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I make a Star Trek podcast. Interviews with delightful Trek nerds. Listen! Also, send coffee. All tweets routinely deleted.🚀❤️🖖🏻

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@strtrk1701 @StarTrekHour @towntaker It’s just a warp to the left... @strtrk1701 @StarTrekHour @towntaker I want to attend a midnight showing of #StarTrek TMP, but done in the Rocky Ho… @HalfBloodKate @emily_h1701 Whichever one you want! No bad choices there. 🖖🏻If anyone has an interest in hearing more of my #StarTrek ramblings, I (try) to keep my Podchaser up to date with t…'s do the next lightning round question! Well, my #StarTrek tweeples, you have only 2 choices for your next va…
Very pleased to have been a small part of the OG show. (Plus a guest on Weekly Trek: TNG too! 😁) @theNiceCaptain Ive interviewed so many people who told me stories like this. There are many! @And_A_Romulan Great cosplay! #JolanTru @KerrBearLib Two characters discuss woodworking.This pic I took of the moon this morning in Las Vegas reminded me of #StarTrek TOS for some reason.’s do the next lightning round question from the last episode! Q Continuum or Omega Continuum? (This is from t… @FinalFronqueer The happiest of birthdays to you!
Also, this gives the opportunity to post this pic from the STLV in 2016.’m really excited about #StarTrekLowerDecks but I anticipate a very high probability that I’m going to call the sh… @KerrBearLib Did you ever hear this bizarre cover of Rocketman? @dxndeliions The Prisoner @manicpixiedane @KerrBearLib Excellent choice!It’s time for the lightning round questions from the last episode! When @KerrBearLib was on I asked her to choose a… @kalliend3 @TrekGeeks The happiest of birthdays to you!
@Tyranicus Thank you Thad. That’s very kind of you to say.😇🖖🏻
@Anthro_CLH This is a sci-fi podcast account, so I try to keep it generally on-target. @garbo_gal Amazing! @Anthro_CLH I don’t monitor anything. I tend to follow people back if it looks like they are into fandom, pop cultu… @amens_rl Kara Amens! 👍 @eatatquarks @SnapTrek I died at “Man Pops”🤣I’ve just started the latest @SnapTrek comparing The #StarTrek eps (Wink/Blink) of an Eye. Knowing @eatatquarks mad…
@adamdrosin We take turns. My kid picked this one. Next week it’s the wife's choice. Then mine. I’ll think about it! 🤠 @BonecrusherJenk @adamdrosin Aww damn. I’m against the chimney shenanigans.Just watched Gremlins for family movie night. The thing I had forgotten is that the mild, sedate housewife turns i… @stratotron Thank you!
It would be the narrator from “The Stanley Parable.” I would not want this, but that’s who it would be. @KariTrek Lo pasé muy bien. Gracias. 😇🖖🏻 @isolinearchick I’m fairly convinced that AITA is just a fiction site for funsies & LOLs. @FinalFronqueer @starwars Great one! @TrekDadDave Here is the link for Apple. Click it and you’re off to the races! @TrekDadDave Most listening is through the smart phone. There are apps to use. iPhones have a built in podcast app.…
Show notes are posted here for Episode 37. my tweeples, this month's episode is in the slot. Enjoy my interview with the wonderful #StarTrek fan… @amens_rl We will be here!For my #podcast listeners, the word is given. New episode shortly. #StarTrek @OzTrekkie @alexandertperry Be sure to check the show notes page to see his very excellent collection of screen-use… @amens_rl @selzero I got the latest one but I haven’t played it yet. I’m still stuck in #Everquest @selzero @amens_rl Yup. You always needed to get ahead of him militarily, or stand by to see your cities evaporated. @amens_rl I loved how crazy it was that Gandhi was the most insanely violent leader in the game due to a bug. @emily_h1701 This is an excellent plan! 🖖 @amens_rl Greetings Amens! The Federation Empire negotiates with you and our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS.… I enjoyed the ep. It really showed that our crew really doesn't have a sense of what they are doing out there. A… is definitely going in T'Pol's report. Dunno about Archer's. 😆 appreciate the quiet dignity and grace that the guest star brought in the episode. looks go good. As far as FX goes... it's been a long road since 1966. (There will be no apologies forthcomin… > Bad Guys a jam? Galilea says "Let's science our way out of a tight spot." #Approved the olde-weapons torpedo switcheroo. A classic. are flying! Sparks of anger? OR could be... sparks of lurve? shalt not mess around with Space Galilea. do like the guest star. I think her character is supposed to be some kind of space Galileo. I calling her Galilea… spills the beans? Yikes! No wonder they invented a Prime Suggestion. that's a thing."And then I had to make kissy with the lovely local scientist so I could fix my translator." --Official Report. 🙄'POL WAS RIGHT! EHRMAGERD! 😱've enjoyed 100% of all T'Pol & Phlox scenes thus far in this show. T'Pol snark is so intense in this bit. She might as well have handed him a condom right here. guest star looked so familiar. I had to IMDB it. Maybe I recognize her from #Babylon5 where she was in an epis… it's a virus versus some sort of EM or radiological contamination, a simple scan would figure that out. Just say… is me when I'm focused on my silly passions. I get it. 😍'm sorry, but this makeup design looks like caterpillars are crawling down their heads. appears that this young lady is way smarter than our Captain.
Just ignore us! We are normal, local people doing local normal things in the traditional, local way that is TOTALLY… mysterious armed stranger. The game's afoot!'s go visit alien worlds! We can do a sweet B&E with the first civilization we meet! 🤣😱! Someone forgot the ears."Aliens landing in cornfields"... nice call back to Broken Bow, imo.'Pol really is a wet blanket here. Archer lays it out. FX during the theme song... think they were giving Cappy a hard time for funsies. I approve.'s watch #StarTrek Enterprise S01E09 Civilization! We begin... in space. With a meeting. In space. Even in space… @Spencetheghost All is well. Just been a bit busy with other things recently. But the podcasting must go on! 😇🖖🏻Podcasting update: There will be a new episode dropping within a few days. @silverdoe25 Your collective will be operating at peak efficiency!Good Morning my Tweeples! Go forth and assimilate your day with optimal efficiency.
@MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia @MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia Fin @MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia But she can’t scream because she’s a mangled dead body and her vocal cords are damaged.… @MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia Meanwhile Martinez just screams @MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia (Cont’d from above) A few pages later, Troi calls Trelane on his nonsense and he summo… @MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia (Cont’d from above) She doesn’t answer to his satisfaction so he “drops” Martinez down… @MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia (Con’d from above) The terrified woman suggests that that Troi might be able to give b… @MightyHeaton @RealDAnconia Ah yes! Spoiler warning in the following tweets below for the book Q-Squared... The T… @ListeningToFilm Wonderful picture!
To all my fellow Dads and Dads-to-be out there, enjoy your day! @madcapofscience
@emily_h1701 @all_new_wolvie ❤️❤️❤️
Typo. Dammit. on exercise patrol in Sector 001 I came across this sub space broadcast and an retransmitting.
@AlxAugust Murder-Porter @AlxAugust MURDER BOX FTW!!! @straczynski @amens_rl Wonderful! Thanks for the clarification, Joe. @alexandertperry Bring the release date.... closer