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The Los Angeles Lakers picked up a road win against the Atlanta Hawks as LeBron James and Anthony Davis put on a sh… Go try making this pass at home and see how far you can throw it. That’s absurd.
Retweeted by Trevor LaneDefinitely going to be something to keep an eye on @TheMariaShow_ @LakersNation It's Jas, but Chris will join us too!It wasn't pretty but the Lakers picked up the win over the Hawks. Full breakdown here on the @LakersNation Postgame… Down Hawks, Plus It's Trade Season
Retweeted by Trevor LaneLakers Down Hawks, Plus It's Trade Season LeBron completely blew that last defensive possession. Lakers were lucky Hawks missed the 3Lakers 3-23 from 3, 19 turnovers and they have a the lead heading into the 4th @geeter3 Plus 19 turnovers. They should be down 20. Basketball is weird.Ball on the floor, AD had a chance to dive for it and probably go through a collision in the process, but he stoppe… @hmfaigen @ChinPR @RadRivas @LakersSBN Totally understandableLeBron shooting from DEEPThis is just incredible. Such a fun team that may be the play of the year!
What a great defensive sequence there from Green and KCP. Green knocks it loose, KCP smacks the ball down the court, dunk for GreenLeBron James ain’t playing around. #LakeShow
Retweeted by Trevor LaneLEBRON JAMES. Wow spin and slam!Hahaha KCP was mad the ref didn’t call the backcourt violation so he just pressured Reddish, stole the ball, and go… @iknowk9 Well, he is left handedWith 6:25 remaining in first quarter: Lakers: 11, Hawks: 9.
Retweeted by Trevor LaneGuess LeBron’s elbow is ok @RaidersChatter Why?Players signed last summer are now eligible to be traded. With so much of the league getting a new contract this se… year ago today, Lance Stephenson's dunk had LeBron HYPED on the bench! 🤣
Retweeted by Trevor LaneWow, the Bulls stepped up and got a W over the Clippers @AudainChaka Yes, I definitely knew the Lakers would start the season 23-3The Lakers are 23-3 for the season
@Jon4Lakers @LakersNation Postgame Show: Lakers Take Their Talents To South Beach, Hand Heat First Home Loss…
Retweeted by Trevor LaneOn the @LakersNation Postgame Show show we’ve talked about how JaVale McGee & Dwight Howard provide a similar skill… Lakers headed into Miami for a tough matchup with the Heat and walked out with a win. We break down the game an… @smithmmr I only re-set them, trying to see why they are re-sizing themselves to begin withThe @LakersNation Postgame Show: Lakers Take Their Talents To South Beach, Hand Heat First Home Loss… Take Their Talents To South Beach, Hand Heat First Home Loss Take Their Talents To South Beach, Hand Heat First Home Loss
Retweeted by Trevor LaneLakers Take Their Talents To South Beach, Hand Heat First Home Loss
Retweeted by Trevor LaneLakers Take Their Talents To South Beach, Hand Heat First Home Loss a game....great win for the Lakers!Make sure you stick around for the @LakersNation Postgame Show, I'll be joined by @jaskang21 and @ChrisAdonis to ta… LeBron Tap pass was incredibleOh that's just a flat-out bad call @AbDylanJabbar Dudley was half a step late on the close out...but wow Avery Bradley can cover a lot of groundWatch the Lakers’ coaches and players communicating here. Vogel up, giving instructions. Rondo watching Vogel, tell… are NOT thrilled with the officials. Miami's parade to the free-throw line continues.Lakers are 2nd in the NBA in steals per game yet they have just 1 so far tonight, and it's from JaVale McGee. Miami has recorded 7 @geeter3 He's not wrong, Geeter!Thanks
Retweeted by Trevor LaneLol AD gets a mismatch on the perimeter, gets doubled as soon as he puts the ball on the floor. No problem, behind… up 59-51 at half, but watching the game you would think Miami was up a lot more. Lakers not getting the stops… that Rondo passLakers getting demolished by cuts, Heat getting the ball into the paint and then sending a cutter in for a drop off… poked in the eye, looks like it might be swelling a bitWell, it was an exciting game. Lakers need to reset and get things clicking. Still 7+ minutes til they have a chanc… pass by LeBron was really bad...if Jones didn't get it Olynyk would haveIt's gotta be frustrating as hell to have Avery Bradley defending youMiami, like most teams, are doing everything they can to get in transition against the Lakers.Great game so far. Anthony Davis bouncing back from the ORL game with 9 points and 2 blocks @Fadegamingcgc Or he has toLeBron headed to the locker room...didn't see an injury thoughAlso, angry LeBron, believes the refs missed a kicked ball on that turnover.What a block by JaVale....great start for himAnthony Davis is amazingOuch, Nunn dunked all over McGeeLeBron defending Jimmy Butler from the opening tip isn't something I was expectingLakers in their City Edition jerseys. Miami in theirs as well, just to rub it in. @iknowk9 That clip was from ESPNDon’t mind Dwight, he’s just putting on a show in the background basically expanding the 6MOY...I dig it. Completely off the top of my head and w/ zero research, Lou Williams, S…
Mamba hospitality. @theonejro I'd guess Danny Green, though it's really going to be a whole team taskCatch @Trevor_Lane @jaskang21 and I tonight for the @LakersNation post game show after the Lakers v Heat matchup to…
Retweeted by Trevor Lane @Tg31Third It’s possible, but right now you could argue they have too many guards on their rosterThis is what I’m hoping Kuzma picks up from him. The angles Dudley uses to contain drives and his positioning are u… Kyle Kuzma gets back to 100% soon. Til then, it’s Jared Dudley time @johnhollinger I believe it’s pronounced “Fostah”Wow, scary and sad news @AnthonyIrwinLA You’re one letter away from Dion Lakers...which is unsettlingThis is one of the worst games Tatum has played in his young career. He's been bad defensively in addition to missing a bunch of shots.
Retweeted by Trevor LaneWaiters Island may become a real thing
@Tee33050469 It may take some time, if not, contact Betonline and let them know @Tee33050469 our promo code is CLNS50#Dodgers apparently had all their free agency chips on Gerrit Cole.
Retweeted by Trevor LaneIf the Lakers are going to have a stinker game -which last night was- at least it came against a Magic team that le… in his veinsLakers really did a nice job getting KCP open looks from the corners tonight and he knocked them down. Weird game a… the Dodgers even Treinen to improve the team? I just Rendon know anymore. So many fans are Mad, Bum then again,… @kylegoon Some things never changeLakers Conjure Hard-Fought Win Over Orlando Magic Dudley and Iwundu get ejected...which seems a bit harsh.Technical on Dwight Howard for getting pushedJared Dudley living up to his preseason promise, steps right into the fray when the Magic push HowardJared Dudley gets a great pass from LeBron and drains the 3. He's been a factor behind the arc todayLakers won the 1st quarter 26-9, have lost the 2nd and 3rd by a combined 43-56.LeBron lobs to AD are so much funLakers out of sync on both ends, open shots just not falling. Need to get things settled because misses on the offe… @SachaKljestan @AdamSerrano @LAGalaxy Welcome!On @LakersNation pod last night I talked about the mismatches that can be created even if a fastbreak stalls out. S… the end one, the Magic are still in single digits. So that’s good. Lakers up 26-9Dwight Howard: still getting booed in Orlando