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I make a Star Trek podcast. Interviews with delightful Trek nerds. Listen! Also, send coffee. All tweets routinely deleted.❤️🖖🏻

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@kalliend3 @TTrekkie Thank you! @Captain_Revo Full Power! @PiecingPod Congratulations! @CrystalPisano You have won life’s lottery today! Btw I’m also at McCarran right now! @Biggi47664220 @mikemasse Yup! @trekfan4747 @hshalla Totes!
“Please remember to bring 8 color copies of those image plates tonight.” Oh gosh that’s terrible. @pike_please @mikemasse 😜 “Africa” by Toto seems to be so hot right now, I’d encourage all of you to check out this stunning acoustic c… @jdiannedotson Ow.... ouch... 😜🖖🏻 @Baron20052 @adastra1930 “He who controls the rent... controls the Universe!” @jdiannedotson YES. Correction accepted! @jdiannedotson Dune. Arakkis. Desert Planet.... of cookies.Me with #BabyYoda memes on the like button. We stan. @adastra1930 Quick, save the world and you’re the only ship in the quadrant! 😜 @vabergan1 Monsters. @trekkieadvocate @trekfan4747 @hshalla It does sound familiar! 😆🖖🏻 @trekfan4747 @hshalla Hit me. @drakkorex I’d agree. I think one of the great things about Voyager is that the characters all started mostly stron… @Trekkie01D You can do it!Broke the internet I have. Better it is now.
Retweeted by Trek Profiles Podcast @DAttico Wonderful advice! @AndorianSoup Baby Yoda. Stan or die.Huh. OK. I loved a lot about this episode. The whole concept was ambitious & fun. But the writing smacked of self… to Delta Billy Shakes… “Dude, you’re getting a Dell.”“I SAID MORE COWBELL” do like in this moment, if you listen to the actors in the background, they are just spouting off random bad guys… Schuck is a super talented actor and if this is all he gets to do here, he’s wasted in this episode. Billy Shakes is in a tight spot!’s really starting to hit me that Harry really did deserve a promotion. Not for any material reason, just for the… Billy Shakes would be a panic in the writer’s room. dear. The J/C shippers must have lost their collective minds right about here. writers write episodes about writers writing, it always takes me out of it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Delta Billy, your Bronze is unsatisfying. Bring more and better.“Don’t cry or have emotions? I went to Juilliard for this? I am a **Thespian** Delta Billy Shakes! You are not resp… hangs out in the crews mess because he *likes* Neelix. He just can’t say it. Don’t try to fool me old Tuvoky… is all so meta. ❤️’m going to call this guy Delta Billy Shakes. character has some awkwardly written lines but his delivery is A+“We all have to sing for our supper.” This guy dropping knowledge bombs on Torres. Love it. have seen that one coming from a mile away. that Prime Suggestion… errr Directive…. do kind of like this. It’s reminiscent of a Greek Chorus. think I see events like this at most of the #StarTrek conventions. It happens right after the filking.’s a busy week and I need to unwind a little. I think that means #StarTrek Let’s continue my Voyager watch-thru…
@simeyowen I’ve seen Fathom does simulcasts with the met. @simeyowen I live in Las Vegas. We don’t have that here. We do have Elvis impersonators and guys who do crazy magic shows. 🕺😆 @simeyowen I don’t know the first thing about Opera. (The singing thing, not the browser) Would you be able to rec… @unamccormack Melvin Belli as the Gorgon. Just weird. @emily_h1021 The Fountainbleu really is gynormous. @ListeningToFilm I was trying to phaser him! 🤷🏻‍♂️🖖🏻Breakfast Cereal is CANON! Confirmed twice now. 😜🖖🏻And more... some more #StarTrek photos no reason, here are some wonderful snaps from the 2016 STLV Convention. #StarTrek lost a great talent. She will be missed. @Larkistin89 This video has given me +10 joy and -10 cynicism for the day. @CrystalPisano @disneyplus I’m sure it was glorious. 😊❤️ @MissRainbowPie I live in LV too. I know exactly what you mean. It’s like living in a demented Bizarro-world Disney… @RadMissFliss Wishing you success! @adgunty TRUTH @lha_again @gijane7702 🤣😜🖖🏻’ve been Mr Slacker McSlackins on my #StarTrek Voyager watch-thru. I feel judged by Cap Janeway. @XianJaneway Baby Yoda.... we stan @AlxAugust I always make a 😔 face when peeps bring up Joana. So sad. @ListeningToFilm Nice! @ListeningToFilm *sad yoda* neither! It is a self-spoiling movie. The ship sinks, amirite? 😜 @trekfan4747 @hshalla You know.... I *might* have read this one. I’ll have to ponder it. Let me ask the M5 to do some research.
@Anthro_CLH I’ll be right over.😜 @adastra1930 WORD’s the connection between #StarTrek fandom and Jane Austen? ⁦@page88⁩ takes a crack at it here: The Pride an… @Nerdygal33 @zoidberg95 @PatrickE34 @thejonconn I get lots of texts for the team but I haven’t seen a sale yet. @ShuttlepodTwo To watch anything else.... would be.... allowed is not! Is planet forbidden! @Tyranicus First World Problems, Thad! 😉🖖🏻 @vabergan1 I enjoy your Trek tweets. If you are feeling up for it, have at it! 😎🖖🏻
Kristy knows this is the case.
Retweeted by Trek Profiles Podcast#MAXIMUMJaneway at all times and in all places. @octavya360 😱 @MaeShenanigans Yeah, there are some. It’s unfortunate. @MissAmyNelson Oh no! @slnelson77 Stealing the Enterprise! Love it! I’d also add the McCoy/SpiderGuy bar scene in Search for Spock. @nadiaafiff I haven’t seen the show, I don’t even subscribe to the Disney service. I’m just loving the GIFs. I know… really do dislike pushing things to the stops and using hyperbole, which is usually reductionist and foolish. (An… @TTrekkie Ugh. Sorry friend. 😭😭😭 @Nerdygal33 A wonderful choice. 🥰
@michaelangie @trekfan4747 @cdlittlefield @trekfm @TheGoddessLivia You should consider a con if you can swing it fi… @markwooster 😱 @zoidberg95 I hope for a full recovery, Johnny. Prayers for you and yours. ❤️I have at least one listener! I claim total victory! 😉 Thank you for listening. 🥰🖖🏻
@Tyjos84 @ThePoshGoblin @Tyranicus @StaticWarpBubbl @nicholas_whaley A stunning episode. Just knocked me out when I first saw it. @TrekRanks @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry #ThouShaltNotDenyTheCookingOfCarolMarcus @TrekRanks @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry I was dying listening to this until @alexandertperry mentioned this one. W… bit of #StarTrek news from Vanity Fair found a place to display these #StarTrek bad boys. Touch my change jar and you'll be phasered, disrupted,…, even if he’s an Adonis... we are going to scrap @daytonward I have three crates of those for when the inevitable #ZombieApocalypse happens. #NotJoking 😭😭😭Is everyone doing their duty and turning off Motion Smooting on your family’s TV?
Retweeted by Trek Profiles Podcast @michaelangie Hope you feel better soon