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A podcast about all the things you love about Trek! Top 5 Episodes, Scenes & more from @EnterpriseExtra. No wrong answers. No nitpicking. Just a celebration.

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@AdamHunault Love that episode so much. @inspector_34 Best. GIF. Ever.“You’re the dreamer and the dream.” #Top5MetaTrekReferences real world spaceship is named Enterprise after a TV show spaceship named Enterprise and is then featured prominen… @ThatNeilGuy Who wins in a fight? Phlox or Neelix?I love Kira so much ❤️ #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #KiraNerys
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@Tyranicus Can’t believe that took until Day 29. @silverdoe25 @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 Can’t wait to hear it!!! @TrekProfiles Hate when that happens.
@KerrBearLib @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 Me, too, hearing that! It’s a fun one. (Minus me ranting a bit, but I do apol… @History_Trek I Iove this one! Never crossed my mind.Never be surprised if we don’t mention one of your favorite moments on TrekRanks! (That’s kinda the whole point of… cuts abound on this list of #Top5MetaTrekReferences from @TrekfanRick. Great stuff. @benkernow @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 Una! Love that one.A classic reference hidden in plain sight! #Top5MetaTrekReferences @eatatquarks @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 GNDN FTW! Love that one!Amazing list of Top 5 Meta Trek References from @eatatquarks! #GNDN @burriscj @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 Thanks, Chris! @jm_duffy @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 Haha! I guess it is! @TheRealAlienTwo Enjoy, sir!!! Excited for you! (As you were a BIG voice in making it happen!)Oh man, I’ve been really looking forward to this one! What an awesome topic. And Jim, Ross, and Bill are the tops! 🖖
Retweeted by TrekRanks Podcast 🖖📊 @ShuttlepodTwo @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 Haha! Yes! Great one, for sure! @silverdoe25 @TrekFan4387 @strtrk1701 Can’t wait to hear what they are!!! @Para_Mystery I loved that show. (Bonus: Soug Jones was in it!) IMO, the first season felt super authentic for how…! It's a deep-cut topic on TrekRanks as we dive into our Top 5 Meta Trek References. It's all about those little…
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@Tyranicus @TrekGeeks @FanSets No such thing.
@PatrickE34 You don’t need a million dollars to do nothing.
@SydneySlaughte4 @StarTrek Your great aunt is awesome!!!Lots more great topics are on their way! Thanks for listening! 🖖📊
@funkysi1701 Thanks, Simon!!! Really appreciate you taking the time to say that! 🖖📊I’m listening to @TrekRanks episode about scenes in a cave very carefully to see if my favs come up. I haven’t thou…
Retweeted by TrekRanks Podcast 🖖📊 @strtrk1701 All Our Yesterdays Wink/Blink of an Eye Context Is for Kings To the Death Favor the Bold The Killing G… @TrekLive @TrekkieRob @EnterpriseExtra @TrekFan4387 That was a FUn topic!!! Good luck getting your friend on board, Rob!!! @Jennerosity @matthewvose Love all those picks! (And that Vorik episode is called Blood Fever. Love that one!) Thanks for listening!!! 🖖📊 @ShuttlepodTwo Thanks, M.
@slnelson77 @TrekCore Thanks, Sam. Appreciate it. In this case it wasn’t hard to write. Just a simple truth that sh… Fontana was a critical part of Trek’s lasting legacy. I wrote a column for TrekCore celebrating her work and con… @awhaleinthemoon But, of course.TrekRanks — Top 5 #StarTrek Episodes Written By DC Fontana: 5. Tomorrow Is Yesterday 🔄 4. The Enterprise Incident ⏳…
Favorite Series: Deep Space Nine Favorite Episode: Past Tense Favorite Character: Jean-Luc Picard Favorite Alien Ra…
@History_Trek @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry Those are great picks! (More B’Elanna is always a good thing.)
Did someone say "fire caves"?!? #Top5ScenesInACave Our popular "Scenes in Trek" series is back for Episode 70 with the Top 5 Scenes in a Cave! And there ae so… @TrekFan4387 My five words and a hashtag is: Twilight Zone conclusion ain’t enough. #Husnock If the question was r… @KerrBearLib @ListeningToFilm @octavya360 @ZaneBrumley @TrekFan4387 Haha! #ItReallyReallyIsTNG Season 3 - Top 5 & Bottom 5 1. The Best of the Both Worlds 2. Who Watches the Watchers 3. Yesterday’s Enterpri…
@TodayinStarTrek @EnterpriseExtra Close. This is my favorite character (One-Off Hero, Ep. 20) and least favorite ch… @BoldlyGoBand Amazing. Never thought about the similarities in these two characters & episodes. Love them both. M… Temporal Causality Loop from @NCC_17fOrmula1 going all the way back to Episode 18 of TrekRanks, our Top 5 Two-Pa… @officialhowsei @Tyranicus Awesome!!! I love the Guilty Pleasure topics. Need to do another one of those soon. (And… love the caving scenes! Also rock climbing scenes. Blood Fever, the very long scene with Paris and Torres direct…
Retweeted by TrekRanks Podcast 🖖📊 @rvkirk I love that scene, too! Really, really well acted and directed. Great episode! (It's ranked No. 11 at Voyager TrekRanks!)
Top 5 Quotes from the Top 5 Scenes in a Cave from @AdamHunault! Can you ID these five great episodes? north for the weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. A couple of m&s’s tins and the latest ep…
Retweeted by TrekRanks Podcast 🖖📊 @LeeHutchison_ @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry Can't believe I never thought of that one before it came up. A two-for-one. Love it! #RIPHogan @TrekProfiles @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry 🤣 Classic. Doubt you were the only one! Rest assured, though, there was… smashing TrekRanks, the hole crew dig deep and come up with some cracking picks for 'Top 5 scenes in a cave…
Retweeted by TrekRanks Podcast 🖖📊 @strtrk1701 It sure was. It sure is. #ComingSoon @BarrettsBooks “That was setting number one. Anyone want to see setting number two?” @Nerdygal33 @Tyranicus Yep! TrekRanks! In honor of the holiday season, here's our Top 3 Trek Christmas References! 3. Data as Scrooge in…
@benkernow @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry Oooh. Dogs of War is a good one! @NCC_17fOrmula1 @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry Haha! That's one rule we can't break. It does need to be #StarTrek. 🤣… @lyrianfleur @jmac_ref @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry Exactly!Yes, @jmac_ref, you can totally count basically every scene ever with Talosians as one "cave" scene. (We aren't big… @mhansen0207 Love it! is definitely the best podcast news source on subspace. Tune in to cut through the Dominion propaganda… @DanniCags 😢 Louis was clearly loved and happy. And that’s a joy. So, so sorry for you. 🐾❤️ @slnelson77 @TodayinStarTrek Seconded! @HgChuck @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry Awesome list! Right there with you on Demon! Thanks.First rule of TrekRanks is that we fully endorse rule-breaking. Love this list of Top 5 Scenes in a Cave that inclu… @ShuttlepodTwo Great picks! Friendship One and Vortex are major deep cuts!Have you ever experienced a perfect moment in a cave?!? Great list of Top 5 Scenes in a Cave from… @slnelson77 @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry Thanks, Sam! @abbymsommer @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry I match your squeal reading your tweet! @Tyranicus @silverdoe25 @alexandertperry <<< I am Barash. Please be my friend. >>>EARLY RELEASE: TrekRanks is out early this week w/the return of our popular "Scenes in Trek" series, this time high…
@OhMySpaceSailor @eatatquarks Oooh! Unlikely couples is a good one. Will add that to the long list of ideas! And ye… @AdamHunault @TrekFan4387 @madcapofscience @Chilgenstock Yep! That's the name of the episode. @madcapofscience @AdamHunault @TrekFan4387 @Chilgenstock Relativity! @TrekLive @TrekFan4387 @TrekFan4387 @TrekFan4387 I'm just going to keep you sending you Kolrami GIFs all night. @TrekFan4387 @TrekFan4387 Wrong answer! @TrekFan4387 That is one hell of a murderer's row on the Best Guest Star nominees! Damn. All five are worthy winner…
"I don't have any controversial #StarTrek opinions." You say you have no controversial Star Trek opinions, but tha… @ChadwickAdams83 Multi vector “adult” mode sounds NSFW!!! 🤣I love you Voyager. #IWantToGoToThere @bjp211 Interesting! I do not have that on my Long List. My first thought was, "Not sure that works." But an hour l…
@NCC_17fOrmula1 Ha! Get out of my head! (I, of course, was tallying that up in my head as I typed up the list.) @cpmcadam Yep! We are doing three straight episodes in the run-up to Star Trek: Picard! (Two are kind of obvious to… @octavya360 I'd forgotten about that. Great Easter Egg!Previously on TrekRanks … a diverse selection of your favorite Top 5 character episodes! Ep 69: Nog💰 Ep 66: T'Pol🖖… @ThatNeilGuy You look thinner in 2019 so now I hate you. (Also, Happy Solar Revolution!)
@NCC_17fOrmula1 @TodayinStarTrek "STilly, what the heck, you movin' again? It's only been six months. You're the ni… @NCC_17fOrmula1 @TodayinStarTrek Tricked me for a minute.