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@petefowlerart Not just out of touch he clearly has no idea what’s going on, has happened, or is going to happen. A complete waste of DNA. @timothysaccenti @NTSlive Was in an strange place when I recorded it, glad it came out the right way. Thanks Tim 😊Get your ears around this, super heavy mix of interplanetary music. If your head’s feeling a little twisted, let me… @EdSunspot @David_Rudnick @MCPlace I think Micheal’s advice above is the best in terms of getting a close match to… @EdSunspot @David_Rudnick @MCPlace Not sure what program you use but there’s a ‘Rich Black’ option in illustrator t… fucking clown is in charge of this country!? We’re beyond doomed. @RiotousRockers They’re the ones getting battered! Seagulls have taken over the canal past couple of months, massive things. @NicoDeCeglia The seagulls are vicious fuckers, terrorising all the birds around here. Not sure how accurate they c… off in N1! Crows VS Seagulls. @MCPlace @EdSunspot Or If the budget allows just use a spot gloss laminate and be done with it! 😉 @EdSunspot Is your confusion how to set the artwork up to print or if the process actually works? In terms of seein…
@edv3ctor @NTSlive Soothing!? I must of done something wrong? 🙃 thanks for listening 🙂 @MaxTundra @NTSlive 👍🏼❤️💫 @NicoDeCeglia @NTSlive Well I’m certainly not sorry either way 😉In the spirit of lies & deceit tonights NTS Show is the worst radio show you’ve ever heard, all the music is crap &…
@Tiga @matthewdear Prince. @vynehall At the place over the road, was an ‘interesting’ conversation & a surreal encounter, spoke about it on here a while back.Last time I saw Dominic Cummings I was furious but calm & civil, next time (if he’s not driven out of the area by l… this, I’m off to self isolate by the seaside.The British Jews who fought postwar fascism on London's streets
@Birmingham_81 Lovely! Thank you, Record Shack was such a great shop, good times. @MaxTundra Oh man, you’re in for a real treat!! @MaxTundra This for me is one of the most inspiring music making documentary’s I’ve watched, this period of Gabriel… @David_Rudnick Thank you very fucking much David X @OssiaOssia Mmmmmmm......... nope sorry!
Pre Lockdown Interview THE NEW ORDER @Peter_Pipes Jeez, your message gave me the FEAR. Get me a saveloy & stop being a wally x @Peter_Pipes Mate, You didn’t do that!!?? @strandedmsk This is the first project I’ve heard from him, will check out those other things you mentioned, thanks! @steeloera The entire album is seriously deep, on a different tip than most at the moment, works really as a whole.Can’t quite describe this album but it’s one of the most interesting rap records I’ve heard for a very long while.… @RaggyJha Fair enough.To clarify, I actually have ZERO issue with their music at all, it’s just the cover that’s awful. For a act at tha… an age when anyone with a pair of eyes and access to an Instagram or Pinterest account can turn out a half decen… MISS YOU.
@jayglassdubs Director wise, I know Chris Cunningham wanted to make it for years but he gave up. Actor? No idea who… @jayglassdubs I hope someone finally makes a movie of him in my lifetime.Mask on, suitably attired, off for a stroll. @400ppm1 The amount of people still hospitalised compared to deaths is huge, that seems to be being ignored by many…
@LaBocaDesign It certainly does but a lot of very stupid or oblivious people out there.How dumb have you got to be to feel positivity at a drop of Covid deaths thinking it’s a sign that everything’s gon… @itsmfpvk @richard_nmbrs Please send some huge respect to him from me, loved the original, was inspiring to work on.
@wwwacht Thank fuck for that!!!!!! 😎 @nellopzad @lukeunabomber It’s a game changer! If you have tons of music to organise & choose from its unbeatable. @lukeunabomber Rekordbox won’t play wavs over 1411 Kbps bandcamp ones are often 2116. @LukeHoward1969 The thought has crossed my mind. @Ripperton Thank you X. I’m proud of it all, just as @dalecornish said, spent a bit too much time thinking what if? sometimes @AndyFRESHMODE No way!? & I did the remix with 2 sS950’s! @Ripperton I never remixed Björk sadly. Think the money back then was too good to turn down sometimes, very different industry back then. @Ripperton I wasn’t strict enough. @richard_nmbrs No way! Such a great band, not many people know the track but it’s possibly my favourite remix I did. @deejaydiablo The Brotherhod were terrible though, cut the end of the video off!, embarrassing performance after SOS @Ripperton How many have you done? I probably did 200+ and in retrospect think I probably should of put more energ… doing a lot of reminising recently, digging out old work I did & remembering very different times. Listening t…’s the flyer. 93 I had a party for my Bite It! Label in a huge basement in Old Street. Found this footage over the weekend, a…
@FrochEgo @pompeyrabbi @BighighBBJay @JAGSKILLS @WeAreDeLaSoul Lots of solid gold here of course : @FrochEgo 👍🏼 @JAGSKILLS If we could find the right institution here, someone that understood the cultural value & get their back… @JAGSKILLS Joking aside someone should seriously approach him about curating his archive for him, the cultural valu…
@DOTBOY @atrak I actually enjoyed Westworld S03, pretended it had nothing to do with the first two seasons & rolled with the stupidity. @_MichaelOswell_ Best track on Ex Machina wasn’t him either! @djsuperix Will it work with the sound turned off? @_MichaelOswell_ NOT Geoff Barrow, it was MODERAT, best music in the entire film. @kerryjeanlister He’s a class A cock, saw him at Rough Trade East doing a book signing, the staff told me he was so…
@RecordsMIC Never heard that! Must be odd to hear this version, did you know it was a cover at the time?
@JonSavage1966 The Piss Slave Remixes E.P is great too. @KirkDegiorgio @MavenofHonor Only time I’ve ever been accused of shoplifting, Was crazy a real Larry moment. @MavenofHonor A few years ago I was accused of stealing sweets at the Odeon Swiss Cottage, pulled to one side by an… @David_Rudnick @Tiga Oh mate, that Incognito mix is horrid optimistic & happy wallpaper, this is some super serious… @deepoking Great to hear! I haven’t actually seen one in real life yet, wear it well 😊X @jrooneyresearch It’s crap compared to the original sadly. @b_nmrrs Played it death so much but NEVER tire of it.Robert Fucking Owens. this, possibly the greatest record ever made. tune. so well know but a banger for me. could I forget this. this. course this. of this. of this. of this. up. I’ve ventured to my studio to try do some work, no one around, system LOUD & I’m taking regular screen breaks…
Not sure how I missed this?, A great little short about the birth of UK Hip Hop in the midlands, with some amazing… @paulepworth New Single ‘Love Galaxy’ Out Now! (Artwork by me) @trevorjofficial & I were discussing artwork we realised we loved @KidMograph ’s Blade Runner-esque aesthetic.…
Retweeted by Trevor Jackson @jamiemhodge @MarkBroom Damn, you have a great memory! @dj_xenobot Playhouse, Minimal!? Far more diverse than that.
@Trevor_Horn_ “Calm down, it’ll be finished in a couple more months, I promise!” @David_Rudnick Reminds me of Druillet! lovely stuff.When it comes to expansive label catalogues that definitely stand the test of time, this pair of mighty Frankfurt b… NTS show from me tonight sorry, too busy staying alert.
@liquidjukebox Gave you chance, still lame, bye bye @liquidjukebox If you’re gonna try take the piss, up the funny stakes bellend. @ogmiosmusic Episode 3 soon as you can please!