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TREKONOMICS author Manu Saadia | 'wrote the book on this subject' - Paul Krugman | unevenly distributed futures | some geology | Fermi paradox

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@BenjaminRamm I have, was not impressedThere are other ways to experience this but not in the form of a pill or a stamp.I know for certain that the world would be a better place if more people tried good ecstasy once or twice. It's really therapeutic.The greatest thing about ecstasy was that it taught me my brain could not only feel but generate these feelings ofโ€ฆ would not recommend it today - it's still illegal and as a result it's heavily trafficked and you don't know whatโ€ฆ was a very long time ago. I don't think I tried anything that came close. It was very therapeutic and cathartiโ€ฆ at the time gave me a sense of reconciliation - an immense love for people and love for the world. It was oโ€ฆ's complicated to explain. Mind-altering drugs can be shitty and dangerous for a variety of reasons. There were mโ€ฆ @captivatethem glad to be of serviceEcstasy was very important to the music. It was very important to me too.for those who noticed the passing of the great Andrew Weatherall last week - here's the story of Screamadelica @Robotbeat @RAislinnRodgers @rabiasquared it's a bit out of the way though @rabiasquared @Robotbeat In 30-50 million years @Robotbeat @rabiasquared Affordable is the brief though. @rabiasquared It's dry though so it's not so bad. @rabiasquared There are places in SoCal that are still affordable. @IBJIYONGI It will have a ripple effect @IBJIYONGI Whoa this is such great news. For other UC campuses as well. @wagnerblog Likewise @felixsalmon We had that last night. It was good. @nycsouthpaw Many thanks! Everyday I am amazed and grateful because Dana is so patient with me. @felixsalmon It was 2/19 apparently - we got reminded by e-cards from the in-laws. Thanks!To be fair Dana forgot as wellAbsolutely true story.I got married but I had totally forgotten and so I missed our 20th anniversary the ones at my kid's former super fancy private school. @straightedge Beats meIt's well-known that badly paid teachers will perform superbly.In LA there's this rich asshole who's been funding anti-union candidates to the school board for like, ever. I'm suโ€ฆ's underappreciated how the whole public school "reform" thing funded by billionaires is above all about breaking teachers' unions."the purpose of education is to establish peace" โ€“ Maria Montessori @NatGeo @Cornell @NatGeoBooks @KalteneggerLisa โ€œWe found a new way to make volcanoes. This is the first time we fouโ€ฆ
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ–– @Lollardfish @AOC So I'm told @bendreyfuss @AOC You people have strange lawsI'm told AOC is too young.If he picks @aoc as Veep Twitter will break.He probably shouldn't pick @aoc but at the same time he should. @brianbeutler Rush is going out in a blaze of glory though @brianbeutler So like in China @colourmeamused_ They've stumbled on me @rabiasquared Thank @nkjemisin! @pearkes It's from the heart @TomLevenson Koshihikari Tomthat is correct @TeddyRedder Damn risghy @NeerajKA Sorry @onesarahjones I no doubt will get hammered for this unpopular take.Brown rice looks like rat poop. @NeerajKA It's rat shitI am going to say something very controversial but brown rice is an assault on rice, plain and simpleโ€“ and don't teโ€ฆ @ericmbudd Unpopular but correct @_m_miles Ahahaha yes for sailingInteresting people on this interactive web site @scalzi I suspect her secret to long life and prosperity is hiding in her eyes. @scalzi Your better half hasn't changedVladimir and Estragon hanging out by the window. @Ashpolt @capt_dildo "well akshually there is one episode in TNG where..."The TV and film franchise "Star Trek" should instead have been named "Planet Trek". They never go to a star. Not onโ€ฆ
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ––this is art tbh @dandrezner may you live in interesting times they say @dandrezner it's both remarkably funny and dreadful*click @dandrezner omg click @edward_guimont this is uh both stupid and unsurprisingI'll just say that: for me one of the highlights of last year was to see @sujathabaliga recognized for her work atโ€ฆ read about the future have no doubts that hindutva extremists would destroy the Taj Mahal if they could. Give it a few more years. @davidmackau omgButtons, the neighbors' cat, is not joking around"An inside look at the debate around pandemic bonds, which have $425 million hinging on how deadly the coronavirusโ€ฆ
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ––Did you know that India's most famous tourist attraction was built by Emperor Shah Jahan, a Muslim?
@jbouie "everytime I hear the word equality I take out my calipers"i know my essay on race and the enlightenment is making the rounds again because iโ€™m getting a bunch of extremely aโ€ฆ
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ–– @elivalley This is really good, some of your finest workThis is actually nightmarishly bad.
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ––The destructive effects of sanctions on Iran's health care system and public health have contributed to this
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ–– @damianstack @marksugruek Thousands of dollars on deductible @cfarivar Too much money. @marksugruek Welcome to the nightmare that is the US healthcare insurance market.The US healthcare system is grotesquely unequipped to deal with a public health emergency. @nycsouthpaw Can't think of a smarter or better qualified person than Homeland Ken.The second part of my conversation with NPR's @CardiffGarcia, discussing assortative mating as a force for rising iโ€ฆ
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ––truth @schwartz_eee The all-in cost of a failed primary campaign? @NickFalacci But Warren got the show made and then went on to save the whales!!! @NickFalacci He's Newman! @mahendra_snark Truth @kptrease Yeah it's pretty cheap considering @PatBlanchfield Your diss was on... Schleiermacher. A man After my own tastes.I still think that if he is really committed to improving America and to fight climate change he should purchase anโ€ฆ is a prison for the mind.very normal @MikeBloomberg who, because of his wealth, can only see people as employees or patronage recipients (inโ€ฆ @robertwaldmann gotchaCapitalism is only useful to the extent that the wealth it creates is redistributed.The vetting of Mike Bloomberg continues @_m_miles No but I shouldRubio quotes @MazzucatoM wait wat? don't understand the pundits' hatred for redistributive policies.We have done our best to explain the risk of catching the corona virus in Japan and the likelihood of fatality, whโ€ฆ
Retweeted by manu saadia ๐Ÿ––Elect the worst, expect the worst.