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@KeithSmithNBA To be fair, 2020 has lasted for roughly 8 years so far
Just call it the TJ Warren Solar Eclipse Award Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets on a last-second shot by Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers' offense finally… Defeat Nuggets On Kyle Kuzma Game-Winner and LeBron were just decoys to set up a Kyle Kuzma game-winner. Do you believe in unlikelihoods???Kuzmania!Why do cats hate water? Why does Garfield hate Mondays? Why does Captain America hate swearing? It's something pr… stepping up his game tonight!JaVale just got whistled for a foul for being stronger than Porter Jr.Good Lord, Anthony Davis! Monstrous tip dunk to end the half9-1 run for Denver to start the 2nd. Not ideal. These scoring droughts can't happen come playoff timeWaiters doing his thing. 7 points in 5 minutes Kuzma lob to AD! What a pass and an even better finishDion Waiters on a mission to prove that Vogel simply can't bench him. 5 quick pointsWelp. Nuggets just brought the double on AD in the post and he threw it into the seats. Every team will do this to… Porter Jr will not be missing tonightLakers get AD a look on their first possession, they need him to really have it going come playoff timeFollow the LN #Squad: @MMoreno1015 @DStarkand @TheeCoreyH @Trevor_Lane @mcborelli @RonGutterman24 @BluMambaSports
Retweeted by Trevor LaneDwyane Wade explaining that the Lakers are struggling because their opponents no longer have to play under the brig… size lineups usually look good on paper but end up being clunky. Can the Lakers effectively utilize the extra…
With the Nets beating the Clippers, they have clinched the #7 seed in the Eastern Conference. First two playoff mat…
Retweeted by Trevor LaneThe Clippers just lost to the Nets. Will anyone panic the way they do when the Lakers lose? Game 7, NBA Finals. Lakers down 2 with 5 seconds left. LeBron drives off an AD screen, the defense collap…
Yikes. Both Simmons and Embiid now out against the Blazers now @FFHitman @BallBlastEm @deepdiveff @FFballblast @BRotoFantasy This is making me more upset my buddy sniped me on Mo… @FFHitman @BallBlastEm @FFballblast @BRotoFantasy I think Moss has the safety of a defined role & a higher floor, b…👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 @DanGheesling OSU @DanGheesling Bryant ReevesThe Lakers still looked a bit off in a loss to the Pacers, though some positive performances came from LeBron James…'m starting to think the Suns have a stand-up poster of Robert Sarver in their locker room and with every win, the…
Retweeted by Trevor Lane"You have to really love basketball to be here, because there's no extra motivation you get from the crowd," LeBron says.
Retweeted by Trevor LaneBubble Trouble: Lakers Fall To Pacers Despite LeBron James' Scoring Spree's the game. TJ Warren is on fireTwo huge missed whistles there led to that Pacers bucket. Ouch, rough stretch for the officialsAnthony Davis has not handled the double team well at all. Raptors started the trend but the Lakers should expect e…'s shooting has been a major factor. This is the guy we were expecting to see this seasonLeBron has been so much more aggressive on the offensive end today. Ramping things up
Lakers have a 5 point lead at the half after shooting 48% from the field and 41% from 3. So that's a welcome changeQuinn Cook getting it going! He's got 3 threes so farDwight has to be so frustrated by this pointLooks like KCP is okKCP down under the Lakers' basket...looks like Turner stepped on him but hard to tell exactly what happenedThe Lakers have the lead as Quinn Cook knocks down back to back threesDid I miss something in the pregame report about Dion Waiters? Not in the rotation so far...Looked like THT thought it was Dudley who missed his rotation on the last play, LeBron and Dudley had an animated chat with him about itWait wait wait...TJ Warren is scorching hot, the Lakers ran away from him behind the arc, then didn't box out Samps… have over-helped into the paint on defense all season, but these last few bubble games they have really been… Warren already has 15 points. The bubble is weirdTHT alertLeBron to AD lobs are funAnother slow start for the Lakers...1-5 shooting including 0-2 from three. Shots have to start dropping eventually...👀 @afirmandi Coming To The Lakers Starting Lineup? via @LakersNationThe Bubble is working
Frank Vogel suggested last night's changes in the lineup were a one-off.
Retweeted by Trevor LaneHate to call on the big dogs @LakersReporter @LakerFilmRoom @hmfaigen @AnthonyIrwinLA @forumbluegold @Trevor_Lane
Retweeted by Trevor Lane"This is a learning experience for all of us and we're going to continue to take it day by day."…
Retweeted by Trevor LaneThe Lakers' shooting woes continued in a loss to the Rockets that saw LeBron James, Alex Caruso, and JaVale McGee s… Off-Target Against Soaring Rockets Without LeBron, Caruso @KamBrothers LA nightlife is undefeated @DaveDuFourNBA He got away with it in the first half of the season, now it's swung the other way. Gets called for everything nowRockets figured out the trick: if you are near Dwight, just fall down. Instant whistle @DStarkand 100%Game was fun for a few minutesSo floppyTHT cuts it to 5!JR Smith with the "Andrew Bynum on Shaq" baseline spin move and suddenly it's a 10 point game. Longtime Lakers fans… dominated the boards against the Rockets but went 0-6 from deep while HOU shot 13-29. That tends to make up for the reboundingThe Rockets are shooting a higher percentage from 3 than the Lakers are from the fieldDavis gets called for a travel on this while being defended by James Harden. Go figure problem with Kyle Kuzma is that he doesn’t play any defense! He spends too much time on fashion and IG instead… Lord, Kuzma spiked Harden’s shotHere we go, Lakers without LeBron vs the Rockets without Westbrook. Kuzma has a chance for a big game, moved into t… sure to follow the LN squad: @DStarkand @mcborelli @TheeCoreyH @MMoreno1015 @RonGutterman24 @Trevor_Lane
Retweeted by Trevor Lane
The Lakers played like a team with nothing on the line, losing to the Thunder just days after clinching first place… course the #Dodgers won a series at Petco.
Retweeted by Trevor Lane'Lakers Talk' starting now to 9p...Will take a lot of calls tonight, 877-710-ESPN -@BA_Turner from @latimessports
Retweeted by Trevor LaneThunderstruck! Lakers Look Lethargic In Loss to OKC
It's weird how often announcers mistake JR Smith for Dion Waiters. Happens at least once a gameDanny Green hit a three! Hopefully that one gets him goingThere's going to be a positive regression to the mean for the Lakers' shooting and it's going to be epic @LakerFilmRoom @LakerFan4ever87 that....would not help @seangd34 forgot Gallo gets Harden whistlesWith Dwight out today I wouldn’t mind seeing Devontae Cacok get some minutes in the middle. He’s great on the board…👇🏻 @mediumlargela Encouraging!Also, pay attention, NFL... bubble continues to have success. Great news Davis Says It ‘Means A Lot’ To Share Milestone With Kobe Bryant via @lakersnationFirst Place Secured, Should The Lakers Rest LeBron James & Anthony Davis? via @LakersNationBlazers beating Rockets probably increases the likelihood the Lakers see both teams in the playoffs
Join us now as @Trevor_Lane from @LakersNation joins us on @PureSportsGB on @1010KXPS to talk all things @Lakers. L…
Retweeted by Trevor LaneOn paper, the Lakers best lineup right now might be the current group of Caruso, Waiters, LeBron, Kuzma, and Davis.
Retweeted by Trevor Lane @Andi33167248 @GarysheffieldJr Thanks!!We break down the Lakers' win over the Utah Jazz, which featured Anthony Davis blowing up for 42 points. Plus, what… Davis Orchestrates Win Over Jazz