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Trent Kusters @TrentKusters Melbourne, Australia

amassing accolades to combat insecurities since 1986. bossbae at @leagueofgeeks. game director on our new thing, published by @PrivateDivision (we're hiring!).

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Hi Melbourne, we were able to send two of our foster kittens to a forever home, but still looking to adopt this ver…
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@hannahnicklin on day one of two days off right now, and not a care in the world. it's a truly special thing.💖
Kari's the best and seriously knows her stuff! If you're hitting GDC Summer don't miss this one.💫 @chetfaliszek you liking Unleashed?
catholicism walked so bloodborne could run
Retweeted by Trent Kusters @kurtruslfanclub I actually want my dead Opa to arise from his eternal slumber just to say "Gamers" for me in his h… @kurtruslfanclub Capital G Gamers. @BlakeRochkind @unitedtalent Was truly a pleasure catching up with you and talking shop over the years. Always appr… @BRKeogh this game also had the best co-op campaign of any game I've ever played.Phenomenal news! Ghost of Tsushima on the new Lethal difficulty and it drives home the samurai cinema fantasy even harder. Lo…
Imagine trying to explain to your colleagues who are members of Congress what Twitch is 😭
Retweeted by Trent Kusters @CamRogersLegal @blakemizzi @ty_carey @dippizuka YOU'RE ONE OF EM, CAM!Keep it up, cobbers. 🤙🦘🎮🇦🇺Whether you're wowing platform holders to MIGW, impressing pubs at cons OS, or just makin' great fuckin' games that…, @blakemizzi & @ty_carey were around when major publishers pulled all investment from the region during the… @Sliwinski @LeagueofGeeks @lisyk @blakemizzi hahaha oh come on, man. neither of those two have ever gifted you a Hi…'ve officially reached the point where it takes me more than a few seconds to realise I'm looking at an in-game s… youre making a movie and you kill off a beloved character like bat man or bugs bunny you ought to be charged with Murder. No more excuses
Retweeted by Trent KustersI *massively* second this. A career-defining pleasure learning from and collaborating so closely with these mega ta… @ngoctmvu classic stitch upthe real mvp of the private division x league of geeks partnership announcement today is all-round good dude… @brianwithaneye @LeagueofGeeks @PrivateDivision @benbritten thanks, maaate! <3 @lisyk @JoelVanDaal @blakemizzi @ty_carey good size @simoncarless Thanks, Simon! Best of luck for next week! 💫✨💖🎮GET READY FOR ARMOLLIORI, FOLKS. LETS GOOOOOO!!! @alexanderperrin They're the bread triangle to our spinach and cheese @simonjoslin cheers, cobber! 🤙 @MitchyD same, boo. xo @Tres_Villain dankeschoen! my mannnnn <3 @MitchyD thank you, miiiiitch. remember when we had breakfast in SF all those years ago WHEN WE WERE BABIES rad publisher check 💅🎮💖✨💫👽💍 @JoelVanDaal @blakemizzi @ty_carey thank you, maaaaate. not too shabby, ey?lets goooooooooo @DaveMilbo @PrivateDivision @LeagueofGeeks
@Futterish Ah thank you, my man! And of course, it was an absolute pleasure to chat and such an incredible initiati… @tomgvalve @mollygos @tanyaxshort Tanya is a v good egg. <3lol this generic google calendar even cancellation email cuts a little too deep in 2020⚠ NEW ROLE! ⚠ We're making a cool new game, and our team needs some tech-savvy hands on board to help! 🌻 Please…
Retweeted by Trent Kusters @Adsinjapan aka; the contemporary samurai / feudal japan fantasy @Adsinjapan From what I've read and know, the authenticity they strived for was predominantly to Samurai aesthetic,… about senpai noticing you. hot damn. @dr_nic @BayensDominique these dudes have way more ren & stimpy vibes than i ever rememberedNo.
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@BlakeRochkind thank you, blake. i work hard in the twitter content mines for all of watching TENET at the IMAX midnight premiere @Tezamondo @skatebee @Tres_Villain @kurtruslfanclub @lisyk i laughed so hard it came out as a cough. inspirational. truly. @Tezamondo @lisyk that's how eyes work @lisyk @Tezamondo now i want arbory, lisy @lisyk @Tezamondo actually wait no i think they get delivered @lisyk @Tezamondo oh shit. heck yeah then tez! come gettemsee also; videogame producer @Tezamondo is that how it works?Just registered as an organ donor. Like, right now. It *literally* took under 60 seconds to do so. I'm kicking myse… @bfod Ah glad you're enjoying it, man! 💖
Videogames are empathy machines. We spend hours interacting with a virtual world as someone else. I wish more peopl…
Retweeted by Trent Kusters @bfod PLEASE tell me my tweet the other day is responsible for this 😂 @darcywsmith gettit 💪 @morganjaffit This is why we're friends, Morgan.Friday #IndieInspo 📖 Sweet @route59games just released NECROBARISTA 💀 this week! This cinematic visual novel ha…
Retweeted by Trent Kusters @austin_walker This TBS album was LIFE, Austin. LIFE ITSELF. Soothed my teen angst like a newborn upon the bosom. @mattditton @ty_carey This is known as the Star Citizen Feature List Effect.
@briecode @luvtruluv @RareLtd Soooo dope, Brie. 💖see also; days to take acid before hitting the local IMAX should make a sixth Avatar movie
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We’ve never advertised our app #SelfCare but several thousands of people download it every day. We’ve done two pres…
Retweeted by Trent KustersPortland ain’t fucking around
Retweeted by Trent Kusters @Silirrion Toooootally hear you. I'm playing with JP audio. Roleplaying more than I have in a game in years. Maybe… @ermonacelli Nice! Just in time too, because I'm guessing 15 years old is the maximum age your knees can be to do that. @Silirrion The enviro art and use of colour in the world design is too incredible, so doing my first playthrough in… @ohyoufox She's a good egg, Vix.Love this woman transating to Auslan for the premier's briefing rn! Just happened to see her translate at a bunch o… @ghostordie @lisyk @LeagueofGeeks ALSO CONGRATS ON THE STUDIO AND PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCE. VVVV HYPE! 💫💖💅🎆👏💯 @ghostordie @lisyk @LeagueofGeeks Thanks, Gabriela! They will ship in 5-10 business days. @Tezamondo @lisyk @LeagueofGeeks tyranny writes itself, man
@lisyk @LeagueofGeeks Back me on this and we'll roll out "Long Live Lisy" tooNecrobarista is now available to buy and play on PC, in fourteen languages. This is the c…
Retweeted by Trent Kusters"Trust in Trent" t-shirts to be rolled out at @LeagueofGeeks of your peers within the industry, nobody cares how well you painted something if it's boring, always think…
Retweeted by Trent KustersSome Lex Luthor shit
Retweeted by Trent Kusters @christianmccrea i feel like @bfod needs to know this game existswhat are games catering to sentient quantum supercomputers for 500 thank you alex if true (it's true) come work with us. 💖 We're looking for some serious talent here, with the salary and rel…
Retweeted by Trent KustersSo fucking stoked to see the reviews landing like they are for @route59games. Been watching from afar as this young…'ve upscaled the best picture I could find of the Prince of Persia's japanese super famicom boxart with AI and omg…
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@lisyk tinder bio @BangBangClick @AndyPlaytonic lolll alex
@tsumea awww thanks for throwing the vid link in the tweet too! 💖huge if true (it's true) come work with us. 💖 We're looking for some serious talent here, with the salary and rel… @Tezamondo see also; "Twitter Veteran" @Tezamondo yeah, "game developer"
@jboggsie Absolutely 💯⚔️ @RiotL4T3NCY Yeah. Totally. Feels a shame. @glitchdagger You? 🐴🗯 @glitchdagger I actually ended up choosing the chestnut one you get with the digital deluxe version. Named him Nobu. @RiotL4T3NCY Yeah, I mean the earlier set in that same set though. So like, can I go back to Samurai Armour I after… @PixelHunt @RaygunBrown Yep! I was like “HOW IS THERE NOT A SHEATHE/UNSHEATHE BUTT-oh okay dope” @jasonimms @RaygunBrown Yep. Now that they’ve proven themselves and the IP. Hit me with that AAAA mega franchise pr…