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Star Trek and Good Vibes! Average YouTuber. Host: 'Networking on Nimbus III' podcast. #bekind

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brb, off to water some alvera trees. @OldeShark Maaayyybe.
@Oliviaj_8 Oh not again. @Rob38382409 I don’t think Riker would have had time, and Data wouldn’t have fired on Worf unless ordered. Duras d… @Rob38382409 As I recall Riker entered the room just as Worf was delivering the killing blow. Riker’s good, but I… to you and your bears. didn't want to make 30 Star Trek question videos, so I decided to answer them all in 5 minutes. See how I got on… @TrekCulture Refit at 5? You’re on crack, @seanferrick. @AlbaAndroid I’m alright. @AlbaAndroid I’m a marketer!On this week's 'Networking on Nimbus III' podcast I learn more about @AlbaAndroid and @crabbitginger, the awesome c… @dandeckr @Galactic_Dave Meh. I’ve got you butchering the royal accent. I think that’s still punishable by death... @pie1883 @ClassKlingon Yeah! With blackjack, and hookers. @ClassKlingon I'd do anything for season 5. Anything. @Galactic_Dave I would. @TrekLad If you think Weyoun didn't stash some clones in a cave on an obscure planet then you don't know Weyoun very well.
Retweeted by TREKLAD 🖖 @TTrekkie @larrynemecek Rumour has it Larry IS Google. a pleasure to be a part of @TTrekkie's #TowelTalkTuesday birthday special. This is indeed a special community… @Pyro_boro @seanferrick @FrankMcRavall @zoidberg95 @Ed_Brewstie 💛"I wish you hadn't done that. That was Weyoun's last clone." "I was hoping you would say that." Top-level Garak sa…
@LoreReloaded @GTrekkie @Lorerunner @SeanBurkeShow Nice to have played a small part in this. WEAPONS FREE 🥳🕺🏽Excited to be in collaboration with @GTrekkie - special thanks to @Lorerunner @SeanBurkeShow and @TrekLad for giv…
Retweeted by TREKLAD 🖖 @SpyHards I’m sure that’s not the case. Please don’t tell me you lopped the lot off?Reports of my beard’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Just a trim. Much tidier now! @seanferrick Absolute pleasure!This was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for having me lads! @MrEarlG @SierraGypsy1 Awww you guys! @trekcatcatcat @TTrekkie Thanks for listening buddy! Really proud of this chat!Another great podcast from @TrekLad with @TTrekkie Have to say it's made me rethink what to suggest if anyone aske…
Retweeted by TREKLAD 🖖 @DJohnsonNCC1031 Sorry David. I’m useless 😂I don’t know anything about Star Trek. I’m just really good at using Google. oh. miss you, Aron 💛Monday.
2020 @staggie71 @TrekOnTheTube @EarlGrayTrekkie"Deep Space Nine" by Cliff Cramp. There's no art quite like Star Trek art.’re underway! minutes until the watch party starts! Come watch TNG's epic finale with me here: me here! @IEmpire1984 We've not started yet :)What's your favourite Federation race? I try to answer that question in today's video... @ClassKlingon @TheCyberelf @StarTrek @GAMMARAYS1978 @Wembley138 @StarfleetQueen1 @Always_Aims @startrekcbs @stardust1006 to join (expand for full details!) plans for later? Come watch Star Trek with me and make some awesome new friends! Tonight we're watching one of… Voyage Home is _______________
“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Goodfellas, one of my favourite movies of all t…, why is my sister's name Rose? Because your mum loves roses, son. Ok, I see. Thanks, Dad. No problem, The Way of the Warrior.Feeling proud. @geogramblings Pleased to meet you Kit! @TheCyberelf Thanks! @Julie_Ann_718 Thank you! @STCChristopher @TTrekkie @trekkerprise @HeyStevieLee It’s fun to embrace the madness 😂 @coffee_graff @TTrekkie Thanks for sharing Graff!Here’s a show for you… 025: @TTrekkie aka Aly talks to @TrekLad - Networking on #NimbusIII podcast…
Retweeted by TREKLAD 🖖 @oldskool31 🖖🖖🖖 @MissHrisoula Thank you! @AnvilMesa Welcome back! @STCChristopher @TTrekkie @trekkerprise Thanks for listening Christopher!Live long and prosper Irsan! 🖖
@dalekjoe91 Me too! @chrisstough1 Thanks Christopher! @BeezleMcFly @TrekByNumbers @aemultiverse @Wolf359Radio @set_pod @englishirishgtm @YoureOnCrackPod @TwoToTanagra @dandeckr 💛 @wholockiantrek Window @HeyStevieLee Only because I keep such great company! @kleeyaro @Captain_Revo I'll add it to the list! @ThriftyTrekkie Thanks so much! @HenInAHat1 Crazy ain't it?! Glad to have met you too! @Twopaw1 Thank you sir! Looking forward to our upcoming chat too!5 minutes until the latest episode of 'Let's Talk About Lower Decks'! Join me and some special guests as we boim in… @BatlethBabe Underwear? What is underwear? @simon_ryan Thanks Simon! @SummerHarlequi3 Thank you Summer! @TalonPlaysYT Great connecting with you! @THEFinalLegion Love you too! 💛 @alberthogan @DerekLawrence73 I’m probably the worst person for tattoo advice, but always happy to help! @rashiduzzaman82 Thank you Rashid! Our podcast drops soon btw 😄 @BeezleMcFly That’s what I’m here for! It’s been awesome connecting with you here! @hagaij Great to connect Hagai! Your dog is awesome! @dxndeliions Aww Penny you’re awesome, thank you! @CM_Kerley Thanks CM, it’s back this week! @SpyHards Awww you guys 💛 @TiberiusHardy @SpyHards You’re awesome Scott! So glad we’ve connected here and looking forward to many amazing collaborations! @SandersGeek Thanks! @Trash_Panda_C @Captain_Revo It was an easy choice to be honest! @TimeForAFilm Thank you so much! You’re awesome too! @j_alan73 Thank you!Inspired by @Captain_Revo’s recent tweet I’m starting a new challenge, hopefully one I’ll actually finish this time… @Spookyladyyy Thanks! We try! @BillEva19703534 What a super dog! Hello Jacob! @Spookyladyyy This is Coco! She’s a 3 year old mixed breed pup we rescued from a bin. She’s awesome and way more i… @KumuthaLane Thank you! @VerifiedAbigail None yet!To my new connections: Hello! I’m Michael, I’m a UK-based Trek fan, podcaster, YouTuber and live streamer. Want… months ago I was a lonely newcomer to the Trek Twitter community. Now I have 5000 amazing friends to talk Star T…