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Director of the 2017 film THE BOOK OF HENRY. I write comics. I wrote FYC: THE ROCK for @quirkbooks. 📝: Inventory, GQ, SyFy, Vulture etc

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@GriffLightning everyone in public restrooms keeps saying this @jayasax paperback/expanded special edition, its not too late @jayasax BUY THE JAYA BOOKIf you would like to purchase my essay collection which continues to confound everyone who reads it in a positive w…
Retweeted by stim possibleScorsese on "a fine American director," John Carpenter
Retweeted by stim possiblebarely so much as changed out of sweatpants since we moved so today I trimmed my beard and dressed up like a big fu… “I’m the best boxer in the UFC” after hitting a dude with a no-look punch and then slipping a five strike… fucking holloway @goodmanw yessirredward edmayne @KrystiPryde my dude <3 @emilypheller has eddie redmayne ever been goodit is crazy that humans will just sometimes draw a picture
Retweeted by stim possible @steve_foxe Every two weeks is generous @KrystiPryde dude it’s such a bummer! You are absolutely the person I was gonna reach out to before buying one to m…
texting my friends to make sure these runes etched into the hilt are the good runes and not the racism ones @kevinpanetta kevin as someone whose first performance in front of an audience was boulevard of broken are not wrongfeels incredibly cool and normal to look at Viking swords on Etsy and then have to do extra research to make sure t… @GilkeAsCharged Chloe rest assured at this point you will be the first person I tell when it arrives, we are bonded through this struggleugh it wasn’t even my stimmy it was just a letter about my taxes smhMuppets Love Actually
Retweeted by stim possible @jmrivera02 jumpin on beds with the homies @jameslucasjones I’m in. @jameslucasjones No! Where can I see it?I’m reminded of a fascinating 2009 Rolling Stone profile of Kris Kristofferson written by Ethan Hawke. Toby Keith’s…
Retweeted by stim possible Birthday John Carpenter, one of my favorite movie makers and the guy who said this thing that I relate to ver…
Retweeted by stim possibleagnes’s husband hasn’t shown up yet because I am still negotiating my contract with marvel studiosi do think it’s fucked up that the Wanda vision show is using my number one celebrity crush Kathryn Hahn to make me… @milesfanfare lmao every dsf class has at least one or twoall my homies hate bill maher
Retweeted by stim possible @jeremyhachat yeah my life is really bad @jordannwitt Etsy @thechrishaley made me actually crysword I wanted sold out :/i will rest slightly easier tonight posted this in the country music Facebook group I’m in
Retweeted by stim possible @bbburgerrr hmmmm @RamonVillalobos after all the work i put into expelling this from my memory @deviousjourney great stuff @gavinguidry @kaitlinmcglone @Pulp_Comics he also, to be fair, had a very bad case of foot-in-mouth syndrome for ab… @Pulp_Comics @gavinguidry honestly wouldn't argue with you too hard over it, I just think clerks is like, a very sp… begging to freakin get serious now please
Retweeted by stim possible @gavinguidry @Pulp_Comics *and seems @gavinguidry @Pulp_Comics gets harder every year to get mad at a dude who made one unequivocally important film see… I were a character in a manga by acclaimed horror author Junji Ito I would simply not succumb to the grotesque p…
Retweeted by stim possible @rycady dynamic duo indeed
karl anthony towns testing positive for COVID is not an unfortunate accident, it is a direct consequence of the NBA… @RamonVillalobos just gutting, man. @LonnieNadler @ShortsTVUS @burnmasterarson @littlemissrisk Hell yeah, dude. Stoked to hear it and stoked to see it.Exciting news! A short film I wrote & co-produced, The Mother Of Beauty, has been picked up for distribution by…
Retweeted by stim possiblegod just cancel the fucking season @laurenmoran miss u bye @HKSurrey comeback seasonI've been cross examining all the witnesses in my head since we recorded this. Check it out.
Retweeted by stim possible @ThatDaveJordan compelling @azur3verie @EMannLand lmao SIRdm me if u look like this this as we still need shelves as well as some other house stuff! preorder a cool pin if you wanna help out @francescalyn good @joshgondelman the fanbase of the 2019 nba champions the toronto raptors would like to offer its profound thanks to… thought about this today.
Retweeted by stim possible @HKSurrey tfw you have a memory of murder @KerinCunningham @TeeChipOfficial lol plagiarism AND peddling nazi paraphernalia? incredible @jonodiener swordstimulus check coming, time to buy a swordokay but the glow up though
Retweeted by stim possible @carlylane favslet’s goooooooo'M WRITING *THE MAN THE JERK THE LEGEND* art by RAY-ANTHONY HEIGHT cover by DOUG BRAITHWAITE variant cover by JOS…
Retweeted by stim possible @karenyhan 420 blaze it indeedthinking about :) how if we had gotten 2K per month :) since the beginning :) of the panna cotta :) we would have g…
Retweeted by stim possible @jameslucasjones 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 @kenlowery flames @HKSurrey yes @KerinCunningham there are no ugly pictures of you but yesas promised @HaleyOSomething everything is going great!!!Sir, this is a Key Food.
Retweeted by stim possible @KerinCunningham unnecessary @GriffLightning @PhilNobileJr @tvaziri its sky high man it's gotta be sky highShe's still dead.
Retweeted by stim possible @meatshowerky its an astounding power move reallysomething ive come to deeply respect about kevin smith is that he just leaves That Tweet up. it's been almost 12 ye…! @LizMaupin happy for him!genuinely this is more embarrassing than when trumps was just three doors down and toby keith @fkacoleman a cool and chill time @Alterici at the time i was like "this is weird i think!" and ten years later i'm like oh haha i was right @EricFrancisco24 @RyancBritt well, we do all love green lantern. he's our favorite."including blake lively, whose name seems to be floating to the top of lists of names you hear" is a perfect joke"you love green lantern. he's your favorite."this decade-old onion video is the best piece of comedy writing about superhero media in 2021 @The_SummerMan this honestly works @jhanteigh KEVIN DONT MISSruthkanda forever, baby is the most powerful image in human history. Even Kubrick at his best could not conjure something so indescrib…
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