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I make a Star Trek podcast. Interviews with delightful Trek nerds. Listen! Also, send coffee. All tweets routinely deleted.🚀❤️🖖🏻

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@ListeningToFilm ☹️ @abbymsommer @majornerys @FirstFlightPod @TricorderShow @TrekRanks @ShoreLeave @WeeklyTrek @SnapTrek Thank you so much! 🥰
@dramadork884 Excellent Choice! @SkyVasNormandy Old fashioned is most def a better choice for Lawful Good, imo. 🤪 @SkyVasNormandy No way chocolate frosted is lawful good. @AmyImhoff1701 I’m local, so it’s easier for me. But I decided just to commute in for a bit each day. I’ll go to a… @Arsenic82 @DarthSpiderMike It does have a TOS vibe for sure. A bit of “Spectre of the Gun” maybe. @trekfan4747 @TrekRanks @adamdrosin So did I! I was live-tweeting it too. I said “WTF with these trumpets?” Half m…! I really wanted an episode about the Impulse Engines! Heh, I kid, I kid. It was OK, solid. Space Zombies w…’Pol trusts Phlox. Not those shifty AF humans tho. 😜 Man gets delivered a big, tall glass of “Shut the hell up” from the Vulcan Lady. 🤣 adore how Phlox is so into movie night. (And the snacks) with the hard message. done FX, cool“POP!” Goes the weasel. Moly! Is this what Vulcans were like before Surak? Glad they got the logic up in there. (Now I REALLY want a… we think that Florida Man over-estimates like Scotty? @adamdrosin @TrekRanks When I saw your name, I instantly expected at least 1 food/cuisine related pick. 😜NEW! No details are too small, precise or trivial when it comes to #StarTrek, so this week we are dedicating an ent…
Retweeted by Trek Profiles Podcast @jefftakin @AtTheHop89 Completely agree! It’s TV, so I don’t get hung up on it. But I do like to point these things out when I notice them. @jefftakin @AtTheHop89 I’m reminded of a rule I read in a case study in B School. When applying for a promotion, yo… @AtTheHop89 He did! But it was with modern techniques that were not available to Fermat, if I have it right. So the… @AtTheHop89 Well yes and no. It got solved with a very modern computerized solution. There is an open question as t… @abbymsommer And a little AWESOME! Travis! OPINION @AtTheHop89 @jefftakin There are enlisted crew on the Enterprise in ENT. Note the rank on Cutler (😭😭😭) here.…. Logical BRAINS…… @AtTheHop89 @jefftakin If you ever want to get back into aviation, DM me. Happy to offer advice and suggestions, if you’d like.Vulcan Space Zombies! I love it! “I must meld with your BRAINS! And EAT THEM!” the green Vulcan blood. Even tho it does look like it came from Sherwin-Williams. @AtTheHop89 Right. I’m an actual pilot myself, so I’m familiar with how this works. But the other issue is leaders… tense! that Vulcanian ship! Cool shot. snap, this looks bad. Like as in “cancel movie night” bad @AtTheHop89 Correct! Plus IRL there is a recency factor. Must have many hours in the past 30/60/90 days. And if it’… @TrekkieChadwick Yeah, I discard that entirely for multiple reasons. It’s just not relevant anymore. But it’s a rea…, you brief the mission before you leave, but hey, it’s for TeeVee, I get it. of Archer’s past glories, there is no way he is most current and qualified shuttlepod pilot on the ship.…“Wake up Mr Reed” ^^^^ I LOVE this. I’ve talked about it on the podcast, but I was in the Navy and Trek has not re… ship, big space is a wildly cool shot. my! Mr Matalas has a credit here? I will now have to divine clues about the new Trek seasons based on scant evid…’m guessing this is NOT going to be an episode about the Impulse engines? Sorta disappointed now. machine drain pump replacement, for those who are interested!)I made a face like this about an hour ago when I got the bill for an unexpected emergency appliance repair.’Pol be all like “Make me eat another stupid human breadstick with a knife and fork and I’ll stab you to death.” start in sickbay “in media res” as Phlox is on it, Archer is injured, and T’Pol seems poorly.’s watch #StarTrek Enterprise S3E5 Impulse. Is it going to be about Impulse Engines? All the jibber-jabber in… @DrSpaceSuzie Be careful! There might be “issues emerging” in that book! 🤪🖖🏻 @jonmichaelmay WRONG! 😜🖖🏻
@PrewarpApotek Star Trek tweets? I shall make it so…..’m having an appliance repaired this evening. After that, I shall attempt to live tweet #StarTrek ENT! summoning circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Star Trek 🕯…
Retweeted by Trek Profiles Podcast @rurinnfane @ShipTalkingPod And furthermore if there are any mods, they better show mad respect to Lydia, the most… @isolinearchick @startrekmission Excellent choice! @rurinnfane @ShipTalkingPod I used to be in Starfleet, like you, but then I took a phaser in the knee.Who shall feel your wrath? Vulcan Logic Extremists or the Xindi? I asked my guest Alexandria on episode 53 and she… @rurinnfane 🤩’d have to see the show notes and the cute pic of baby Alex on my site to understand why this is so awesome!… is a minute and a half of #StarTrek characters telling you you’re wrong. This link must be preserved. I feel… @TrekRanks 16309 ^^ always remember this, at least! 😜🖖🏻 @jmac_ref @TrekRanks @TrekRanks I knew something Jim didn’t about #StarTrek? 😆🖖🏻 ENDORSEMENT @abbymsommer 😆 was OK. Solid. I really liked the guest stars. But our Starfleet peeps looked like fools for most of it. Rating… say without any snark, I hope we find out what happens to her. I suspect not, but I hope. meeting part 2! There are.. words exchanged. SPACE words! was bored by this sequence. I felt like I knew how it was going to go. The StarFleet peeps were to look helpless… already know that Archer is willing to torture. I imagine that will be straight away his reaction here. I’m glad she got caught. If she didn’t, it would make our Starfleet crew look like buffoons. in a Security Alert, I’m sure the first thing is to secure the transport off and on the ship, rendering the tran… Man subjected to unprovoked attack. Film at 11.! with the Vulcans is strictly prohibited! Is Caressing Forbidden! Takes Permits Many! is on it. All will be resolved now, since Hoshi rules. It is known.“There are a few restricted areas on Enterprise” Good to know that the brand new transporter tech, which is brand-… desperately need to know more about the choice of these sage green slippers here for costume. found this photo of my 6th grade science project?’s me when I get that call.. “We’ve been trying to reach you about your extended warranty.” like seeing Florida Man and T’Pol working the science.! I just step into a Reanimator sequel? music here is very reminiscentof TOS, which I think is great. suspect shenanigans are afoot. all have to admit our flaws. I’m obsessed with finding out what’s on Cappy’s CD rack. I bet it’s the best of Mic… want this guy to have his own cooking show on some Intergalactic public access channel. I’d DVR that. actor was excellent in this.’s me when I’m picking a flavor of coffee in the morning. @Kaelyrhn 😜🖖🏻 fully support the idea of freeing this person, but now we do have a bit of a problem to deal with as well. do like it when #StarTrek is able to show us a large collection of actual aliens. Space Pimp? I’m going to start using the Picard facepalm gif more during these rewatches.“A Small Fee?” This is StarFleet, there are no monies in the future! NO MONIES! immediately liked this actor in this role. I liked how he said “succulent” with excellent articulation. very cool! am mightily tempted to make a Silence of the Lambs joke here. But I shall refrain. This is a classy twitter accou…