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A podcast about all the things we love about #StarTrek from @EnterpriseExtra! Any topic—characters, ships, moments, episodes! No nitpicking. Just a celebration!

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@jarrahpenguin @WomenAtWarp Oooh! We can help!🖖 👇 👇 👇 Ep. 52—"Top 5 Scenes in a Brig" 🔗 it comes to #StarTrek, the TrekRanks Podcast has got it all covered. Ep. 86—Top 5 Moments in Song👨‍🎤🎹 Ep. 87—… @Nerdygal33 Awesome! Happy Birthday, Heather! @FirstTimeTrek"Tricorder. Medical tricorder!" Temporal Causality Loop with @rebootingme going all the way back to Episode 83 and… @rebootingme Deathbed = sickbay. (And he ended up in sickbay!) Amazing pick! Incredible scene!A classic list of heavy-hitters from @TrekkieRob on this great list of #Top5MovieVillains! #IntergalacticCatDay from all of our TrekRanks' co-hosts! #LtGravy #Guster #Book #InternationalCatDay
@roslinwei Yes!!! (We'll keep making 'em and try and stay ahead of you!) Michael freakin' Burnham. @cxptainjaneway Same. @silverdoe25 @markberkins
@MarcieStarfleet @JonathanDelArco This is so good I want to hug it! @Captain_Revo Agreed. It's the only real way forward. (But that is a tall hill to climb in today's studio culture.) 🤞 @jamie2bad2000 @TrekkieRob It was really, really good, Rob! Very cool. @mikeburse6 It was a fun one to squeeze into the schedule before Lower Decks was officially released!ICYMI! We celebrate the launch of #StarTrekLowerDecks with our Top 5 First Contact Moments!🖖📊 The paperwork is sig… @jhoffman You have my word that we will start your GoFundMe.
I got some friends together to wish a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Trekkies out there, @alexandertperry! @stephen_pastran It was so great! Inject it all straight into my veins! @MetsFan1701 Strong GIF game! (They do indeed!) @BarrettsBooks You know I can! and counting. #StarTrek 📜 @MetsFan1701 @CaptainSven2 Or what eight single episodes... 🤣 @CaptainSven2 "Peak Performance." I just love Kolrami preening around so much! @KerrBearLib @LeeHutchison_ @doublemacc Carlos got there first!
"The Voyager Home" is a brilliant deep cut first contact choice! Wish we knew more about these guy.… @RogueMogh @TheIConstable Never mind! Haha! #SoGood (It comes up on a lot on TrekRanks!) @TheIConstable @RogueMogh It sure is!!! (Avoid spoilers on that one Caleb! It's coming up soon.) @RogueMogh @bjp211 Inheritance is a brilliant pick!!! #NoSpoilers"Perhaps the next step would have been to meet her holographic parents. If I'm not mistaken, on some planets that's… @DolphinsMelody Fantastic list! Love "Unexpected" as a pick! Really good one! @strtrk1701 @LeeHutchison_ @doublemacc OK! Here was my thinking on my two incorrect guesses: 4. Talbot -- lightbulb…"You imply disparity where none exists. I am the TrekRanks." (And we have two new episodes out right now for you to… @JonfuciusOnline Clever!!! (And I love it!) @rthabiger @CBSAllAccess @theotherwillis @startrekcbs @MikeMcMahanTM @SadMeganGirls @StarTrek One event. Two unifor… @ShuttlepodTwo @MetsFan1701 Thank you, guys!!! Another great deep dive into Trek! Appreciate you guys coming on and… @STDeltaShift You know it does! @PatrickE34 @HerPikaHighness And he directed it. (Also, Patrick, you would look amazing in a cape.) @strtrk1701 @LeeHutchison_ @doublemacc OK... not confident I got all of these, but here goes! 1. Soran 💥 2. Martia…
NEW! In honor of #LowerDecks, we have a can't miss, early release, bonus episode spectacular! It's our Top 5 First… up. We have a TrekRanks surprise coming your way today! @adamdrosin @BonecrusherJenk Ned's Atomic Dustbin approves this tweet. @BonecrusherJenk Sleater-Kinney approves this tweet. @dominicburgess Amazing! ❤️💙💚🧡💜
@StarTrekVHS Is it OK if just pick this one? Because it really, really does. Every time. @markberkins Analysis of my volume control patterns: @LeeHutchison_ @kehenulo Uh, I think you meant to say: “Star Trek Enterprise’s Renée Elise Goldsberry.” @slnelson77 @eatatquarks I thought of him, too! #Garry #Jerry #Larry #Terry #Barry
@strtrk1701 @eatatquarks @Captain_Revo Haha! I was thinking we saw him one more time. Love him, though. Retaya is amazing. @skipper8210 My InstaRanks on Trek novels! (I've read probably about 100 or so.) 5. Invasion! (4 book series - 199… @yaeckman (Shhh! We have a Lower Decks surprise coming this week!) And at some point we will tackle an animated top… @AndorianSoup @jamie2bad2000 @RentzAllison Top 5 Feel Good Episodes is definitely on our long list of topics! Would… CAUSALITY LOOP: An awesome list in from @ScoutClark42 from our sixth episode: Top 5 Food Moments. This No.… @AdamHunault @TrekProfiles @skipper8210 Yeah! Great point. Totally agree (even though I didn't mention them a couple of times when I highlight… @ShelfNerds And so beautifully acted. He scratches his nostril so naturally in one scene. I just love him. Perfect level of flamboyance. @MastersRich Great one! "Nice talking to you, Boheeka. We'll have to do it again some time." @MetsFan1701 @eatatquarks @WeyounClone @adamdrosin Defend away! (It'd prefer this on loop for 22 minutes, but that's cool!) @eatatquarks Dang it! I just gave away my top pick! Who else you got??? Schmitter! (Do his charred remains count as…"Well, someone has certainly played a game on you, Fajo!" If we ever do "Top 5 Characters Who Appeared in Only One… #StarTrek thread. 🛸 @AdamHunault @EnterpriseExtra Ok. That’s pretty great! Might need to sneak one or both of those into the rotation!
@ohtheprofanity @TrekkieRob #RIPKeogh You were an ass, but you were our ass! @TrekkieRob Pretty damn impressive, Rob! (My friend thinks so, too.) @jvancitters @strtrk1701 No. 21 out of 22! @strtrk1701 Uh huh. Sure. @TrekProfiles I'll stick with this guy. @adamdrosin ahead of you, mister. The "Character Ranks" page is already updated with #LowerDecks and our "Every Episode Lis… @strtrk1701 Probably more accurate to say the "story framing" is half decent on about 10 episodes (not the episode… long last, we have added The Animated Series to our overall TrekRanks' listings. Hooray. (It's not pretty, folks… @NCC_17fOrmula1 @ShelfNerds @eatatquarks @WeeklyTrek You don't know? Interface Operations? Net Access? Channel 90?… is why we endorse cheating! (Because now we are adding "Top 5 Movie-Length Episode Villains" to our long list… @BarrettsBooks @thedenniston @ShelfNerds @ShelfNerds @ShuttlepodTwo By the way, I voted for "recalibration," as that's my favorite (but I also think that's… @thedenniston @ShelfNerds I have never heard that! Sounds perfectly normal to me! (You aren't ruining it for me, @BarrettsBooks!) @ShelfNerds @ShuttlepodTwo Can't wait to add a Lower Decks intro clip at some point!Listening to @TrekRanks today inspired this #StarTrek poll. Which of these is your favorite?
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@rebootingme "One Small Step"! (Tough one! Was thinking "The Fight" at first, but that was boxing gloves.) @ShuttlepodTwo @michaelangie @StaticWarpBubbl Lock and load. Let's spread the word! @michaelangie Well, that @StaticWarpBubbl knows what she's doing! @simonpegg You'd be well represented on a list of Trek "miracles," too, sir. #ImGivinItAllShesGot @michaelangie Amazing score!Another alliterative masterpiece from @MastersRich. And his No. 1 will be forever etched in my memory if you know a…"War is coming! And who's gonna lead us? You! if I’m not in charge, our entire way of life is decimated! So you wan… @TylerHowat @LeeHutchison_ @doublemacc "They sacrificed hundreds just to draw us out in the open. And then they cam… @MetsFan1701 🤣🤣🤣 Very worthy of any villains list! @BarrettsBooks @doublemacc @LeeHutchison_ @EnterpriseExtra Dammit. I'm taking the show down and we are going to rer… @PepInYourShep @doublemacc @LeeHutchison_ @EnterpriseExtra Tomalak has special dispensation to be picked on any Tre… @stephen_pastran @LeeHutchison_ @doublemacc Live shot of Lee prepping his picks. @_HopefulHelen Thanks! A super fun topic to dive deep into! @stephen_pastran Same!This top 3 from @TheLoneWolf68 is a legit Murderers' Row. #Top5MovieVillains