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Bill Smith 🎙🖖 @TrekGeekBill New Hampshire...for now. ;)

Husband. Rescue Dog Lover. Trekkie. Podcaster. Co-host of @TrekGeeks & @DiscoveringTrek w/ @TrekGeekDan. Co-Founder of Trek Geeks Podcast Network.

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C'mon @LLBean. I have to call you with a credit card number or send a check (!) to pay for a return shipping label… @BetaArtemis @DiscoveringTrek @startrekcbs @Amrit_Kaur04 @TrekGeekDan We'll have to agree to disagree. 🖖 @BetaArtemis @DiscoveringTrek @startrekcbs @Amrit_Kaur04 @TrekGeekDan ...and throw him in jail. It's unrealistic fo… @BetaArtemis @DiscoveringTrek @startrekcbs @Amrit_Kaur04 @TrekGeekDan Every Starfleet Captain had disobeyed orders…'s #TrekTuesday!! Show us a pic of you and your #StarTrek swag and be sure to tag us! #WhereItAllStarted!…
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖 @Amrit_Kaur04 @DiscoveringTrek @startrekcbs Thank you so much, Amrit. It was a great episode and we loved what you… was such a joy to see @Amrit_Kaur04 in this most recent #StarTrekShortTreks and we had a great discussion on thi… If I could put together marginally coherent sentences for, I'm sure you could wr… @ShieldShattered @TheShieldFX Agreed 100%. The thing I love about the finale of The Shield is that Vic is trapped i… @ShieldShattered @TheShieldFX One might say that Chiklis nails it in the SOA finale, too. #TooSoon?
@robertreyes Something we never saw here in the Northeast. @gutter_hero True story: my Mom wouldn't let me watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood because he creeped her out. @defjamliljon84 @amanda588486 @OrvilleForever No, I'm saying that FOR ME, Into Darkness isn't the worst. You're inc… @Quercetum42 Considering I was 25 when it came out, I get it. 🖖🏻[GALLERY] Step Inside the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖 @amanda588486 @OrvilleForever And that's the best thing about our fandoms--we love what we love and no one can take that away. 🖖 @defjamliljon84 @amanda588486 @OrvilleForever Incorrect! lol @FuzzymanNH I'll agree to that. @amanda588486 @OrvilleForever Hard disagree. That at least had a story. @NickScifi And that's OK! That's the great thing about fandom.🖖 @hughesms Oh, it doesn't hold up at all. It's a punchlist of what the studio wanted and fails at it's primary job:… @ryantriddle @ListeningToFilm @edharris1178 That's the best 30 seconds of the movie.It's the 25th anniversary of my least favorite #StarTrek movie of all time! #HappyBirthday, #StarTrekGenerations! @dalek2150 @RoutineTrek @vicmignogna Oh, we're VERY aware! We had several STC cast members on the @TrekGeeks podcas… @mradmacher @TrekGeeks @TrekGeekDan We haven't---and that's probably because I'm not nearly as dedicated a reader a…
@adamdrosin @TrekGeekDan @adamdrosin @TrekGeekDan #SmellsLikeChampionshipsI can't say that #IStandWithAxanar. Not after Alec Peters attempted to build a for-profit film studio with the dona…
@MetsFan_69_86 It's called What The Forecast? and it's available for both iOS and Android.Well. OK, then. @EnterpriseExtra What the?!?? Where did you get this!?
@GarrettRWang @rvkirk @MeganElise0_0 Maybe they're intimidated because you're "on tv" and don't realize how truly cool you are? Maybe? @jessv_nh @Tyranicus @awhaleinthemoon @TrekGeekDan @TrekGeeks @Tyranicus @awhaleinthemoon @TrekGeekDan @TrekGeeks @TrekkerRon No. My job is the means by which I get to enjoy some things, but it doesn't give me purpose. It's a car… @silverdoe25 Oh, it's a challenge to walk into every day. At least I don't have a fear of heights. 😁
@IncrediBill22 Well, like i l said, that was an initial reaction. I need to watch it again and think some more. @BetaArtemis I can appreciate that 100%. It just seemed as though this person was being singled out. It did have sh… @BetaArtemis Interesting. Thanks for that perspective! 🖖 @Nerdygal33 @WilsonFrontier @TrekProfiles I don't necessarily disagree, but the union works on behalf of its member… @WilsonFrontier @Nerdygal33 @TrekProfiles There are lots of co-stars in TV and film that get significant amounts of… @WilsonFrontier @Nerdygal33 @TrekProfiles That's actually not that unusual. Like @TrekProfiles mentioned earlier, s… @BetaArtemis It would have gone a long way in this culture of xenophobia that we seem to live in, yeah. This was an… @Nerdygal33 @TrekProfiles That's not correct. She was listed. @BetaArtemis Oh, I think it was wonderful to see her in that role. I just didn't like what they did to the characte… @trekfan4747 @DiscoveringTrek @startrekcbs I think that with any character other than Pike, I might not have though… @RScootman I guess I don't mean outright or overt racism/discrimination in Star Trek per se, but the framing of tha… @MegaPodTastic @DiscoveringTrek @startrekcbs The Short Treks this season have all been releasing early @AritraTheGnome That's part of the reason why I say I have to think about my initial reaction more.Plus, and I have to think about this more, but I'm slightly uncomfortable with the fact that they're subjecting a w… @LoreReloaded LOL...this one was just so patently obvious given who Chris Pike is.The latest #StarTrekShortTreks, "Ask Not," is enjoyable but thoroughly and completely predictable within about 20 s… @TrekGeekDan #Narwahl!!! I <3 HIM!!!
Message from @TrekGeekDan: Honored to be part of this amazing article in The Gaurdian. Always remember, there is he…
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖 @justaGEEK1701 Oh I was just commenting about how early it gets dark now. Lol
@3illSweet So it can be totally dark. lol. Man, Winter blows.Beautiful sunset from the towers in Lowell today. Only problem is that it's 4 GODDAMNED 18 PM. UGH. to @StarWars fans for FINALLY getting to experience what it's like to wait a week for a live action episod… week, we take a look at the Season 2 @StarTrek #TNG episode, "Peak Performance" with Dan Garcia from…
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖It's #TrekTuesday!! Show us a pic of you and your #StarTrek swag and be sure to tag us! #DISCO! #PerfectFit
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖 @DisneyPlusHelp So I get that there's a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+. What if you're already a Hulu Plus customer? Wh… @TrekFanLV @TrekGeekDan @TrekGeeks @bjp211 But you should be DUSSAPINTED.
.@StarTrek #Picard showrunner Michael Chabon has a very emotional piece in The @NewYorker about losing his father a…
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The latest episode of @TrekGeeks #GameNight is available on our YouTube channel! The USS Hathaway is dispatched to…
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖❗️E2 WOULD YOU RATHER❗️how you wanna make your entrance on the Enterprise? #TrekRewind #TrekGeeks #StarTrek
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖 @albinokid Truly wonderful news! All the best and a lifetime of happiness to you both! ❤️ @yayameenk Since I don't believe in Heaven, I think I'm all set. 😉 @laongelizard @Tlong00381 Exactly. That's got zero to do with "lazy film making." Music and songs get reused all th…
@ListeningToFilm @TrekFan4387 We're talking about this episode tomorrow when we record @TrekGeeks! @laongelizard You're dammed right you will. 😉😉😉 @laongelizard I'm sure I will. It just makes it difficult for me to buy in, that's all. @TrekProfiles Oh i know, that was for anyone who reads the exchange, really. Still, it's just a mental block I have on believability. 🤷‍♂️ @TrekProfiles I can appreciate that, it just makes it really hard to me to buy into personally. I wish it had been… cheesy CGI of B5 took away from the believability for me and I couldn't get into it. I had the same problem wit… @TrekProfiles @ListeningToFilm So I always watch the remastered versions of TOS now because the effects are SO good… @DanieI_lreIand Easily? 😉 @DrVries They'll understand. After all, it's been a long road, getting from...well, you know... @DrVries @laongelizard At least that's my ONLY issue with the show. And it's not even really the show as much as it is Berman's choice there. @brianwilkins You're fine. @laongelizard I am ok with the compilation. The song I just can't stand, though. @albinokid I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. (Surely, they'd be better.) @JonfuciusOnline I get that a lot.Yep. EVERY TIME. #StarTrekEnterprise #SkipIntro @TerilynnS I don't even know what that means. I'm just going to agree with you because you're you. 😉It is not too late to join @WilliamShatner in Ticonderoga, NY this November 22 and 23 for our very special, ONE OF…
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Fact. @ShuttlepodTwo @Tyranicus @TheRealAlienTwo I like it a LOT better than T2. @Tyranicus It might be, but the script itself actually isn't bad. It's the directorial choices that really make it terrible. @Kaithral 😂😂😂😂
@WilsonFrontier I usually use the Googles, but I can get why people aren't sure about THAT. The Boomer thing is th… @DavidAlanMack That looks fantastic! I love it!Do people not get that someone born BEFORE World War II actually ISN'T a Boomer? all. @jessv_nh @TrekRewind @TrekGeekDan @TrekRewind @TrekGeekDan's FACE is heinous. and Sara are either talking about "Code of Honor" or "Code of Honour," but either way it's spelled, it's NOT… the very happiest of birthdays to the wonderful and talented “Mother of Klingons”, @marythechief!!! We hope…
Retweeted by Bill Smith 🎙🖖 @OrvilleForever @StarTrek Your fandom is YOURS. No one else's. No one defines your fandom but you. If you love Star…