, I think that's what this would be like between @andyfark &… is rough, but given the second wave, I think it's the right call to keep everyone safe. CAN'T WAIT for all the amateur pyrotechnicians in the area to freak my poor dog out ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I ho… @MissAmyNelson @TrekRewind Last year was your first??!??!?! 😉 @TrekRewind She was my ride and we lived like an hour away. lol @TrekRewind Yep! I got into the Dealer's Room to get some Starfleet Academy decals--I had maybe $10 on me, and Geor… @TrekRewind I was in my teens & George Takei snuck me in. I was in the lobby of the hotel where it was & the ONLY p… Reiner Dead at 98
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@sullybaseball The evil opposite of Child World? @Mjaynes87Barry Oh, not at all! I mean, this is going to be a really different year. 😀 @Mjaynes87Barry Maybe, but if he does, it gives them some new dimension offensively. @dxndeliions @HRChizzy Mine actually said, "Out for Delivery" which is why I'm upset. @UPSHelp I don't disagree with you, yet you sent me statuses saying it would be delivered by end of day both days.… @UPSHelp Interesting. Yeah, it was kind of frustrating to get a status on both Saturday and Sunday that it was out… @justaGEEK1701 @UPS Yeah, I still don't get how that's supposed to be optimism. @justaGEEK1701 @UPS How is that optimism? @justaGEEK1701 @UPS NHHey @UPS, my package has been "out for delivery" for the last 2 days and now it's supposed to be here TOMORROW by e… @gutter_hero @gutter_hero @CallMeDjm Considering BB's wardrobe, I'm hoping that we don't lose it. Lol @CallMeDjm Agreed 100%. Belichick wouldn't bring him in unless he added clear value and gave them an advantage. Plu…'m ok with this. It's one year and he's gotta hit the incentives to get his payday. They could use a veteran QB pr…