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T REX @trexinchicago Chicago, IL

I hold the mic. Host: @RoscoesTavern RPDR viewings on YouTube, @dragmatinee, @theteachicago podcast.

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Can anyone desipher this? I literally have no idea what was just announced 🥴
3/13 at @Roscoestavern! One of the world’s biggest viewing parties is right here in Chicago in front of a live stud…
🦩GODDESS: FLORIDA🦩 IS THIS FRIDAY @BerlinNightclub Chicago! Performances by @trexinchicago @nicozuniverse
Retweeted by T REXMonday! The new cycle of Crash Landing premieres w/ 👑@nicozuniverse & I host 👑Startender @LucyStoole 👑Past champ… Friday I’m PERFORMING at GODDESS: Florida w/ 🐊 @gildawabbit [Lousiville] 🐊@nicozuniverse 🐊@the_ari_gato 🐊Hos… @Peppermint247 Omg yes! Remember wienerville?!?! @mr_olygarden HahahahahaShe said yes! so needed after this stressful day 😫
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So anyways here’s a video of @HeidiNCloset defying physics. actual plot twist! I have been puking for hours so hype man icon @Tender_oni is stepping in to save the day as h… Sunday I’m hosting @QueenChicagoSB w/ @LucyStoole, @nicozuniverse, @das_hinkypunk, & #JojoBaby! HMU for passwo… UP: Me & @TheRealDiDaSwag talk it up with @TheTeaChicago @trexinchicago and @LuckyStiff2 🤩🤩🤩
Retweeted by T REX @TerrahCard @JessicaLWhor Very thatTONITE! @TheTinaBurner makes her Berlin debut, tons of familiar faces, & an all new Half-Time competition! 10:30PM-… @Bohemian_Lozano The name of the show was Mystery Matinee and it was promoted as a surprise drag show so there was… SHE GONNA JUMP FROM THERE
Retweeted by T REXMe navigating the NYC subway
Retweeted by T REX @jnation93 @DragMatinee Jordan you are so sweet I appreciate you!I moved to Chicago almost 3 years ago and @DragMatinee was the first drag show I ever went to. and to this day it’s…
Retweeted by T REX @erinkins11 @SimplyNikki @KimChi_Chic Oh geeze
@nicozuniverse @DragMatinee Ily @misslubriderm @poregan Tweet unavailableObsessed with @trexinchicago’s Mystery Matinee! Who would buy tickets to a Mystery Hard Candy show with 3-4 headlin…
Retweeted by T REXLast night before the show someone approached me to note that the list of entertainers wasn’t posted anywhere onlin… Matinee 2020! Mystery revealed! 🔥Unfriendly Black Hotties - @theemisstoto @itsbambibanks @_khloepark 🪐… @adrianlee92 😍😍😍😍😍 @baileerex Love u my queen!!!!!!Taping this today! 😍 @trexinchicago this Drag Matinee is a mystery but also a gift. Holy shit 10 out of 10 show!
Retweeted by T REX @trexinchicago stapling a heart to @vandervonodd 🖤
Retweeted by T REXHad the best time in Chicago at the sold out @DragMatinee - crowd surfed & got to kiki w some great queens from aro…
Retweeted by T REX @Lucybri83 @TrinityTheTuck Then you should listen to the episode I was on lol 😝
@SteffKopp When you find out you’re gonna be like... what? Lol @KENDRIXSUXX @KyleeFatale Whomst?In sound check with Lucian Piane rn... so excited for tonite’s show! @fuckpastiche There’s also an episode of King of the Hill where Bobby gets gout from eating so many deli sandwiches at the Show Biz Deli lolThis Monday at Plot Twist! 👅@TheTinaBurner [NYC] 👅@misslubriderm 👅@the_ari_gato 👅@NeutralGena - Half-Time Champ 👅… @erinkins11 You would have never guessed. It doesn’t make sense. LolPeggy Hill in the streets. Nancy Gribble in the sheets.! Maybe there’s some visiting queens, maybe some local faves, maybe not... maybe it’s a 1-woman show starring… @Starryboii Thank you! Well we have some insane lineups coming this year so you will be quite full! @Starryboii Get ready!!!!!!!
@SimplyNikki @DragMatinee Oye!Tonite come find your Mr. Right now! The cast is huge & so are my boobs! Pre show 11! Main show 12am w/ special gue… valentimes day to when i gave the whole club mono
Retweeted by T REX @SimplyNikki @DragMatinee See u tonite btw?!!!!!!!! Jad!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by T REX @denalifox @big_head_tweets Why are those chicken nuggets so small? Would have told the waitress to take it back! 0… @RochaNycole @DragMatinee DM me your mailing address! @Hartlesmage So nice to meet you! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @DamagedBttm You’re going to Roscoe’s lol
Today we start filming my new show!!!
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Retweeted by T REXThe irony of the song playing is not lost on me LOL @TheMattBevan @DragMatinee Right on top of that rose!Roses are red Let’s do hand stuff on my futon I hope you like romance Bc I sent u a @DragMatinee coupon 💕 Bringin… @zakSchultz2 @clubspiral No but I did find a punk bar that served ramenLansing, Michigan! TONITE I can barely hold down my bile! There’s no denial we’re gonna go viral at @clubspiral! Im… DAY at @DIX_Milwaukee! Huge show w/ @ihatekatsass & like 45 Milwaukee queens! Pre-show competition at 11… @Hartlesmage Honestly me lol jk @raquelhorror @LucyStoole @MaureenSanDieg3 @Tender_oni Wait where is this poster lol? Was this announced?! Also I d… @ihaterehabxxx Make your money king!!!She also just rejoined twitter after a long hiatus! @TheRealDiDaSwagJust listened to the new Race Chaser w/ @TheRealDiDaSwag & I feel like we’re def in her renaissance rn. She’s bring…
@releasethedoves @elitistsadgirl I LOVE THESEMeet Zaya. She's compassionate, loving, whip smart and we are so proud of her. It’s Ok to listen to, love & respect…
Retweeted by T REXDad jokes on 💯
Retweeted by T REXI have consumed countless hours of tiktok, I am regarded as a tiktok expert, I have seen every trend rise and fall…
Retweeted by T REXTONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! 🤩 Join @fuckpastiche and I to celebrate the one and only Whitney Houston. Doors at 10 / Show…
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To compete in the Half-Time Show just arrive btwn 10 & 10:30pm w/ music on a flash drive! Keep music under 4 min pl… @TerrahCard It will make you a better woman!!!!Check out my Cameo profile: to our Patreon now for more exclusive chaos!
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My response when people ask me about Chicago drag: @LeeDawsonPT Hahahahaha oh diva @_dylanjohnstone @Roscoestavern @BeBeZaharaBenet @TrinityTheTuck Yep!2/28 at @Roscoestavern! One of the world’s biggest viewing parties is right here in Chicago in front of a live stud… @shan_munro Condiment girls 💅🏼I laughed very hard this week! New ep now available!’re recording a new ep w/ Chicago #DragRace royalty @TheRealDiDaSwag- Host of #DetailzwithDida & @TheVixensworld-…
Retweeted by T REXTONITE a new champ is crowned! The winner receives our immediate love an affection, 1 pat on the back, $200 cash, a… @LucyStoole @Bon_Abhijeet @SheaCoulee @KimChi_Chic Wow. THE. DAYS.
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imagine your mom taking a fat bong rip while you work on your entrepreneurship badge
Retweeted by T REXLet’s give it up for the small business owners of America! this in the commercial for Chicago tourism!!! @ItsReginaTaylor It was doo doo stank girl @bjbjonez @deaddilf69jimmy fallon was about to come out on twitter
Retweeted by T REXMe after my mom pushed my face in the cake at my 3rd birthday.’ve watched this seven times, Jimmy was like DID YALL CHANGE THE TERMS?! WHAT DID I MISS?!??
Retweeted by T REX @MaureenSanDieg3 @Tender_oni Uncle like! @TheRealAbhora Get new friendsSunday, 3/1 at @Roscoestavern! All 90’s/early 00’s jams all nite! Performances at 10, 11, 12, & 1! 🚨Swedish dance l… @baeburke Truly brave!!!!!! Thank you for telling your story!!!!! @garlicwhisper Yes it isAdam Sandler’s outrageous and memorable acceptance speech for Best Male Lead at the Independent Film Spirit Awards…
Retweeted by T REX @garlicwhisper That... there’s... club is not a first name lol @hoezayee Berlin bombs